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  1. mr_fender

    Anybody hear about the SIM1 pedal?

    It's not just about the pickup tone. You physically play different guitars differently. Your body interacts with them differently. That too can have a big impact on the end result.
  2. mr_fender

    Anyone build their own pedals ?

    I've gone down the DIY stompbox rabbit hole. I've built quite a few over the years. You can often save money compared to hyped up "boutique" pedal prices, but it can sometimes be hard to beat the economies of scale for things like basic Boss and EH pedals if you want to end up with a durable...
  3. mr_fender

    Starting first Partscaster

    Definitely use a drill press for the trem posts. If you go with the Fender trem, go for the newer version with the push in arm from the American Professional series. The older screw in style arms suck. They always wobble a bit even with the spring installed. The new pop in style has a...
  4. mr_fender

    On the wall, or in the case?

    The change in tension is minimal. Use a tuner and compare the pitch of the strings when hung vs on a stand.
  5. mr_fender

    On the wall, or in the case?

    A properly fit and glued woodworking joint is almost always stronger than the wood it joins. String tension already puts around 100 lbs or so of pull on the neck anyway. The weight of the guitar in the other direction is minimal in comparison.
  6. mr_fender

    Is the assembly being done in China?

    What matters is a manufacturer's Quality Control. Who actually does the assembly and where is trivial. Mistakes happen, as do faulty components. It's just part of manufacturing. It's QC that works to ensure these things are caught and only the cream of the crop actually ships to customers.
  7. mr_fender

    Any chance for a FC-18 in the future?

    Your FX improvising will always be limited to the blocks saved in the current preset. A dedicated foot switch for a block will only work if that block already exist in your preset. Either way it's going to take some planning.
  8. mr_fender

    Dunlop Rotovibe

    Yeah the Rotovibe is an LDR based 4 stage phaser very similar to the Uni-Vibe, but uses OpAmps and LEDs instead of discrete transistors and an incandescent bulb. That makes the sweep more uniform like a phase 90 rather than the characteristic lumpy swing of the Uni-Vibe. The cap values in the...
  9. mr_fender

    Tremolo: align internal tremolo rates to external metronome

    Turn the rate control all the way down and it will change to LFO Sync and will synchronize with the LFO1 controller. The LFO1 controller rate can be set with tap tempo and has a run switch you can then use.
  10. mr_fender

    How Is this possible ??

    Yeah, 30 Hz and under for guitar tracks is mostly just unwanted rumble. Depending on the slope/order of the low pass filter used, you may get very little usable signal going into the pitch block with it set that low. Guitar low E fundamental is around 82 Hz and a low B on a 7 string would be...
  11. mr_fender

    Should a computer case have electrical continuity to ground?

    Yeah for audio, mains 60 cycle hum is what people tend to fight the most. There's lots of other potential culprits though. Bluetooth, WiFi, cell phone signals, TV and radio stations, microwave ovens, TVs and monitors, etc. Basically anything that produces electromagnetic radiation (light...
  12. mr_fender

    Should a computer case have electrical continuity to ground?

    It can isolate the system from mains power, which is typically the primary source of EMI. The motherboard, PCI and PCIe cards also typically ground to the case via their back plate brackets. The back plates and motherboard standoffs can create multiple paths to ground which can create ground...
  13. mr_fender

    "Dyn Damping" Is Missing on Axe Edit?

    I don't see it either (Axe Edit 3.14.3)
  14. mr_fender

    First time building a computer.

    Yeah with the stock performance of the i series chips I've not really messed with overclocking since they came out. Water cooling used to be a real pain, but there's so many more good options out there these days for building. I miss gaming. It's a fun release. So many of today's games...
  15. mr_fender

    First time building a computer.

    AMD had a good run with the Athlon chips, but Intel has been pretty much dominating the market ever since. Their acquisition of ATI has helped keep them rolling. It's Intel and Nvidia for me. Those GeForce 1080 cards are crazy powerful.
  16. mr_fender

    First time building a computer.

    i9 chips are out if you have at least $1000 to spend on a CPU. i7 8700k is about $300 in comparison.
  17. mr_fender

    First time building a computer.

    Only for Windows 7. Windows 8 and up fully support NVMe drives.
  18. mr_fender

    First time building a computer.

