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  1. Ole

    Does Fractal sell replacement parts?

  2. Ole

    fm9 turbo 0.01 beta ?

  3. Ole

    fm9 turbo 0.01 beta ?

    Contact your dealer and make them fix this or exchange it. It should come ready to play with all installed.
  4. Ole

    FM3 Firmware Version 7.00

    Thank you. Awesome update.
  5. Ole

    Is mfc-101 mk2 not compatible with fx2?

    All MFC models will fit with all Axe-Fx 2 models. The only difference is what cable you can use. If using MIDI cables you will need the external PSU. Ethernet, ethercon and XLR will all power the MFC from the Axe-Fx. MFC also works with Axe-Fx st and ultra, but only with MIDI.
  6. Ole

    Announcing the New FM3 Mk II TURBO!

    Amazing news.
  7. Ole

    Wimbledon on ESPN

    And the Dane even won :) First time in 56 years we have one in the last 16.
  8. Ole

    Wimbledon on ESPN

    I absolutely love to watch Wimbledon here in Denmark. End of 5th set in a 4 hour match and not one single commercial.
  9. Ole


  10. Ole

    Is the Matrix GT1000FX still the best Solid State guitar power amp in 2023?

    Yes. The switch is inside, close to the power inlet.
  11. Ole

    Health Supplements. What are your favorites?

    Absolutely nothing. Just trying to eat my veggies, that should do it.
  12. Ole

    ALICE IN CHAINS - “Them Bones” cover video (ft. Leon Todd & Tyler Brittan)

    How did I not see this before now. This is sooooo awesome. Extremely well done guys.
  13. Ole

    How to spend $900 on music gear

    I would 100% go for your nr1. A PRS SE DGT or a PRS SE Silver Sky
  14. Ole

    FM3 Firmware Version 6.02

    Thank you so much FAS. Large fonts are amazing, and then I saw this.. This is such an awesome feature. In Large mode: Turn the VALUE knob and then press ENTER to change the preset. Presets are shown in “preview” as dim text until you press ENTER. While previewing presets, NAV left/right =...
  15. Ole

    FM9 Case?

    Only in Europe, and not a case but a bag, but we now offer these bags for FM9 or FC12 with room for pedal and cables.
  16. Ole

    Meeting The Master - Greta Van Fleet

    New and original? Imo not a second of it, but still great. I really like the music, but his voice is to harsh for my taste. Still really nice to hear music in this style become popular.
  17. Ole

    From tube to FM3+PA+4x12 to FRFR?

    I would get the used MF.10. Next best Laney LFR-212 Deff go FRFR, you will miss half the point of fractal if excluding the cab section. All just my personal opinion, so might be an idea if you can try out the options before buying. With the MF.10 you will have no problem with volume. It is very...
  18. Ole

    "Here I Go Again" - Cover

    Amazing. Been a while since you posted, have missed it :)
  19. Ole

    Where would you prefer to install modeling pickup?

    I absolutely didn't mean to compare anyone, as I don't know them :) Just wanted to add that sometimes, instead of immediately yelling "Impossible", we should take a step back, and at least for a few seconds think "Hmm, Interesting. Let's see what he can do".
  20. Ole

    Where would you prefer to install modeling pickup?

    How many times do you think Cliff have heard this exact sentence? Probably as many times as he proved it to be wrong ;)
  21. Ole

    FM3 body modification.

    On a serious note, there is NO room inside the FM3, so it is simply not possible. So if someone tried it, they failed.
  22. Ole

    Should I upgrade to the III?

    100% agree on this comment. + usability has also improved a lot. Much faster to dial in a great tone.
  23. Ole

    DIY housing for the AxeFXIII

    I bought this one in Germany. 3u, but they build it exactly like you want. https://www.tube-town.net/ttstore/ttc-19-rack-custom-shop.html Sorry, missed the DIY part :)
  24. Ole

    AxeFX III fan direction

  25. Ole

    Amplifying FM3 at home?

    Headphones or Elis.8
  26. Ole

    Combo amp for weekend gigs? Suggestions

    I really like my Koch Twintone. Might be the one amp I will never sell.
  27. Ole

    Anyone using Red Sound FRFRs?

    I have my MF.10 at 9-10 and adjust volume on the FM9/FM3
  28. Ole

    A good alternative To Matrix Amps?

    I tried it by pure random luck. Was expecting to send it back, but, to my humble ears, there is no difference in sound between XLS and Matrix. XLS even have a dsp with several options.
  29. Ole

    A good alternative To Matrix Amps?

    Crown XLS 1502. Can not hear any difference.
  30. Ole

    Caparison Guitar's

    Funny, that is exactly what I like about them :)
  31. Ole

    I’ve put a song up on Spotify

    I like it. Great job.
  32. Ole

    firmware 1.13?

