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  1. ChainOfThought

    Angle Severe question

    I've been using this one as my primary for a while now. Every now and then I like to set it up to match the last settings I took pictures of when I still owned the real thing. I'm pretty sure I've got all the different knobs and settings figured out as far as matching up the model to the real...
  2. ChainOfThought

    iRig HD with a USB-C Windows 10 tablet?

    So my toddler shattered my ipad today and it was my practice rig for Afghanistan travel. I've got another trip coming up in a few weeks so I need to figure out what I'm gonna do. Buying another ipad isn't in the cards right now. My available options are a Microsoft Surface Go, an iPhone 6s/6s+...
  3. ChainOfThought

    Trying to find a reason to keep my FRFR

    I bought a 12" passive xitone wedge not too long ago and now I'm struggling to find any reason why I should keep it. I want to put it right at the top here that this has nothing to do with the xitone itself, I think its an insanely awesome cab and I do still sort of want a second one in spite...
  4. ChainOfThought

    FRFR vs Cab - A death metal perspective & XiTone mini review

    This turned out to be a pretty long-winded reply to another thread, so I’m making my own thread for a little FRFR/cab comparison + XiTone initial impression review. I’ve been running my axefx2 through a Vader 2x12, its loaded with the stock eminence legends that were custom to the Vader brand...
  5. ChainOfThought

    Convert traditional cab to FRFR?

    I remember reading something somewhere about converting traditional guitar cabs to FRFR, maybe it was a particular Eminence driver or something? Is this possible? I have an empty Avatar 212 that I think would be perfect, or I have a pair of Orange PPC112's that I could pull the speakers from...
  6. ChainOfThought

    Can I do this? Possibly complex preset help

    I just got my XL+ and what I'm about to try and figure out is one of the primary reasons that I upgraded from the ax8. Now that I'm trying to build the preset I'm wondering if I wasn't thinking it through clearly and won't actually be able to do it. There are two guitarists (myself & another)...
  7. ChainOfThought

    Sell AX8 for AxeFXII, or wait for III....

    I love my ax8, but I don't play live and I would get much better use out of an axefx. I rehearse weekly with another guitarist, we pretty much play death metal. He plays through a regular MkIV rig & I run the ax8 through a matrix & some cabs. So far for recording I've been mic'ing his cab &...
  8. ChainOfThought

    Anybody else getting tempted to sell for an AxeFx2?

    Starting to see prices on AxeFX2+MFC fall into the 1200-1500$ range and I'm really having a hard time not posting the ax8 up to try and upgrade. I've got an Engl poweramp to sell as well, so between the two I think I could cover the cost, I would just likely end up with a Mark1 or 2 with an MFC...
  9. ChainOfThought

    Wish Hold for Scene

    I'd like the option to disable hold for xY and enable hold for scene. So you can set up all 8 switches for whatever, and if you hold any of them then you get the corresponding scene. Seems intuitive and useful to me.
  10. ChainOfThought

    Will this work? Pedalboard Questions

    So I'm starting to plan out a pedalboard for my ax8 and I have a couple ideas that I'm not sure about. On the board I want the AX8, EV-1, a mini-expression knob & a single button switch with LED. This http://this1smyne.com/shop/r2e2/ This one looks great, a 2nd extra footswitch is never a bad...
  11. ChainOfThought

    Nominal Output with Engl Poweramp

    So I'm a little bit confused on the nominal output level. I've never really known exactly what makes the distinction between "pro" and "consumer" grade equipment as mentioned in the manual. I know they're pretty industry standard terms, I've just never really known how to know what falls into...
  12. ChainOfThought

    Speaker Resonance with a Tube Amp?

    I remember reading at some point that if you're running through a tube poweramp into a traditional cab, you should set the hi & low speaker resonance settings in the amp block to 0. Is that accurate?
  13. ChainOfThought

    Frfr when the other guy is traditional?

    I've been really itching to try an FRFR setup but I can't figure out from searching forum discussions if it'll be a good fit for me--or more accurately if it will be a good possible fit for my situation. I likely won't be playing live, although there's always the chance of a small gig here and...
  14. ChainOfThought

    Is there a good reason for me to go FRFR?

    I don't play live, so I don't really care about patches translating to FOH. I play at home through a 1x12 with a poweramp, and I also have a pair of Equator D5's and Sennheiser HD380's that I use for setting up patches for recording. So, if I'm perfectly happy playing through a poweramp & cab...
  15. ChainOfThought

    USB/Mac problem, too much power

    So I just unboxed my AX8, incredibly excited. First thing I wanted to do was hook up AX8 Edit and Fractal Bot, get the new firmware on it and start looking around. When I plug in the USB I get a 'usb devices using too much power' sort of message and I can't get any connectivity to the AX8...
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