    Check the ASUS website for specific memory DIMMs that were tested with that mobo. Can save time and frustration especially if you plan on deviating from defaults.
  19. mr_fender

    Inexpensive guitar best suited for Drop-D Tuning?

    +1. A used Mexico or Squier HH Tele is good choice. Fixed bridge, bright tone, and tight low end for good clarity on lower tunings.
  20. mr_fender

    Re-naming Ownhammer cabs

    The actual cab name you see in the Axe FX or in Axe Edit is stored as part of the cab file's data and is set when the cab is created. The .syx filename is separate and is only used by your computer. You can rename cabs using Cab Lab or in Axe Edit using Axe Manage Cabs. Right click the cab...
  21. mr_fender

    New computer suggestions?

    Yeah it's called Cakewalk by Bandlab now. It's got the same features as Sonar Platinum, but none of the third party plugins like Addictive Drums 2 are included. It's also 64 bit only. 32 bit versions of Windows won't run it. Glad somebody snatched it up from Gibson's trashcan. Would have...
  22. mr_fender

    I bought a Ceratone Centura and it’s actually pretty awesome

    Most of the cost is in that custom enclosure. If you've got the tools, you could build one yourself in a generic enclosure for less than $50. They sell the bare PCB for $15. Schematic, layout, and parts list are all in the kit manual. The "magic" germanium clipping diodes are new old stock...
  23. mr_fender

    New Alice in Chains

    Yeah, Layne and Jerry's vocal harmonies were magical. Their voices blended together in such an awesome way. Black Gives Way to Blue was a good album though too.
  24. mr_fender

    New computer suggestions?

  25. mr_fender

    My wah settings suck...

    You can also change the taper of the Wah in the block itself. Linear is an even sweep from 0 to 100%. The Log options numbers reflect the percentage of the pot's value at the midpoint in it's rotation. For example, Log 20A is a logarithmic taper where the pot is at 20% of it's total value...
  26. mr_fender

    Updating from Pre-Quantum to 9.04

    I don't think anything has changed in regard to the MFC's interaction with the Axe II. The default CC assignments and such have stayed the same as far as I can remember. The firmware update should keep all your system settings intact, but do a full backup of everything first just to be safe.
  27. mr_fender

    New computer suggestions?

    I'm not a Mac guy at all, but I'll certainly agree that they are well made. We use Dell laptops exclusively at work and after about 2 or 3 years, those start to look pretty rough though usually still quite functional. With anything though it does depend on how you take care of it. In IT, we...
  28. mr_fender

    Is the Big Hair amp based on the ADA MP1???

    From looking at the schematics, it's after the gain and EQ sections and just before the outputs. Looks to be a mono analog chorus based on the MN3007 bucket brigade IC.
  29. mr_fender

    Too low dry signal?

    Post a screenshot of the signal waveforms.
  30. mr_fender

    Low Cut, High Cut

    The cutoff frequency of most filters is at the -3 dB point in the curve. A 6 dB/octave (aka 1st order) filter will roll off an additional 6 dB signal each octave beyond the cutoff frequency. A 12 dB/octave filter (aka 2nd order) would roll off 12 dB per octave. For example, a 6 dB/octave high...
  31. mr_fender

    Hum depending on position of guitar with respect to Axe FX II. Same with Axe III?

    All non-linear amplifiers are susceptible to this issue, analog, digital, tube or solid state. Your guitar is picking up environmental noise and the Axe FX is amplifying it. The more gain you add, the more compression and clipping you get. That raises the noise floor of the signal and the...
  32. mr_fender

    Getting sound, but amp models not working in Logic Pro x

    +1. USB Digi Out Source in the I/O menu.
  33. mr_fender

    XLR vs. Humbuster

    The primary difference is with balanced XLR, the input of the receiving device does the noise cancellation so it requires a balanced input to work. With Humbuster, the output does the noise cancellation so a balanced input is not needed. If your monitors have balanced XLR inputs, I'd go that...
  34. mr_fender

    Jackson DK2QM or Charvel DK24?

    I wish the white model had black or chrome hardware. Not a fan of the gold.
  35. mr_fender

    Finally After Doing Ever Step Known To Control Windows Updates & Sudden Reboots...

