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    Looking for a vanity car....Porsche, BMW, etc.

    I guess it depends on your build. I'm 6'1" and fit in my Elise just fine. Likewise for the Evoras and Exiges I've ridden in. I'm somewhat average body type for whatever that's worth. If you've tried to fit and can't, you may consider the Evora or Emira - a little more polished and potentially a...
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    Looking for a vanity car....Porsche, BMW, etc.

    Haven't seen it mentioned but you may want to consider the Lotus Elise, Exige, Evora or Emira. Former two are usually at or less than 60K. Latter two are around $100k depending on year, trim, etc. All driver's cars. All mid-engined RWD. All with varying degrees of "cool" factor depending on your...
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    Guitar Cover: FM9 "Imagine"

    Yeah, cliche, maybe giving "Stairway" a run for its overplayed money , but anyway, I still enjoy the song and had fun putting this together. FM9 and a "Knopler-esque" vibe. Cheers!
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    NGD: Blue Powder Pia

    Congrats to you as well! Jealous you got to try one in the flesh before buying! The stores here generally don't stock the "good stuff". Unless it's a $13,000 war-torn 1963 strat. NO thanks. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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    Unique guitars

    I hadn't seen the T2, thats pretty cool looking too! Might have to check that out further. πŸ‘πŸ‘
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    Unique guitars

    Dunno if it's worth a jillion-brazilian dollars but the Gittler is pretty neat and Cyberdyne T808-ish: https://gittlerinstruments.com/
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    NGD: Blue Powder Pia

    Hello Ello All, Picked up a Blue Powder Pia, so far, zero complaints. Plays well, very comfy, just an all-around solid guitar. A bit hard to capture the color without overexposing it. Looks great in person to my eye anyway: Damn high res pic limits...🀣
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    Mind blowing stuff from OpenAI

    That AI pizza commercial sounds like the Amazon product descriptions for fitness gear. HIlarious πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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    Meeting The Master - Greta Van Fleet

    From a song production perspective, I guess it's splitting hairs. That is, Zep stole lyrics and chrord progressions, but in my opinion, they don't sound anything like the originals, maybe that was their angle - figuring it was different "enough" to not warrant credits etc. I'm not going to argue...
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    Meeting The Master - Greta Van Fleet

    I think the issue with them for me is that they're not really taking the music "beyond" where they found it. Zep ripped off Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, Ritchie Valens and probably a slew of others, but they took those old tunes and moved them further down the line. Should they have given more...
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    NGD - Schecter C-1 FR SLS Elite Electric Guitar Black Fade Burst

    Sweet axe! Love neck-throughs!
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    Anyone using Red Sound FRFRs?

    +1 for the MF10s. Loud AF. Had two for over a year, zero issues. Paired with the FM9 (or previously the AFII) they're awesome. πŸ‘
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    Movie - Everything Everywhere All at Once

    Saw it a while ago - decent story, reminded me a bit of Kung Fu Hustle meets The Man in the High Castle to an extent with regard to alternate realities. I'm sure there's a better analogy but hopefully you get the idea.
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    NGD Ibanez

    Congrats on the new axe, she's a beaut! πŸ‘
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    Orville incoming! (Update- Recieved + An Edwards LPC!)

    Man that flame top is insane! Congrats 🀘🀘🀘 Any plans to coil tap the pups for more sounds??
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    Let's see your ride.....

    2005 Lotus Elise (old pic): Newer pics (dropped a bit, LED halos): Could probably fit in the back seat or under most of the trucks/SUVs you guys are rolling in. πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
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    NGD: Charvel (Mahogany)

    Dammmmmmmmmmmmn. That looks tasty. They all do, but that wood grain back/front + neck = drool factory. Congrats and play the snot out of it. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
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    Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part One - The Biggest Stunt in Cinema History (Tom Cruise)

    My understanding from when I worked in the entertainment industry and having seen Tom Cruise working at our studio was that TC has a POSSE/Entourage of "handlers" that take care of EVERYTHING set-wise. I believe they're all part of his church. They ensure everything on-set is to his liking...
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    NGPD - Parts is parts....

    Coming together very nicely! πŸ‘
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    NGPD - Parts is parts....

