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  1. rnjscooter

    White Screen of Death

    Was going to post about my first fly dates with Axe III. Fired it up after arriving back home and I have the white screen of death. Help?!?!?!?!?! PS. Thank the god Lord it didn't happen at the gig!
  2. rnjscooter

    Wish... Choice of LED bright or dim for primary and secondary scenes.

    Hey everyone, preppings for some out of state gigs and I came across this. Page 28 of the FC manual says.......... The LED ring is bright when you toggle to the “Primary” Scene, dim for the “Secondary” and off for “neither”. Please with sugar on top, could we have the option of LED being...
  3. rnjscooter

    Hold to scroll

    So I thought it might work but I couldn't make it happen. I have switches set to tap presets up and down +1 and -1, and I thought to myself........... Man how I would love to be able to hold the switch down and have it scroll thru all the presets, then release when it gets to the preset of my...
  4. rnjscooter

    Not a Bug Unable to access modifier

    so, I am still struggling with the ideal versus authentic thing. I was gone for a month tending to my fathers passing and came back and updated and now I don't have control of the Saturation drive, to be specific. I can right click on all the modifiers EXECEPT the Saturation Drive, which I had...
  5. rnjscooter

    Left my Axe-Fx III on a little too long, oops.....

    Ok, so I am an idiot..... Had to leave town and I wasn't gonna take a chance at NOT backing up my AxeIII...... Then I left town..... withOUT turning off the AxeIII.... O CRAP..... So I left in on, WITH my FC-6, for about 60 hours. Is the unit ok? Should I send it in to get a once over...
  6. rnjscooter

    VIDEO: Axe-Fx III, FC-6 and EV-2 Controlling 7 Different Pedal Functions!

    I had some comments from my my FC-6 videos that inspired to make this quick video of how I get so much out of just one expression pedal. This video shows how I'm able to get 2 wah's, 2 volumes, whammy and formant, all with one EV-2 expression pedal. Hope this helps those of you that are looking...
  7. rnjscooter

    WISH: Tuner and Pan/Trem subtleties

    So I noticed a few things when I began creating my custom layouts. 1. If I set the tuner to the hold function I also have to use the hold function to get out of tuner mode. It would be nice to either be able to tap it, or for that matter rap any other switch, for instance the main scene of my...
  8. rnjscooter

    Post Your FC Videos Here

    Hey everyone, I thought I would start an actual video thread, where we could all upload our videos. This way they aren't in 17 different threads, lol. This is my latest greatest. My live layout, 4 layouts actually, all done withOUT ever using the MLM hehe:cool: Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!
  9. rnjscooter

    Wish In/Out Custom Names

    Maybe this has been asked for already, AS I have 3 IN blocks and 3 OUT blocks in use on my Axe3. I have them all marked on the unit with a tape labeler, but when on AE I sometimes forget which IN and OUT is which. It would be great to be able to custom name the IN and OUT blocks. I think someone...
  10. rnjscooter

    Beautiful new findings almost daily

    It seems like daily I learn another another amazing feature in my Axe3, and this week was no different. For Chris, Yek, and others, this may be a little boring, but for me, these findings are incredible! #1. Scene controllers are huge for me as I use both 1 and 2 to control amp gain and mix...
  11. rnjscooter

    Should my outs ever be in the red, like this?

    Or should my loudest sound be right at 0db, no red, then make all tones quieter from there?
  12. rnjscooter

    9.21 Slow and lethargic

    So, I haven't posted anything in quite sometime as I had a house fire in my rental, and when I do play I have just been using the unit, with no axe edit. So last night I decided to launch exe edit and look at all the new things that have been implemented, which channel each block is using...
  13. rnjscooter

    Setting Delays on the Axe-Fx III?

    Hey everyone, I am going thru all my presets and mirroring them with my Axe2 before I put the 2 up for sale. I have an issue figuring out how to match delay times from my old presets. I dont have a tap temp button, and the only way to set a delay time. For instance Looking at Axe Edit, my...
  14. rnjscooter

    [FIXED] Factory cabs not installed?

