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  1. fremen

    Video : first gig in 18 months, with the FM9

    Playing as a guest with the band 9T9 last Saturday. My first gig since September 2021 or so, and first time using my FM9 live ! Shamelessly, this edit version of the whole show focus mainly on the interesting guitar parts I had to play - I made that for the FM9 users ;) there's also a few full...
  2. fremen

    New Fender FSR American Strat Ultra demo with Axe-Fx III

    I received that Strat a few weeks ago, but wanted to change the pickups before making a demo, as I'm not a fan of noiseless pickups. 0:00 impro with looper, 3:27 clean sounds, 5:05 crunch, 5:23 high gain It's a Fender FSR American Ultra Stratocaster, which has been customized with Fender...
  3. fremen

    Death Metal from Mauritius | all guitars and basses with Axe-Fx III

    I recorded a death metal band from here, Mauritius, at my home studio, using my Axe-Fx III for all the guitar and bass tracks. The video above is a medley of some my favorite riffs, using stems from the album. I muted the vocals for the purpose of this demo. Rhythm guitars : Herbie CH3 for the...
  4. fremen

    Axe-Fx III v 21.01 Synthpads/drones impros

    One last guitar video for the year, not something I recorded to make public (I would have worn pants instead of these shorts) but I'm publishing it anyway, as I have not been able to play much these last weeks due to health issues (fortunately, the nasty flu is over now). This was recorded on 22...
  5. fremen

    [video] I converted a Shawn Lane/Eric Johnson fan to Fractal World

    "Tell Matt Picone that I'm getting an Axe-Fx III !" (or a FM9). That was my friend Sacha's words after the session we just had together :cool: He never used any Fractal unit before but has been watching videos and demos on the net for quite some time. He also came across my work as a presets...
  6. fremen

    NGD/new pickups demos with FM9 (Revstar, Squier, Harley Benton...)

    Hi guys ! These last days, I recorded a few videos for some guitars that either I just got (Yamaha Revstar RSS20) or on which I just changed the pickups. As I used my FM9 for all these, thought I would share here ! Yamaha Revstar RSS20 (stock pickups, I won't commit the blasphemy of changing...
  7. fremen

    FM9 Dumble tones, trolled by my cat !

    I was trolled by my cat ! o_O :p I always viewed Larry Carlton's tone on "Last nite" as the holy grail of Dumble type sounds. Here, I'm playing over "The B.P. Blues" from that live album, I removed the original guitar track so you only hear myself. It's a quick attempt (meaning that I spent...
  8. fremen

    Bagpipe preset

    Yesterday, as I was recording AC/DC's "It's a long way to the top", I remembered that I made such a preset for the Axe-Fx II, and realized that I never ported it to the Axe-Fx III - until this morning ! I was even able to port it to the FM9, even with only one synth block :cool: Here's how I...
  9. fremen

    3 Ibanez, 1 FM9

    Here's some FM9 sounds with firmware 3.0, guys ! I used DI tracks from three different Ibanez guitars, all of which I sold : JPM100-P1, RG520QS with Seymour Duncan pickups, RG6PCM LTD More details in the Youtube video description
  10. fremen

    FS Paul Gilbert Great Guitar Escape

    Hi guys ! I bought a ticket to that camp, but can't go. So I'm trying to sell mine, even at a heavily discounted prince. I paid $ 2,596 $, willing to sell for less than 2,000 $, just make me an offer ! My ticket includes many bonus including an Ibanez MiKro Paul Gilbert guitar, a JHS Paul...
  11. fremen

    NGD : Squier Contemp Strat/Special/Strandberg Boden

    I received these two new toys yesterday, one ordered for me, one for a friend. We both ordered them to mod them, I recorded that video to keep track of the sound of the original pickups Squier Contemp Strat HH FR (the pink one, mine) Squier Contemp Strat Special (the blue one, my friend's)...
  12. fremen

    NGD : Ibanez Destroyer - Axe-Fx III v 20.0

    New guitar day - except the guitar isn't mine ;) I bought it for a friend today at a clearance sales at the local music shop. It probably has 10 years old strings on it ! I recorded that without doing anything on the guitar besides tuning it - I didn't even clean the strings or the dust on the...
  13. fremen