    Mother of God that's beautiful - looking forward to the final machine!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
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    a Christmas gift the community: Perfected Tuning offsets

    Tried the offsets on my PIA (trem still floating) with open strings only and it sounds awesome πŸ‘
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    NGD Aviator Custom Guitars

    Congrats man! Love the natural wood finish, how's it play?
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    NGD Sterling Majesty

    Congrats on the new addition, looks tasty in blue! πŸ‘πŸ‘
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    NGD: Onyx PIA (with Cosmetic Mods)

    Yep, not sure. If the last Vai Academy you're talking about was in the last 3-5 months +/- then I think Doug was onboard at that point. If it was longer than that then it might have been the other guy you mentioned (Dante).
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    NGD: Onyx PIA (with Cosmetic Mods)

    Granted I have no insider info from Vai but he did mention Thomas at one point during the show and said that he was brilliant, awesome guy, best guitar tech ever but that he was pushing 80 or 80+. Doug, his new guy, is a Boston Local. I know of him through a local luthier. Not sure if Doug is...
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    NGD: Onyx PIA (with Cosmetic Mods)

    I found the same - met the guy at one of his concerts a couple weeks ago as part of that Evo Experience and one of the people asked him during his Q&A if he did any "work" on his guitars, tweaking, etc. and he freely admitted he's a Prima-donna in that regard and that he'll only adjust the...
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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY CLIFF! + Feline Friends Fundraiser

    Happy Birthday Cliff!
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    NGD: Onyx PIA (with Cosmetic Mods)

    Yeah that's strange all-around, not sure why they'd vary it that much, you'd think Vai himself would want the consistency and I doubt from a manufacturing standpoint that it tips the cost way over to add it on those last few frets.
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    NGD: Onyx PIA (with Cosmetic Mods)

    Yeah that's painful to see but hopefully it plays well πŸ‘ And yep, as @RevDrucifer mentioned - the Jems & PIA's come scalloped. Not sure on the Premiums or Jem Jr.s - maybe only the former.
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    NGD: Onyx PIA (with Cosmetic Mods)

    LOL, that actually might make a cool photo - low angle looking up at the sky at night or during the Goldens. πŸ‘
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    Comfortably Numb 2022

    Yeah as @Purplestrats said, feels a lot like Leonard Cohen - especially in the chorus sections. For my money it doesn't get better than Gilmour's solos in that song; probably some of the greatest solos ever. Period. This version sounds like it's trying too hard to be moody, brooding, dark. The...
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    NGD: Onyx PIA (with Cosmetic Mods)

    Well hopefully yours isn't a total shit show!
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    NGD: Onyx PIA (with Cosmetic Mods)

    Thanks man πŸ‘
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    NGD: Onyx PIA (with Cosmetic Mods)

    Greets all, About a month ago I bought a new Onyx PIA. Verrrrrrrrrrry happy with it thus far. I owned a Jem7VWH back in the day and this my 2nd high-end(ish) Ibanez in the last few months. The first was a J-Custom that I just didn't gel with for some reason. Personally I like the look of the...
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    Any headless guitar player up in here?

    Appreciate the feedback on the jamstik - that was my primary reason for getting it: VST instrument control so it's good to know it's at least playable and does the MIDI stuff well. πŸ‘πŸ‘ Grazie on the Kiesel too, fun guitar but floating trem's a bitch 🀣
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    Any headless guitar player up in here?

    How do you like it? Are you using it to control VSTs? As for me, I'm considering one. And at the moment I'm using a Kiesel Vader. 🀘
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    My new single 'Tangerine Dream'

    Great tune πŸ‘πŸ‘ Looks like it was filmed on Little Tujunga. Miss those SoCal roads. 😎
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    Are artist presets proprietary?

    I think (as alluded to by others) that people are conflating Metallica (etc) the "band" and Metallica the "Corporate" entity. The band members (minus Lars) probably couldn't care less if presets were shared. But the "company" that is their band won't/don't allow it. As individuals they're...
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    Ace Frehley - Fan-Filmed Video From Solo Show In New York Surfaces

    *throws all his guitar picks to the audience. "Hey, can I uhhhhh borrow one of those back please? Thanks."
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    So, Elon did it!

    If you like strawberry ice cream and I don't, you should be free to express your opinion. And vice versa. THAT is what this is about; expression of opinion, differences of opinion, facts, fact-checking, conjecture, arguments, counter-arguments, etc. The ability for ALL those to take place...
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    So, Elon did it!

    Now hopefully he can run that steaming pile of shit into the abyss from whence it came. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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    So, Elon did it!

    Good for him. πŸ‘
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    FM9 Firmware Version 2.01 public beta

    Firmware 2.01b here - no issues until today, powered on and it just "stuck" at the loading screen. Not complaining, just noting it in case anyone sees the same. πŸ‘
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    What's the longest time you've spent learning a song and getting it right?

    Rust in Peace by Megadeth had come out a year before I started playing. I'm STILL messing with Holy Wars all these years later. Some songs take folks a few hours or weeks. For me some take a lifetime πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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    Hoshino USA celebrating 50 years of business

    Everyone knows you never go full Gibson. πŸ˜‚
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    I am 43 and it sucks seeing your music and movie heroes age and die....

