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    How can I plug my tube amps into Axe to hear using headphones?

    One of my amps is a THD Univalve. It has a guitar-level output on the rear. I frequently run it into the front of the AxeIII, while at the same time running the speaker out to a 4x12 cab. It works great, and I can mic and record the cab while also recording the cab sims.
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    Remember the dead Jammit app?

    Tried that route. Now that I think about it further, I may have had an extra set of inputs running to my studio monitors (they have two sets of inputs), running Jammit from the internal soundcard, feeding both signals at he same time.
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    Remember the dead Jammit app?

    Anyone remember the Jammit app? It operated with multitrack recordings, scrolling tabs, etc, and let you mute out instruments. A few years back, Jammit disappeared, shut down their authentication servers (which were needed to use the app at all) and ran away with the money people spend...
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    Rocksmith 2014, Xbox One, & Axe FX III

    Also interested. Link?
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    Switching from the II to the III - Motivations/Satisfaction

    This would seal the deal for me to make an upgrade. I hadn't found anything conclusive on whether or not the III made this possible or not... no videos showing it being done, or anything. Can one of you make a video, perhaps with real-time adjustments during the re-amping process?
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    Axe-Fx II > SPDIF > Focusrite Scarlett

    I have this working once before, but I've forgotten how I did it. Recently I bought a Scarlett 18i8. I was able to get the AxeII signal sent through Spidf at one point, but have forgotten how I did that, so I could monitor through the Scarlett. I was really hoping to be able to re-amp a...
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    Axe-Fx ll and Rokit Monitors (8 inch)

    I use Rokit 8's and a 10" sub with my Axe. I recently bought a Scarlett as well. One thing I I have noticed if that plugging both XLR from the AxeFX into the monitors, plus the balanced speaker outs from the Scarlett, cancels out the input from the AxeFX. Highly annoying. Worked fine...
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    Real AMP - Axe-Fx Loop

    I do this with a THD Univalve using the Guitar Level output on the Uni. No amp sims in the Axe, just cab sims and FX for recording. I also use the Uni's speaker level output to drive a 4x12 cab and the same time. Guitar>AxeFX>Univalve>AxeFX And I can boost the signal going into the...
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    Well here’s one thing you can do with the Axe III

    Well, I bet HE can walk and chew bubblegum at the same time. Yeesh. :oops:
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    Rockman X100 tonematch test

    Just fine here in Seattle.
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    Doctor Who 13th Doctor Theme

    I've liked all of the newer stuff, but the last Dr played by Peter Capaldi was my least favorite of these. My first exposure was late one night, the local public broadcasting station used to air an entire multi-part episode in on showing. About three hours later, at 3am, I was hooked. It...
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    Doctor Who 13th Doctor Theme

    Yup, for about 40 years! Tom Baker is my favorite. Haven't had a chance to watch this new season yet.
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    Rickenbacker Bass Pickup Help Needed

    Call Lollar. www.lollarguitars.com Hall sued Lollar a few years ago for making the Ricky horseshoe pickup reproductions. A design who's patent expired decades ago.... It wasn't a patent issue though. Hall had the gall to trademark the 3 dimensional design, including the horseshoes...
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    How to fix loose pickup pole pieces?

    Sorry, I had forgotten about this post. I haven't been here much lately... The glue basically builds up enough surface area to be able to cut new threads. On the slugs, one drop on each side. The glue will seep into the hole and secure the slug. As a matter of fact, that's what Seymour...
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    Multiple Buzzing Sounds

    A bit of hum when not touching strings is normal. Even for humbuckers. Humbukers will also only cancel 60 cycle hum. They won't cancel other type. Such as.. 240 rectified current, I think it was. Maybe it was 120? I forget. Not all humbuckers will cancel hum 100%. The effectiveness of...
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    Saturday Night Rock tune with my Banshee

    Banshee? Kauer Banshee?
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    All you high output pickup lovers...

