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  1. xarkon

    Real vintage sounding les paul through FM3

    I wouldn't worry about it. I've been fortunate enough to play three different '59s back in the day, when I worked in a vintage guitar store. One of those is now the "Rosanna Burst," owned by Steve Lukather and featured on "Rosanna" (including the video). It's a excellent guitar - stellar sound...
  2. xarkon

    Looking for a vanity car....Porsche, BMW, etc.

    Mine, which I think I have posted in another thread:
  3. xarkon

    Looking for a vanity car....Porsche, BMW, etc.

    Find the best 911 within your budget. (A Cayman or Boxster would also work, and fit within your budget.)
  4. xarkon

    Neck blemished from case

    Yep, in thinking about it, I have a white SG custom with a bit of a stain. My earlier comment about the aniline dye was in reference to reissues, where people started complaining about pink neck binding when Gibson switched back to the original dye in the interest of authenticity. Also, I don't...
  5. xarkon

    Neck blemished from case

    Got it
  6. xarkon

    Neck blemished from case

    This is the neck dye; the original aniline dye is much more prone to do so.
  7. xarkon

    I did it again ...... NGD

    What happened to the 509?
  8. xarkon

    This just makes......

    Where is that guitar? (I might need it. ;) )
  9. xarkon

    No input from bass, but guitar is fine

    Presumably you are using the same preset to test both the guitar and bass on the FM9? If not, use the same preset. There might be an issue with the physical configuration of the cable: i.e. it is "not bent" when plugged into the AFXIII and thus makes contact internally; and "bent" when plugged...
  10. xarkon

    Caption this Cartoon

    "But are you Grateful?"
  11. xarkon

    Caption this Cartoon

    It's F#, dammit!
  12. xarkon

    Stevie Nicks' "Edge of Seventeen" Cover (Live Guitar Tone)

    That was awesome. Thanks for posting it.
  13. xarkon

    Input Clipping Thread

    My Strat Ultra with Fender Noiseless pickups doesn't clip at 3 o'clock (about 84%) - when hitting the strings hard. Turning input sensitivity above that will trigger the clip indicator. My 2013 R9 with Custombuckers won't trigger the indicator at 30% but will at 35%.
  14. xarkon

    Who’s got two thumbs and a ticket to see Al Di Meola?

    Your post led me to look at the tour dates. Pretty short list and nowhere near me. Too bad - seen him twice (once in '78 or '79) and then again on the Return to Forever reunion tour - great show both times.
  15. xarkon

    F#ck Roland

    Is GraphTech a reasonable alternative?
  16. xarkon

    F#ck Roland

    Apologies for reading over that, will delete my post if I can. It's even more irritating when you look at that photo: they give you what is in essence a do-it-yourself kit and then charge 2x the price.
  17. xarkon

    Let's see your ride.....

    Nice chariot!
  18. xarkon

    EHX 5mm

    In a Ferrari, you listen to the engine. ;)
  19. xarkon

    Waitlist Email

    Waitlisted: 11/7/2022 (my second time in the queue; I passed the first time around) Invite: 2/8/2023 Ordered!
  20. xarkon

    Waitlist Email

    It's the fundamental interconnectedness of the universe. :)
  21. xarkon

    Waitlist Email

    Contact sales with your confirmation.
  22. xarkon

    Waitlist Email

    The next FM9 shipment? ;)
  23. xarkon

    Let's see your ride.....

  24. xarkon

    Wish Ibanez Mostortion and Nobels ODR-1

    +1 for the ODR-1.
  25. xarkon

    Strings.... Quality down... what to do? (Advice please)

    In the late 70's I worked in a vintage guitar store. Had a swamp cooler - great for the wood, not so much for strings. From May - September I changed strings constantly. D'Addarios lasted longer and didn't break. Ernie Ball strings were OK but tended to break more often. I became a D'Addario...
  26. xarkon

    Your best drive block to turn a clean amp into a dirty Marshall ?

    What's the real amp in question?
  27. xarkon

    I’d like to kill every tree in North America.

    Huh. Wonder where you are? I grew up in Phoenix - in the middle of what was a former pecan grove (grown with SRP water).
  28. xarkon

    I’d like to kill every tree in North America.