    There's a real problem here in the states and a few other Western countries around grief. Especially for men (...Men is what we are). We're taught to bottle grief up and ignore it. Move on. Find a replacement. Stay busy. And on and on. Whether it's a loved one, family member, an idol, a...
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    NAS Hard Drives

    I have had good professional and personal experience with Netgear NAS's. Their integration to nearly all major Cloud storage providers has been helpful and easy to setup. We leveraged Wasabi at one point for a cloud archiving POC that went well. I've no doubts Amazon S3, GCP or Azure varietals...
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    NAS Hard Drives

    @Matt, what RAID level are you currently running? And +1 to trying to avoid buying disks from the same lot/batch if possible to mitigate failures. The disks you listed are fine spec-wise, additional capacity or RAID'ing with SSDs may be something to also consider depending on use-case.
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    Red Sound order/ship to USA?

    ^^^+1 I worked with Mirko directly to get the MF10s delivered to the U.S. with no issues. I want to say that end-to-end it took ~4 weeks to get the pair. This was in June of this year and when I'd placed the order they were "backordered". All in all, no trouble with delivery. Boxes showed up...
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    Loving my FM9, but a full fledged Axe Fx 3 power in a 12 button FC12 size would be amazing!

    So why not keep both? Again, just spit-balling ideas here: Keep existing AxeIII hardware as-is, front panel and all, but develop a "headless" 3U unit with no faceplate and add-in a wired/wireless option for down the road. For the foot controller that is. And editing/tweaking is done via a...
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    Loving my FM9, but a full fledged Axe Fx 3 power in a 12 button FC12 size would be amazing!

    I know it's a dumb idea before even suggesting it but; what if they had a one or two rack Fractal unit with NO face plate or controls, ala H9000? The rack piece has the brains, fans, chips etc. And then via cord/cable or wireless, you have a 9 or 12 button floor controller with a screen, etc...
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    RIP Norm MacDonald

    One by one, our old friends are gone. Death, natural or not, prison, deported... Unfortunate, Norm was brilliant.
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    F*&@#$^% Microsoft

    Setting aside arguments on the root cause, running CMD or PS as administrator and then CD'ing to: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Clicktorun And running: OfficeC2RClient.exe /update user updatetoversion=16.0.12827.20470 Should fix it. Ran into the same issue and it's all over...
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    FS EB JPMM Black Knight

    Hey all, selling my Majesty Black Knight, MINT condition. Just not playing it as much as I should to justify keeping it. Posted on Reverb as well. https://reverb.com/item/18539592-ernie-ball-music-man-john-petrucci-monarchy-majesty-6-black-knight Not interested in trades, sorry. NO...
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    Presenting... The Axe-Fx III

    First, congrats to Cliff, Matt and the rest of the Fractal team! Second, and not to steal future thunder, but I'd *guess* that things like Thunderbolt, bluetooth, wi-fi editing, etc. may end up in AxeFX-III "Ultra" and/or "OOber/Goober XL++" versions down the road. It would make sense from a...
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    Song Too Close

    Thanks for the help guys - I think I'll play around with it and see where it goes.
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    Song Too Close

    Hey all, Quick question, what do you guys do when you're coming up with a song or riff and you realize it's too "close" to something else already out there? Scrap it? Tweak it? Roll with it? I had a generic little progression and I don't think it's anything world-ending, but then I realized why...
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    Star Wars / Sgt. Pepper Mashup

    This is, by far, the greatest thing I think I've ever seen. Ever. This is special. This is just ridiculously awesome on so many levels. How is this not already posted? This has to be a dupe. Watch/listen to the whole Sgt. Peppers album these guys did.
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    When will the updates stop?

    I doubt it's easy, but maybe at some point Fractal will have a product whose updates consist of two forks - effects and amps. People that want the latest/greatest whiz bang effect improvements can have their stuff and leave the Amps section alone, likewise going in the other direction for folks...
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    Couple pickup wiring questions for those in the know

    I think you can use a DPDT toggle switch or a push/pull volume/tone pot to flip the polarity on one of the pups. As an example, I have a H-S-H guitar with two DPDT switches + 5-way selector and volume/tone. One switch acts as coil tap for the humbuckers, the other is a phase inverter. I'd think...
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    Controlling 2parameters at the same time

    Could you set the volume and gain of whatever blocks you're using to the same midi CC # and control both that way?
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    How do i dump 100 IRs into Axe fx XL at once?