    Same here. Big fan of lower output pickups. Crank the amp/pedals and let them do the work. You get out what you put in. If you put in a muddled mess, you'll get out a muddled mess.
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    Free bird Lynyrd Skynyrd

    I have somethign for you.. it will come in a PM... I sent you a PM. It will change your Free Bird life =)
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    Talk to me about pickups

    Pickups aren't just about the tone and frequency response that they produce. A lot can be done to bring out pick attack senstitivity, dynamics, harmonic feedback, note decay, all sorts of things.
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    Free bird Lynyrd Skynyrd

    Apologies if I sounded harsh. I was in a rather foul mood last night. Although there were four lead guitars in the original, the cover was fantastic, really.
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    Free bird Lynyrd Skynyrd

    There are four independent guitars for the Freebird solo. Each playing something different. Not two.
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    Fractal Steel workers?

    I was a blackmith for quite a few years, if that counts. My specialty was knife and sword making. And armory. Started an apprenticeship when I was 12 or 13...did it for nearly 15 years.
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    Coming to USA in January-February

    If you're able, bring a 128GB USB memory stick. I have some multitrack stuff that you WILL want, if we can manage to meet up.
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    Coming to USA in January-February

    Dinner is on me, if you want. We arrive in Anaheim on Monday before NAMM, and we leave Monday after NAMM.
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    F*!@#$% Mozilla

    Why use any browser or FTP client at all? Set up your FTP as a network location.. it acts as a hard drive (sort of) in My Computer. Drag and Drop right into any folder on your site that you want to.
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    Eric Clapton "Layla" Fender 57' Tweed Champ" Patch

    Here's a partial real mutltitrack for Layla.. if you're interested. https://mega.nz/#!gghyhKQL!esTiwmyZ_cI7dNzSCPI93VzrUL9zbZuGWa9MXjC9TsA
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    What to do when a luthier doesn't deliver?

    PM me the name of the builder if you don't want to out him here. I make guitar parts for a living, and do work for several people in CA. If I do work for him, I have no problem leaning on him a bit, if you want.
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    Is there a database of isolated guitar tracks (for tone-matching)?

    OOHHHHH!! That reminds me of a program I used to use... geeeeze, what was it called.... ohhhh yeah, that took some searching. http://goplayalong.com/ You can load an audio file and a tab file, then sync them together. If you have multitrack recordings, it's easy to sync to the full...
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    Is there a database of isolated guitar tracks (for tone-matching)?

    Yeah, I know Jammit died a long time ago. Bummer, they had a cool thing going. Figured out how to convert the tracks into usable stuff quite a long time ago. I get it now. What I was thinking that stuff did was compile everything from various multitrack leaks (audio, self-made tabs, etc)...
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    Is there a database of isolated guitar tracks (for tone-matching)?

    Wait.. what? That Jammit thing allows import of custom songs? Yea.. I'm pretty pissed at Jammit too.
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    Rhiannon - Acoustic

    dayyam. Any way to get a higher bitrate WAV? I'd love to add this to the car playlist.
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    Youtube Taking Down Covers - How Does It Work?

    In some cases, vocals don't seem to matter. I've tried putting stuff up without vocals, and they get removed. Youtube refuses to allow this video in any mix whatsoever. I finally had to relent and upload it to my own site.
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    NAMM 2017, anyone?

    Yep, we're leaving Monday. We always go down a bit early and do a few things beforehand. This year I'll be witnessing the first production run of a new component from a brand new plastic injection mold
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    Motor City Pickups

    How long did it take, overall?
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    Sweet. Stores in Japan sell weed.

    Any time. Will be gone for NAMM though in a couple weeks.
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    Sweet. Stores in Japan sell weed.

    What happens in the near future regarding that remains to be seen... Hey, you should come back over here some day soon!
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    looking for Adobe Audition CC and Apple Logic Pro X DAW users

    I use Adobe Audition, but not the CC version.. I'm still on 3.0, cause Adobe gave it away fro free a few years ago, and it still supports MIDI.
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    Free Bird solo

    Freeebirrrd. I'll just leave this here for anyone who wants it. And trust me. You really, really want it.
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    Brand New GHS David Gilmour 10-48 Strings – Rusted out of the box!

    I had about five complete packs of EB's that were rusty earlier this year. Never seen a rusted GHS.
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    What happens to tone when you increase the wire gauge on bobbin?

