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  1. nicolasrivera

    Wish Suhr KoKo boost reloaded

    I currently own the KokoB and just do what JokeR III said, its spot on.
  2. nicolasrivera

    Cab Lab 4 on deck?

    Really hope CabLab 4 comes out soon, I still use my cab lab 3 as a plug for cab mixes, somethings with in the plug make Logic Pro crash as bug fixes has been abandoned for us paid users of the product, this contrasts the continue development and bug fixes of other fractal products. The Fractal...
  3. nicolasrivera

    Archer Select (Klon clone) to 1987x

    WOW, that pedal sounds freaking amazing!!! my next purchase, thanks @Burgs
  4. nicolasrivera

    Axe-Fx III Firmware 22.00 Public Beta (Beta 6)

    The fewer options we get the better! hope no third party please! There is enough already to achieve amazing tone, if people can't do it with what's at hand, well.....3k more cabs won't fix that.
  5. nicolasrivera

    Ben Eller plays a Les Paul through a Plexi

    I see those settings and in my head hear exactly how it sounds!
  6. nicolasrivera

    Headrush Prime

    Yes they are and it will be amazing! https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/whats-cliff-doing-now.192448/page-2#post-2393552 https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/whats-cliff-doing-now.192448/page-7#post-2393957
  7. nicolasrivera

    Headrush Prime

    This I what I wanted to hear! thanks. btw, did it take 2 minutes or less to complete the cloning?
  8. nicolasrivera

    FM3 Firmware Version 6.02 beta 1

    Thank you!!
  9. nicolasrivera

    Fractal vs Capture

    No one is saying the captures of the QC sound bad, that's all up to the end user. What people are experiencing in the better feel of the captures done with ToneX.
  10. nicolasrivera

    Fractal vs Capture

    The lowest quality capture setting in ToneX is equal in quality to those of the QC.
  11. nicolasrivera

    Whats Cliff doing now?

  12. nicolasrivera

    Fractal vs Capture

    Saying that to QC owners that really don't understand neural networks is like talking to cave men.
  13. nicolasrivera

    Walrus Audio Fable preset

    Thank you!!!
  14. nicolasrivera

    Whats Cliff doing now?

    What???? everyone knows that to set you started you need at least 32 cabs :p
  15. nicolasrivera

    Mark IIC+ Amp and its many pull knobs

    ohhh sorry thought you where talking about the plugin. Yes one model with all the options would have been better.
  16. nicolasrivera

    Fractal vs Capture

    Try ToneX, its has the feel the QC can't seem to capture well.
  17. nicolasrivera

    Metallica: If Darkness Had a Son

    Better than the last one. I really like this one.
  18. nicolasrivera

    QC, ToneX and the future of Fractal

    Before anything, from my experience dealing with many new comers to the Fractal world locally, they do struggle with the learning curve a lot. Line 6 and QC win them over with, more then anything else, a way simpler user interface and intuitive features. So, before talking about captures...
  19. nicolasrivera

    Mark Series EQ

    Very nice. I guess the real amp is the one with the pronounced low end as its similar to my Mark III low end with the first slider up high.
  20. nicolasrivera

    Tennis Channel

    Just set StarPlus. Watch on your terms.
  21. nicolasrivera

    Bought Myself a Christmas Present

    Cliff, you have exquisite taste! Congrats.
  22. nicolasrivera

    ToneX is blowing my mind…!

    Lots of great stuff coming in 2023 for ToneX.
  23. nicolasrivera

    Movie Review: Moonfall

    Saw it last night, cant believe Halle and Donald are in it.
  24. nicolasrivera

    FM3 Update anytime soon?

    Thanks for the update, will this reflect the new things released in FW 20.05 for the axe fx?
  25. nicolasrivera

    FM3 Firmware Version 5.03

    I have a good feeling this week will be it!!!
  26. nicolasrivera

    FM3 Firmware Version 5.03

    Thanks for the update.
  27. nicolasrivera

    FM3 Firmware Version 5.03

    Its Saturday!!!!!
  28. nicolasrivera

    FM3 Firmware Version 5.03

    Its Friday!!!!!!!!
  29. nicolasrivera

    WTF Warmoth Guitars!!!!?????

    Its a bit slow, but nothing i have not experience in other top brand websites.
  30. nicolasrivera

    Choosing between FM9 or FX III

    I'll tell you this, going from the FM3 to the FM9 felt exactly like when I went from the AX8 to the AXE FX II XL. The FM9 is extremely powerful and convenient, to me is the perfect sweet spot for a floor modeler.
  31. nicolasrivera

    FM3 Firmware Version 5.03

    Its the times we live in.
  32. nicolasrivera

    FM3 Firmware Version 5.03

    Unfortunately its not the peoples fault. We've been spoiled by Fractal since day 1. ;)
  33. nicolasrivera

    Announcing FM9 Turbo

    A Turbo XL with larger footswitch displays would be amazing in the future, my eyes would welcome that. 🤓
  34. nicolasrivera

    FM3 KLON?