    In New Hampshire, maybe. At 7000 feet in Colorado, with our Memorial Day to Labor Day growing season...not so much.
  29. xarkon

    How much should I care about no COA coming with an R9?

    I would agree that the discount should be good, particularly consiering the non-original case. (Even thought the original cases are crap in terms of protecting the instrument, they're part of the cool factor.) Nevertheless, my best-sounding R9 is one with no COA (but original case) and little...
  30. xarkon

    Implemented Crowther Hot Cake

    If this doesn’t work out, let me know; I have one and would be happy to send it.
  31. xarkon

    Firmware update 20.03 failing

    Swap the USB cable; try a different USB port on your computer.
  32. xarkon

    Anyone else try one of these with your AxeIII?

    Did a quick search and found this schematic: http://www.dirk-hendrik.com/temp/Sarno_steel_guitar_blackbox.pdf No idea how accurate it might be.
  33. xarkon

    Can you make the Guitar sound like it’s coming from vinyl in the AX3

    Saw the thread title and thought of the opening of this:
  34. xarkon

    Banned from TGP

    The sites are related…see the “Sister Sites” list at the bottom of the TDPRI page. I’m assuming that means they are under common ownership but would need to dig to confirm.
  35. xarkon

    Banned from TGP

    Or, to the point, it’s his job to write those posts.
  36. xarkon

    A Ibanez Shinetex microfiber cloth has ruined a new pickguard. Is there a way to restore it?

    Missing the CPSC-required warnings: Do not put body parts in flame. Do not attempt to eat flame. Do not direct flame toward children or small animals. Do not use flame in the presence of combustible materials. Etc. ad nauseam. Seriously, it's a great tip.
  37. xarkon

    What's the longest time you've spent learning a song and getting it right?

    Did the same thing to learn the solo to Highway Star back in the '70s. 16 rpm, if I remember correctly, was the speed for the language learning records; it might have had other uses as well.
  38. xarkon

    What's the longest time you've spent learning a song and getting it right?

    Smoke on the Water. Now that you've finished laughing yourself silly, the rest of the story... ;) I learned the basic parts at 15 when I began playing, but then figured out the solo (to the best of my ability at the time) from the version on Made in Japan. A couple years ago, I resolved to...
  39. xarkon

    Scene Ignore

    Sticky please.
  40. xarkon

    What was your first Digital Modeler?

    There's an origin story short film to be made here. Cliff taking a sledgehammer to an (unlabeled) red bean.
  41. xarkon

    FIXED: This Forum's Search Engine will be down for a bit

    Not working here.
  42. xarkon

    Adobe Sucks

    Particularly ironic when Peter Drucker's definition of a business was "to create a customer."
  43. xarkon

    Adobe Sucks

    Have you tried one of the speaker reconing/parts shops on the web? Just did a quick search and found one with a number of KRK parts. I managed to snag a NOS midrange driver for my original Infinity RS4 speakers (purchased in 1983) from one such vendor.
  44. xarkon

    Adobe Sucks

    I'd say that the problem isn't with Ganesh, or Consuela. Instead, it's right here, on this page: Adobe Leadership
  45. xarkon

    Intonation with Axe tuner: Why doesn't it work?

    Before I post a wish list thread - I'm curious as to how many in this thread prefer the multi-column (a la Peterson) or multiple concentric circle (the old Conn strobotuner) visual display over the single wheel of the Axe III? (Personally I find the multiple bars easier to view.) Dave
  46. xarkon

    Waitlist Email

    Joined waitlist 8/27 2:33 EDT Received invite 10/11 1:05 EDT
  47. xarkon

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 17.00 Public Beta

    I don't think HP even made an ICE for a DSP when I worked at that division (64000, 64100 and 64700-series microprocessor development systems), now more than 30 years ago. Even if they had, it would have been very expensive.
  48. xarkon

    Almost 2 months with no FW update...

    Huh. That's odd. I just noticed the smell of warm chocolate chip cookies baking in the oven. ;) :cool:
  49. xarkon

    Fan Noise

    1 - I have an Axe III in a rack bag. I don't hear the fan at all; granted, it's a Mark I. "Internet statistics" mean that generally people who have a problem will post; those who don't will not, skewing the results. In other reports of fan noise, overtightening of the fan screws has been cited...
  50. xarkon

    New Wave of Classic Rock.

