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    Favorite 2 drive pedals into a clean amp?

    Awesome...thanks for all your input. I have been using the FET preamp into the Klon (and also using the preamp input boost set on Neutral) of late. I'm gonna give all these combo's a whirl. Love how many "color's" of tone the FM9 offers...
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    Favorite 2 drive pedals into a clean amp?

    I have been working with some edge of breakup tones (AC 20, Band Commander, Two Stone, etc) and adding two drives before the amps. What are your favorite combinations of two drive pedals to create variety and intensity of tone before a cleanish amp?
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    FM9 USB Firmware V 1.02 Release

    Awesome. Can't wait to install...
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    Waitlist Email

    Waitlist: 8/29/21 1:05 am Invite 8/31/22 12:04CST I'm STOKED to get the Turbo!!!
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    You guys are in for another treat.

    Oh yeah...bring it!!!
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    Axe-Fx III 16.00 Beta 4 "Cygnus" Firmware - Public Beta

    AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! Bow down to the altar of Cliff and crew!
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    Cygnus Beta - first impressions

    I guess my refresh for the page will continue to get a workout...can't wait to give it a whirl
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    No Output after Receive Mode w/Fractal-Bot

    What finally worked was resetting the systems parameters (which I did a few times) AND then turning the unit off for 5 seconds and back on. I think the power reboot must have been necessary for it to work. Thanks all for your help. This one was a bit baffling for me. Onward and upward!
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    No Output after Receive Mode w/Fractal-Bot

    ...and weirdly, every once in a while there is some distorted sound/weak signal that is heard via the monitor...
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    No Output after Receive Mode w/Fractal-Bot

    Hey Loran, Yes that is a good catch. I have a foot pedal hooked up and will change it to 100% to start. In bypassing the controller there is still no output/sound. In addition, now all my FC controller setups are gone...the ghost in the machine is winning on this one. I wish I never...
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    No Output after Receive Mode w/Fractal-Bot

    Here's an AC-20 preset. I appreciate your help!
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    No Output after Receive Mode w/Fractal-Bot

    How do I reassign the modifier? I appreciate your help!
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    No Output after Receive Mode w/Fractal-Bot

    Thanks for the idea. I tried that and still no signal. I did rebuild another block with just input, amp, cab and output and that did get a signal/output/sound. None of my other patches work. Any thoughts?!?
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    No Output after Receive Mode w/Fractal-Bot

    Thanks for this post. The crazy thing is it was working perfectly prior to the Fractal Bot sending files for the Banks/Cabs to my computer. Since then, I have had no output to speakers. In addition, I plugged via USB into Logic and no signal to Logic either.
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    No Output after Receive Mode w/Fractal-Bot

    Output knob is at 11:30 and connected to a couple of powered monitors. It's all the same set-up as was prior to the sending banks to my computer via Fractal Bot. There was a screen on the Fractal Bot that had me choose which banks I wanted to download along with the choice of downloading the...
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    No Output after Receive Mode w/Fractal-Bot

    Hey Luke, Thanks for the idea. Yep I tried it with just in the Input1/Output1 with no blocks and still no sound. Something got disengaged so the output signal (which I see reading on the front panel's meters) is not generating a signal.
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    No Output after Receive Mode w/Fractal-Bot

    I have tried creating a new preset with just input1>amp>cab>Output1...and still nothing. Any other ideas?
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    No Output after Receive Mode w/Fractal-Bot

    I reset the system parameters and built a new preset with no blocks...still no output. Any other options/ideas? This one is frustrating...
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    No Output after Receive Mode w/Fractal-Bot

    I recently downloaded all my presets using Fractal Bot to my computer. It looks like they were successfully transferred. After the transfer I am now getting no output from the AxeIII. On the front face of the AxeIII I see the input & output meter responding to playing the guitar (as they...
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    First time buyer🤯

    Lots of wisdom in the above posts. Have been a AxeII to AxeIII, Axe8 to FM3 guy - all in with Fractal. The thing that has been a constant is the dedication to upgrades and making any of the Fractal devices better. So 3 years from now, it will sound different - better and the updates...
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    For those that have an Axe-Fx III and an FM3

    I have both the III and FM3 and both are fab! Yes, there are some CPU challenges with the FM3 but when looking at the optionality I have in my AxeIII presets, many are nice to have but rarely used. The form factor/ease of the FM3 (with FC6) will make gigging easier - whenever live gigs start...
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    macOS Catalina