    <<--- pickup maker of 18 years. It depends. Are you retaining the same number of turns of wire? Or are you going for the same number of ohms? If you're going for the same number of ohms.. say 5k of 42awg vs. 5k of 43awg, the 5k of 42awg will be louder due to having more turns. You'll...
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    Summer NAMM in Nashvile, anyone?

    Woops, you can't receive a PM
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    Summer NAMM in Nashvile, anyone?

    You'll have a PM in a minute or three.
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    Summer NAMM in Nashvile, anyone?

    We're working on raising funding for the defense. S.Duncan will be contributing. If successful, it will be one of the biggest things ever to happen to the industry. FLights costs are currently reasonable. I can get an American Arlines r/t for about $450
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    Summer NAMM in Nashvile, anyone?

    No FB meassge received. weird.
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    Summer NAMM in Nashvile, anyone?

    I've been doing Winter Namm since 2003. It's important that I be at Summer Namm, specifically. There will be a speaker doing a session on trademarks. This guy represents one of the worst trademarks in the industry. I've researched it for 18 years, and it's invalid. Never should have been...
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    Summer NAMM in Nashvile, anyone?

    I've recently found it very important that I attend Summer NAMM. Getting there is not an issue... flights right now are OK priced, but if I need to, I'll drive from Seattle at the last minute, just to blow out the cobwebs from one of my cars. Finding space is an issue however. Is there...
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    Axe 3, you say? TigerSHARCs are phased out without replacement, it seems

    Here's a thought. If the phasing out becomes a problem, can a high end graphics processor platform be adapted for use with DSP processing? Unlike the general CPU issue that Cliff has mentioned, those chips are insanely powerful one-trick ponies. If anyone else could make such a chip, I'd bet...
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    Isolated Guitar Tracks. Your favourite + Source?

    Did you finally get accepted to Literecords? Guys, I've been using Literecords since about 2010 or so. Amazing place. My experiences with Acapellas4all haven't been so great. In fact, there have been a lot of complaints from people about that place. Literecords isn't "free" as it...
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    Seattle area: Modeler Day (public event) / FAS hang out

    Wish I could, but Sumner is a bit far.
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    Definitive Proof Of Just How Good The Axe-Fx Is!!!

    I have something that Youtube won't allow as well. Nailed every time. A short demo of some gear. Ended up uploading it to my website instead, and embedding it with an HTML5 player...where it will be missed by the majority of people searching for demos of my stuff.
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    Over the mountain cover (w/isolated guitars)

    ..And I'll bet there;s dozens of direct from the album rips of that track on Youtube, aren't there? I've have a great Zep Heartbreaker I've been wanting to post.. but Youtube isn't having none of it.. despite the dozens of real tracks on there. :mad: Sounds good!
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    Iron Maiden Concert

    Getting ready to go to the Tacoma show tonight!
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    Rick Derringer played at our studio yesterday....

    People who have had sets made by me, that's who. lol. I did several sets of an Alnico 2/Ceramic blend P90 for him for his P90 loaded Warriors. Warrior and I were in discussions about OEM for the Derringer models, but the owner never followed up. Rick love'ed 'em though,
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    Iron Maiden Concert

    Seeing them on Monday in Tacoma. They'd better! And if they don't, they'd better play Rime of the Ancient Mariner!
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    Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Official Teaser Trailer

    my GF is screaming about Forrest Whittaker. "He doesn't belong in Star Wars!"
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    Rick Derringer played at our studio yesterday....

    Was he playing one of his Warrior guitar with P90s?
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    Simplest Recording Program?

    Adobe Audition. MUCH better than Audacity. And you can get version 3.0 for free. Adobe released it to the wild a few years ago, when they deactivated the activation servers. Way better than Audacity.
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    Is there a pickup that helps the Axe FX II be most versatile?

    This is correct. Ohms is not a good determination of output. You want output? Look at millivolts. It's very easy to have a 10 or 11k pickup with less output than, say, a 9k pickup. To stuff 10 or 11k on a humbucker bobbin, you need to use 43awg wire. Which means less turns of wire, vs a...
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    Looking for that Jimmy Page tone

    Supro and a Telecaster is absolutely the way to go with it comes to early Page. Telecaster. Got that? Sometimes a Danelectro. FWIW, Supro just released an amp that's a replica of the same amp that Page donated to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I think it's call the Black Magic...
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    Does your choice of pickups really matter?