    Not sure if you're using a windows machine, but if you are and you open Cab Manage, can you just drag and drop the IR's from Windows explorer into Cab Manage and click "Save"?
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    Axe Fx II XL & Digitech Drop Pedal

    I think first-in-chain in this scenario means before the Axe itself. As in, Guitar -> Digitech -> Axe -> etc. Don't you get a similar degraded sound with a Wah pedal running it through an FX loop (any FX loop, not just the Axe)? That's been my experience but it's been a loooooooooong time since...
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    Fx2 into logic X questions

    For what it's worth, this is what I sent another user for I/O settings to check on the front of the AxeII, they might help you: Input: Instrument In (73.7% works for one of my guitars, feel free to adjust up or down for your own), Input 1 & 2 both set at Input 50%. Audio: Main Input Source...
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    Why do I suck at using the AXE 2 as an interface?

    You can read about ASIO here for some background info: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Audio_Stream_Input/Output Basically they're like generic drivers for USB audio interfaces. They allow you to tweak things like buffer size to lower latency along with other stuff. I wouldn't sweat the details of...
  66. O

    Guthrie on the FX8

    And the bass player and drummer sure are...
  67. O

    Kirk Hammett new Randall signature head video

    Has Kirk recently had a heart attack or does he seem a bit drunk in this video???
  68. O

    Delay Dialing In

    I did a quick patch since the Golden patch wasn't working on my Axe II. Attached is the patch with a sorta similar vibe and a craptacular clip of Bron Yr Aur in a similar vein using that sound. Dunno why I'm getting clipping on the recording... back to the drawing board I guess...
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    Matrix NL12 users?

    FWIW I used (2) NL12's in stereo through a Matrix XT800 with cab sims "on" and I like the sound. Had them a little over a year now.
  70. O

    Anyone live near Santa Monica happily?

    The places you're talking about aren't too spread out, ALL of LA is spread out. If you look at NYC, they built UP and to a certain degree, they built out as well. LA didn't build UP as much but they sure as hell built out. It's not like you leave LA and as you get to SM, suddenly there's more...
  71. O

    Anyone live near Santa Monica happily?

    I live a bit away from Santa Monica but still live in SoCal and used to work over there for about a year. I think it meets most of your requirements. You'll get more density than you can shake a stick at, pretty much all of SoCal is like that. If your budget allows it, SM, or Marina Del Rey...
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    Fun With Reverb

    Yeah, jesus some people are so literal.
  73. O

    Fun With Reverb

    Very floyd-ish. Well done!
  74. O

    FX8 Update

    OK super dumb question: Could you use this in conjunction with an AxeFX and have almost 2x the effects capabilities + control of the AxeFX itself?
  75. O


    Yeah, FCB1010 with Eureka Prom2 into the Axe II (Mark I for whatever that's worth).
  76. O


    Yeah I've got it and it works pretty well. Scene changing isn't as easy as I'd like but the basic plug in, select a mode and run with it aspect works fine.
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    Shallow Ground (Corrosion of Conformity) Cover

    I thought the 65' Bass Guy fit this song pretty well. I just winged it on the harmony part... meh. SoundClick artist: 14of41 - page with MP3 music downloads
  78. O

    Matrix GT vs XT

    I have an XT800 but nothing to compare it against AxeFX other than KRK monitors or QSC K10 powered speakers. I like the tone of it through Matrix NL12's and previously EV 12's but it's all subjective I would think. It'll soon be for sale (making room for a car project - along with the Axe and...
  79. O


    Happy Birfday Matt! And many thanks for all you and the team do at Fractal!!!
  80. O

    Hating my Axe FX, any last words before I sell?

    My .02 is that the NL cabs are something "in between" FRFR and a guitar cab. Setting aside the marketing/sales aspects for a second, to my ears, with cab sims off at low to mid volume levels they sound harsh. I understand there's a break-in period, etc but that's just my opinion. Yes the...
  81. O

    Parallel FXs... but too much volume gain

    Someone else will probably get the correct answer, but I think adding effects in parallel adds 3db of gain to the signal. For parallel effects, try lowering the level by 3db or more to start with to get a better mix and set your bypass mode (depending on the effect) to mute fx out or in or...
  82. O

    Nl 12 matrix

    For low-ish volume playing I like them with cab sims ON. For higher volume, to me at least it seems like a mixed bag. Some patches sound better without cab sims, others with... just depends. And I have a couple of Metallica tonematches that someone posted up a while back (Justice, RTL, Puppets...
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    Matrix NL12 - as good as a 2x12??

