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  1. Rick

    Black Strat on the auction block

    The guitar sale was benefitting the disadvantaged, so it’s sale will be life changing one way or another. Objects have always been touchstones to history, it’s the very basis of museums. To musicians, this guitar was there when iconic music was made through it, and it is a part of that history...
  2. Rick

    New Guitar Day! GMW Randy Rhoads Polka Dot

    Nice guitar! Perfect for your gig with Ozz. Always nice when friends keep the lookout going for you!
  3. Rick

    I’m no good - I will never ever be any good

    That’s pretty incredible. You can’t belittle the ability to play like that. Of course, the more impressive is to write and play it, so emulation is only so much, but how many can even pull off a cover like this? I can’t. I doesn’t make me less of a player to enjoy those who play better. I...
  4. Rick

    Back from Afghanistan!

    Welcome home, thank you and your family for your sacrifices on our behalf!
  5. Rick

    FC-12 vs FC-6 decision

    Get the 12 and try it. You will have zero difficulty selling it for a full recovery of cost, shipping and all, if you decide it’s too big. There’s just no replacement for putting your foot on it in your situation.
  6. Rick

    Forum Maintenance 2019/06/07 - COMPLETED

    Looks good, thanks for the continuing service on the forum.
  7. Rick

    My 2 amp setup on The Voice

    Thanks for sharing. The preset is a lot more straight to the point than I expected! Where is the FX Loop block headed?
  8. Rick

    Back With Fractal

    See you in a few weeks :)
  9. Rick

    New Mac Pro coming in the fall

    Yep, I'm still on my 2009 MBP and 2011 iMac 27. Would love to see what this one would do but I am no closer to maxing out my iMac with what I do that I am to maxing out the Axe Fx III with the way I play!
  10. Rick

    My Dad Tries the III

    That’s just awesome on so many levels! Thanks for letting us in on it, Leon. Made me smile
  11. Rick

    Fractal Sounds Different in FOH?

    Nature of sound systems there. Just like unplugging a 4x12 and plugging up a 2x10 cab changes sound, so will going from one system or room to the next. Even the volume difference from home to venue can alter the perceived tone. If your presets sound good with the band at gig volume using an...
  12. Rick

    Anyone using an RJM Mastermind?

    FYI: New firmware and software available, posted here: https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/rjm-users-new-rjm-mmgt-firmware-4-3-0-editor-manual-available.150987/
  13. Rick

    RJM USERS: New RJM MMGT Firmware 4.3.0, Editor, Manual available

    Yes, I haven’t had a chance to update until today, so I’m looking forward to the new functions and fixes. I love how Ron keeps the unit current, even though it has now been on the market 7-8 years! I still think it’s the best out there.
  14. Rick

    RJM USERS: New RJM MMGT Firmware 4.3.0, Editor, Manual available

    Ron has completed the beta on 4.3 and it is available! http://www.rjmmusic.com/forum/index.php?threads/mastermind-gt-4-3-0-firmware-editor.3713/
  15. Rick

    Bohemian Rhapsody, keeps giving me willies

    Fun, energetic, well played. That was a great first listen of the day.
  16. Rick

    Fractal device for vocals

    As Yek notes, my RNP has XLR inputs. You may not have noticed it if you were looking at pictures. The XLRs are on the rear panel.
  17. Rick

    Anyone using an RJM Mastermind?

    Another satisfied GT22 user here. I purchased the FC12 after using the RJM several months so I could compare. For my uses, the RJM was the more capable unit, and I sold the FC. That is not to say the FC isn’t a great unit. If the Axe Fx is all you’ll ever control with it, the FC is plenty...
  18. Rick

    Another excellent controller option from RJM!

