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  1. josephyballew

    Turn Volume off when engaging Wah

    I am using FC12, expression pedal 1 for volume and wah. I would like for the volume to be bypassed when I engage the wah. At first I was not using a volume pedal but my levels are never perfect on stage and need a volume also. I know I could get another expression pedal. Before also I set the...
  2. josephyballew

    Custom Harmony Issues

    I was wanting to do a song in the key of C and do a dual lead, so when I went to custom harmony and entered the key of C. My first note that I want to change was C, so I went to C in global and made changes and nothing happened. So I played a C on guitar and adjusted C is global and nothing...
  3. josephyballew

    Wish 8 Channels

    Since there are 8 scenes, it makes sense to have 8 channels. I use 4 channels on every preset and get boxed in at times. My presets are big to make the most out of each preset, with 8 scenes on each. I run out of channels at times when need them. I know I have scene controllers, but to me those...
  4. josephyballew

    Selecting FET Boost labels as Hard Fuzz in Axe Edit.

    Selecting drive type as FET Boost shows as hard fuzz in Axe edit. The sound is not a fuzz. I think it is the wrong labeling. This is in latest Axe 3 firmware updated today. It did not do this before. I will check the other drives.
  5. josephyballew

    Scene Copy

    I am using Axe edit, right clicking scene at the top of the page, then copy this scene to another scene and it is not working. I know it does not name it for you, but the scene is not moving. I was thinking that it was working before, but I just did an update to 3.02. Once I get sounds down, I...
  6. josephyballew

    Block Library

    I was wanting to create three block library Mesa MK 4 amps. Rhythm 1. Rhythm2, and Lead. It let me do the first two, but wants to overwrite when I try to save lead. Yes I am selecting save, not save as. Is this a bug or by design that you can only do two per amp. Also, I am not talking global...
  7. josephyballew

    Drop Axe-Edit before turning off Axe is good practice

    If you have Axe edit up with your Axe FX, close down Axe Edit before turning off your Axe FX. It will destroy the USB driver if you don't. Not a hard fix. Just uninstall the old driver and reinstall the USB driver. Just put this under stuff not to do. I turned off my Axe last night before going...
  8. josephyballew

    FC-12 Layouts

    I got my FC- 12 yesterday and decided to do my own custom layouts. I pretty much like everything global except the effects. You really don't need 24 switches with this unit. I set up one layout for preset with two switches leading to effects and scenes layout. If I go to effects layout, I...
  9. josephyballew

    Waiting list protocol

    I bought my Axe 3 the first day it came out. It is the best processor on the planet, and the customer support is second to none. A waiting list is good for people to get on the list for their FC Controller. The problem I have is when you buy your unit, you should be made aware of the list exist...
  10. josephyballew

    FC Foot Controllers

    Just got word from Andrew that a few controllers have been shipped. It all now depends on where you are on the waiting list. Now that is the best Christmas present for all of us. I am high on the list and just one or two weeks away.
  11. josephyballew

    Wish User programmable FC layout per preset

    The list below is just a sample Preset mode Bank up preset 1 preset 2 preset 3 preset4 Scene mode Bank down preset 5 preset 6 preset7 preset 8 Tap(Hold for tuner) Scene mode Preset mode scene 1 scene 2 scene 3 scene 4 Stomp mode Scene Mode...
  12. josephyballew

    Small bug in Axe edit (fixed loading latest version)

    When I programs scenes and change amp channel going to the next scene, the Axe Fx 3 itself changes but the Axe Edit still show channel A even those it is channel B. Probably not a hard fix.
  13. josephyballew

    Wish Global block and Custom Scales naming

    I can't remember what is in each global block or 32 custom scales. It would be nice to be able to name each one to make everything easier to remember. It would also be nice to have custom scales per preset instead of global. The global blocks is huge but we just need to be able to name them and...
  14. josephyballew

    [SOLVED] Parallel rows not working properly. Row 2 in this case

    I have problems with parallel rows effects not working. I am going to upload a preset that Milo did, because I deleted all the ones that I had problems with in the past. A lot of effects when turned off on row 3 and 4 will cause row two effects not to work. Then when I go to the output just to...
  15. josephyballew

    Warning about big preset loads in the lower 90%

    I was working on a preset that was 92 percent when finished with Axe edit connected. All communication took forever to happen then froze. I rebooted both the Axe and the Axe edit. Now Axe edit and The Axe 3 will not communicate. If I rebooted my Axe to the same preset, the Axe would go to scene...
  16. josephyballew

    FC-12 Setup that would make you forget a 21 Switch layout

    I just thought of a set up that would make everyone happy having fewer switches. Bank switches up and down far left. Tap (hold tune) and function switches far right The 8 switches in the middle set to scenes. The function switch shows 11 stomps The bank swtiches shows 8 presets. As soon as...
  17. josephyballew

