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    Wireless IEM systems - which one to buy / avoid ??

    Hi, I play with a few different groups and artists as a sideman, almost exclusively with my Axe Fx. Depending on the artist/group I'll be on monitors or IEM, whichever setup the artist prefer. I have great IEM's but have never owned a wireless IEM system and since they are always supplied by...
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    RIP Leonard Norman Cohen

    One of the most interesting and influential songwriters and poets the world has ever seen has sadly left us. At age 82 it's natural to pass and Leonard Cohen recently said himself, that he was ready to die - nevertheless his passing is still a big loss to the world of music and poetry. 2016...
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    RIP David Bowie

    So sad to hear this - David Bowie has died 69 years old. My thoughts go to his familiy and those close to him. He was one of the most visionary, bold, excentric and creative artists the world has ever know. As a true multi artist, he was way ahead of his time through most of his career, and...
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    RIP Joe Cocker

    So sad - one of the truly great voices. Passed away much to soon at age 70
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    New passive graphic EQ is the $hit

    Hey Guys, Maybe somebody else have already posted about this, if so apologies, but I haven't seen it and feel I need to give a big thumps up to Cliff for adding the passive graphic EQ. It's so great, useful and easy/quick to work with that I've put the 5-band passive on all of the preset that...
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    Bruno Underground 30

    What the titel says - I wish for the great classic Bruno Underground 30 head to be modelled in an upcoming FW Best RB
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    Wish Jim Kelley single channel reverb head

    What the titel says - I wish for the great classic Jim Kelley single channel reverb head to be modelled in an upcoming FW Best RB
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    Wish Komet Aero 33

    What the titel says - I wish for this amazing new Komet amp to be modelled in an upcoming FW Best RB
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    FW 12.03beta4 drive X/Y state bug

    I ran across what I believe to be a bug today after loading FW 12.03beta4. Setup was tele into front input, output one to CLR. I made all changes from the front panel, Axe not connected to computer, MFC not connected. When I engaged a drive block it worked great as normal, but when I...
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    New OwnHammer vintage 1x12 & 2x12 open back cabs "pre-releases" are here

    Just a heads up Kevin from OvnHammer has put up the pre-release or in-development Vintage 1x12 & 2x12 open back cab packs up for sale at 19 $ each, which is an "early bird" discount price, intended to increase to 29$ each in roughly a weeks time. Even @29$ these packs will be an absolute...
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    Cliff : Carr Rambler model - modelled on the pentode or triode setting ?

    I hope Cliff or somebody else from Fractal will chime in here. The 12.03 beta gave us a model of the Carr Rambler, which has been one of my main and favourite amps for years and I've asked for it on a wish list post in the past so, THANKS CLIFF - YOU ARE THE MAN. Can I ask whether the...
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    Control feature wish – pseudo-switches

    I’m not an absolute midiot – but not that far from it either, and I know that there are other (more complex) ways to achieve what I wish for here - but I’d love if Cliff would add pseudo-switches/controllers or what ever he’d call them as ”blocks” in the Axe II. These would be very helpful for...
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    Amp and pedals wish list

    Amps: Kelly Bruno Underground 30 Marshall Super Bass amp And some of the more rare and special amps like old Magnatones Supros Valcos Gibsons Pedals: Chandler Germanium Drive Chandler Little Red Devil Klon /RB
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    Atomic CLR = Sonic bliss !!! In depth review

    CLR in depth review, pro use, multible applications and scenarios Hi guys, as promised here’s my review of the Atomic Amps CLR Active wedge. It’s taken a little longer than originally promised, as I’ve had some things to attend to in my private life. This will be a long post - sorry - but...
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    Wish Chandler Limited Germanium Drive & Little Devil Colored Boost

    What the title says - I wish for the Chandler Limited Germanium Drive and the Chandler Limited Little Devil Colored Boost to be modeled and included in the Axe II firmware. I tried these two pedals today, and they really are outstanding and unique. They are extremely dynamic, full bodied...
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    Wish Klon Centaur model in the drive block

    What the title says - I wish for a Klon Centaur model in the drive block RB
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    Wish models of hi-end & classic outboard studio gear

    As the title says I wish that Cliff would model hi-end and classic studio outboard gear and include it in an upcomming FW. Stuff I’d like to see included, just of the top of my head : Bricasti M7 reverbs Urei LN 1176 Teletronix LA-2A SSL style comp Gyraf comp Neve 1073 style preamp Chandler TG...
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    Wish Jim Kelley, Bruno Underground 30, Komet Concorde, Skrydstrup R&D amps

    Like the title says I wish Cliff would consider modeling these very, very special amps: 1) Jim Kelley Reverb amb (original or recent Suhr-Kelley re-make) with and IR of the Kelley EVM 12L loaded cab, 2) Tony Bruno Underground 30 in the version with tremolo and reverb (Gene @ Ultrasound has...
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    New OwnHammer IR’s are absolutely fantastic – Gig report

    Hi guys Sorry for the long post I’ve actually never gotten around to using the user cabs/importing speaker IR’s in neither my Ultra or Axe II before now. I’ve allways had great results with the cab IR’s included in the Axe. But still for some time I’ve had the feeling that the last however...
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    To those attending the west coast Axe-Fest 2012

    I’m in Europe so I’m not able to attend the Axe-Fest, but I know many formites besides me are very interested in a comparison of the different FRFR options that will be available for audition at the Axe-Fest. Could somebody (Scott P ?) please test these options using both electric guitar...
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    LF+ firmware V1.48 up on FAMC site - V6.0 bug fixes

    just wanted to share that Jeff has put up V1.48 up on the FAMC site for the LF+ series, it has a few bug fixes for Axe II fw V6.0 RB
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    HK Audio Pro 12 A FRFR ????? Reactor .....Verve 12ma

    Hi Guys I´m still looking for a FRFR solution for when I´m not going with IEM (InEars). This is a secondary setup for me that I´ll use on smaller gigs and where I might need to provide a small backline solution myself. I also want to use the FRFR an d Ultra as the wet L/R in a wet-dry-wet...
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    Atomic Reactor FR vs Verve 12ma

    Hi Guys I´m considering getting an FRFR solution for my Axe Fx Ultra. Right now I´m using IEM for live work, but I have something coming up where a (non-IEM) FRFR solution would be appropriate. So for those of you that have tried both the FBT Verve 12ma and the Atomic Reactor FR what are your...
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    Help - Contact info for Liquid Foot

    Hi Guys Does anybody know of an alternative way of reaching the guy who makes the Liquid Foot midi pedals or know if he is a member at this forum?? Way back when he had just started out (I think both this forum and the Liquid Foot page were on the Sebb net back then) I contacted him and go on...
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    Practically brand new Ultra freeze – fried ??

    Hi guys Last week I was about to play my Ultra and make some patches for an important gig this weekend when my Ultra all of a sudden froze up before the guitar was even plugged in and I wasn´t programming or anything. All the lights on the unit lit up and the display lit green with black...
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