    Yeah the analogy makes more sense than the logistics. Using humans as batteries is a pretty terrible idea. It takes much more energy to keep a human alive than they'll produce in either heat or bioelectrical signals. Not to mention the massive about of energy it would take to run the entire...
  36. mr_fender

    Finally After Doing Ever Step Known To Control Windows Updates & Sudden Reboots...

    Physical media for software is largely wasteful. It's been a slow transition. Software used to come in huge boxes filled with floppy disks and large printed manuals. I remember installing Windows 3.1 from about 8 or so floppy disks :cool:. CD's replaced piles of floppies so the boxes got a...
  37. mr_fender

    Finally After Doing Ever Step Known To Control Windows Updates & Sudden Reboots...

    Yeah MS don't make it easy for you to do things other than their way. It gets old for sure, especially in a corporate environment where downtime costs $$$.
  38. mr_fender

    Jackson DK2QM or Charvel DK24?

    That's good to hear. I may have to try one of these out for myself.
  39. mr_fender

    Jackson DK2QM or Charvel DK24?

    How does the neck profile on that DK24 (or any of the Mexico made Pro-Mod guitars) compare to modern Fender necks? I haven't been able to find any measurements. I'm not a fan of super thin necks like on Jackson and Ibanez guitars. They make my hand cramp up.
  40. mr_fender

    Finally After Doing Ever Step Known To Control Windows Updates & Sudden Reboots...

    The interface they provide to pause or deffer updates does actually work, but you have to stick to their time limits. The 35 day pause feature was only recently added in the 1709 build (Fall Creators Update). They now check for and correct any known "hacks" that are floating around online to...
  41. mr_fender

    Just realized after a year of tweaking ....

    Turning Sag all the way down will give you the same results as turning off power amp modeling globally. Both result in no power amp modeling in the amp block. Any presets you created with power amp modeling turned off will sound the same when Sag is turned all the way down.
  42. mr_fender

    Utilize fav amps from front panel?

    You can use global blocks on the Axe II itself. Works similarly, but you only have 10 global block memory locations for each block instance (10 each for Amp1, Amp2, Delay1, Delay2, etc.). You can choose to link them to the global block or just import them to the current preset. Linking them...
  43. mr_fender

    Finally After Doing Ever Step Known To Control Windows Updates & Sudden Reboots...

    You can pause updates completely for up to 35 days if you have something running that can't be interrupted. You can also deffer quality updates (security patches, etc.) for up to 30 days and feature updates (new OS versions) for up to 365 days. It can be annoying at times for sure, but it's...
  44. mr_fender

    XLR vs Humbuster Cables

    Humbuster cables only work on the Axe II's outputs. Use regular instrument cables for the inputs.
  45. mr_fender

    Finally After Doing Ever Step Known To Control Windows Updates & Sudden Reboots...

    New versions of Windows 10 will be released every 18 months going forward. There is no way around this. It's just the price of admission for using Windows 10. It ensures that active machines will in theory never be more than 18 months out of date on patches. If you set your active hours...
  46. mr_fender

    Converting Mesa combo amp into Axe-FX chassis?

    You could maybe mount the Axe II and power amp externally on the back of a cabinet as well. Cabinet size wouldn't need to be an exact fit and you could use a sealed back extension cab too instead of just a combo cab.
  47. mr_fender

    Converting Mesa combo amp into Axe-FX chassis?

    Some things to keep in mind with this setup. The Axe II chassis and mainboard will be very close to the back of the speaker magnet. In some combo cabinets, it may not fit at all depending on how far back the baffle is mounted from the front edge and if the speaker is front or rear mounted to...
  48. mr_fender

    Auto Wah

    Same approach works on a volume block for pattern tremolo too.
  49. mr_fender

    Auto Wah

    Another trick is to assign a second controller like the sequencer to the rate of the LFO controller. You can change the the first LFO's rate on the beat and create compound repeating patterns like 3 beats of 8th note wah cycles and 1 beat of 16th note cycles. You can also use the sequencer...
  50. mr_fender

    Having trouble getting a good AC/DC tone

    Brit 45 model works very well for the early Bon Scott years stuff.
  51. mr_fender