    It helps when you make them for a living. :D
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    Does your choice of pickups really matter?

    I've tested around 500 different iterations of pickups through the Axe, yes they do matter. Everything from hot winds, low winds, Alnico 2, 3, 5, 8, ceramic, varying wire tension, varying wind patterns, varying wire, varying coil balances... 500 is no exaggeration.
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    youtube vid removed

    I see a lot of vids with "JVM OD2" in the title. Somehwere or another, Youtube should tell you who the complaint/takedown was from.
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    NAMM NAMM NAMM here I come

    We're already here. Been here since Saturday!
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    Will a real P90 fit a humbucker rout? You bet it will!

    Admin M@ has given me permission to post this, so here goes... I've kept a pretty low profile here, but there are a few people who know me, and some who use my stuff as well. I've kept a low profile partly because I spend so much time working, and not enough time playing. My playing is...
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    X's Winter NAMM Thread....\m/

    We leave for NAMM in an hour and a half.
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    NAMM NAMM NAMM here I come

    Will have to check that out! There's a few software things I want to pay more attention to this year. I'm hoping Sony (surely they'll be there?) will have something about Spectralayers, a program I've been using lately...
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    My GF won $8...
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    NAMM NAMM NAMM here I come

    Might stop by! We'll be at the Vixen/Femme Fatale show Thursday night...
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    Need Security Camera Recommendations

    That's quite possible. I have a GF who's nephew lives with us... he's stolen quite a bit from the both of us in the past. We're tired of it and want him gone, but it's been a challenge to get him out.
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    NAMM NAMM NAMM here I come

    I sent you a PM about this. I'll see what I can do.
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    NAMM NAMM NAMM here I come

    It's that time again! Getting ready to leave for the NAMM show on Saturday. We're there for nine days. Will be on the lookout for a few people from here, as well as AxeFX units. Who's going?
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    Whole Lotta Love (Led Zepellin) w/ Supreme Trem (Supro) and Heritage H535

    That sounds pretty dang good. Here's a little vid I did a few months back. That's a '67 Thunderbolt next to me. Please ignore the plug at the end of the vid... this was a promotional piece because I get so many requests for Page.
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    Boston's Foreplay/Longtime Quantum 1.02 Tone Test

    And it shall be done ;)
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    prs guitars. where to start ?

    He's right. For the money, the SE's can't be beat. No way. I have a P22, and S2 CU24, and two SE's. One of the SE's is an early model, the other is a Zach Meyers. The workmanship on the Meyers is WAY above the workmanship on two four year old *GIBSON* LP's I own. No, I do not kid. I...
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    Boston's Foreplay/Longtime Quantum 1.02 Tone Test

    Moke, if you're interested, I have the full 25-track... much better separation.
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    Because it's Thanksgiving, I give this to you

    Happy Thanksgiving! A couple years ago I put together a pretty good backing track on Youtube for Zep's "Since I've Been Loving You" - I've seen it used here by a few people, good stuff. Some people have aged my to raise the bass and organ volume, so I did. Improved the drum sound, too...
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    Les Paul vs. Tom Anderson Bulldog

    Remember when they did the same thing to PRS and sued them? I seem to recall that Gibson lost that case, based on their own admission that nobody would mistake a PRS for a Gibson. It's a shame they had to strong-arm Tom like that, too... especially after losing the PRS case. When I heard...
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    What Recording DAW & Interface............?

    Adobe Audition 3.0 Why? Because Adobe released it into the wild a few years ago, free, due to end-of-life and deactivation of activation servers. And because it has complete WAV editing, including spectral view editing. And because it supports VSTi. No interface except the Axe.
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    Some AxeFX halloween thoughts...

    Ahh, unfortunately I don't. Once I unpack it though, I could go through some presets again and do another recording. I'm loathe to unpack that thing... it's in a storage space...behind a drum kit and loads of other stuff.
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    Some AxeFX halloween thoughts...

