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  1. swass

    Wish White logo

  2. swass

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.09

    Two words...
  3. swass

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 11.02 Public Beta #2

    Thank you. Merry Christmas, Cliff/family and Fractal Staff.
  4. swass

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 5.05

    Cliff, this past Sunday morn on his way to drop 5.05... Thanks, Cliff!!
  5. swass

    Merry Christmas to all of you !

    Merry Christmas to all FAS staff and all members here on the forum. All the best for the new year filled with health, hope and prosperity. Have a great holiday season with the time you spend with family and friends.
  6. swass

    Changing Tone Stack

    This is totally, "BADASS !!"
  7. swass

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 9.01 Beta

    Ahhhh... (sigh)... This hits the spot. Waaaaay wicked Marshall's! Awesome! Thanks, Cliff.
  8. swass

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 9.00 Firmware Release

    I reverted back to Q8.02 and I'll wait for the next update. I generally shoot for a higher gain, Marshall "kerang" tone and haven't found a way to get back there that's to more my liking/tone. The beta was different than the finished release. I liked the beta much more but didn't spend enough...
  9. swass

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 9.00 Beta

    Thanks for the link, man... and really glad for your small miracle.
  10. swass

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 9.00 Beta

    Lookin' for decent cheap, everyday headphones. What is the model of dem' der Koss's
  11. swass

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 9.00 Beta

    "Wicked"... Thanks, Cliff! The, "clanka" sounds interesting and worth investigating !
  12. swass

    NHL Playoffs

    (Late to the party but haven't been 'round lately) ... and broke an NHL record as well: Four goals in his first NHL game. And not to overlook Nylander and Marner. Forces to be reckoned with for years to come. Just hope the Leafs can afford to keep them all, once the entry contracts are up.
  13. swass

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 7.02 Firmware Release

    Thanks Cliff. Have fun in FLA. Glad Brady's jersey was found. :)
  14. swass

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 7.02 Public Beta

    Updated and I just got done playing my "vudoo" strat for hours... I've been along for this wild ride since the Ultra days. It has just been unreal how this little black box has just got more and more amazing. Hard to find the words to describe it all with words. Especially with the musicians...
  15. swass

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 7.01 Firmware Release

    Agreed, along with other amps that've jacked me up. Saltpeter puts things back to where track pants can once again be worn in public. ;)
  16. swass

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 7.00 Firmware Release

    Thanks FAS. This FW rules. My go to amp kills on demand and have taken a huge likeing to the Plexi 50 6550 and the JCM 800... I feel like I'm only scratching the surface again with the new amp choices that I've been drawn to... Also a big thanks for the new cabs and bringing OwnHammer on board...
  17. swass


    One of my all time, top10 players. I was just caving my face on some John Sykes last week, (Thin Lizzy, Whitesnake, Blue Murder)... so this post obviously grabbed my attention. Excellent job... well liked!
  18. swass


    I'll be watching for it Gary. Congrats, Man!
  19. swass

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 7.00 Public Beta #2

    "in hand dynamics"... simply, WOW!!
  20. swass

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 7.00 Public Beta #2

    ... the guy just gave us another killer beta fw release... Sincerest thanks to the coolest owner/co. that I know of. BIGLY thanks, Cliff and FAS. Sounds incredible.
  21. swass

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 7.00 Public Beta

    I'm ready... bring it on,,,
  22. swass

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 7.00 Public Beta

    "Good things come to those who wait"... unless of course, if you're late on a bill payment or a procrastinator. Thanks, Cliff!
  23. swass

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 6.02 Firmware Released

    Man! That, Timothy addition rocks. What a Christmas gift without dropping the cash and not having the wait list/time for it. Thanks, FAS.
  24. swass

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 6.02 Firmware Released

    TI-MAY !!... A very welcomed asset to the arsenal. Thanks, Cliff. Merry Christmas.
  25. swass

    New FAS Video w. Larry Mitchell + Free Presets!

    Thanks FAS and Larry for sharing. And may you guys have a Merry Christmas, a great holiday season and prosperous New Year.:) I'll be forwarding this link on. If that video doesn't satisfy the anti-digital cork sniffers that I know... well they may as well go change their pedal batteries...
  26. swass

    Funny way to mess with the audience / amp snobs....