    +1 for NL12's x2. More flexibility, great sound and soooooooooooooo light :D
  84. O

    Metallica GRAMMYs Taylor Swift

    I think most of the "hate" and bashing you hear is from people that are just disappointed. We're not hating on Metallica or being so negative because it gets our rocks off - contrary to lazy, popular belief. We hate on Metallica because we *know* they used to be capable of so much more. That as...
  85. O

    FCB1010 Pedal Calibration?

    Sorry to necro-bump this old thread but anyone having calibration issues with the FCB1010 ought to check this out: I had the same issue as others in this thread and thought it was more of a hardware issue than a software issue. At least for my fix, I was right. If you run into this you'll...
  86. O

    Can Someone W/ NL112 Post A Rock/Metal/Hi-Gain Patch?

    Guess it's just my ears and getting used to the sound of something new. So I tried your patch, first, don't take any offense to the changes I tried - old habits die hard. What I did was bypass the FX loop and second row of amp/cab/gate/etc so that I was just left with the Modern Mesa in the top...
  87. O

    Can Someone W/ NL112 Post A Rock/Metal/Hi-Gain Patch?

    Thank you very much! I'll download it and try it out tonight after work!
  88. O

    Can Someone W/ NL112 Post A Rock/Metal/Hi-Gain Patch?

    Hi all, Can someone that owns a Matrix NL112 (or 212) please post some kind of patch with some high gain sounds in it preferably tuned with cab sims *off*? Maybe I missed something but I thought the way to have cab sims off was just not putting a cab anywhere in the signal chain inside the...
  89. O

    What would cause presets to be overdriven and sound harsh from time to time?

    Have you checked to see if you have a compressor in your chain? After loading 12.03 I noticed one of my clean presets had an unnatural clipping going on, turned out to be the compressor (combined with high input trim for that particular guitar).
  90. O

    JS Bach's Cello Suite in G (Prelude)

    A guitar arrangement of JS Bach's Cello Suite in G using a Cello patch from someone on here (many thanks, it's been a while!!). AxeFX II Matrix XT800 Power Amp Matrix NL112's (2 of em') Agile 727 Sorry for the craptacular grainy footage, I'll make a cleaner version (with direct audio...
  91. O

    Best Practices on Double Tracking Guitars

    Hey guys, I've seen the other threads regarding setting up the Axe in various ways for double-tracking-esque patches, but my question is more to traditional double tracking (and quad tracking+ for that matter) Can I do it with the same exact guitar on both tracks (or as many as...
  92. O

    New Axe II owner losing his mind already trying to get Direct USB to work

    Read my post above, thats exactly what I think your issue is. Add a branch to another row of shunts right before the end of a patches signal chain and on that branched off row, insert an FX Loop block right before it hits the Output (all the way to the Right). That should take the patches...
  93. O

    Saturation switch in amp block cuts volume in half V4

    I don't know about *half* per se, but yes as far back as I remember seeing the sat switch, when you engage it, it reduces output volume...
  94. O

    New Axe II owner losing his mind already trying to get Direct USB to work

    Hey Kmanick, I think I recognize that name from SS.org, anyway, try this: 1. Go to any patch and edit the effects chain 2. On the last block, right before the OUTPUT, split the chain to another row ---\------OUTPUT \__FX Loop-OUTPUT 3. Insert that FX Loop (IIRC) 4. Make sure it's...
  95. O

    To avoid "HELP blablabla"-threads

    And I think I discovered a bug which is what my previous "help, my stuff sounds like crap" thread was about. In v3.0 set your amp model's tonestack to active, then adjust your bass setting up to +2 or higher dB and listen for the ring mod effect on every note you play. Maybe it's just my rig...
  96. O

    Ring Mod-esque Effect with 3.0 and old presets

    Well I'm not starting over from complete *scratch* if I don't have to. I have my blocks and layouts, levels, etc set the way they work for me at the moment. Not having to go through and recreate everything all over again saves me time and keeps me playing instead of tweaking. FYI Cliff and...
  97. O

    Ring Mod-esque Effect with 3.0 and old presets

    Not sure if anyone else has experienced this, but I just upgraded to 3.0 and I hear what sounds like a Ring Mod type effect on every preset I've created from scratch. Factory presets sound great! Mine? Not so much. Anyway, I thought it was an effect block causing the issue so I started...
  98. O

    how to:recording with a usb connection into cuebase

    No problem, hope it helps and hopefully it'll work for you. :)
  99. O

    how to:recording with a usb connection into cuebase

    A little confused, your thread title says help with a USB connection to Cubase and your interface as the Motu 828 MK3, isn't that FireWire only??? If you want to connect your Axe directly to your PC and have it recognized in Cubase you might try the following: 1. Download the AxeFX2 driver for...
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