    Some cleans & Ambient tones, fw 2.02

    Love the clean & ambient sounds I'm getting from my FM9 ! It took me a while to convert those from the Axe-Fx III (too many errors in many blocks) and FM3 (delay times halved) but it was worth it, as the FM9 will be my de facto gigging processor from now on :) I used my Ibanez RG5220 with Bare...
  14. fremen

    Axe-Fx Ultra presets

    I just made 60 new presets on a friend’s Axe-Fx Ultra, that benefits from my 13 years of experience working on Fractal Audio processors. In 2009 and until the Axe-Fx II was released, I had an Axe-Fx Standard (I never owned the Ultra version). Back then I was already renowned as a presets maker...
  15. fremen

    NGD videos, with the FM3 (5.02b)

    I just uploaded two "NGD" videos, for guitars I received two days ago. As I used the FM3 for the demos, I thought about posting them here too ! Harley Benton SC-DLX : Epiphone 1961 Les Paul SG Standard : As you may notice on the video, I'm using 5.02 b, as I'm a beta tester.
  16. fremen

    Fw 19.02 - Full PINK FLOYD show

    Almost three years after the final "Mauritian Tribute to Pink Floyd" show, I played all my guitar parts live in my studio (the original guitar track is muted in the live recording of my band), recording DI tracks that I reamped through my Axe-Fx III, with firmware 19.02. Songs : 0:00 intro...
  17. fremen

    Presets [Fremen] Black Friday sales

    Sales are on until Cyber Monday ! Get a 30% discount (for a minimum purchase of €30) on fremenpresets.com, for all platforms : Axe-Fx II/III, AX8, FM3, FM9 I just released a new FM9 Pink Floyd video :
  18. fremen

    Presets Fremen FM9 presets masterthread

    My first FM9 presets packs, Pink Floyd and Amp Packs Bundle, are now available ! First , the Pink Floyd ones : About that video : Two years and a half after the final "Mauritian Tribute to Pink Floyd" show (2h26 min), I played all my guitar parts live in my studio (the original guitar track...
  19. fremen

    My first FM9 videos (presets included)

    'sup, guys ? So, I received my FM9 a few weeks ago, and I was in discovery mode for a few days. One thing I noticed is that the stock preset I made for the Axe-Fx III was sounding weird in the FM9, so I fixed it ; I'm attaching it to this post, so you can use this one until it is added to the...
  20. fremen

    AFIII Presets New Boutique+Blues pack

    Just released ! A new pack with 54 presets (and more soon) and 30 user IRs. In this demo I use a backing track by David Walliman. These are the tones I use to play Stevie Ray Vaughan/Larry Carlton/Robben Ford/Eric Clapton/Joe Bonamassa/John Mayer/Derek Trucks fan/Scott Henderson/Frank Gambale...
  21. fremen

    Karnatic/fusion/metal online collab video

    Hi guys, I want to share with you my new video. It's a song from my solo album, TDR Project, released in 1993, that I've decided to re-record, with two guests : Amine Mraihi (Tunisia/Switzerland) on electric oud, and Neriyen Veerlapin (Mauritius) on tabla. For lovers of classical Indian music...
  22. fremen

    Blues connoisseurs, please help !

    Blues connoisseurs, I need your help ! I'm searching for a song released approximately in 1989/1990/1991, possibly by Jimmy Vaughan (I'm not sure, it may be Duke Robillard or someone else), in which the artist pays hommage to blues greats (BB King, Freddy King, Buddy Guy and many others), by...
  23. fremen

    AFIII Presets Brilliant solo by Richard Hallebeek

    Quoting Richard : I’m playing a solo on the new cd from =AZUhRUVDpIOMGC9JFvNe6_dtnZ_WvOvQSs6QZqj7FVQjMEakFTXO9UG7gbI8mEH_hoHPSVZu8x3a4DjM9AqeB9YDIPuY-NMOCB_qtiQiIda5MUqJpFeOwmsSjYIkKCBXzv7F-dRcMiIiX179q2DSaMAL&tn=-]K-R']Eelco Van Zanten that was released yesterday. The track is called ‘Ghosts’...
  24. fremen

    Carnatic guitar

    This is a song in open tuning I wrote in the nineties ; I just discovered that its tuning is used in carnatic music, so I had to re-record it ! Rhythm guitar recorded with the piezo pickup of a PRS hollowbody, tuned (from high to low) in E-B-E-B-E-E. Solo improvisations with the Sustainiac...
  25. fremen