    FC-MK II are shipped with 1.13, but ONLY MK II. It is not a beta.
  33. Ole

    the Eventide H90 leak reminds us of how good we have it with FM3

    Fractal is not being sold here.. It is being sold at their dealers. Sure, you might find a few used for sale on this forum, but also in any other guitar gear forum.
  34. Ole

    Congrats Argentina!

    Did you see the match? If you honestly think the 2nd Fr goal could be fixed in any way, you know nothing about football. This was an extraordinary match, that will stand as the best WC final ever, with the right winner. I do agree on the scandalous korrupt FIFA, but not that they have bought a...
  35. Ole

    Power Amps

    Seymour Duncan PowerStage
  36. Ole

    Is there a way to protect Factory Presets such that hitting "Save" forces a prompt to "Save As" into a different (empty) location?

    This. Always save to a new location before working on anything. Just make it a habit and problem solved :)
  37. Ole

    For all German speaking fellows…and of course everyone else

    Ich mag es. Gitarre klingt wahnsinnig gut.
  38. Ole

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY CLIFF! + Feline Friends Fundraiser

    Happy birthday from Ozzy as well.
  39. Ole

    Is it possible to mic FRFR cabs? The REAL test. (My Demo)

    Because they were making a demo of/for Headrush?
  40. Ole

    USB firmware for FM3

    What exactly is the problem? I know many who have no issues recording direct from the FM3.
  41. Ole

    Saving complete AxeFX II presets for use with FM9

    Not gonna nitpick, but there is no Axe-Fx II Ultra :) It is either an Axe-Fx Ultra or an Axe-Fx II. I don't think Ultra presets can be transfered, but II presets can be done with Fractool if irc.
  42. Ole

    Who's your go to Fractal guru?

    Leon Todd. Cooper Carter.
  43. Ole

    FM9: G66 availability & waitlist

    Yea, I thought about goin fishing ;)
  44. Ole

    So, I've had a Headrush FRFR for a while now and I don't like it...

    Redsound MF.10 or Elis.8.
  45. Ole

    FM9: G66 availability & waitlist

    Oh boy, it's gonna be a busy month or 2.
  46. Ole

    FM3 gigbag or case?

    We now have this little thing in our shop. https://shop.g66.eu/FM3-Bag/1121
  47. Ole

    NGD: Epiphone Alex Lifeson LP

    I am looking at the same. How is tuning stability and how is the trem?
  48. Ole

    FM9: G66 availability & waitlist

    Changed June 2021. New EU law. You have to pay the VAT from the country you live in. In my case Denmark so 25%.
  49. Ole

    Is it possible to use the smartphone to play backing tracks?

    Can this be set globally or do you have to rework every preset with IN2 ?
  50. Ole

    The Pets Thread

    Ozzy, 55 kilo madness, says hello. 50% Great Dane, 50% Cane Corso Here she is on "Bring your pet to work" day.
  51. Ole

    Red Sound Elis8 FRFR Review and MF 10 Comparision

    Any normal quality Speakon cable will do. No way 100$ is needed, unless you have nothing ells to spend your $ on. 20-30$ gives you what you need. Any decent cable with neutrik speakon plugs will be fine.
  52. Ole

    FM9: G66 availability & waitlist

    Just answer the mail and let Jacques know when you are back from vacation. He will hold the FM9 for you.
  53. Ole

    MF.10 vs Elis.8?

    I agree. 8's are more than enough for home use.
  54. Ole

    Solved: FM3 sounded muffled until I positioned my studio monitors appropriately

    Maybe put out your location, and you might be lucky to have a power FM3 user close to you. A LOT of helpful people inhere :)
  55. Ole

    How Many Amps Have You Owned, & Can You Remember Them All?

    Waiting for Cliff to reply here ;)
  56. Ole

    AXE III upgrade to Turbo version

    No. Not possible.
  57. Ole

    Just Saw Diesel @ $6/gallon!!! WTF!!

    Actually it DID happen, the very instant Russia attacked Ukraine. 50%+ in the last 2 months... But honestly. It is good for the planet if we drive a bit less.
  58. Ole

    String Choice: Ernie Ball or D'addario?

    Have had several EB rusty from the box, so never again.
  59. Ole

    Where's the 1990s Great Music Thread On This Darn Forum??

    A few local Danish bands come to mind from this time.
  60. Ole

    Axe FX3 Mkii additional gear?

    This is pretty much all I have found the need for, after getting an Axe-Fx III. I no longer have the time to mow..
  61. Ole

    If you buy an FM9 off reverb… warranty still applies?

  62. Ole

    Announcing FC-6 Mark II and FC-12 Mark II

  63. Ole

    Anyone On the G66 Waitlist For The Red Sound Elis 8's?