    Re amping using usb cable only question

    It's in the Start menu under ASIO4ALL Off-Line Settings. It will list all recognized audio devices and you can select the inputs and outputs for each you want active in the ASIO4ALL driver. That's where you set the ASIO buffer size for the driver as well.
  52. mr_fender

    Scene Controller set to turn on amp's 'boost' (Plexi) clips when 'ON'

    Are you trying to use a control switch or a scene controller to engage the boost? Scenes do not save parameter values, only block bypass and X/Y states and the main output block level. You have to assign one of the two scene controllers to change parameter values between scenes.
  53. mr_fender

    Scene Controller set to turn on amp's 'boost' (Plexi) clips when 'ON'

    Yes. Input trim set to 4.0 gives the same 12 dB gain boost as the Boost switch.
  54. mr_fender

    Scene Controller set to turn on amp's 'boost' (Plexi) clips when 'ON'

    The Boost switch adds a flat 12 dB of gain in front of the amp (4 times as much signal). It's not adjustable. Use Input Trim instead if you want an adjustable amount of gain boost. It goes all the way up to 10 times as much signal (+20 dB)
  55. mr_fender

    Block presets for effects

    Maybe it's Global blocks I'm thinking of.
  56. mr_fender

    Block presets for effects

    On Windows, the block library is located at C:\users\{your username}\documents\Fractal Audio\Axe-Edit\blocks. Copy your new .blk files there and restart Axe-Edit to make the show up in the list. IIRC, the block library is specific to each block type number, so for example saved settings for...
  57. mr_fender

    axe fx 2 (Original) VS axe fx 2 XL

    The Mark II model updated the regular RJ45 port to an Ethercon port. The rest is basically the same as the original Mark I. The XL model added more storage memory for presets and cabs, uses flash memory for all storage, updated the value wheel to an optical encoder for longer life, added a...
  58. mr_fender

    Stage "props" instead of cabs?

    How about one of these for a backline?
  59. mr_fender

    Question about bedroom punch

    I think some of it comes down to dispersion pattern and speaker efficiency. Beamy guitar speakers project a narrower or more focused beam of sound waves directly in front of the speakers. If you are in the path of that beam, you'll feel it pushing against you more. Studio monitors on the...
  60. mr_fender

    Using Axe Fx 2 with Audient I4 audio interface and Cubase 9.5 on PC.

    Windows and most DAWs can only handle one active audio driver at a time. If you want to use both the Audient and the Axe II at the same time via USB, you'll need ASIO4ALL to combine them into a single driver.
  61. mr_fender

    Triaxis model question

    Yes that's correct. 0 dB on the Bright control is the same as the TriAxis' presence on 10. Use the negative range of the Bright control.
  62. mr_fender

    Re amping using usb cable only question

    Yeah ASIO4ALL works pretty well once it's setup correctly. You add both your interfaces to the ASIO4ALL driver, select the inputs and outputs you want active, and then select ASIO4ALL as your audio device in your DAW instead. The cost is a tiny bit of extra latency due to the extra driver...
  63. mr_fender

    How do I hook this thing up?!

    If your cab is a 16 ohm cab, each channels output into that load would be rated at 150 watts. That's not too much higher than the cab's rating, but I still wouldn't try turning it up all the way. It will likely be stupid loud WELL below that anyway.
  64. mr_fender

    How do I hook this thing up?!

    Weird. On their website, it says the GT1000 can drive 16 ohm cabs no problem, yet in the post above it says not to exceed 4 ohms. I wonder if they mean not less than 4 ohms maybe? TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Number of channels- 2 Watts per channel rms @ 4 ohms-...
  65. mr_fender

    Re amping using usb cable only question

    Yeah that will do it. If you don't change it back to analog input, your DAW playback gets sent back through the grid for processing. When it's set to analog input, the USB return signal gets mixed with the output after the grid. I wish there was a way to change that setting from Axe Edit so...
  66. mr_fender

    Re amping using usb cable only question

    Also, don't forget to mute the dry track in Sonar after you reamp so you don't hear it along with the new wet track during playback.
  67. mr_fender

    Re amping using usb cable only question

    Sonar track input. Choose a stereo input option to record a stereo track.
  68. mr_fender

    Re amping using usb cable only question

    Make sure you turn off software track monitoring (I think it's called Input Echo in Sonar), otherwise you'll hear both the live signal from the Axe II and the monitoring signal at the same time. The signal latency between them causes a phased comb filtered type of sound. To record in stereo...
  69. mr_fender

    Preset changing on its own

    That's what she said!
  70. mr_fender

    Preset changing on its own

    Is it at the home/recall screen when it happens? Value knob could be drifting or something maybe making it scroll back to the previous preset? What happens if it's at the edit screen instead?
  71. mr_fender

    Converting Mesa combo amp into Axe-FX chassis?