    I just received an email from RJM on a new controller, the Mastermind PBC/6X. I thought I'd share it with my fellow FAS forumites. Great for regular amp setups, but looks like it might be a nice option in an Axe FX system as well. Reading up on it myself now. The link to it...
  19. Rick

    Mastermind GT/16 is extremely flexible, how I've set mine up

    Get on the RJM forum, go to GT General Discussion here http://www.rjmmusic.com/forum/index.php?forums/gt-general-discussion.14/ Lots of 16 users there, and they’ll help you get where you want to be, share configured, etc. You’ll see several FAS users there too.
  20. Rick

    There's always time ...

    Man, I'm sorry to see you fall on hard times, Alex! Please let me know if I can come help you out of your tough situation!
  21. Rick

    Singers suck!

    You should have used one of those Tony Iommi thimbles! You’d have been epic!
  22. Rick

    Mark Knopfler strat tone attempt - “Tunnel of Love”

    I like it a lot! And you did it left handed, to boot :)
  23. Rick

    Singers suck!

    It’s a two-edged sword, for sure. A good one is solid gold and worth keeping happy. But their instrument is a body part and, for them, a sore throat is like me cutting my fingertips. And how many more sore throats have I had than multi-finger lacerations? The odds aren’t in their favor. ;) I’ve...
  24. Rick

    CLR Level for Outdoor Gig

    Hey Matt, glad you had a good experience with your CLR. I’ve gigged mine on some decent sized outdoor stages (last week was ~100x35) with no problem, at only halfway up on the levels. A tip for you guys. Always have every instrument going to FOH, and then use the mixer to balance between the...
  25. Rick

    Singers suck!

    Don’t get me started... “How many singers does it take to screw in a light bulb? Just one. They hold up the bulb and the world revolves around them.”
  26. Rick

    Couldn’t wait - bought Axe-Fx III

    What a wonderful world we live in when we have to make do with an Axe Fx III... you’re a blessed man.
  27. Rick

    What are your guitar "must have" features?

    Stay in tune. That's it, I kind of like the differences in guitars beyond that.
  28. Rick

    Exp pedal stopped turning off

    It sounds like you’re headed in a nice, orderly direction to test. I’m sure you’ll locate the guilty party!
  29. Rick

    NAD Axe-Fx III - New to hi end modelers and bought an Axe-Fx

    Welcome to the FAS family of users. Settle in, the forum is a great place to learn.
  30. Rick

    Exp pedal stopped turning off

    Try using another pedal input, and reassigning the wah to respond to it. I had the same issue with another controller and found it was the pedal input itself causing the issue. I swapped from Exp 1 to Exp 2 and reassigned the wah to Exp 2... fixed. I’m assuming someone stepped on the cable and...
  31. Rick

    When did the guitar became a pariah instrument?

    It’s all about balance, Grasshopper(s). Loud rock music isn’t dead, nor is loud music of any other kind. You just have to understand that 10 gallons of water doesn’t fit in a 1 gallon container just as 10 gallons of water won’t fill a lake. We all have to fit the space.
  32. Rick

    Wish Separate Auto Engage & disengage parameters

    This isn’t a direct answer, but your issue prompted two solutions for my particular situation. Originally, likely back on the Ultra, I changed the slope of the wah so that all the travel I needed was away from the toe switch that engaged it. These controls are still there so you could move the...
  33. Rick

    When did the guitar became a pariah instrument?

    I like Joe, he’s a great player. I like that he’s branched out into new things and, even though his blues rock stuff is my favorite, it’s good that he can try other formats to inspire himself. It has always annoyed me that he talks down use of pedals for a base distorted tone, or use of modelers...
  34. Rick

    Electric Mistress Emulation - Axe-Fx III

    Awesome. A band I was in at the time played “Somebody Calling” which has some killer Fx in it. Looking forward to getting my rig from the trailer this weekend to try this! Some of Dewar’s best vocals on that album.
  35. Rick

    RIP Tim Conway

    Great, great comedian. I used to love watching him break up the other folks on the CB Show. Watching them try to keep a straight face was funnier than the skit. RIP Tim!
  36. Rick

    Too Much Gear?