    HA!... I just bought one of these the other day for my kid's desktop. Hmmm... ;)
  27. swass

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 5.03 Firmware Released

    This is, "Bigly !". ;) Thank, Cliff !
  28. swass

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 5.02 Firmware Released

    Seriously, Cliff... (IMHO) this is one of the most, if not the most tastiest updates ever. The clarity, string to string definition are amazing with the dynamics jumping off the strings. Many thanks, Cliff ! :)
  29. swass

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 4.01 Public Beta

    I have the XL and would be glad to support and back my MK I II brothers. For the amount I use the FW version parameter, I can live without it for the sake of others being able to continue to enjoy further FW updates. I give a nod to go for it, Cliff. :)
  30. swass

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 4.00 Firmware Release

    Thanks, Cliff. Good to see you dropping back around. :)
  31. swass

    teaser from upcoming album

    :eek: "Hey!...that's not angry. That's more along the lines of being, pissed". :mad: Very cool, Gary. Simply love the rhythm tone. Knowing you... that really caught me off guard. Next time I catch you live, have a copy ready for me. :)
  32. swass

    Chinese guitar knock-offs... opinions?

    Mods, take note. (possible R.R. sighting... and it certainly does't mean, "Rick Rolled") ;)
  33. swass

    Fractal vs Real thing A/B's?

    Ola did some tome match comparisons awhile back.
  34. swass

    The Ownhammer Heavy Hitters Collection is out! (ORG 412, USA IIC++ clip inside)

    Everything has been a consistent, quality progress with Kevin over the years of doing this. With that in mind, one other word that came to mind when moving through these... "refined". Great work, Kev.
  35. swass

    The Ownhammer Heavy Hitters Collection is out! (ORG 412, USA IIC++ clip inside)

    Just checked these out quickly. From what I've tried thus far... they sound superb. Definitely some of Kevin's best work. Very balanced. Thanks for the clips Jon. Fantastic as usual.
  36. swass

    Big Moon - Neal Schon :)

  37. swass

    Shredi's 6th Annual "Happy Father's Day You Muthas" Thread

    Thanks! This is my 13th Father's Day. :D (edit/update) Happy Father's Day to all as well. Back to steak and the ball game.
  38. swass

    Upgrading PC processor question

    Priorities always seem to be an issue. I know exactly what you're saying. Maybe the CPU will go on sale and the price will be too good to resist. I believe it's a very close relative to G.A.S. (since it's a CPU );)
  39. swass

    Upgrading PC processor question

    Jon. How did you fare with your PC dilemma ?... if anything.
  40. swass

    Upgrading PC processor question

    You would think so. To me, that's plenty. As mentioned by, Shenks, check out your Task Manager/Performance when all is running at full bore. If your CPU, Memory, and Disks look good and things still leaves you scratching your head, it may be your MoBo bottle-necking things.
  41. swass

    Upgrading PC processor question

    There is just so much, "frigging around" to get a computer to work optimally for one's specific needs. Sometimes tweaks are all that is needed to cure things. I hope you can sort it out without digging too deep into the bank. But I'd definitely give the RAM thing a go before dropping money on a...
  42. swass

    Upgrading PC processor question

    ^^^^^ THIS ^^^^^ If one of your sticks of RAM is in the wrong slot, (set to single channel in your bios) and you've moved it over, you should notice a immediate difference. I'd first engage both channels and upgrade the RAM first. More RAM. If that leaves you discontent then look at the other...
  43. swass

    Yngwie Malmsteen - Fire - Solo cover [VIDEO]

    Nice, Rocco! Yngwie's tone in it's prime. Love it!
  44. swass

    Then vs Than!!

    Nobody does it better, "THEN" ... "Irregardless"... this stuff rocks... ;)
  45. swass

    Anyone Else Toss Gear in Garbage?

    I'll always find a use for something. If it's broke, I'll try to fix it. If I can't strip it for parts. However, if I have perfectly good, working gear that is useless to me, a lot of times I'll gladly give it away to someone who can and will use it. Giving is a great thing. Not enough can be...
  46. swass

    Your favorite amp/effects for that 'karaang' chord?

    Kerrang?... Anything Marshall with the front end pushed with a clean boost if it's really needed or desired. Malcolm and Angus... straight up Kerrang on the rocks with no mix.
  47. swass

    something different... a gospel tune?!

    Thoroughly enjoyed that. Guy has great vocals... Great feel. Thanks for sharing that.
  48. swass

    VIDEO: From Van Halen I to 1984 and beyond....(PATCH INCLUDED)

    I saw him as the hockey fan, (that he is) at a LA Kings game on TV a few months back and he still has those "pork chops". Amazing how some things don't change.
  49. swass

    VIDEO: From Van Halen I to 1984 and beyond....(PATCH INCLUDED)

    Sincerest of appreciation, Danny. Thank you for your time and efforts put forth for our community. :)
  50. swass

    Van Halen - Unchained tone match

    ... as the old saying goes around here, "post the preset or it didn't happen". ;):) Again, very well executed.
  51. swass

    Do Pro Users Record the Axe-Fx through a mic pre?