    Mounting is different. It's the right width for rack gear, but there are no rails to mount with. The amp chassis typically hangs from screws through the top of the cabinet, so you'd either have to drill holes in the top of your Axe II chassis and add mounting hardware there, or make a bracket...
  72. mr_fender

    Dry track handling

    USB driver is 4 in, 2 out In 1 = left wet (source depends on USB/Digi Out Source setting in I/O menu) In 2 = right wet (source depends on USB/Digi Out Source setting in I/O menu) In 3 = left dry (front panel instrument input or rear panel input 1 left depending on Input 1 Left Select setting in...
  73. mr_fender

    axe fxII and mfc-101: on/off control for new inserts in a new preset :-(

    Check the MIDI CC#'s in the the Axe II's I/O menu CTRL page and make sure they all match the defaults shown in the Axe FX II manual. If they are changed from their defaults, the MFC won't be able to control them when in Axe FX mode.
  74. mr_fender

    Hi cut

    Filters really don't work that well for this sort of thing. The problem is they cut all frequencies above the selected cutoff. G string fundamental is at around 196 Hz, simple enough, except the E, A, D, and G strings all have harmonics that extend well above the 200 Hz range. Not to mention...
  75. mr_fender

    Merging two cabs into one

    Yeah the white noise trick can work, but keep in mind that IR's are mono. If you have your two cabs panned for stereo separation, that will be lost when combining them into a single IR.
  76. mr_fender

    Sub bass frequency IR?

    Sub bass in a guitar is mostly just rumble that tends to muddy up the track. For the sake of the mix, it's best left to the kick drum and bass player. 8 string players might disagree, but they are just bass players in denial. :p
  77. mr_fender

    Is My Axe Fx Faulty? (Amp Hiss + Audio Clip Example)

    Try a different input. Might be something up with that particular input circuit.
  78. mr_fender

    Line 6 Powercab

    I'm curious what kind of clean headroom it really has given its peak 250 watt rating. Kind of low as far as FRFR cabs go. I believe Xitone cabs use a similar coaxial speaker system (tweeter screws into the back of the main speaker). They are reported to be very guitar cab like in feel...
  79. mr_fender

    Flame maple top warping?

    Man, take that thing out and play with it. It's a crime to keep something like that just locked away for years at a time. (...that's what she said!)
  80. mr_fender

    Anyone using thunderbolt ?

    Thunderbolt 3 has some impressive max data transfer rates. 40 Gbps with short or active cables, 20 Gbps for long or passive cables. That's better than SATA 3.2 over an external cable. Glad to see it's using a USB-C compatible cables as well. One less cable type out there. Hopefully everyone...
  81. mr_fender

    In AX8 amp block X/Y problem???

    Yeah, .blk files have both the X and Y state for the block. If you have a bunch to get rid of, right click the "+" next to the block library and select show folder. Delete the .blk files you no longer want, then close and reopen the editor.
  82. mr_fender

    Any way to view the settings of a BLK file without a II ?? ie; offline

    Yeah it will handle cabs, presets, and banks from .syx files, but not .blk block files.
  83. mr_fender

    Any way to view the settings of a BLK file without a II ?? ie; offline

    Fractool doesn't support block files, only .syx preset files.
  84. mr_fender

    Wish Mesa/Boogie Blue Angel & Maverick

    Mark series amps are a different creature. Closer to hot rodded blackface Fender circuit with a pre-gain tone stack and no cathode follower. Recto amps are closer to a hot rodded JCM 800 with more gain stages, post-gain tone stack, cathode follower, presence controls are part of the preamp...
  85. mr_fender

    Can you help me get this tone..