  35. nicolasrivera

    Wish X/Y-Joystick Matrix to blend cabs

    Something like the STLtones LIBRA plugin.
  36. nicolasrivera

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 20.02 Public Beta (Beta 1)

    QC owners dont know what the word epiphany means!!!! Thanks Cliff.
  37. nicolasrivera

    Latency of amp modelers

    Yes exactly i remember using all lanes.
  38. nicolasrivera

    Latency of amp modelers

    When i was testing the QC there was a preset I made that the latency was like putting the buffer size in Logic to 1024 samples. I was surprised by this, like if there was no internal limit to the processing power.
  39. nicolasrivera

    Kirk Hammett with AXE-FX lll

    OMG!!!!!! Lucky man!
  40. nicolasrivera

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 20.01 Public Beta (Beta 2)

    First recording of a virtual voice coil being destroyed.
  41. nicolasrivera

    JP2C : Fm3 vs. the amp itself

    Marks have a rather clean power amp section, its all about the preamp section so yes they get pretty dam loud at 4 in the real amps, nothing is gained with higher master volume settings other than MORE volume.
  42. nicolasrivera

    JP2C : Fm3 vs. the amp itself

    The Mark V is a very versatile amp, the JP2C is a signature amp, the core gain tone , to me, is more aggressive and dry than other Mark units. This was a Mark V I briefly owned. This was a gathering of Marks and other amps we did at our studio to test the differences between Marks...
  43. nicolasrivera

    I've reached 119.9% warning!

    I was checking out @Admin M@ Blade Runner preset for the Axe FX III in the FM3 and this happened! Needless to say my FM3 exploded into a ball of raging fire thru the roof, its on its way to Orion. ;)
  44. nicolasrivera

    Wish Second Global Performance Control Page

    Performance Page has been so usefull to me that i wish i have a second global PPC, there is nothing quicker at hand to adjust my go to settings. Thanks.
  45. nicolasrivera

    Sophisticated thread about Globally turning off all Cabs in the FM3.

    So this means you just love the amp tones with out cabs?
  46. nicolasrivera

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 20.00

    Thank you @FractalAudio
  47. nicolasrivera

    Happy Birthday Leon Todd!

    Happy Birthday Leon, you are amazing!!!
  48. nicolasrivera

    IV anywhere on the horizon?

    you own the III?
  49. nicolasrivera

    Bug? FM3 Display bugs

  50. nicolasrivera

    FM3 Factory Presets 5.03 - Preview

    001 59 Bassguy sounds freaking amazing!!!!
  51. nicolasrivera

    FM3 Factory Presets 5.03 - Preview

    THANK YOU!!!!!
  52. nicolasrivera

    Joe Satriani spotted with an Axe Fx III

    I asked in the live stream but didn't set my answer, wha does Joe do to have eternal youth
  53. nicolasrivera

    Joe Satriani spotted with an Axe Fx III

  54. nicolasrivera

    Joe Satriani spotted with an Axe Fx III

    Joe is live at Tone Talk Show.
  55. nicolasrivera

    Why are so many people not relying on their ears anymore?

    IME dealing with guitar players in the studio its pretty evident many get accustom to bad tone thinking its good. I've been tone searching now for almost 32 years and continue enjoying the search, I believe I have develop a good ear for tones I like and for tones that fit on a mix. But more...
  56. nicolasrivera

    FM3 Firmware Version 5.03

    Yes, me too. But from what its mention it does it could very well be a "AITG" block making the presets in the FM3 more constrained. Its going to be a difficult decision and hope it gets implemented.
  57. nicolasrivera

    FM3 Firmware Version 5.03

    Don't get your hopes up.
  58. nicolasrivera

    Do FM9 presets work with FM3?