    Lets not forget the pre's in the cab block and the mic pre's that are used to capture many of the factory and 3rd party IR's alike. To use another mic pre on top of what is available in the Axe and what is baked into most IR's already... seems a little redundant to me. But hey... whatever blows...
  52. swass

    Van Halen Mean Streets

    Exactly what is was. Never saw the controller enabled as I was using the front panel and not AE. Thanks Danny. Sorry for the false alarm... Boy!... is my face red! ("excerpt from UHF") :oops:
  53. swass

    Van Halen Mean Streets

    I had an opportunity to work your patch over for a short spell over the last few days... I'm glad it's in my arsenal, Danny. :D Sorry to be a downer... I did find one anomaly/bug in amp block 1. The input drive numerical value increases, (as the gain does as well) but the lcd knob won't dial...
  54. swass

    RATT - Lay it Down tone matchy poo.

    OK, thanks. I'll slam it into the Axe and see what it does with some tweaking with my setup. Looking forward to checking this out. Thanks again for sharing. Sounds killer.
  55. swass

    Boston's Foreplay/Longtime Quantum 1.02 Tone Test

    Sounds great ...even for off a cell. Excellent. Don't think that Tom Scholz tone could be done any better other than by Tom himself.
  56. swass

    RATT - Lay it Down tone matchy poo.

    Which FW did you use when you TM'd it? Thanks.
  57. swass

    RATT - Lay it Down tone matchy poo.

    IMHO: One of the truly iconic guitar tones. Excellent work!
  58. swass

    Van Halen Mean Streets

    Isn't, Lay it Down a Crosby/DeMartini tones and not, "Sike?" o_O ... and Isn't that spelled, "Sykes"?... as in John? ;):D ... just messin'... but seriously appreciate your sharing and efforts, Danny.
  59. swass

    Axe-Fx II Quantum Rev 3.00 Public Beta

    Thanks once again, Cliff. Another FW well executed. :D
  60. swass

    Van Halen Mean Streets

    Seriously though Danny. If you find yourself pissin' around a bit on the Axe at any point, check out the Brit Super, (if you haven't already). You may really dig it if you dig this patch's amp sim.
  61. swass

    Van Halen Mean Streets

    Lookin' forward to it. A little tweak hear and there with this VH patch and it covers a lot of ground for my intents and purposes. Now if I can just get off my unmotivated keister and whip something off to demo it.
  62. swass

    Van Halen Mean Streets

    Meh... that won't cut it Danny. Cough up another preset. :p This one is AWESOME !! ;):) Beta 3:00 was released a little while ago. :)
  63. swass

    Van Halen Mean Streets

    Ahhh... well... back to pounding the F5 key vigorously. ;)
  64. swass

    Van Halen Mean Streets

    Sorry, Danny. No go here. I re-downloaded and tried with Axe Edit and Fractal Bot.Hmmm... Did you post on AxeChange?
  65. swass

    Van Halen Mean Streets

    OKI. Thanks Danny. I'll give it another shot. :)
  66. swass

    Van Halen Mean Streets

    I downloaded and loaded it into the Axe... mine shows nothing in the patch. Anyone else?
  67. swass

    Van Halen Mean Streets

    Lookin' forward to checking this out Danny. One of my fave amp sims is the, Brit Super which is a Cliff Chase modified version, (I believe) of the Brit AFS 100. Thanks a lot for the time and effort you've put into these vids with a great job in explaining the inners, (and outers) of your...
  68. swass

    Van Halen Mean Streets

    Dammit, Danny. It's kind of like waiting for FW 3:00b... hurry up! j/k ;):)
  69. swass

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 2.04 Firmware Release

    ... wait... wrong F5... Here's the right one
  70. swass

    MKII C+ with Cliff's settings and ir receipe - awesome.

    Ditto. Great tone, Tony. I'll be checking it out with my Strats and my NEW! '89 "Black Beauty" LP Custom... Right after I have my, "over the hill" nap. ;) Thanks for posting! :)
  71. swass

    The new HBE...

    o_O What's pot?
  72. swass

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 2.04 Firmware Release

    Holy Chutzpah!... You don't say... Care to share? Even just a smidge?
  73. swass

    'racetra' FAS fellow user, friend gone at 55

    My exact sentiments. Sad for the loss. Life is too short and we can take so much for granted... and not give it another thought.
  74. swass

    FracTool - for power users only

    WoW! That's really amazing. Seriously... Thanks for taking the time and for your generosity.
  75. swass

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 2.04 Firmware Release

    Majority Rules!... Thanks Cliff and FAS team for all you do
  76. swass

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 2.03 Firmware Release

    New Friedman's sound reeeally-goooood! :) Thanks,Cliff! (edit): reeeally-reeeally-goooood!
  77. swass

    Is Axe Fx Viable?