    FC-12 Setups

    I used my Helix to set up my Axe 3 and see the best way for me on a setup. I would like the two far left to be bank up and bank down presets, the 8 eight middle switches to be scenes, and the two far right switches be mode and tap. Holding tap will bring up the tuner. the mode switch brings up 8...
  18. josephyballew

    Helix to control the Axe-Fx 3

    I have read on the Helix site that some are using their Helix to Control The Axe 3. I was looking at the implementation on the Helix and the Axe and it will work well together. The Helix will change presets,scenes, tap tempo, and turn stomps on and off. The Helix manual gives you everything...
  19. josephyballew


    I did my best to try to capture the Fulltone that 80s Chorus tone. I also wanted to create a patch that is prestine and glassy, that you can also use with varying abouts of delay and Reverb. I only did one scene because everyone will want to make their own changes there. With this patch, you can...
  20. josephyballew

    Stevie Ray Vaughn patch

    I saw a video of Tyler Grund and liked the tone of his Stevie sound. I just recreated the patch and did add a delay if you need one. It has two drives and two reverbs. One reverb is a room and the other one is a hall. I am not a huge fan but people request his stuff and it is good to have it. I...
  21. josephyballew

    Reeling in the years

    This is Reeling in the years with the new Axe Fx 3 Matchless model preset. This thing is a beast.
  22. josephyballew

    Wish Copy and paste cabs

    There are so many user cabs that it would be nice if we could copy and paste with Axe Edit our favorite cabs and paste them in the user bank.
  23. josephyballew

    USB outputs 7/8 [solved]

    I was looking at my inputs and outputs under USB in my DAW. My inputs are 1-8 but my outputs are only 1-6. I was looking at the outputs in the manual and outputs 7/8 is USB in with no processing. I know 5/6 is used for Reamping and those are used to process everything again. I get tonematch to...
  24. josephyballew

    Wish Eq analyzer to copy tone of studio monitors to FRFRs

    I am not talking about tone match. My studios monitor are the bomb but my FRFR cabs tone is more midrange. It would be nice to have an analyzer to analyze my studio monitors and then play through my FRFRs and have an eq curve to make both of them match. This would also help with the FOH and FRFR...
  25. josephyballew

    Not a Bug Plex delay in Axe edit 3 controls not showing up

    Plex delay controls are not showing up in Axe Edit 3. All other effects do fine. You can turn the plex delay off and on or change channels, but no other controls are working.
  26. josephyballew

    Waiting list for FC 12 Controller

    I want to to be put on the list for this controller. How do I proceed?
  27. josephyballew

    Tone Match Problems [Solved]

    I am getting distortion from tonematch. I am using Sonar Platinum and set it to 32 bit. Use the USB of Axe as audio interface. My audio levels are correct. Also I try to reset and it will not reset. I start the reference tone and it seems to be good. I do my local tone and then tone match and...
  28. josephyballew

    Wish FC Controller Wish List

    I see the new FC6 AND FC12 that is coming out. I see that some people including myself does not want to daisy change but to have a 22 button controller. Think about it common sense wise. You have 8 scenes, 8 Presets, one bank up, one bank down, on tap, and the remaining buttons functions like...
  29. josephyballew

    Side Chain for all reverbs and delay

    This way you can do gated reverbs and delays, Modulation, tremelo, on the tails of reverbs and delay. You could even put a LFO on the reverbs and delays. This would be big.
  30. josephyballew

    Implemented 8 scenes that you can change parameters.

    The reason for channels is to be able to change parameter whereas scenes just turn effects off and on. You could do away with channels or just have 8 channels also if you make each scene be able to change parameter also, then there will be no need for channels or if that is too much to program...
  31. josephyballew

    Implemented Saving effects and amps tweeks in the block for later use

    How great would it be to have a favorite effect, amp, or drive tweak and be able to save that within the effects block. You can have your favorite flanger, amp, drive, reverb, and etc tweek without having to go to another preset. Another good thing would be to be able to copy effects blocks from...
  32. josephyballew

    Wish Ability to save your own FX setting within the effects algorithm

    How great would it be to have a favorite effect, amp, or drive tweak and be able to save that within the effects block. You can have your favorite flanger, amp, drive, reverb, and etc tweek without having to go to another preset. Another good thing would be to be able to copy effects blocks from...
  33. josephyballew

    All Access Controller

    I am trying to use the All Access pedal for a controller. I set buttons 1-10 as presets which work fine number 11 using control message to change my drive on-off number 12 using control message to change my pitch on-off number 13 using control message to change my reverb on-off number 14 using...
  34. josephyballew

    Availability of Axe FX Ultra

    I went to the website today and wanting to order the Axe FX Ultra to get here by Christmas. The website stated unavailable and to contact support. Please don't tell me it is back ordered. I need help from support
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