    Matrix GT1000FX does NOT provide anything to the tone, other than amplify it. That is the whole point. All the tube sound comes from your Axe-Fx.
  64. Ole

    FM3 Firmware Version 5.00

    Crazy update. It is like a whole new product now. Amazing work FAS. Thank you.
  65. Ole

    FM3 Firmware Version 5.00 beta 2

    I have been looking for a place to use the term " Holy cow" for a long time. This must be it. Amazing job FAS.
  66. Ole

    Seriously impressed with Charvel...

    100% agree. This is one of my favorites. Am VERY impressed.
  67. Ole

    You can't make the Axe III sound bad

    Believe me. My hands can make anything sound bad...
  68. Ole

    What are you listening to right now?

    Old but still very valid imo.
  69. Ole

    What are you listening to right now?

    Brighten by Jerry Cantrell. The more I listen to it, the more I like it.
  70. Ole

    Wish Powered version

    How do you figure this would save you money?
  71. Ole

    FM3 Firmware Version 5.00 beta 1

    What an awesome update. So many huge improvements. Thank you so much FAS.
  72. Ole

    Dropped my AxeFX III Please Help!

    Press down on the cpu board. That is the metal plate with the fan on it. Press all 4 corners in 1 go. My guess it that it has gone loose at the drop.
  73. Ole

    Max world champion F1!!!!!!

    IMO it was very clear that Max had nothing to loose and Hamilton had everything to loose, the entire race. Every single battle between them, Lewis had to hold back and Max could push. At least that is how I saw it. Not a fan of any of them tbh.
  74. Ole

    Max world champion F1!!!!!!

    I think a new rule would be great. "If you cause a collision, you can loose x points". I know that would put Max at the bottom, but would be a fair rule for all. Max had a huge advantage the whole race. Drive into Hamilton and win the championship....
  75. Ole

    REVIEW: Red Sound MF.10 FRFR versus Matrix GT1000FX with real guitar cab

    Not really. The MF.10 aims to be the best FRFR on the market. And I think it gets there pretty well. That is a very different thing from a guitar cab :)
  76. Ole

    FM9 on stage from my last gig

    G66 :)
  77. Ole

    FM9 on stage from my last gig

    There is no delay. We have ELIS.8 and MF.10 in stock :)
  78. Ole

    Axe FX 3 Turbo

    It does on fw 17.02
  79. Ole

    Fractal Audio Insulated Steel 16 oz. Travel Mug!

    I will ask and report back. I want one as well :)
  80. Ole

    Is this the forum to post in when...

    All I know is that this is the forum you write to, when you spent an hour,tearing your old MFC appart, trying to figure out why sw8 doesn't work. Pulling out the switchboard, measuring everything. And after that hour, you find out that there were just no rewerb on that preset, so everything...
  81. Ole

    Announcing the New FM9 Amp Modeler/FX Processor

  82. Ole

    My rendition of "Hurt"

    Very well done.
  83. Ole

    I Lost my wife last night

    My deepest condolences for your loss.
  84. Ole

    Axe fx II for fm3 in 2021?

    I would get the FM3. The Axe-Fx II is still the 2nd best modeler in the world, but with FM3 you will get all the new goodies.
  85. Ole

    Gibson CS serial number

    Thank you so much :)
  86. Ole

    Gibson CS serial number

    Any pros at decoding the serial number of a Gibson CS? I simply cannot find anything that matches CS701022
  87. Ole

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 16.04

    100% the middle.
  88. Ole

    New to Fractal

    It absolutely is :) https://www.g66.eu/images/Manuals/Axe-Fx_III_Beginners_Guide_EN.pdf
  89. Ole


  90. Ole

    Fractal Audio Price Increases

  91. Ole

    Anyone put a Dimarzio Super Distortion in a Les Paul?

    I have the SD in my Les Paul, and I absolutely love it.
  92. Ole

    Gretsch Bigsby Tremolo

    Great thanks. Looks like I'm on the right path :)
  93. Ole

    Gretsch Bigsby Tremolo

    I am looking to buy a Gretsch with a bigsby tremolo. Just wanted to hear if anyone had any info on tuning stability, quality and so forth, before I pull the trigger.
  94. Ole

    The numbers

    If your old rig can fund your new rig, I would say your old backup rig can fund you new backup rig :)
  95. Ole

    FX8 - do I or don't I?

    DO IT!!! Here is all you need to know. https://wiki.fractalaudio.com/wiki/index.php?title=FX8
  96. Ole

    Replaced Stock Fan In My Early Axe-Fx III - Results Are Very Impressive

    Where did you get the specs for the stock fan? I cannot find any info for the specific JF0815B1LM-R. (stock fan) Only JF0815B1L or JF0815B1M and that actually makes a big difference.
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