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  1. K

    Announcing Fractal-Bot 1.1

    Absolutely awesome! Thanks M@!
  2. K

    Don Felder

    Love that guy! Thanks for posting, I'd never seen this!
  3. K

    Axe for Lemur ready for beta testers

    Yes sir! Using it now! Absolutely awesome!
  4. K

    Do you have the Shine?

    That movie scares the hell out of me...and so does that game! Hahaha.
  5. K

    Bogner Uberschall [Mark Tremonti-inspired]

    Absolutely SICK man! Loved it!
  6. K

    KickTags V2 labels for the MFC ARE OUT NOW!! We're finally back and open :-)

    Sukh, everything looks awesome! I too am trying to figure out how I'm going to set things up now that Scenes have entered the picture!
  7. K

    In Loving Memory: Lynn M. Oliver (1954-2012)

    Wow...very sorry to hear this. We spoke via e-mail and he was always responsive and very cool to work with. I'll be praying for his family.
  8. K

    Cliff: Axe-Edit on a tablet?

  9. K

    Tube vs Modeler - last nights experience.

    I think Reb Beach uses a Metal Zone doesn't he? He did at one time anyway.
  10. K

    Larry Mitchell playing live, wow!

    Larry - Just blown away man. Hope to see you someday!
  11. K

    OwnHammer Speaker Cabinets Public Beta (free stuff inside)

    Kevin, with as much as we've spoken on e-mail, I know how important family is to you (as it is to me). Take the time with family.
  12. K

    KickTags V2 labels for the MFC launching next week! (from pedalboardlabels)

    They turned out awesome Sukh! Can't wait to place my order...just have to decide what I'm going to buy! Hahaha.
  13. K

    I Might Be An Idiot...

    Update - Wow...it was a bad cable after all. I'd ruled this out as I have two TRS cables and, as it turns out, they BOTH must be bad. Bought a new one at Best Buy today and voila! All is well. Thanks for the help everyone!
  14. K

    Help me out for a contest guys?

    Voted! Nice job!
  15. K

    Dream Theater - Pull Me Under with patches

    One of my all time favorite songs and you nailed it!!! Excellent job!
  16. K

    AxeOMatic DSP Now Available

    LMO & Fremen - I'm having the same results (on Windows 7). VERY minor issue as I LOVE the program!
  17. K

    I Might Be An Idiot...

    Okay, thanks again to everyone. I'll try again tomorrow. I've done about everything suggested here, even tried multiple cables. Unbelievable. I can upgrade firmware, load Ownhammer cabinets, etc. but can't figure out a frigging volume pedal.
  18. K

    I Might Be An Idiot...

    I was wrong...I do have a stereo cable connecting it. I typed my response last night from memory and was wrong (which is good Chris as it's one of the first things you say in your video). If I go to calibrate the pedal, it gives me a minimum value of 0 and a maximum value of 1. I'll keep at...
  19. K

    I Might Be An Idiot...

    Okay, perfect. Thanks to all for the help! I should be able to test this this weekend.
  20. K

    I Might Be An Idiot...

    Chris - yes it was and, don't get me wrong, it's very helpful and us novices appreciate you putting it together. I have a standard guitar cable connecting it to "Expression 1."
  21. K

    I Might Be An Idiot...

    Wow...you just asked me a question that I have no idea of the answer. I'll check that tomorrow morning (getting ready to hit the hay). Again, I'm sure it's an obvious answer but I haven't been able to find it through my search. Thanks again!
  22. K

    I Might Be An Idiot...

    Okay, don't answer that... But, I've searched high and low, watched the video and still can't figure it out. I have a Boss FV-500L for volume control. I was under the impression that it would slowly raise and lower the volume. I have it connected to the "Expression Pedal 1" input. Moving...
  23. K

    Cannot get MFC 101 to update for the life of me.

    lukather, Yes, I think I'm going to try the Macbook next time!
  24. K

    Cannot get MFC 101 to update for the life of me.