    Catalina has been bueno para mi
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    Jerry Garcia/Grateful Dead - "Scarlet Begonias"

    Hey John, Yep it's a fab guitar. Got it on Reverb a few months ago. My new fave! Has the quack/pop of a Strat and the growl of a LP when blown out. While the middle pickup you can't get alone, the thing gets a LOT of great tones. Thanks for listening. Been learning lots of Jerry leads...
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    Jerry Garcia/Grateful Dead - "Scarlet Begonias"

    Video Play-through Demo for Scarlet Begonias: http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=7958
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    Axe Edit not syncing

    Thanks...that did it. My bad...
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    Axe Edit not syncing

    I recently got a new computer. I am trying to get Axe Edit to sync and having some problems. I know that the computer and Axe are talking to one another - used/uploaded things via Fractal Bot and have recorded tracks to Logic. But it is not syncing with Axe edit - just saying is...
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    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 12.00 Public Beta

    Oh yeah! Amazing!!!
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    After 10+ years of wanting one, I finally pulled the trigger!

    The black hole of tonal exploration awaits!
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    Software FracPad III - iOS/Android/Mac/Win Editor for the Axe-Fx II/XL/XL+, AX8/FX8, Axe-Fx III and FM3/FM9

    I’m looking for help to figure out what adapters I need to connect an iPad Pro to the frac pad. I have looked through this thread but it’s 112 pages. Can anyone give me the specifics to the cables (or bluetooth adapter) I need to use the FracPad with Ipad Pro. Thx a ton!
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    Carry Case for FC-12

    Here's a post with some info - https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/fc-12-case.154935/ It fits both the FC 12 and a mission expression pedal.
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    Anyone using Speaker Compression?

    I tend to use it on some fender, and AC models - around 2 or so...helps with the sustain a bit.
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    Axe-Fx III newbie and have started to figure out Scenes...whoa

    A real game changer...especially for gigs. Each scene can be another tonal palette to play with
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    5 Killer Tones - FW 11

    Leon...awesome!!! You are a Axe inspiration!!!
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    Q's for folks who've come from an AX8 to the III

    I have the Axe II, Axe 8 and AxeIII. The III’s extra DSP power makes the amps sound different/better than the II & 8. Using the Axe Edit and the Quick build feature you can easily rebuild the chain from your Axe8 and tweak from there. I did not use any of my Axe II or 8 patches on the III...
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    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 11.01

    Cliff...thankful for you and all things fractal!
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    FC-12 Case

    Hey Dave, It's 6 5/8" from the FC to the edge of the inside case opening. It's 9 1/2" deep. For the Mission SP-1 pedal, the width of the pedal is a fraction bigger than the opening. If I push down just a bit it fits in, though very snug. The distance between the FC-12 and Mission pedal in...
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    FC-12 Case

    Just thought I would post a case I am using for the FC12 and Mission foot pedal. I originally bought this case for the FCB1010 and found it is a great fit for the FC-12 and foot pedal. Listed on Amazon as SKB MIDI Foot Controller Soft Case for FCB1010, MFC10, FC 200, Cyber Foot, (You can...
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    How many Axe-Fx 3 out there?

    One million...???
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    Axe-Fx III Firmware 10.0 Public Beta

    What?!?...awesome! Thanks Cliff
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    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 9.00 Public Beta

    Cliff..do you ever sleep?!? Appreciate your dedication and artistry.
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    Wah Block Deep Dive

    Another awesome vid! LT does it again. Thanks for your dedication to enhancing the understanding of the Axe. VERY MUCH APPRECIATED!
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    Atomic CLR Neo with Axe-Fx 3?

    I use the CLR Neo Live. The first time gig I had it set on -4db and felt like I was almost tapped out in terms of headroom (play in a 10 piece band and stage volume can get loud). When I reset the master to +10 it was great and had as much headroom as I needed (although a bit hot for...
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    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 8.00 Public Beta

    Awesome!!! Can't wait to have the ability to copy scenes!
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    Can you use the Tuner with both Input 1 & Input 2?

    I'm trying to set up a bunch of presets for a gig. I hoping to have my acoustic preset go into input 2 so I can leave it plugged into Input 2 the whole gig and just have it active on my acoustic preset that has Input 2 vs. Input 1 as the source. I'm using Input 1 for all the presets for...
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    [fixed] L/R Levels not Balanced?

    Cool. I will delete the vol block and add it back in. It must be something with that volume block(s). It does not happen with other presets using a similar volume block setup with the same expression pedal. Thx
  46. M

    [fixed] L/R Levels not Balanced?

