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  1. Tahoebrian5

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 6.01

    Some good mojo going on with 6.01. Thank you Cliff
  2. Tahoebrian5

    Amp Power Supply Sag off.

    Try setting sag really low but not off maybe
  3. Tahoebrian5

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 5.09 Public Beta

    The performance page is quickly becoming indispensable. Multiple pages and default pages would be amazing.
  4. Tahoebrian5

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 5.09 Public Beta

    For a harmony style lead patch, I have previously only used octaves because it was too much trouble to worry about being in key. Now adding the "key" parameter to the performance page, I can just do a quick adjustment at the start of a song, then blend in some 3rd and 5ths with the expression...
  5. Tahoebrian5

    Bouncing back from an unexpected hiatus

    Taking time off can be a good thing. I’ve always found I think a bit differently after time off which can help diversify.
  6. Tahoebrian5

    Fractal device for vocals

    If you sing and play guitar, all you need is an AFX3 and a nice pre. You could run both through the 3 and send each channel to foh separately. I’m considering doing this for my wife’s vocals but ha e not tried it yet. My only concern is vocal dropout if I change scenes while she is singing.
  7. Tahoebrian5

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 5.08

    I’m curious.. does using the hi or lo cut change the phase of the individual irs or would doing extreme cuts potentially cause shift between ir slots?
  8. Tahoebrian5

    8 String Presets

    Search for Leon’s multiband compression video that shows how to tame the lows
  9. Tahoebrian5

    The Bogfish and CAE 3+ clean

    Love the cleans especially
  10. Tahoebrian5

    Couldn’t wait - bought Axe-Fx III

    My prediction.. your 3 will not be going up for sale
  11. Tahoebrian5

    New Fractal and Axe-Fx III owner - Where to start from scratch?

    Very good advice above. If something is not working or sounding right, post up on the forum here. Help is always a click away.
  12. Tahoebrian5

    Implemented Hi/Lo Cut for each IR slot in the Cab Block

    Awesome Sauce! I’ve been wanting this for quite a while. I thought there was some issue about phase issues, linear phase using too much cpu or something?
  13. Tahoebrian5

    Midlife Crisis Car

    Ducati V4R ... 234 hp, 430 lbs.
  14. Tahoebrian5

    All the minor chords and their respective families and sub families going in order of harmony only

    A good ear training exercise, Play all the triads of g major in the upper register while keeping a low A pedal tone. This is the Dorian sound. Now play all triads in f major over A, this is Phrygian, etc
  15. Tahoebrian5

    Malmsteen chord progression

    They are all passing chords... on the way to the donut shop
  16. Tahoebrian5

    Perfect Blend of Punk and Heavy Metal

    I heard their guitar tech was human
  17. Tahoebrian5

    Amp tones from the ground up

    There is also the strategy of set the amp controls where you know they should be in the ballpark, then in the cab picker, pin it, and use the arrow buttons to scroll through cabs until you hear what you are after. The Andy Wood method apparently.
  18. Tahoebrian5

    Wah: parked and controllable in same preset?

    Can’t you set the initial state of the controller by scene and it shouldn’t change until you touch the pedal. Something to do with scene revert
  19. Tahoebrian5

    FC3 would rock...

    FC6 + Drexel = FC3
  20. Tahoebrian5

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the questions

    I recommend you wait for the FC as it is amazing. If needed buy something cheap while you wait. Fcb10 maybe
  21. Tahoebrian5

    FM3 needs another thread

    I think this thread is too specific. I might have to start another.
  22. Tahoebrian5

    FM3 needs another thread

    Best FM3 thread yet, followed
  23. Tahoebrian5

    3 buttons can do a lot!

    Cool vid but this would be way too complicated for me to be comfortable live. I think something like a Morningstar 6 button controller would pair well with the FM3 if you don’t want to shell out for an FC or want to keep your footprint small.
  24. Tahoebrian5


    Maybe I am less pessimistic but I think we have a pretty good crew here and could be for fun and bragging rights mostly. There are many lead contests I’ve come across before but these seem mostly setup to generate buzz for a product.
  25. Tahoebrian5

    Windows 10 Sucks!