    Cobbler - Thanks so much for the step by step and thanks to everyone else who added their thoughts. I just upgraded mine for the first time and it took me right around 3 hours. I would tweak the delay times and fail most of the time in the 20%-30% complete range. A time or two early on, I...
  25. K

    AxeOMatic DSP Now Available

    LMO - I've been following this since it's beginning and finally had the time to download/test this software. Unbelievable product! Thank you!!!
  26. K

    A Little Early Morning Dokken Video Clip.

    I'd say it's awesome but I like all of your videos. Especially Dokken!
  27. K

    So what do you think of this?

    Absolutely AWESOME!!!
  28. K

    OwnHammer Speaker Cabinets Public Beta (free stuff inside)

    I've barely had time for the AXE II or the forum (unfortunately) but I know Kevin does awesome work. Tier 3 bundle purchased! Can't wait to try everything out!
  29. K

    U2's "One" Cover with Axe-Fx II v8.01a

    Excellent job. And man I love that LP!
  30. K

    An Ola Englund/Feared cover with a big nasty mix (Rectifier)

    Excellent job! Like you need my opinion though after Ola himself commented!
  31. K

    Pull Me Under (Full Song) SoloAWeek Bonus Edition

    Absolutely speechless. One of my all time favorite songs and you absolutely nailed it. Don't have the words man... Well...actually maybe I do. My kids are trying to go to sleep and they just yelled at me to "TURN IT DOWN!!!" Hahaha.
  32. K

    OK I sold my Boogie! How long do I have to wait for the MFC-101?

    Henry, I would keep an eye out on the store. I was on the wait list but just ordered one when I saw they were in stock. My total wait time was about 3 weeks or so. No experience whatsoever with the Liquid Foot but i can say I LOVE the MFC!
  33. K

    VIDEO: Sails Of Charon Intro (Cover) - Scorpions - Sean Ashe Axe FX II JCM800

    Man, I haven't heard this song in YEARS! Excellent job my friend!
  34. K

    OK I sold my Boogie! How long do I have to wait for the MFC-101?

    I just noticed they're back in stock. Ordered one just now.
  35. K

    sitting here in limbo...

    We had a fire several years ago on a ridge near our house in VA. We were leaving for Disney World and I looked off to the left as we pulled out of our subdivision. Smoke covered the ridge and the fire was supposedly headed our way. Very difficult to head out on vacation while this is going...
  36. K

    Most Underrated guitar solos of all time

    Petrucci is one of my favorites. His solo in Peruvian Skies is epic IMO. Doesn't rip the guitar apart...it just has so much feeling to me. Dream Theater - "Peruvian Skies" - YouTube And then there's Mr. DeGarmo. Love this solo. Again, not incredibly difficult, it just speaks to me...
  37. K

    Axe FX awesome Lonestar

    At one time, I had a Lonestar Classic head, Recto 2X12 and the BB Preamp. Sounds just like it IMO. Excellent playing as well!
  38. K

    Iron Maiden - Wasted Years

    One of my favorite songs from the 80's and you did an EXCELLENT job with it. I've always LOVED that solo!
  39. K

    New song ! PVH 6160 FW 6.0

    Wow! I thought that was awesome!!!
  40. K

    Axe-FX II: Voodoo Chile!

    I'm speechless man. Don't know what's better, the tone or playing!!! Just incredible!!!
  41. K

    Move the Sky with AXE II!!

    Wow! Unbelievable tone, technique...everything! Looks and sounds awesome man!
  42. K

    The AxeFX2 For Late Night Condo Practice VIDEO

    Mark, Excellent as usual. You now have me pulling out my old Dokken CD's!
  43. K

    I Need A Shredder Guitar

    Couldn't agree more. I have an older one (probably six years or so) and it's the one guitar I'll never sell. I thought about it at one time to fund "higher end" monitors and felt like I was betraying a family member! Hahaha. Very versatile and easy to play.
  44. K

    Dream Theater Pull Me Under TM test

    This is scary. I was cleaning my office and listening to iTunes. I finished cleaning and when I first saw this thread, Pull Me Under was playing! Hahaha. Excellent tone match my friend! Flat out rocks!
  45. K

    My Review

    Hello All, Well, I've had the Axe II long enough to form my opinion on it and...well...I LOVE IT! It's been several months since I've had my Ultra but I can already say how much easier it is to dial in. Most everyone has said this so it feels a bit redundant but I was very pleasantly...
  46. K

    Headphone questions

    Yeah, something's got to be up here. I don't have my monitors yet but have the same exact headphones. No issues here! Unbelievable sound.
  47. K

    New single from my band, featuring the Axe II

    Sounds AWESOME! 8)
  48. K

    Talk Me Off The Ledge!