    Just fired up the Axe3, like I do everyday and I look at the screen and it says........ Factory cabs not installed!!! Should I be concerned? I did upload beta 2 last night, hmmmm
  15. rnjscooter

    Wish Output Block Name

    I am using 3 of the 4 outputs on my III, and lack of brain cells causes me to forget, wait, is 2 my in-ears or FOH or my backline? It would be cool if in the OUT block you could type what it is going to. For that matter they could show what channel and block number they are, like they appear...
  16. rnjscooter

    [FIXED] Problems getting looper to work

    So I have had several forum members bend over backwards to help me get where I need in order to use my MFC with the III till the FCs come in. I got EVERYTHING working, amazing people on this forum! The I decided to get brazen and try an add a looper. I am pretty sure I did it, but nothing...
  17. rnjscooter

    [SOLVED] Wah, Pitch (whammy) and Volume w/single expression pedal issues

    Good morning everyone. I am SO close to having my III gig ready, but I cant for the life of me figure out what I am doing wrong. I have.......... scenes 1-3 with Wah, scene 4 with Pitch, scene 5 with Volume, and scene 6 with Formant. I have everything the way I want with one issue. I cannot for...
  18. rnjscooter

    Bug? Correct Preset Names?

    I will do my best to explain. It all started by wanting to ue my III with the MFC. Then I wanted to move my presets down to the bottom so the MFC can see them because the MFC only goes to 344 I think. So then I tried using Axe-Manage.... Oops not yet implemented. So The I started to store 00...
  19. rnjscooter

    Making the MFC and Axe-Fx III work together?

    I am editing this first post for those who desire or are struggling with setting up the MFC to work with the Axe-FxIII. I know absolutely NOTHING about midi, and several members have held my hand thru the process, ESPECIALLY unix-guy, to which I am forever thankful. After reading this thread...
  20. rnjscooter

    FS Matrix GT1000FX-2U mint condition

    Up for sale is my Matrix GT1000FX-2U only 6 months old, in mint condition, smoke free environment. This is Andy's newest design coming in at only 6.3lbs! Now that I have the AxeFX3 I am forced to buy the 1U from Andy. I dont really want the fan noise of the 1U but it is what it is....... Come...
  21. rnjscooter

    Rack mounting my III today

    Hey everyone. Hope you are all enjoying your III's! So, I tore my fly rig apart today and had some issues. 2 of the 3 screws holding the left rack ear were gone from my II. In the past my Furman lost a half dozen screws as well, so I have a Q.......... I am not gonna do anything to my III, but...
  22. rnjscooter

    Solution for my fly dates.......

    Hey everyone. So with my Axe-Fx II, I was running output 1 FRFR to my in-ears and FOH, output 2 to my Matrix GT1000FX to two cabs for the backline. Now with my Axe-Fx III, I see no way to physically rack all my gear and keep it under 50lbs, so I dont get hit for extra baggage fees. So a thought...
  23. rnjscooter

    Here Is My 1st Preset... Need for 2 cab blocks?... III vs II

    Hi everyone, so it's a work in process but I really can't think of anymore I would wan't to add and I am at 83 percent:D Question. Is anyone using 2 cab blocks, and if so, your reasoning? I currently have it set up that way. I am thinking the only reason would be so you could have 8 IR's at...
  24. rnjscooter

    Not a Bug Not Connecting?