    I’ve done it, especially in my first months using the Ultra. It seemed there was nothing you couldn’t do, and I went down the rabbit hole of trying everything. I had some great tones, but our sound guy told me one night that he was having trouble getting me right in the mix because my tone...
  37. Rick

    Noooo, Axe-Fx won't power on

    ^^^ This is where I would start. Remove power cable, open up and make sure all the connectors are firmly seated. It only takes a few minutes to do, and has cured many sudden/intermittent problems for others on the forum. At worst, it won’t hurt anything and you’ve eliminated one more possibility!
  38. Rick

    Three EV-2 pedals loses mechanical calibration and my solution (HELP PLZ)

    @Marciel Marcasso thanks for sharing your experience and solution with us. I guess I don’t move my pedals hard enough to see what you and Tom are seeing, but it is interesting that this can happen. I’ll have to keep that in mind. I always wondered why others used a different method of either...
  39. Rick

    PRS S2 Cu24 vs Music Man JP6

    I’m a mainly PRS guy for gigging, playing 513s for years now, but if I had an S2 version and could swap it for a JP6 I’d do it in a heartbeat just to check it out. I’ve owned several EBMM guitars, and never had a bad one. At that price you can always get your money back out of it.
  40. Rick

    (FAKE) FM9 - The "real" AX8 replacement or the FM3?

    If Ed Sheeran can have one of these, I’m holding out that one day the AX16 will arrive with full screen/switch count, and Axe Fx III or better power. Until then the III and my MMGT aren’t going anywhere. No need to compromise... I’ll stick with the best until they make something better.
  41. Rick

    So... I've decided upon the Axe-Fx (+ noob question)

    Nice thing about the CLR is two inputs with separate volume controls. So you can run one channel from the Axe Fx and one for your vocal. It’s a great monitor.
  42. Rick

    Axe-Fx III Got Here Today!

    Thank you for your service to our country! And thanks goodness we don’t have to be rock stars to own the same equipment they use! I’m glad you’re enjoying your new Axe Fx, and congrats on getting the daughter through college too!
  43. Rick

    Axe-Fx III and Flat Response Speakers?

    Presonus Scepter S8s at home, CLR Neo II or RCF NX12SMA live.
  44. Rick

    Would you find a modeling pickup useful?

    Many have tried it, in both pickup and whole guitar form, with varying levels of success. A good version that managed the same volume level when switching would be interesting to me.
  45. Rick

    Rack panel with Axe-Fx 3?

    Oh yeah, I also have had that experience. It’s electronic, and black, so reasonable care should be taken if you’re playing outside in mid-summer, etc. That said, I’ve gigged mine in Texas summer heat and humidity without issue so it’s definitely built for pro touring conditions.
  46. Rick

    I believe we've found Buddy Holly's missing '54 Stratocaster.

    Great guitar, whether Buddy’s or not, it sounds really good! Gil has a pretty incredible (and valuable) collection of gear there. Thanks for sharing, Brett!
  47. Rick

    Rack panel with Axe-Fx 3?

    It’ll be fine. It’s designed to be racked and doesn’t require special ventilation.
  48. Rick

    I finally did it!

    https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/SKBSC193U--skb-1skb-sc193u-soft-case I’m not sure if this will work, you’d have to check dimensions, but this is the general idea. And yes, the MMGT is a beast! Perfect for what I do, and RJM is another company like Fractal... very customer oriented and...
  49. Rick

    Georgy Porgy

    That was awesome Marco! I really enjoy Toto’s music, and so few bands can cover it effectively. Good work!
  50. Rick

    I finally did it!

    I have a cordura type rack case that has a pretty substantial pocket on the side, intended for a computer. I wonder if something like that would hold an FC-6 and cabling... it would be a great all in one solution! I use an RJM MMGT/22, so there’s no way I could do it that way. I cured my load...
  51. Rick

    I finally did it!