    Yeah, it's not actually on their website. You have to call them directly and even then, the sales people don't seem to be aware of the offer (which is understandable since they have so many products). You can pull up a version of the catalog on the web, just Google "April Musician's Friend...
  49. K

    My Journey For Tone - Warning! Long Post!

    Rick, Yeah, and I get to pack up that 4X12 this weekend as someone in Oregon bought it from me...really cool guy. Man, I'm NOT looking forward to lugging that thing out of here in a box! Hahaha.
  50. K

    My Journey For Tone - Warning! Long Post!

    I'm going to try to keep this as straight and to the point as I can but everyone tells me I struggle with that. LOL! I was a very happy Ultra owner years ago and then the Axe II was announced. I work in the technology industry so I understand the product refresh cycles. It's a healthy...
  51. K

    Choosing Studio Monitors

    Thanks for the heads up on the A7X's! I took advantage of that last night. One sales guy wouldn't let me do it without the magazine in hand so I looked up an e-copy online. I knew the page number and everything but he wanted the specific offer code. Once I had that (from the online catalog)...
  52. K

    Talk Me Off The Ledge!

    I actually just resolved this last night. I decided in favor of the Adam A7X's. To me, they sound unbelievable. If you combine that with the special deal Musician's Friend is doing (buy one, get one half price), I couldn't turn it down!
  53. K

    Talk Me Off The Ledge!

    jshirkey, Well...the answer is...nothing yet! Hahaha. I have a good story to type up and throw in the lounge. I started to this morning but got caught up with work. Bottom line is, I won't be getting the Solo 6Be's and I'm really looking closely at the Dynaudio's and A7X's. Probably one of...
  54. K

    Labels in USA?

    Sukh is AWESOME to work with! Highly recommended! I'll be ordering from him here again in a couple of weeks!
  55. K

    Song Mode

    This is really helpful. Thanks Big Joe Daddy!
  56. K

    My first Axe2 Brown Patch...

    This is really getting painful! I'm getting closer and closer to my Axe II and you post this!!! I LOVED that tone! Absolutely awesome for me!
  57. K

    Where in the US?

    I live in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. Absolutely beautiful here. The Appalachian Trail is literally on a ridge in front of my house. The music scene is not that great unless you like Bluegrass. Please understand, I'm not knocking Bluegrass...just not my thing. This website gives...
  58. K

    Where are you From?

    Small town! Roanoke, VA! :D
  59. K

    Talk Me Off The Ledge!

    I hear you man. With me though, he's more likely to say, "My God, are you seriously attempting 'In My Dreams' by Dokken again???" :lol
  60. K

    Talk Me Off The Ledge!

    Randolfo - Not a bad idea at all. Rathole fund...hmmm.... Haha! MaxTwang - I haven't tried the Solo6 be's with the Axe II and that's a great point. I thought about asking the guy if I could bring my II in once my number comes up but here's my problem with that. As I mentioned before, he's...
  61. K

    Talk Me Off The Ledge!

    Cobbler, I've already had to cash that one in...well, not quite yet. But when my name comes up on the wait list, there will be a $600 difference in my proceeds from the Ultra and purchasing the II. Damn this mess I've gotten myself into! If I would've just stayed away from that Focal...
  62. K

    Talk Me Off The Ledge!

    Oh, and I can't sell the wife. She's actually really cool. Hahaha.
  63. K

    Talk Me Off The Ledge!

    All good points and thanks to all. As far as the guitar I would be left with, it's a Heritage H-150. I HAVE to hold on to it for awhile longer as the place I bought it from has a 100% upgrade policy with the only caveat being you have to hold onto it for a year. It's a great guitar but I'll...
  64. K

    Talk Me Off The Ledge!