    I got used to it. The most annoying part now is adds pop up on the start menu.
  26. Tahoebrian5


    A guitar lead contest would be cool, or a guitar tone contest. Someone could post a direct track for use in a mix for a reamp contest.
  27. Tahoebrian5

    Who's moving from a Axe-Fx II to FM3?

    My AFX3 is not going anywhere.. if I get an FM3 it will be for backup and practice so I can keep my 3 at home. I already have an FC12 so the three button deal does not bother me.. but if there was an 8ish button larger version with more cpu, that would be the real deal.
  28. Tahoebrian5

    FM3 hot questions (and, hopefully, answers)

    CPU does nay affect how many amp models can be in the firmware. That is a memory issue. CPU is mainly how many blocks can be active on the grid at one time.
  29. Tahoebrian5

    Looking for some good midi beats to buy

    Can anyone recommend a midi pack for me? I am looking for a general assortment.. something big that will give me a large variety of basic rock and metal through to progressive metal type stuff. It seems like the couple packs I've bought only have a handful of actual beats and then just a bunch...
  30. Tahoebrian5

    Thick baritone Herbie walls!

    Awesome song and tones. Excellent work man!
  31. Tahoebrian5

    Please make an FM7

    I’m guessing something like this will be released at the event this weekend, then waitlisters will be able to choose which unit they want. May be wishful thinking but seems to make sense.
  32. Tahoebrian5

    Announcing the FM3 Amp Modeler/FX Processor!

    The most impressive improvement with the Axe 3 was the increased signal to noise and the sound quality of the amps and effects have an extra bit of sheen to them that was not present on previous units. Any comments on how the FM3 sound quality compares to the 3?
  33. Tahoebrian5

    Announcing the FM3 Amp Modeler/FX Processor!

    How does the sound quality compare to the 3?
  34. Tahoebrian5

    Blues song: Bogner Red and CAE 3+

    Very cool. That guitar is sweet!
  35. Tahoebrian5

    FAS modern !

    Anyone try the FAS modern on FW5.05 +? It didn't really do anything for me previously but this amp is really good now. Check out factory preset 102 "Djentlemanly". Seriously kicking butt with my les paul.
  36. Tahoebrian5

    What not to do at a gig when the power cord gets hung up!

    I’m guessing he wasn’t a fan of the song
  37. Tahoebrian5

    More Power

    Use the ir player block in place of the cab block also if needed.
  38. Tahoebrian5

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 5.05

    The JP is pretty pretty pretty nice. It’s the first time I’ve had actual amp GAS in quite some time.
  39. Tahoebrian5

    Quality of everything is getting worse

    After building my own computer from parts last year, I’ll never order one assembled again.
  40. Tahoebrian5

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 5.03

    Can someone pm me the pulled firmware link please?
  41. Tahoebrian5

    Ken Andrews / Failure; shout-out to FAS

    I think the “how hard wasn’t it” question format wouldn’t work well
  42. Tahoebrian5

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 5.03

    Can you guys confirm the firmware is stable as long as you don't adjust the FC LCD brightness?
  43. Tahoebrian5

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 5.03

    Thank you Cliff
  44. Tahoebrian5

    Studio Monitor Recommendation

    I’ve read lots of positive thoughts on the HS8 for the money. Maybe trying with what you have, running One set dry and send the wet signal to another set
  45. Tahoebrian5

    Combine multiple presets

    Right there with you. I’ve been meaning to do this exact thing for a while. The hard part is I inevitably end up noodling away my time.
  46. Tahoebrian5

    EV-1 calibration fail

    Put a meter on the far end of the trs, see if it moves smoothly as you sweep
  47. Tahoebrian5

    Modern Metal makes me laugh...

    Sabbath will always be king imo, but the best “new” band Ive discovered is Kamelot. The song Karma is one of my fav. Angra is another good modern style band.
  48. Tahoebrian5

    Recording with FL Studio

    FL studio is kind of funky for recording imo. I’d recommend use reaper for recording tracks, then insert your tracks into FL. I started that way then eventually abandoned FL for reaper altogether.
  49. Tahoebrian5

    How do you create IRs for acoustics?