    Yes, but a lot of FM9 presets have more blocks than what the FM3 can handle.
  59. nicolasrivera

    FM3 Firmware Version 5.03 beta 6 (release candidate)

    Good points, will double check tonight, thanks.
  60. nicolasrivera

    FM3 Firmware Version 5.03 beta 6 (release candidate)

    Absolutely agree with you. I want my FM3 to sound as good as the Are FX III, let alone the FM9. Another great thing about the FM9 is seeing how you can put 2 amps, 2 cabs, 2 drives and 2 reverbs with high settings and the CPU barely ranges to the 70%. I'm so accustom to always watch my...
  61. nicolasrivera

    FM3 Firmware Version 5.03 beta 6 (release candidate)

    I exported the preset from the FM3 and imported it in the FM9, identical settings. The preset just feels better in the FM9, I went back and forth between the 2 units just to make sure my ears where no playing games, maybe is a well played game my head has, but I feel the difference.
  62. nicolasrivera

    FM3 Firmware Version 5.03 beta 6 (release candidate)

    All this CPU talk, I don't know if some of you guys have had the chance of trying an FM3 with an FM9 side by side, I did last night and man, what a HUGE difference. And let me tell you this, I have a particular preset that I always use so my ear is very very accustom to it, loading this preset...
  63. nicolasrivera

    Paul Kossoff

    A HUGE part of this tone, besides the man, its the pickups. Getting that nasal woody tone is essential to have a good pair of PAF repro set.
  64. nicolasrivera

    FM3 Gen 2?

    Supply chain.
  65. nicolasrivera


    I often like to virtually have one amp with 4 channels, all channels with the same amp. I can spend around 20 minutes dialing an amp with in the AMP BLOCK alone. The problem is that lets say the amp is a USA JP IIC+ Yellow en channel A and I want in channel B a USA JP IIC+ Red, but then have to...
  66. nicolasrivera

    What is the biggest ‘lift” going from the FM3 to the Axe3

    Having so much power and amazing tone in such a compact unit like the FM3 is simply amazing!
  67. nicolasrivera

    Happy Birthday Matt Admin M@

    Have a great day and thank you for all your support to all of us Fractal lovers! 🎂
  68. nicolasrivera

    Warmoth's new website BLOWS!!!

    must have been fixed, its blazing fast on my end.
  69. nicolasrivera

    FM9 Firmware Version 2.01 public beta

    Is there a problem?
  70. nicolasrivera

    Tone Match is awesome (step aside, Kemper and Quad Cortex)

    Yes. The capture/profile thing need to evolve into the next step, the full capture of the tone stack with a proper gain stage in the preamp and poweramp section at how the tone stack interacts with them. No one is doing this with this approach.
  71. nicolasrivera

    And you thought the Oscars were boring!!!

    If you analyze the video its pretty clear to me that Will had no problem with the joke, look at this image it is the moment after the joke, he is laughing at it...until he looks at his wife, at that moment he knew he was fucked if he didn't do something. The camera then turns back at Chris and a...
  72. nicolasrivera

    Banned from TGP

  73. nicolasrivera

    Banned from TGP

    I got banned a couple of times for my passionate love for FAS
  74. nicolasrivera

    Can the Looper store multiple loops?

    Storing loops has been a game changer for me in my HR unit, I have recorded more song ideas and riffs than I have ever done even in the mobile phone era. Really wish this would turn into a standard norm on most modelers.
  75. nicolasrivera

    Fractal Audio X-Load & Suhr Reactive Load Comparison

    Both have a correct impedance curve, both sound fantastic. Great video.
  76. nicolasrivera

    Two Notes IR's

    Two Notes makes great products, been using them for years now. DynIR is a marketing term just like any other company use, what makes them dynamic is that you can move the mics front and back of any given cabinet with up to 2 mics in the hardware units. If you have an audio interface you can...
  77. nicolasrivera

    Impedance Curves are my new Go-To for Tone Shaping

    The IC of the Fractal loadbox got me closer than ever to mimic my real amps with a reactive load.
  78. nicolasrivera

    Marc Bonilla on the FM3

    Wow!!! Welcome Marc.
  79. nicolasrivera

    Fractal Load Box IR ….

    I use the Captor X and the Suhr Reactive Load for my amps
  80. nicolasrivera

    Fractal Load Box IR ….

    There was supposed to be 2 models in development but only the LB-2 was released.
  81. nicolasrivera

    anybody else having problems with super slow preset switching times? FIXED

    This is happening in FM3 as well, extremely slow.
  82. nicolasrivera

    Announcing FC-6 Mark II and FC-12 Mark II

    This a very welcome upgrade!!! THANK YOU!!!!
  83. nicolasrivera

    Very interesting tone wood experiment

    Exactly. i didn't even bother watching it when i saw that.
  84. nicolasrivera

    FM9 Firmware Version 2.0 public beta

    Im a youngun then!!
  85. nicolasrivera

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 19.02

    Can you elaborate on this new global parameter please.
  86. nicolasrivera

    My blocks and presets

    Thank you Sir!!!!
  87. nicolasrivera

    Wish Fender Prosonic Combo

    Thank you!!!!
  88. nicolasrivera

    Best way to make the pickup routes on a Tele body deeper?

    A fast Dremel with a routing bit, i do this for what you are needing and have done it on floyd rose conversions. You need a strong hand and practice.
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