    Mark, I listened to the 65's as well. Unbelievable sound from those also!!!
  65. K

    Talk Me Off The Ledge!

    I made the mistake of going to my local Focal dealer the other day and listened to the Solo 6be's. They're absolutely stunning speakers. My current setup at home is (soon to be) Axe FX II through two QSC K12's. I have no intention of ever playing outside my home. I picked up the guitar a few...
  66. K

    Metropolous JTM45

    Here's an amp I'm having trouble laying off of while I wait for my Axe II coupon! I really wish I didn't see this. If I knew I could resell it for an equivalent amount, I would buy it in a second. I signed the wait list on 6/20 at around 7pm so I'm sure I've got a little while to wait...
  67. K

    Earthquake anyone?

    Sammetal91 - Yes, sorry, I didn't mean that it was coming from you. There were a few people on the news today mocking us! No big deal though, I'm laid back about that stuff. You could jab me about it and I'd laugh and agree with you. I almost turned into George Costanza from "The Fire"...
  68. K

    Earthquake anyone?

    We felt it here in Southwestern Virginia. It actually took about 20 seconds for my mind to accept what was happening. I could understand if the Californian's made fun of us for overreacting a bit but wow, that was the strangest thing I've ever been through. We don't get many natural disasters...
  69. K

    Fractal: Rolls Royce Quality with Disney Like Customer Service

    Kevin, Great review and really spot on. I knew exactly what you meant with the Disney reference. As a father of two little girls, I'm FLOORED with the experience every time we go there. In fact, I made a comment to my wife last April when we went down there again. I said, "You know, I...
  70. K

    Axe FX II One-on-One Training

    Scott, Mark, Yek...any of these guys could offer this service online and charge a nice fee. I would be happy to pay it for such a session. I'm not pressuring any of you, probably just stating the obvious. What these guys do make this forum one of the best on the web, period!
  71. K

    We're off! (and heads up on a potential rant while I'm away...)

    Wow! This is unbelievable! I'm amazed at how many people fly off the handle like this. In fact, I almost posted the other day when I sent Fractal support an e-mail and was almost immediately sent a reply. So many people piss and moan about the support they receive and my experience has been...
  72. K

    Things to do with your MFC while Axe-less

    Hahaha! This is great! I was going to post something similar the other day. I'm Axeless since late May and didn't get on the Axe II list until 6/20. I've ordered my Kicktags and they should be here any time now (Sukh rules btw). I have to fight the urge to walk over and randomly step on an...
  73. K

    Frank Rohles Axe II demo on g66.eu

    Jaw dropping tone and playing. Unfriggingbelievable.
  74. K

    MFC Labels! Big update! Control sets released, new Surrounds, new Text Labels!

    I have to chime in on the Sukh love! Hahaha. I just ordered my MFC and will be ordering my labels soon. The customer service Sukh has already provided is AWESOME! A lot of great people on this board (Sukh, Ownhammer, Redwirez). Sorry for the love fest here. I've only had one beer! Just...
  75. K

    Instructional video's

    Mark, this is awesome! I'd gladly pay for this! How about a beginners recording chapter as well?
  76. K

    Axe II Coupon Expiration

    The coupon for the MFC had no expiration date on it. I don't THINK they're time stamped but perhaps someone who's gotten a II coupon could chime in.
  77. K


    Mark, that was AWESOME! My former guitar teacher (great guy) played in Frontiers. You BOTH do an incredible job of covering this song. Good stuff!!!
  78. K

    Ultra Withdrawl

    With regard to the Barry Manilow songs, does that include Copacabana??? That's a pretty snazzy tune you know? LOL! Great post...and I'm one of those that sold for a GOOD price and am desperately missing it! Oh well, I'm a pretty patient dude.
  79. K

    Hey Metal Heads and AxeMen...AxeWomen too!!

    Excellent idea! I'm in!
  80. K

    Ordering and receiving my axe fx II

    Some much needed humor! Great stuff Larry! Would love to see your show back here on the East Coast. We'll continue to check the website! :-)
  81. K

    Deftones got Fractalized? Whaaa?!?! Yes!!!