    I had the AX8 at the time I got the III, still loved the sound, but just found I was always taking the III to gig with and traded my AX8 for a nice Carvin CT6. From a portability standpoint, there really isn’t that much difference unless you fly gig to gig. As far as the screen, with the III...
  52. Rick

    Ready to purchase III, but knowing my luck, a MK2 would probably show up soon...

    I was having coffee with Cliff on Monday, and he said there’s no plans for a new Axe Fx version until at least August 16, 2027 to honor the 50th Anniversary of Elvis’ passing. Ok, I made that up. Well, not the Anniversary part. @yek is right, though. There are no guarantees and every day you...
  53. Rick

    Place to buy strings at discount?

    I’ve had good luck with establishing a relationship with my sales person at two places, Musician’s Friend and Sweetwater (Lisa Wheeler and Chris Leonard, respectively, if you’re interested). Doing regular business with a vendor makes it worth their while to keep track of what you use and work...
  54. Rick

    Volume Block - Jumps / Not Smooth with Expression Pedals

    +1 on trying a different expression pedal input if the cable doesn’t fix it. I just recently had some real issues with expression pedals, tried several pedals and cables, and cured the problem when I moved from Ext 1 to Ext 2. My guess is that I (or someone else) managed to step on the cable end...
  55. Rick

    FC Internal Firmware 1.06

    Thanks FAS & Chris :)
  56. Rick

    Official statement bout AX8 updates needed!

    I think a little of that is intended. With the way FAS is taken to task if one word is out of place with later happenings, I can see where them having the media plan "when the future isn't clear, don't be" while answering questions would be pretty reasonable. What I got in reading it is that...
  57. Rick

    Mixers today

    I had an Onyx 24.4 some years back. It was a good mixer, but was well above $500 new, even back then. There have been a lot of great innovations in mixer tech since that was Mackie’s big thing, and many more options as to format, as well. As @Sustainerplayer noted above, Presonus has many...
  58. Rick

    Official statement bout AX8 updates needed!

    Thanks M@, professionally and politely worded.
  59. Rick

    Latency: Liquid-Foot vs RJM

    I’m not familiar with the LF products, but I do know the RJM changed the programming and communication methods to suite the Axe Fx III and (whatever they did) it works very well.
  60. Rick

    A totally slappin' cover of "Back in Black" ...

    I need to bring one of those slappers to our next gig! “The beat is here, and here, and...”
  61. Rick

    Andy Wood at Axe-Fest East

    Great playing, love the open and helpful attitude he has. This, of course, is the Steinberger version of Andy. There is also one with a head, optional and sold separately.
  62. Rick

    Latency: Liquid-Foot vs RJM

    I have my RJM MMGT/22 hooked up right now so I can test this for you. I stepped on 4 preset buttons as quickly as I could move my foot to them and the Axe FX III switched in sync. It's as fast as using the Value Knob on the front panel.
  63. Rick

    FC3 would rock...

    It’s funny, but this nearly nails what I was thinking it would take to actually appease the masses. A Fractal Audio Leggo System. Multiple CPU pieces, multiple display types, expression pedal pieces, IA switch pieces, potentiometer pieces, a crazy assortment of I/O pieces... just cobble together...
  64. Rick

    Stratocaster - Try again? Or punt...

    Going to Wildwood? @electronpirate, you're already toast... My two favorite Strats are both Frankensteins that began life as American Strat Plus guitars from the 90s. Some of Fender's most playable, IMO. Wildwood has just about everything suggested here, so you'll get to try them all. And I...
  65. Rick

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the questions

    I’m not sure what the availability is in Italy, but the RJM Mastermind controllers work very well with the III. I’ve been using one for quite a while of gigging the III. No doubting that the FC controllers are, by far, the most “plug and play” option and are worth waiting for if that’s your...
  66. Rick