    So excited to post a preset I created that I got up in the middle of the night to post a screenshot of it. Fired everything up and this is what I am getting. Not sure what happened....... Note. I was running firmware 1.07 and everything was rocking. Tonight I uploaded 1.08, and worked on the...
  25. rnjscooter

    Frustrated after day one of my III [solved]

    Hey everyone, fired up my III for the first time today. I built my own preset and had some issues so i broke it all down and then went to a factory preset and the same thing. Ultimately, I realized that I am NOT in stereo. The reason I figured it out is I use ping pong delay. I have no i idea...
  26. rnjscooter

    Comparison of CPU Axe-Fx2 vs Axe-Fx3

    Hey all, got my Axe-FxIII last night and just fired it up with Axe Edit and made my first preset:). I thought you might enjoy looking at how happy the new CPU makes me:D Pic #1 is my main preset on my Axe-Fx2 prior to going to in-ears. I ran the 2 into my MatrixGT1000FX into 2 Marshall cabs on...
  27. rnjscooter

    Help?!? AX8 and SP-1

    Hey everyone, Was hoping to set up my AX8 and SP-1 exactly like my AxeFxII and SP-1 but I am having an issue. I have to hit the toe switch TWICE to go back and forth between the wah and volume. TWICE!!!!!!! ONCE it switches it works properly but I cant for the life of me figure out why it has...
  28. rnjscooter

    Patch to Test In-Ears/ Headphone Out/Output 1

    Hey everyone, I am meeting with the channel manager for Ultimate Ears Saturday morning and she is allowing me to bring my AxeFxII down so I can go direct while I choose which model ears I want to buy. A few questions..... So I was working on a patch for the meeting, as I have been running cabs...
  29. rnjscooter

    Axe FX user having issues w/my new AX8

    Hey all, I know my AxeFXII inside and out, but in AX8 edit I have run into a problem I went to Bank 20, an empty bank, and preset 1. I create a patch similar to my AxFXII. I saved it, then left it and came back. When I come back my amp block has auto default back to 59 bassguy and all...
  30. rnjscooter

    Foot Switch Question

    Hey everyone, I have an AxeFXII and MFC and just bought an AX8 for church. Question, I haven't seen that you can do this but thought I would throw it out there Can switch 1-8 be customized like on the MFC? For instance if I wanted 1-4 to act as scenes and 5-8 to act as IA switches? That way I...
  31. rnjscooter

    EV-2, Volume, Whammy and Wah in a Single Preset

    Hey everyone, I feel like I read all the threads from a few years back, read wiki, and even found links to wiki's that no linger exist. I have a bit of a learning disability and I learn better from videos, but.... I watched coopers vids on how to make a wah and a whammy. He doesn't really...
  32. rnjscooter

    First Fly Date w/AxFXII

    First, I wanna say I have been an Axe FXII owner now for 3 years, and LVE it. I do local gigs constantly and have had nothing but the best experience. So now I've gotten on w/ a national act and did my first fly date, with more coming. My first show, perfect, everything is great, but I need...
  33. rnjscooter

    no password license after purchase

    Hi I bought and downloaded MFC edit. I dont have the license code yet via email but when ordering it clearly said i could use the software, but there is no way. it wont let me help?
  34. rnjscooter

    Mission SP-1 and AX*

    Got my SP-1 today. I have an AxeFxII that I got help setting up, but I don't see an tutorials or threads on how to set up the SP-1 with the AX-8. Anyone? Thanks!
  35. rnjscooter

    Just because I own an AxeFXII, doesn't mean I can't still be stupid......

    Geez guys, I am a freakin idiot here. I can't get past the on button. I am reading the owners manual from the top and want to do what it says........... A full-range system is the most flexible and versatile, but it is not for everyone. Another great way to use the AX8 is through a power amp...
  36. rnjscooter

    AX8 Shipped, So.........

    I am an AXE FXII freak, and have bought an AX8 for my church. Anyone have any threads where I could go to for input on getting started? Questions like can any AXE FX presets be transferred or do I need to start from scratch? etc etc....... Thanks Everyone!
  37. rnjscooter


    Seasons greetings everyone. Well I finally have had my first OMG moment with my Axe FxII, a year to the date of purchasing. I uploaded Quantum 1.06, shut it down as usual, then restarted and all lights stay on, with nothing on the screen. I shut it down and I hear a boom from behind my rack, at...
  38. rnjscooter

    First Rehearsal w Quantum

    So, after patiently waiting for the finalized version of quantum to be released, I finally downloaded it for this weeks rehearsals. I rarely if ever chime in on how much "more real" firmware updates sound, as there are enough posts on that subject to keep me amused for years, haha. Anyway...
  39. rnjscooter

    Anyone Other Than Me???