    No matter what, there will always be cork sniffing, "naysayers" for whatever reason(s) they have. I miss my vintage Marshall's'. They weren't viable to me anymore with compact gigging/house volume and home studio production being the way to go. For my needs, the AFX... much more viable than to...
  78. swass

    Video Tutorial on post-processing of Axe FX recordings

    Thanks for your input Danny. Your work is stellar. A lot of great info here. :)
  79. swass

    Ba-dum pshhh!

    ... and don't forget to tip the waitress.
  80. swass

    Live strat blues - Big-Legged Woman

    Yup... too bad about the turnout, Gary... and just the local music scene as a whole anymore up our way. I was thinking about trekking to Waterloo this pat weekend. Hopefully I can make it for Woodstock. As usual Gary, wicked chops. :cool:
  81. swass

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" 2.00 Public Beta Numero Tres

    I absolutely love the updates as they happen and how Cliff, "works it baby !" I can take the updates or leave them as I may... but Q.2.00b3 absolutely slays !... Q.2.00b was soooo last week... :D
  82. swass

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" 2.00 Public Beta Numero Tres

    With the new(er) products out now and whatever Cliff and co. have in store for upcoming products, (along with Cliff's last iteration)... maybe FW updates will be farther and fewer between with attention diverted for these newer products and things that are yet to come. Great post Danny. Very...
  83. swass

    This Is Gonna Hurt

    Doh !!... :D...
  84. swass

    FW 2.0 beta 2 - rolling back kills Axe Fx II MK II

    No need to apologize. I never thought you were implying that, "solely". No worries, man. I apologize if I caused you to think that in my reply. I sometimes dislike text as it so often leads to misinterpretation. I was just recollecting to the best of my abilities as to what was going on in my...
  85. swass

    Queensrÿche: Operation Mindcrime in FULL

    WoW!... I'm really impressed. Nice work, dude!. :cool:
  86. swass

    FW 2.0 beta 2 - rolling back kills Axe Fx II MK II

    When it happened the couple times with my XL/Fractal Bot, it was always during the actual transfer process of the FW proceeded by a, "transfer error" as per Bot's window/notification. Prior to Fractal Bot there were no check sums with other transfer utilities other than the AFX II's display...
  87. swass

    Whose line is it?

    Do rhetorical questions qualify?;) Isn't this a great way to get your post count up?
  88. swass

    FW 2.0 beta 2 - rolling back kills Axe Fx II MK II

    When I had my AFX II MK I, it bricked on me quite a few times. I was using fast internet and a wired connection with nothing running as far as software goes. Just Fractal Bot or the the available sysEx. tools that were available before Bot. At any rate, I always suspected corrupt downloads...
  89. swass

    This Is Gonna Hurt

    Maybe the wrong genre' to the, "T" for a comparison, but any time I hear, "whacked" chromatic licks as you've displayed incredibly, jazz influence always comes to mind for me. Maybe jazz/fusion would be a better comparison due to the drive tones. Nonetheless... incredible playing, man...
  90. swass

    This Is Gonna Hurt

    Definitely, "one-up'd" jazz phrasing. Great stuff.
  91. swass

    Do I need to buy this?

    My main guitars are Strats... so I'm a little bias and don't have really anything to contribute... except !... maybe look at a more contemporary Strat type of guitar. (To me) the biggest thing/hindrance between a Strat and LP aside from the tone is the physical feel between the two. Particularly...
  92. swass

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 2.00 Public Beta

    "Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 2.00 Public Beta" Public Beta... beta testers slacking off? j/k... :D Sounds great!
  93. swass

    Former Kemper user, just bought axefx II

    It can rear it's ugly head here as well. Infrequently, from time to time. For the most part it's really, really good here and the moderators, (IMHO) do a really good job of not allowing things to get out of control in maintaining forum civility and the forum integrity. Welcome aboard,
  94. swass

    Perfect Strangers Cover

    Now there's some awesome flattery! Very cool. :cool:
  95. swass

    Perfect Strangers Cover

    Listened to this a couple more time, (since I'm a Purple fan with this being one of my favourite Purple tunes... but not the cork sniffing type) and just really love your vocals, man. I always enjoy a killer cover. One multi-talented dude you are and a real pleasure listening to your stuff...
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