    FM3 is SO smaller compared to the Axe-Fx III

    I believe it’s been pointed out the FM3 is on par with the AX8 for processing power. A comparison with the III is on the FAS site: That sort of difference requires a real focusing on priorities for performance. The question is like buying a house. How much do you need? How much do you want...
  67. Rick

    Avengers Endgame

    With Stan’s passing, this is a proper finale. Looking forward to seeing it.
  68. Rick

    FM3 needs another thread

    Makes sense to me. JAFO. Just Another FM3 Observer
  69. Rick

    Fine Corinthian Leather

    Visions of Ricardo. We’re giving up our ages here. Cool groove. That side stick playing reminds me of the great feel Dave Early has on the Sade track “Sweetest Taboo.” Still love listening to that song.
  70. Rick

    What effect he using ?

    Sounds like it is a partially opened wah, which gives it that hollow midrangey tone that you can vary by moving the pedal slowly. Is that what you’re referring to?
  71. Rick

    3 buttons can do a lot!

    This is a cool demo of what you can do with 3 switches, and it’s great for those who are looking to downsize. Not much use in debating if it is enough, as those (like me) who this wasn’t designed for won’t buy it, and those it was designed for will likely have all they need and be quite happy...
  72. Rick

    SOLD EV-2, Like New in Original Packaging

    As far as I can tell (not a scientifically accurate measurement) it looks like about 1/4” more travel using a point on the side of the pedal parallel to the gear post than the EP-1. It didn’t feel awkward or long, so I had to put a tape measure on it! Yes, it looks like that heel relief area...
  73. Rick

    SOLD EV-2, Like New in Original Packaging

  74. Rick

    SOLD EV-2, Like New in Original Packaging

    Having used Mission pedals since the Ultra, I’m pretty used to how they feel and am quite at home with that. This has a little more cut away at the bottom and feels less odd to play while seated, which is nice in the music room. I just have an hour or so with it, but so far I like it a lot! It...
  75. Rick

    SOLD EV-2, Like New in Original Packaging

    Thanks @iaresee I have one I did that with, but it became a tad glitchy... likely my subpar soldering skills there. I bought a Mission Aero EP-25-Pro so I could have one pedal with two outputs that could have both polarities available. This way I can connect to anything by just picking an...
  76. Rick

    SOLD EV-2, Like New in Original Packaging

    Bought one of these, but my RJM needs a reverse polarity pedal so I purchased another pedal for live use. This one is in great shape, with minimal (one gig) use. In original packaging. $99 plus $15 shipping in the continental US. PayPal only, no “gift” or other misrepresentations. See pictures...
  77. Rick

    Announcing the FM3 Amp Modeler/FX Processor!

    Perfect option for those who have been requesting this sort of form factor, and at a great price for the quality of sound FAS offers. Looks like it'll be a quick seller!
  78. Rick

    Who's moving from a Axe-Fx II to FM3?

    The III is staying, having already trounced every other option for me. The FM3 is a great item that exactly meets the needs of the many people who requested it. I used the AX8 for a while, and if I was in a position of needing a rig to fly with, I'd still have it. But my gear rides in a trailer...
  79. Rick

    Is the Axe-Fx worth the cost- Quora question/answer and review

    The great thing is that it doesn’t have to be the do all, end all forever... you can go back to a regular amp and still use it as a “before the input and in the loop” effects solution with first rate options and sounds. This is one more thing that expands and extends the value. It was the...
  80. Rick

    Is the Axe-Fx worth the cost- Quora question/answer and review

    Good post, John. The cost question comes up again and again. Honestly, from a long time FAS player and owner of way too much gear over the years, it seems one of the silliest questions you could possibly ask. I really don't mean that harshly. I just mean that, if you would only read the web...
  81. Rick

    Thinking about my next unit, questions

    If you want the best, most capable sound and functionality, it's the III. I could make do with much less, of course. But why? I've gone through all the other FAS units, except the FX8. The III is the one I don't end up wishing would do more. Buy once, cry once.
  82. Rick

    How do you set your 'boost' option?