    I literally check the forum at least once an hour, daily, waiting for the official release of Quantum, with Axe Edit, etc..... I have too many rehearsals to really make the switch without it being in the can, so to speak. So, how many out there are as crazy or crazier than me? I have to be a...
  40. rnjscooter

    First Sound Posting

    Hey everyone, ok, this is my first time ever posting a sound clip. I have owned the Axe since December and played my first gig w/it 2 weeks ago. One of my bands is a 60's 70's cover band, man cover band playing is a lot of work! Talk about memorizing 100's of songs. Anyway, I decided to record...
  41. rnjscooter

    Mission Engineering Sp-1 Frustration

    Good evening all. I have been frustrated since day one with my SP-1 pedal by Mission Engineering. I have to press beyond any pressure I have ever encountered just to get the switch to engage for my Wah block. I met Jim at NAMM in January and told me I could take a washer out from inside...
  42. rnjscooter

    Help? no output!

    I am in the middle of recording and on a deadline for TV, my axe was working an hour ago. now nothing is outputting on my logic. So I turned my matrix amp on and tried playing thru my live rig and nothing. I went to my VU meter page and input is showing as usual, but no output on my VUs. What...
  43. rnjscooter

    Bug? MFC issue when using scenes

    Hi everyone, this isn't just happening on my MFC, it's happening on my friends as well. Both of us have our MFCs set up with switches 1-5 scenes and 6-17 IA switches. Then we use the up down arrows on the MFC to change presets. If we try to stomp thru presets quickly or hold the up/down buttons...
  44. rnjscooter

    Map to Scene

    Hey everyone, so for weeks I have been wanting to get educated on how I can get my presets to default to scene 4. Scene 4 is my main rhythm scene. I studied on Wiki and a thread by Yek, but I am still stuck. I am not sure if I have to do anything on the MFC itself, I monkeyed w Global preset on...
  45. rnjscooter

    Managing Factory Cabs

    So, after watching Chris at Katsukurimedia's video on how to mange cabs, I really wanted to give it a try. The thing is, there is no real way to browse and open your directory to "factory cabs", that can then be auditioned and dragged into the user cab area, correct? If not, I would LOVE that to...
  46. rnjscooter

    Adding a looper block issues w MFC

    Hey everyone, I've had my Axe FXII for a month no and I'll never go back to the old way of life! Saying that, I decided to add a looper block so I could record a part and edit a preset a la https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jyCbk4lgaRY So, I add a looper block in axe edit. and I can use...
  47. rnjscooter

    User Cabs

    Again thanks for dealing with my stupid questions. I have read up and watched videos, but I still don't know what the empty user cabs are for. Can I take a cab, any cab from the list and make it a user cab, thereby basically creating my own favorites collection? Can I do it with amps as well...
  48. rnjscooter

    Wish Offline abilities in Axe edit

    oh all the things I could do while on a flight, taking Cliffs presets and arranging them the way I prefer, so upon landing I can just plug in and enjoy8) How hard would that be to add an update that would allow for offline work?
  49. rnjscooter

    Block library and and global linking

    First, I would like to say thanks to everyone on this site who puts up with stupid questions from newbies like me. I really do try to read every thread, watch every youtube video before I post. So, I am trying to get this whole block saving, loading and linking thing down. I use axe edit...
  50. rnjscooter

    At a standstill after 48hrs w my new Axe-Fx II

    Hi everyone, I have read every article, watched every video, thought I was rocking. Hooked up my Mission Sp-1 according to KatsuKuriMedia, and things work great. Then I go to ANY other patch, and I mean ANY other patch than the one I made(and didn't save), and all I get is reverb. If I turn the...
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