    SynFactory, I thought the same thing on his prior rig! I saw that layout in Guitar World and thought, "Damn, I'd be afraid to move onstage if that were me!!!"
  82. K

    DAW Question

    Marco, Okay, thanks, that makes sense!
  83. K

    DAW Question

    Do the popular DAW tools (Pro Tools, etc.) have a guitar canceling feature? Basically what I'd like to do is take an MP3, cancel out the lead or rhythm and record myself playing that part. I want to use the tones that the Axe provides me though. Everything I can find online has other amp...
  84. K

    On The Road with the Axe FX II (2)

    Larry, your playing is INCREDIBLE! Jeez, if you ever make it back to the East Coast, you have to let the forum know. I'd love to come and see you play! Great stuff!
  85. K

    A Little Experiment (which one is the Axe?)

    I'm a little late to the game here but I preferred #'s 1 & 4 as well. I kept going back and forth between them but it was difficult to decide at low volumes. Thanks for doing this! I love stuff like this!!!
  86. K

    Do I Have The Worst Setup...

    Hahaha! Awww man! I had the K12's off of their stands and the JM4 situated perfectly between them!
  87. K

    From bad...to worse...

    Ron & Steve, Thoughts and prayers are with both of you. I never leave the house without kissing and hugging the wife and two little girls. Life is indeed too fragile.
  88. K

    Do I Have The Worst Setup...

    I'm seriously considering taking a picture and posting it in the "post your rig" thread!
  89. K

    Do I Have The Worst Setup...

    You know its bad when I'm being heckled by my 9 year old. She left the basement today after saying, "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!?!?!"
  90. K

    Do I Have The Worst Setup...

    I really can't tell the difference unless I turn the volume up!
  91. K

    What are you listening to?

    I listened to this the other day and dreamed of locking in this tone with the Axe II!
  92. K

    Do I Have The Worst Setup...

    ...now that I've sold my Ultra and am awaiting the II? Line 6 JM4 looper direct in to my QSC K12's! I mean, don't get me wrong, the JM4 is a really cool looper and practice device but I sold my Mesa Mark IV and Lonestar to buy the Ultra and now I've sold the Ultra to help fund the Axe II. I...
  93. K

    Will you buy an Axe FX II?

    Thanks for the reminder! I just voted, "as soon as it's available." With all of my amps sold (and the Ultra), I'm now playing into my Line 6 JM4!
  94. K

    Octave Effect

    Okay, I'm struggling with how to do this and I'm not sure how difficult it is. I really like the song "Sound Of Madness" by Shinedown. I know Zach Myers said they had to work to get the octave effect set accordingly. That one vexed me for awhile as he makes it look like he's hitting the note...
  95. K

    Here is a poll:how many have an ultra and cant sell

    Just completed a sale on my Ultra about 3 hrs ago...$1,500 plus shipping. Not bad in my opinion!
  96. K

    For those that sold your Ultra

    Shasha, That was my goal as well ($1,500)...and I got exactly that as my Ebay auction just ended. Now I have to figure out if I'm selling anything else or just letting it ride!
  97. K

    Fender sims in FW11?

    Yek, Thanks again for all of your help now and in the past. Your recommendations are ALWAYS spot on!
  98. K

    Things I Sold To Afford An Axe FX Ultra AND Put Money In The Bank

    Mesa Boogie Mark IV Combo Mesa Lonestar Classic Head Mesa Rectifier 2X12 Vertical Slant Cab Electro Harmonix Small Clone Chorus Voodoo Labs Amp Selector BB Preamp Hmmmm....I think that's it. I bought an Ultra, Furman PL-PLUS DMC and two QSC K12's. A bit of overkill for a basement...
  99. K

    Yeks preset collection and sound samples (Ultra)

    Embarrassed to say it's me! I had all cabinet user slots filled but #3. I swear that was the first thing I checked but apparently not. I work in the technology field and, like most of the issues we see, it's user error! Yek, thanks so much for creating these. They sound PHENOMENAL!
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