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  1. EdgE

    Power amp and cab

    So I've been a fractal fan since the ultra and I've always had a great one through monitors and head phones, I've struggled with a power amp and speakers to play with a band ,first time I played with the band with a matrix power amp and speakers ,my sound was lost(axe 2) ,I was so disappointed...
  2. EdgE

    Making an amp model bloom

    Just wondering if some one can give some idea's of making an amp bloom, I like the tone I'm getting ,using a fender bassman with Richard Fortus IR's. just a bit of reverb and delay, what your hearing in the video is though a qsc k2 10" recorded with an iPhone 8.Sounds pretty much like I'm hear...
  3. EdgE

    Bug? Volume up or down at times

    Switched on my axe8 today and the volume was really high, switch off and turned back on was fine? Also at times I'll switch to a different preset the volume will be real low ,switch to another preset and back its fine ?
  4. EdgE

    QSC K.@ 10'' speaker

    Was wondering the ppl who use these,what you have the speaker set to, default,monitor ,studio monitor. I have mine set to default, I'll tell you why,I bought this about a year ago on a whim.thought if I had a nice monitor I'd sing better, didn't help :) and I didn't really need it. so it sat...
  5. EdgE

    First practice with AX8

    So last night I brought my ax8 to practice ,had my other amp set up also just in case. Nobody knew what I was playing through .played the ax8 all night ,sounded awesome.everyone else thought so too. Two things did happen ,lights at practice dimmed,doesn’t usually happen,but my ax8 froze ,went...
  6. EdgE

    Just got my ax8

    Proud to say I’m an owner of the ax8, having owned ,the ultra,axe2. I’ve been axeless for a couple years.Thought i’d go back to tube amps ,which I did find an amp I love ,Carolann tucana 3. But I thought I’d try modeling again ,well I admit I went another direction, helix . While I’ll say it...
  7. EdgE

    Matrix users

    After 31/2 year with the ultra and axe 2 ,I want to use in a band situation with power amp and 2 1x12cabs. Playing mostly 70's rock some country. Thinking of getting the matrix 800 , more my budget . Need some input from you guys using matrix. I myself without the band am into VH, Alice and...
  8. EdgE

    Bug? Tilt Eq

    Just noticed that if the freq is set to high and you turn gain up ,it restarts the axe.
  9. EdgE

    trip-tik and brit+

    Just a little recording I did on a tune juice fro Vai, still learning the tune ,trip-tik on one side brit+ on the other.I'm no recording engineer, not perfect:D https://soundcloud.com/edge-1-1/juc
  10. EdgE

    safety with power tools

    Been working with tools and machines all my life,Have a wood shop at my house with a lot of 3 phase machines. Well I,m on the job last Thursday doing a wood floor , had to cut out for the floor vent ,had miter box to do side cut and had table saw to do the long cut,so I set the fence for width...
  11. EdgE

    Another weasel test

    At first I wasn't sure about this amp ,Now I'm lovin it.Yea I know its sloppy and theres to much fx :D Just guitar volume and pick ups http://soundcloud.com/edge-1-1/badger-test
  12. EdgE

    Alway with me ,Always with you

    I finally think I got a great tone recording ( first time),I,m no sound engineer.With backing track Satch Always with me ,Always with you - YouTube:D
  13. EdgE

    Fcb 1010 stomp box mode

    I know this has been talked about ,And I've read so much my eyes are red and hurt.I have the uno chip and I've got it to the point where the top row changes patches,but the bottom row does nothing.I want the 1,2,3,4 button to turn off and on effects and 5 to turn wah on and off. When I hit 1...
  14. EdgE

    YESSSSSSS It arrived

    Gotta say 1st impressions,are great.I couldn't stop playing the cameron high,tweaked the EQ ,added another delay.WOW Playing satch boogie, In my dreams, don't treat me bad(yea I love the 80s)2 1/2 hrs later here I am. Every thing with set up went smooth ,running mac probook 10.6.8 .The fan on...
  15. EdgE

    Check out my latest project

    This is I think about a 1988 kramer 610. Bought it with a stripped down finish ,was like orange.Anyway planed down the body(Alder)and put a maple birds eye, burl like top ,Stained a root beer color,Sprayed a urethane clear. Has a old kalher licensed floyd. Put 6105 stainless frets on it and evh...
  16. EdgE


    Ok ,just let you know midi sport ,every thing connected right ,been running the same way for a year .Anyway some thing must of got corrupt updating and than going back from newest axe edit to last version. first thing I noticed was my ultra was showing my edited light on and I didn't edit.I'd...
  17. EdgE

    New carvin leagacy 3

    Carvin.com - Guitars, Amplifiers & Pro Audio: Legacy III Series Amplifiers I love the tones of this amp, notice the axe 2 in the rack on the video
  18. EdgE

    New carvin leagacy 3

    Carvin.com - Guitars, Amplifiers & Pro Audio: Legacy III Series Amplifiers I love the tones of this amp, notice the axe 2 in the rack
  19. EdgE

    Question on Ir's

    Lets see if I can explain this correctly,lets say I'm using slot 3 and 4 in my user cabs and I make a pre-set and save them, then a week later I put different speakers in those same slots,My question is, does the preset I made a week ago with other speakers , change to the newer speakers I put...
  20. EdgE

    Damping and Sag

    Ok Maybe I a bit slow,but it never occurred to me to turn off both parameter's(This is while using headphone's and monitors) It sounds great. Or put damping at about .28 and leave sag off.Tightens things up with distortion and some of the amps that get a little flabby.Anyway thought I share:)
  21. EdgE

    Running wet and dry

    What I'm trying to do is run my axe with fx on one side and dry amp on other side. Using output 1 into m-mini ,using headphones.No matter how I set the balance of amp ,speaker ,inputs or outputs ,I always get the sound in both sides of the headphones.I even tried just an amp and cab an no matter...
  22. EdgE


    Ok This may be a dumb question ,but was wondering ,I use only input 1 and I have my I/O for input and output set to stereo. The thing I don't understand is why are only my left inputs light lighting . How come the right side on input 1 don't light up?? Thanks
  23. EdgE

    Hindsight is 20/20

    It just hit me, When I saw a list of new amps in the axe 2. Probably about 2 month ago I saw a clip on you tube ,I think it was a NY amp show they were playing a axe fx and somebody said that marsha was going to change the name to Friedman,And then I got my axe fx and the amp was still Marsha...
  24. EdgE

    ux2 interface

    Just something I figured out ,might help some. when using the line 6 ux2 for an interface .Left and right out of the axe,Left and right into line inputs. in your line 6 screen,make sure your in dual mode and only with the mixer .click on the mixer,make sure your on line1 and line 2 on your...
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