    I normally use the filter block also, but the many things suggested here will help find what’s best for you. An EQ block can also be used if you want to alter the tone for leads only. On some I just use a scene to boost and bring in a filter, eq, compressor, or other blocks at the same time. The...
  83. Rick

    Help Cutting Through the Mix in Band Rehearsal

    Others may differ, but I never cared for the CLR or any FRFR monitor I’ve used in a back line unless it was elevated off the floor. Most of the time I have my CLR to my left, pointing into the stage, and angled where I am smack in the center of its 90x90 field. The other guitarist points his amp...
  84. Rick

    Twangin' hard! (preset included)

    Awesome! I live near a Houston, about a 3 hour trip to Austin. We have a daughter living there, so it’s a regular trip. If all goes well with the Visas, let me know! I’ll sure try to make it!
  85. Rick

    Twangin' hard! (preset included)

    Smokin’ stuff, Gary! Great playing.
  86. Rick

    Ain't No Grave - Easter 2019

    Great band performance there!
  87. Rick

    John Mayer with an Axe-Fx III and Khalid ...

    He was using 2x12 cabinets made by George Alessando, two different kinds if I recall. I don't recognize the logo, but it does look like George's cabinet. Maybe it's like a brand (Rocking J). BTW, George does great things with Fender amps. He rewired my Deluxe Reverb Reissue and it sounds as...
  88. Rick

    Buttons on the Axe-Fx III

    No problems so far on mine after lots of gigging. No idea on the design question, but they do hold up under normal use. FAS would have to answer on the exact part, which may be in those posts Chris shared.
  89. Rick

    Hagstrom Ultra Swede Electric Guitar: any opinions?

    I haven’t laid hands on one since the 70s, and that was a bass. The owner was very partial to it, and it sounded decent, as far as I recall. No idea on the new ones, but at the price... if it plays ok and stays in tune you have a good buy!
  90. Rick

    The question mark...

    I had no idea. But I have to admit I am impressed. :)
  91. Rick

    The question mark...

    I’ll take it! I’ve surely had the other kind long enough!
  92. Rick

    The question mark...

    Having been a long time supervisor who proof-read written reports, I have been watching the same thing for years. Many fail to realize how much it reflects on you, and how others see you. Like it or not, the effect is there and it can keep you from getting to places you want to be. I know this...
  93. Rick

    The question mark...

    You went all international on me there. English rules on Spanish... just left my competency level!
  94. Rick

    The question mark...

    Perhaps I should have left this alone? :p
  95. Rick

    The question mark...

    Im glad this is being taken in the intended friendly manner. :) I'm not perfect on it, as the nice lady who used to proof my research papers will tell you. I'm always improving something.
  96. Rick

    The question mark...

    A question mark at the end of a sentence indicates the sentence is an interrogative... a question. It is not used to indicate you don’t know the answer to your statement, which should end with a period. Wrong: I’m not sure when we are supposed to arrive? Right: What time are we supposed to...
  97. Rick

    Liability Insurance?

    Another MusicPro customer. I haven’t needed to claim anything in the tears I’ve been with them, but the terms of their coverage vs cost is reasonable. I’ll be curious to see what you find is out there for liability.
  98. Rick

    New GOT Fenders!

    I guess I’m one of the 3 or 4 people in the world who has never watched an episode. I’m going to have to get a dvd set and binge watch to see what all the hubbub is about!
  99. Rick

    FC-12 + FC-6 - A Rig For Live Improv

    Thanks for sharing your experience and initial layout workflow. I also thought about using the two pedals together to accommodate the functions I wanted to see available without page changes. I’m sure this will help others to know if a combination of FCs will get them home on their own needs.
  100. Rick

    Any news on a new smaller Fractal unit?

    I’m not from the “show me” state, but might as well be when it comes to such things. Patience makes no noise ;)
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