    On further listening, there's a few notes and licks that it sounds like he might be using a wah or filter of some kind to embellish things a little bit. It's pretty subtle. Might be an auto-wah or subtle envelope filter that he kicks on for a few notes here and there to accent things. Hard to...
  86. mr_fender

    Is It OK To Tickle?

    Yes, but choose the recipient and setting carefully. Randomly tickling strangers in public is ill advised. :p
  87. mr_fender

    Can you help me get this tone..

    I don't hear any wah. Sounds a bit like Petrucci's lead tone. A lot of it is in his technique. He's hitting a ton of harmonics all over the place and changing pickups for certain phrases. USA IIC+ models are probably a good place to start for that kind of thing. Turn the Bass knob way down...
  88. mr_fender

    USB Audio with Axe Mark II

    If you want to monitor from the PC's sound card, you'll need to use ASIO4ALL. Windows cannot natively take input from one audio device and send output to a different audio device. It can only use one active audio driver at a time. The ASIO4ALL driver allows you to combine inputs and outputs...
  89. mr_fender

    AxeFx GEQ and PEQ question

    EQ or filter in a DAW is probably the easiest, but you can do it with the Axe II using USB as well. Set your input mode on the Axe II to USB and put a filter block (type set to bandpass) on a row of shunts. You can then play music from your computer through the Axe II grid. You can do the...
  90. mr_fender

    Does most modulation just try to be a Leslie?

    What you are hearing is the intermodulation distortion between the two slightly off tune signals. It's the same beating you hear when trying to tune up using harmonics or a tuning fork. The greater the difference in pitch, the faster the beating cycles. Because the pitch offset of the detune...
  91. mr_fender

    How to manually sweep a phaser?

    Set Depth to zero (basically disables the LFO) and assign the modifier to the frequency parameter.
  92. mr_fender

    AxeFx GEQ and PEQ question

    One trick to learn the sound of various frequencies is to use a band pass filter. Set the Q fairly high to make the filter pretty narrow. Play some full range music through it and sweep the frequency back and forth. A band pass filter only lets through a slice of audio centered around the...
  93. mr_fender

    Recording from the Axe Fx to computer advice

    Reaper is great. Free to try (nag screen on launch after 60 days but it stays fully functional) and only $60 for a non-commercial license. Available for both Windows or Mac OSX and is very fast and stable. http://www.reaper.fm Check out YouTube as well. There's hours of great videos out...
  94. mr_fender

    USB Audio with Axe Mark II

    No. The Axe II sends 4 channels of audio to the PC. USB Inputs 1 and 2 are the processed left and right signals from the grid and USB Inputs 3 and 4 are the dry left and right input signals (front panel instrument input or rear panel inputs). The Axe II receives 2 channels of audio back from...
  95. mr_fender

    USB Audio with Axe Mark II

    Simplest solution is to monitor directly from the Axe II or connect the Axe's analog output to the line in on your PC for monitoring. Windows can only support one active audio device at a time. You can use ASIO4ALL to create a bridge between the Axe II driver and your PC's audio driver. You...
  96. mr_fender

    Anyone actually happy here and enjoying their gear?

    Another totally satisfied customer here. No product is perfect, but the Axe II is closer to it than anything else I've used. It wouldn't be the internet without a bit of pissing and moaning after all.
  97. mr_fender

    Wish Canned common scene names

    Axe Edit will also make it A LOT easier when it's released for the III. Even on the II, I use short names and then type them in full later in Axe Edit.
  98. mr_fender

    AxeFx GEQ and PEQ question

    Filter block is another option too. It's sort of like a single band variable type EQ.
  99. mr_fender

    Amp in a Room vs Studio Recorded Tones

    IR's only capture one aspect of a speaker's sound: it's frequency response at one specific listening position. They do nothing to capture or recreate the dispersion pattern of any given speaker or cab. The ways a guitar cab and a FRFR cab project sound into the room are often very different...
  100. mr_fender

    Interface Input level vs Output Level

    Unity gain is achieved with the front panel output knobs turned up all the way and no gain on the grid (all shunts). Some blocks, like the amp block, are not unity gain blocks. They boost the level quite a bit so your output knob setting will depend on your preset level on the grid.. Set...
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