    New Epiphone Les Paul demo with Cygnus

    Some sounds from my new Epiphone Les Paul Modern guitar, with stock Probucker pickups, before I put some Seymour Duncan JB/59 on it. Or, maybe I shouldn't ? These stock pickups sounds great, but I also want the classic JB/59 pair on one of my guitars... What do you think, friends ? Recorded...
  26. fremen

    Axe-Fx III Cygnus b11 | Dumble lead (blues-fusion)

    Improvising over a backing track with the Dumble amp model of the Axe-Fx III, firmware Cygnus beta 11. The backing track was recorded last year, it was a post-rehearsal jam. I muted the guitar track I played back then. It's from a song called "Une dernière fois encore", by Canadian singer Garou...
  27. fremen

    Cygnus test - prog metal song reamped

    Using DI tracks, I reamped one of my band's song through the Axe-Fx III, with this beta firmware. The amp model I use, USA MKIIC++, has not yet been updated in that firmware, but I can already hear and feel the chug :D Song : "Priceless innocence", by Feedback, originally released in 1991...
  28. fremen

    Using a NAS system for multitrack recording

    Hi all, after another computer failure*, I'm considering getting a NAS system for everything - not only storage, but DAW stuff (no more than 12 tracks simultaneous recording), video editing etc. I'll then have a SSD in my desktop computer for OS, everything else will be in the NAS server. What...
  29. fremen

    Free Archon & Triple Crown presets

    As I did with the Archon for the Axe-Fx III, I'm now sharing two "Amp Pack" presets for the FM3, with the Archon and Triple Crown amp models. These are for firmware 2.0. Included is a user "cab" used for acoustic simulation, in scene 8 (user slot 226). The scenes are as follow : 1 Rhythm 2...
  30. fremen

    Some solos with the Axe-Fx III, live

    From my last gig : Thanks to firmware 14.04, I used a remote wha/whammy. Watch on youtube for the timestamps, the video ends with my favorite improvised solo ! This was from a "Tribute to Johnny Hallyday" (the most popular French rock singer) gig, here in Mauritius, where we are lucky to...
  31. fremen

    AFIII Presets Free Archon "all-in-one" preset

    Many liked the short video I made with the new Archon amp model after installing firmware 14.01 : So, I decided to make another Archon preset, one that can be used to gig as it has everything one can need (rhythm, crunch, lead, various cleans) and share it here ! Demo : INSTALLATION...
  32. fremen

    Live videos from my last gig

    I recently played in a tribute to Johnny Hallyday (very popular French singer), here's a few live videos. I used the Axe-Fx III with firmware 14, and only two presets for the full show (USA IIC++ most of the time, Triple Crest for "Le pénitencier", which is a French version of "House of the...
  33. fremen

    Sounds of the FM3 | Synthpads & drones

    Here's a recording made with firmware 1.06 beta. My apologies for the digital clipping at the beginning, the recording level for the screen capture app was too hot and I didn't notice :( these are a few presets from my "Synthpads & drones" pack, more to come !
  34. fremen

    NGW : Ibanez JPM100 P1 - Dream Theater cover

    NGW(*) : Ibanez JPM100 P1, Pull me under (Dream Theater) partial cover (*) = New Guitar Week ;) Normally us guitarists we use "New Guitar Day", but the day I got it, I couldn't play due to hand injury - today is my first day playing it, with the hands still a little off. I'm using a Axe-Fx...
  35. fremen

    FM3 Presets Fremen FM3 packs

    Hi guys, my FM3 presets packs are now available ! EDIT 30 August 2020 : I finally have some decent demos for my FM3 packs, which has been released earlier this month ; I'm editing this post accordingly : Here's the link to the packs : https://fremenpresets.com/fractal-audio-fm3/
  36. fremen

    New Guitar Day : PRS Hollowbody Piezo SE

    I received this beauty yesterday, just 30 minutes before I had to go out. Wanted to record a quick demo with it, which I did in ten minutes ! I edited a 30 seconds video version which I sent to a few friends, and out I was - the taxi was waiting outside ;) Today, I made a proper edit, and here...
  37. fremen