    Deep Purple - a staple of classic rock radio - made their own commentary on the genre: Generally agree. But then, Dessa:
  51. xarkon

    Buy Axe-Fx III?

    You would think just one will do it...
  52. xarkon

    Axefx3 freestyle jam

    I'm ready to buy the album. Where?
  53. xarkon

    Lifespan of a Laptop?

    Our company policy has been to replace them every three years, though we've been stretching that. Aside from the policy, I'm still running my late-2013 Macbook Pro.
  54. xarkon

    New Community Tool/Resource

    Like the look and feel...seems like it will be a useful resource!
  55. xarkon

    Blocks Guide Update

    works fine here
  56. xarkon

    Axe-Fx III 16.00 Beta 11 "Cygnus" Firmware - Public Beta #8

    ...then the dinosaurs came...
  57. xarkon

    Problems with my new AXE-FX III: It sounds too good!!!

    90 dB would provide a more accurate representation.
  58. xarkon

    What is your favorite single cut?

    Adding my SC: And an R9:
  59. xarkon

    Does any know how to program the Fender Deluxe ( with out any breakup) High Headroom..

    What unix-guy said; but also consider using the Twin Reverb instead.
  60. xarkon

    What is your favorite single cut?

    That, or a Tokai Love Rock. There's a lengthy thread on one of the LP forums about a burst fake - if I remember correctly one of the giveaways was the truss rod access; I think it showed evidence of being a Burny. Edit: here is the thread mentioned -...
  61. xarkon

    What is your favorite single cut?

    I have a few Gibson reissues, and an LP Standard. The Standard is a nice guitar, but definitely doesn't match the reissues IMHO. It's going on the block. I also have various PRSi - including a DGT and a McCarty 594. I don't think they sound or feel exactly the same as a good reissue. This is...
  62. xarkon

    Insert Presets Function

    Reading through these - what if the UI looked like the MS PowerPoint Slide Sorter? With a warning that presets at the end of the chain will be deleted?
  63. xarkon

    Axe-Fx III 16.00 Beta 4 "Cygnus" Firmware - Public Beta

    And, as a bonus, I noticed the distortion characteristics of the Deluxe Reverb were much closer to that of my own amps.
  64. xarkon

    Axe-Fx III 16.00 Beta 4 "Cygnus" Firmware - Public Beta

    Just installed the beta and played for a few minutes. Delivers the goods; does what it says on the tin. Bravo!
  65. xarkon

    Axe-Fx III 16.00 Beta 4 "Cygnus" Firmware - Public Beta

    Looking forward to trying this next week when I’m back at the Axe III. My litmus test has been to select a Fender Deluxe or Twin with a typical IR, crank up the volume to something close to rehearsal volume and strum the strings with a solid sweep, but muted with the left hand. An amp gives a...
  66. xarkon

    To Pull This Off at Age 69 Is Incredible

    I need that T-shirt that says "I may be old, but I saw all the great bands." Some of them several times. Kansas, Yes, ELP, Zep (their worst show, though - Tempe 1977), Queen, Rush, Renaissance, Fleetwood Mac, Journey, Heart, Deep Purple (once with Bolin, once with Blackmore, once with Morse)...
  67. xarkon

    Cygnus Beta - first impressions

    The following graph models my experience, and may model that of others as well. Re-label the y-axis as "delta tweak" and x-axis as "firmware version". In other words, the amount of tweaking has decreased considerably over time, to the point where I load new firmware, start playing, and enjoy the...
  68. xarkon

    You Big Tease...

    I believe you are correct. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orson_Welles_Paul_Masson_advertisements There are a number of net references to it being Gallo, which shows how easily a tag can be confused.
  69. xarkon

    You Big Tease...

    Exactly. I'm more than old enough to know about the Gallo wine commercial reference - which has been brought up here more than once over the years... :)
  70. xarkon

    You Big Tease...

    Citizen Kane.
  71. xarkon

    How accurate is Fractal DRIVE modeling?