    I tried to upload the file and it was too big. I ran a loop and took a few screenshots. The first screenshot showed the left side shows -8.8dB, and the right side is -22.2dB. The second screenshot and the left side at -0.9dB and the right side at -17.4dB. So it seems like 17dB less on the...
  47. M

    [fixed] L/R Levels not Balanced?

    I looked at the meters for each block. The amp block seems to be the most imbalanced and I'm not sure why. The balance nob is at 12:00. Thanks for your help/suggestions
  48. M

    [fixed] L/R Levels not Balanced?

    Yep...I meant the outputs. The left side is much louder than the right sides output. Not sure why???
  49. M

    [fixed] L/R Levels not Balanced?

    I was using this patch for recording the other day and noticed that the outputs for the left and right are not balanced. This is the only preset this is happening and I can't figure it out. The balance on every block is at 12 o'clock. Any ideas as to what's leading to the mismatched outputs?
  50. M

    L/R outputs not balanced...???

    ..Sorry clicked AxeII vs AxeIII discussion by mistake..
  51. M

    Blind Test #1: Axe-Fx III vs. Real Amp

    1, 4, 5 Axe 2,3 Amp ...and that's a guess. I can't tell the difference or it is so slight i'm guessing. AxeIII rules!
  52. M

    Left my Axe-Fx III on a little too long, oops.....

    I just leave mine on...maybe not smart but I do the same with many computers...is it better/worse to leave on vs turn on/off all the time???
  53. M

    Drive Block Status

    How Awesome is Fractal...best customer service I have ever experienced. Can't wait to hear the new drive pedals!
  54. M

    Which is better for Axe-Fx III - MFC-101 mark 1 or FCB1010?

    I have both the MFC and FCB. Thanks to Jason/decreebass I have been using the FCB live for about 3 -4 months. it provides a ton of functionality along with 2 pedals. It works so well I'm not sure I will initially get the FC when it comes out...
  55. M

    Dialing tones for use with IEMs

    Hey Karl, thanks for the intel. I was planning on just using the ports. I will have to rethink this as an option. We have a 10 piece band (horns, etc) so a lot of sonic frequencies flying around. I have found that with my Axe III is a bit tougher for me to hear than my AxeII (I’m sure I’m...
  56. M

    Dialing tones for use with IEMs

    Hey Karl, I'm looking at the getting some westone IEM's with the ports (EAS 30's). I was wondering if the ports allow for enough of the stage sound in such that you can just run a guitar mix from the Axe. It sounds like that may be what you are doing. I think this is a easy solution to...
  57. M

    axe 3 fcb 1010

    There is a great post on this - see below. Jason helped me to get a FCB1010 working with the Axe III - the video's are key. The FCB1010 works really well. I currently use buttons 1-5 for scenes, 6 prog down, 7 up, 8 drive on/off, 9 chorus on/off 10 tuner. Pedal 1 is volume pedal, Pedal 2...
  58. M

    Beautiful new findings almost daily

    Seems like a great way to use the capabilities of the Axe III and have control over your stage set up. Very cool. I have been considering going to in-ears for live performance and not sure how to best get the band mix. This seems like a effective way to have control of most of the variables...
  59. M

    The Fender Deluxe Reverb is spot on!

    Sounds great. Any chance you’re willing to share the preset? Great playing too! Like the dual leads...
  60. M

    Sharing exp pedal across block channels and scenes

    This is great news. I was able to set the Channels up for different controllers and us the FCB1010 foot pedals for a variety of functionality. Thanks for the tip. Makes a difference for playing live to have more options for the foot controller...thx!
  61. M

    Using Switch pedal to inc/dec presets?

    Here’s a link to,a past post. JasonDecree bass was instrumental in me getting the fcb1010 set up. I can move up/down presets, 5 scenes, vol & wah. Works fabulously and using it live in a seamless fashion...
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    Axe-Fx III: Changing Scenes, stomp pedal, or anyhing you want with FCB1010 (No UnO chip)

    Thanks to a forum mate, Jason, he provided the following info and made 2 videos. I have used the FCB with Axe III for a few gigs and it works great. No EPROM chip. It works great. I have 5 scenes (1-5), 6 prog down, 7 prog up, 8 is drive on/off, 9 chorus on/off and 0 for tuner. Pedals are...
  63. M