    Here's some stuff did just cycling through the stock patches a while back.
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    Some AxeFX halloween thoughts...

    Waayyy back in 1997, I bought a Theremin for Halloween. Connected it to a Zoom 8080 floor pedal, with an amp under the front stairs. Made the stairs rumble and shake like hell. We got no visitors at all, that year.:? I think I'll try it again, but with the AxeFX set on "creepy" and...
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    What's Best for Live Video Streaming?

    Youtube does live streaming. https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/2474026?hl=en YouTube Is the Sleeping Giant of Livestreaming | WIRED
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    Couple backing tracks for ya - Iron Maiden

    Foolin' around with 5.1 audio mixes. Ripped the 5.1 audio from the Live After Death DVD. Guitar is nearly completely gone once you removed the right channels. I just wish that DVD were the same performance night as the album version. Much better vocal performance from Bruce on the album, IMO...
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    Digitech Trio + Axe FX?

    I agree there. They only way I had it working, it wasn't going through any sort of signal chain at all... no amp. Alas, no guitar signal...
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    Has Axe-FX has made pickup change unnecessary?

    Because that's how I make my living, I have to say no. As Chris put it, much more than just EQ. Lots of characteristics that aren't even considered. You might be able to EQ the heck out of something, but you can't capture the harmonic content and complexity, microphonic characteristic...
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    Digitech Trio + Axe FX?

    Tried that. Distorted.
  87. W

    Digitech Trio + Axe FX?

    I've got a Trio on loan for a day or two from a local store. Hoping to get it working in conjunction with AxeII. I've tried setting the Axe up like you would do for a 2-guitar setup, but that doesn't seem to be working. Or I'm missing something... if I get an audio signal from the Trio...
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    Your preferred DAW

    Don't know, but probably. Download that file I linked to, and use the serial number included. Completely legit. Apply the 3.0x patch from Adobe to fix a crashing issue that occurs when Spectral view is displayed, I think.
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    Where can you find Mogg Files?

    Rock Band 4 is coming soon... the encryption is expected to be pretty nasty.
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    Your preferred DAW

    Why I am the only one who uses Adobe Audition? I freaking love it. v.3.0 can be had for FREE due to End of Life a few years ago. Adobe released a universal serial number, even. And it's still pretty capable. Supports VST, VSTi, Midi, an actual WAV editor, even Spectral view editor. I...
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    What pickups work best with Les Paul and Axe FXII?

    Just a FYI, any "P90" that is made to fit into a cover the size of a humbucker cover isn't even close to a real P90. The Duncan Phat Cat uses 43 awg wire, the Gibson P94 uses a tall, fat, telecaster-like coil. Some others are simply 1/2 a humbucker stuffed in the middle. Why is this? The...
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    Why no Youtube full-screen here any more?

    Just wondering. I noticed a while ago that I can't make Youtube full-screen when viewing on this forum any more.
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    Speed of Light

    Dug the progression of 8bit/16bit/32bit etc graphics. Makes me wanna break out my old NES. Bruce can still sing, for sure!
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    Many, many years ago, when I was 18 or 19, I went to a sci-fi convention. One night I was in a hotel room with a bunch of friends, and out of the blue, someone broke into that song. "deee dee dee dee dee Aweemhoweh Aweemhoweh" and then someone else joined in... after a bit, 9 or 10 people...
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    Isolated guitar tracks on Youtube

    I have some Def Leppard and Boston stuff that is pre-processing. Raw, no EQ, no effects...no nothing. Sounds like crap.
  96. W

    Isolated guitar tracks on Youtube

    I'm not up on my Sex Pistols, but I might be able to get "Pretty Vacant" if you're interested. Oh, what the heck. Here ya go. https://mega.co.nz/#!Q8BGULKa!AwM3FnGTo900IMYZejs9ou-XD-zBKosvf4cPjc-PwNo
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    Myka guitars

    Good to hear you didn't get it directly from him. That's not the kind of attitude I want to hear about from my OEM users. I'd probably pull my stuff if they gave buying people that kind of 'tude.
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