    What an excellent explanation.
  72. xarkon

    Very odd problem

  73. xarkon

    Next big thing for Fractal

    Finally. The Death Monger Seal Clubber XT500 becomes a reality.
  74. xarkon

    Anyone have an electric car?

    New Taycan model: https://newsroom.porsche.com/en/2021/products/porsche-taycan-new-entry-level-model-rear-wheel-drive-two-sizes-of-battery-23428.html
  75. xarkon

    Guitars: how many and brands?

    Killer top on that one.
  76. xarkon

    Squirrel Resistant Bird Feeders

    Gave my brother a Yankee Flipper (on that page) years ago. Last time I was there, he was still using it - said it works great.
  77. xarkon

    Is arrived the time for Axe-Fx III to profile an amp?

    This. And could still hear to 20 kHz.
  78. xarkon

    Helix Modeling Question

    Because Fractal doesn't have to deal with this (aka corporate sclerosis):
  79. xarkon

    Guitar quest continues

    Excellent. Can you post a couple clips?
  80. xarkon

    What should I put in my rack?

    Eurorack frame.
  81. xarkon

    Guitar quest continues

    That is excellent.
  82. xarkon

    Guitar quest continues

    This looks spectacular. Congrats.
  83. xarkon

    Guitar quest continues

    I don't have the 2020 model but do have a 594 - and a few Historics ranging from R7 to R0. The 594 is a superb guitar but not quite the same animal as a great LP. If you absolutely want it to sound, play, feel exactly like an LP, get a reissue - and find a good one; though the quality level is...
  84. xarkon

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 15.00 Public Beta #1

    LP R0 into Plexi with 6550s. Yum - chewy.
  85. xarkon

    Closed Pitch controlller to MIDI note out a possible enhancement in Axe III?

    Thanks, I found these later. When I did my original searches, I was phrasing them incorrectly - now I understand the appropriate terminology.
  86. xarkon

    Closed Pitch controlller to MIDI note out a possible enhancement in Axe III?

    Not a MIDI expert, but: Could a function be added to the Axe III pitch detector to output a MIDI note stream through the MIDI Out port (or USB)? I can imagine several reasons why this might not be possible, e.g. not enough CPU, too much MIDI traffic, etc. but it seems a way to potentially...
  87. xarkon

    Best Guitarist of all times

    At 16, I thought the answer to the question was important. At 60+, not so much.
  88. xarkon

    Happy Birthday Cliff!

    Happy (belated) birthday!
  89. xarkon

    Some pedals to compliment my AX8 rig

    Zombie thread, but resurrecting because I found this when searching to see whether someone had done a Digitech Dirty Robot patch. Laughed out loud - I resemble the above remark. Thanks for the reviews!
  90. xarkon

    School me on Strats

    This. American Standard Strat and have a budget for replacement pickups if you don't like the stock ones.
  91. xarkon

    Anyone have an electric car?

    A guitarist I knew had a TR-7. Caught fire one day, burned completely. Fortunately it was parked at the time with no one in it.
  92. xarkon

    Anyone have an electric car?

    Reminds me of the line about British cars: "You don't need a British car. A British car needs you."
  93. xarkon

    Mac OS Big Sur Compatibility

    This might be worth a separate sticky thread (even if it is closed to replies).
  94. xarkon

    Enver Izmailov - Adagio

    That was excellent. Thanks for posting.
  95. xarkon

    Anyone have an electric car?

    Test report in Panorama says it definitely has the Porsche feel through and through. Would love to drive one.
  96. xarkon

    Anyone have an electric car?

    Yep. Audis. Loved driving mine, hated owning them - at least when I got the third one. 5000 CS Quattro, 135K miles until I was hit at a stoplight and the car was totaled; 200 CS Quattro, gave up on it at 235k; '98 A6 3.2 - utter dog.
  97. xarkon

    WTF with Windows 10 Unannounced Updates/Reboots?

    I was curious about this as I thought there were some switches to turn off this behavior. Well, I haven't found the one to stop auto-run of Windows Update yet, but you can at least defer the reboot. Settings on my system (ironically enough, Win running under Parallels on a Mac):
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