    Many IR's disappeared...all of Factory 2 IR's gone

    That did the trick. Good to know for future reference. Thanks a ton!
  64. M

    Many IR's disappeared...all of Factory 2 IR's gone

    I'm in the "picker" area of the cab block. Factory A ends as you can see at 617 and Factory 2 is empty. Either I'm looking in the wrong place (although this is where I used to get my IR's) or I have somehow done the impossible.
  65. M

    Many IR's disappeared...all of Factory 2 IR's gone

    I just was looking to modify some cabs and I'm not sure what happened. Factory 1's IR's end at 617. All are single speakers - from 8's to 15. All the rest are empty in Factory 1 bank. Factory 2 bank is completely empty. So I have no 2-12's or 4-12's. Lots of my programs used 2-12's and 4...
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    Best/Cheap Midi Foot Controller for the III

    A huge should out to Jason aka Decreebass. He was brilliant in the ways he helped this neophyte set up the FCB1010. It now does everything I want for the AxeIII for live gigs. I'm posting his comments to me (we emailed back and forth) and two videos he made. For those who are trying to set...
  67. M

    Best/Cheap Midi Foot Controller for the III

    Hey Decreebass, Sounds like you have figured out the FCB1010. I'm just scratching the surface. Trying to figure out how to assign the foot pedals to the volume and wah blocks. I have looked all over for tutorials and specifics on how to assign midi channels to specific functionality of the...
  68. M

    "..but can it do edge of breakup tones?"

    Really helpful - working with the compression after the gain stage is a key. It will help with how I create these "edge" tones - and great playing btw
  69. M

    Scenes and MIDI control

    Hey, I got the FCB and trying to program it. I got the programs to change but am hoping to have the ability to scenes (1-5) as you have noted above. For someone that has spent a bit of time on setting it up and did not find it easy, any videos or resources you can point me to that will help...
  70. M

    Axe-Fx III wait list: Let us know when you get notified...

    Waitlist confirmation: 2/4 10:41 AM CST Invitation: 6/14 1243 PM CST Purchased: 6/14 1:16 PM CST
  71. M

    Axe-Fx III wait list: Let us know when you get notified...

    The March through Feb begins. I'm a 2/4 dude...maybe by July 4th?!? Optimistic how quick it's moving these days...A good thing when they get a container or two of product. Can't wait to feel the difference with the III
  72. M

    Axe-Fx III wait list: Let us know when you get notified...

    I like the thread here. I’m a 2/4 guy and have been watching all the Jan peeps get there stuff. With the possibility of pallets for of Axe III’s (maybe even some FC’s) I’m optimistic. Thanks for stoking the fire...
  73. M

    FC Series Controllers Waitlist

    Still no AxeIII...maybe the stars will align and I can get the FC and AxeIII about the same time. Can't wait (whenever that day will be)
  74. M

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 10.01 Firmware Release

    Continue to be amazed at how awesome Fractal is - always focused on making our experience better. Keep it up!!!
  75. M

    A friend got the Axe III....

    Given I am on the waitlist for the III, and signed up Feb 2nd, all I get to do is dream about the difference between the II (had for 4 years) and the III. The feel thing is something that is hard to get on a video. I hear the difference in the II >III and it sounds like there is more "air"...
  76. M

    Marshall Plexi Shootout & Preset

    WOW! All of these plexi's sound awesome...and your playing...just awesome. Thanks a TON for all the vid's you are posting.
  77. M

    Axe-Fx III wait list: Let us know when you get notified...

    I gotta stop checking this link. I was a slacker and signed up on 2/4. Keep hoping it will jump days into the list and it is moving by minutes...guess I will be able to use Axe Edit III and the FC when I get my Axe III ...sometime in the fall. Isn't there some adage about waiting makes...
  78. M

    To All The Pundits

    The fractal sounds better than the real thing IMHO
  79. M

    Axe-Fx III wait list: Let us know when you get notified...

    After refreshing too many times I did some analysis and researched times and days of waitlist and invites. See below. It looks like about 15 to 30 minutes a day down the waitlist. I was late to the party - Feb 4th 10:41 pm. So with 15 min per day worked down the wait list ...and I have 6...
  80. M

    Axe-Fx III can take a pedal

    Great to see how the AxeIII interacts with pedals. Seems very amp-like. The more I see online of the III the more the anticipation grows to get my hands on this thing. Thanks for the vid!
  81. M

    Fender Demo

    Nice spank to that strat sound via the AxeIII
  82. M

    Axe-Fx III Factory Presets 11-20

    Great playing. Sounds awesome. Keep em coming. Will vicariously enjoy the new tones till I get one...
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