    The xt1 looks and sounds (at least over the internet) great, but I about spit my coffee out when I saw the price.
  50. Tahoebrian5

    The Darkness Tone

    You definitely need to check out their album. Hard to describe. Both of the words unique and throwback apply despite being opposites.
  51. Tahoebrian5

    Thoughts on ‘chasing tone’

    M@ nailed it imo. The destination is one thing, but the impact the journey has on you is more important... or it’s not.
  52. Tahoebrian5

    Herbie & Friends - FW5.02

    I finally got around to Axechanging this into the 3. Damn, the Herbie is KILLING it !!! Sounds perfectly balanced with my LP. Thanks Leon! The Recto is good too for more of the chainsaw action but it pales compared the the Herb. This might be my new heavy rig.
  53. Tahoebrian5

    Creating a tape saturation effect like the Strymon Deco

    That’s what fractool was created for, do you mean just this preset is not converting?
  54. Tahoebrian5

    Pitch Shifter Impacts Tone

    Wondering if cutting some highs would help getting away with tighter tracking parameter?
  55. Tahoebrian5

    Creating a tape saturation effect like the Strymon Deco

    Fractool should convert most of this.. haven't tried it though
  56. Tahoebrian5

    VIDEO: FW5 + 2019 Ultimate 4x12 Shootout

    Which amp did you use for the crunchy bits and was the amp setting static and just IRs changed?
  57. Tahoebrian5

    10,000th post!

    Right, on YouTube if you don’t have a 100k your name is dirt!
  58. Tahoebrian5

    10,000th post!

    Wow, you haven’t aged a bit!
  59. Tahoebrian5

    Wish Pitch follower enhancement

    Wow, I had no idea this was doable! I will give this a go. Thx a bunch.
  60. Tahoebrian5

    QSC KW122 Review

    We need the forum to issue necro warnings!
  61. Tahoebrian5

    Wish Pitch follower enhancement

    It would be really cool if the pitch follower could track and output actual pitch. For example attach an enhanced pitch follower modifier to the center frequency of a filter block. The filter would then track accurately whatever pitch is being played similar to the capo/pitch block. Or maybe...
  62. Tahoebrian5

    Creating a tape saturation effect like the Strymon Deco

    Have you checked out this thread? https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/axe-fx-iii-echo-plexo.143667/#post-1700231
  63. Tahoebrian5

    The Darkness Tone

    Huge fan of The Darkness and love their guitar tone! Your clip above sounds pretty good. The only thing I noticed is the low mids sound a bit too hairy. I would maybe try to eq out a bit of the low mids before the amp block to clean them up.
  64. Tahoebrian5

    Replacing my Gilmour setup

    Check this out. I have not tried them first hand but the sound clips are extremely good. https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/pink-floyd-presets-pack-fremen.145544/
  65. Tahoebrian5

    Live sound, backline vs monitor vs both

    Hmmm, good thought. I wonder if the monitor mix is getting phase reversed.
  66. Tahoebrian5

    Live sound, backline vs monitor vs both

    I think I’m going to try putting my monitor in front wedge position at practice to see if I can get used to it.
  67. Tahoebrian5

    Live sound, backline vs monitor vs both

    Yes. If I don’t then when I move to the front of the stage I can’t hear my guitar clearly. Usually for leads where I need to hear precisely for bends etc I prefer to go back to my backline, but I can’t lurk back there the whole time. But.. if I have the front monitor cranked up with my guitar it...
  68. Tahoebrian5

    You guys are the best.... We just need a little help with PITCH!

    The stock setting for the tracking parameter has way too much latency. Once you tweak this parameter the latency is workable imo
  69. Tahoebrian5

    Pink Floyd presets pack - Fremen

    Best luck. Sound check looks epic.
  70. Tahoebrian5

    Live sound, backline vs monitor vs both

    I’d been playing forever with a half stack backline so when I switched to the Axe with an FRFR box, I simply replaced my 4x12 with the frfr in backline position. It sounds great like that in the studio because we don’t use back facing monitor wedges like on a live stage. The thing I don’t gel...
  71. Tahoebrian5

    Mission Io?

    Love the mini slant cab look. I wonder if they could keep up with a loud drummer as a back line.
  72. Tahoebrian5

    Wish PEQ Block - Allow all bands to be set below 100 Hz

    True, there is something about the graphic visual that I miss with the para though. Even better would be an onscreen visual similar to DAW style eq plugins with dragable nodes. Sorry getting off topic though
  73. Tahoebrian5

    Would be interested in checking out a pack which is the opposite of Naked

    Not for the 3 but you can try converting these with fractool https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/50-delay-blocks-and-15-presets-available-now-updated-to-v19.101414/
  74. Tahoebrian5

    Dumb feature related question...

    The FX8 is more transparent in front of an amp. I would stick with the fx8 for your use case. But if you want to explore modeling, get an AX8 and send it to your fx return skipping your amp front end you would have a lot more tone options and nearly the same original tone.
  75. Tahoebrian5

    Wish PEQ Block - Allow all bands to be set below 100 Hz

    A 5 band paragraphic addition would be cool where you could freely select each center freq
  76. Tahoebrian5

    PSA: Don't get a Gator GR-3S rack case for your Axe-Fx III

    I went with the gator pro series. It’s perfect https://gatorcases.com/products/racks-portable/pro-series-molded-racks/g-pro/3u-13-deep-molded-audio-rack-g-pro-3u-13/
  77. Tahoebrian5

    Some very creative heavy riffage

  78. Tahoebrian5

    Hurdy gurdy Axe-Fx III video

    Very nice!
  79. Tahoebrian5

    Other People's Presets

    A big part seems to be the guitar. For example many of the factory presets sounded like crap with my Ibanez. When I tried with a les Paul the plexi style presets sounded great. Some of the others not so much.
  80. Tahoebrian5

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 5.02

    Thanks Cliff!
  81. Tahoebrian5

    Compression Question

    I’m not sure what the mid switch does but I suspect it does something similar to the sidechain eq. Maybe try playing with the sidechain eq to bring out the mids. If it’s more clarity you need maybe decrease the mids on the sidechain which would result in less compression of the mids
  82. Tahoebrian5

    Cracking The Code

    I’ve watched pretty much everything Troy put out. He is a genius imo the way he sleuthed out what was really going on with the picking techniques. I did the subscription for a while too. I can definitely say my picking technique has drastically improved based on his ideas. It took a couple years...
  83. Tahoebrian5

    Guthrie Aristocamp workshop

    Yes it looks like an awesome event. I read thru the schedule and there’s a lot of cool stuff going on.
  84. Tahoebrian5

    Compression Question

    Are you dialing the mix back on the axe? This is the same as the blend control on the sp
  85. Tahoebrian5

    Is it possible to use/overwrite factory IR

    Seems like a reasonable request. Add it to the wish list.
  86. Tahoebrian5

    What is your number one guitar at the moment?

    That fretboard.. for a second I thought I was looking at dominoes
  87. Tahoebrian5

    Guthrie Aristocamp workshop

    Just stumbed across this. If it was near the west coast I’d consider going. Anyone here planning to go? https://www.aristocamp.com/
  88. Tahoebrian5

    Best way to crossfade one grid row to another?

    I only used this method until my FC arrived but it worked just fine. I think I was using the mux block with a mod attached in my final version
  89. Tahoebrian5

    Axe-Fest East – Boston Amp Show - April 27-28

    There is a ten percent chance that I am 100 percent in.
  90. Tahoebrian5

    III = Djent Machine

    Nice, I’m GASn for a new Mogami 20’ now.
  91. Tahoebrian5

    5 hours looking for escaped young cat

    Lucky kitty!
  92. Tahoebrian5

    Axe-Fx III sounds anemic

    I’d put my money on either power amp sims disabled, cab sims disabled, or IR not loaded in cab block. Go to you cab block, change IRs and make sure you can hear a difference to check. Power amp sims will be a global setting. If everything is working correctly and you still need more fatness...
  93. Tahoebrian5

    Wish Zoom in as default view for Layout

    Yes, this would be nice
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