    Andy Timmons birthday international collab video

    After Joe Satriani's birthday video, I had the honor to play in an international collaborative video project, this time for my favorite guitar player, Mr Andy Timmons. All participants are Dreamcatcher Events alumnis. I was at Vai Academy 5.0, where I had the pleasure to talk to and jam with...
  38. fremen

    International collab video for Satch birthday

    Very honored to be a part of this ! I used the Axe-Fx III on it. A little secret : the song is in C, but I'm tuned in Eb. I wanted to play it in C, but didn't want to re-tune/re-set my guitar (a pita on a Floyd Rose type bridge). And as Satriani signed it, I wanted to use this one ! So, I...
  39. fremen

    Fixed Pitch block mix won't stay at 100%

    I need the mix parameter of the Pitch block to be 100% both on channel A & B (using custom scales for the lead here). But each time it goes back to 50%, after being saved with the correct setting.
  40. fremen

    Converting complex Axe-Fx III presets to FM3

    This is not a conversion tutorial as such, but an insight on how I proceeded to convert my Axe-Fx III presets to FM3 format. Loading a Axe-Fx III preset directly into the FM3 wouldn't work for me and my complex presets, so the initial work has to be done with Axe-Fx III edit : making everything...
  41. fremen

    Mauritian sunsets | looper impro

    I recorded these improvisations with a looper preset while showing what the Axe-Fx III can do to a friend - a new convert, he's getting one ! There's no video of my playing unfortunately, so I used some pics of Mauritian sunsets taken from my balcony (and one from a plane) instead. That segment...
  42. fremen

    Joe Satriani cover | lockdown jam

    Jamming with friends on a Joe Satriani cover, "Always with me, always with you". With a technical incident in the end, the bridge pickup wanted to break out of my guitar ;) Recorded using firmware 12.07.
  43. fremen

    "Black Rose" (Thin Lizzy) cover

    A song I used to play with my band around 1987-1988. I relearned the correct parts for left and right channels (respectively Gary Moore/Scott Gorham) today and added a center guitar. Recorded with the Axe-Fx III, firmware 12.07. Guitars : Tom Anderson Angel (left channel), Ibanez RGR5220 (right...
  44. fremen

    Overwriting stock cabs by mistake ?

    Wondering if it's possible to overwrite stock cabs ? I wanted to capture a few IRs and assuming they were going to one of the user cabs bank, I didn't look and apparently, I stored them over stock cabs (F 0001 and 0003). How is it possible to get the stock cabs back ?
  45. fremen

    AFIII Presets Fremen Presets masterthread (releases, updates etc.)

    In concordance with the new vendor rules, I'm gonna make this the master thread for all my presets releases. From now on, I will post updates here only. I will still reply in the older threads when asked a question but would prefer to centralize everything here So up to now, here are all my...
  46. fremen

    Things you do when you are bored...

    Life in lockdown, episode 1. A "graphic" preset made just for fun, with my initials, during Covid-19 lockdown. Did that whiled bored ! Still, it works, and I managed to find something very close to my go-to lead sound using stock cabs. Preset (with name change and reverb added) ...
  47. fremen

    [Video] New Mesa TC-100 model

    Posted in the Firmware 12.05 thread, but I think it could be in that section too : Here, I'm improvising with the new Mesa TC-100 model added with firmware 12.04. I have a Mesa TC-50 (50 W, slightly different) myself, love that amp, and the Axe-Fx III 100 W model ! I also recorded another...
  48. fremen

    United Guitars Fest #1 in Paris

    Last week-end, I went to United Guitars Festival #1, a gathering of some of the best players from France. Gear demos, conferences, masterclasses (including one on amp modelling !) concert... I made a post about it in my blog, with a video and some pictures. Soon, I'll post longer videos, and...
  49. fremen

    NGD : PRS Paul's Guitar, Epiphone Les Paul

    Recorded with the Axe-Fx III and lot of clams, on Christmas Eve. Merry Christmas everyone ! This is a quick webcam recording of two guitars I received three days ago : PRS SE Paul's Guitar in Amber, Epiphone Les Paul Traditional PRO-III Plus Desert Burst (Limited Edition). If someone knows...
  50. fremen

    AFIII Presets Richard Hallebeek jazz-rock presets pack

    This artist Axe-Fx III presets pack features 168 different scenes, divided over 21 presets, designed by Richard Hallebeek in collaboration with me, over several months, through internet and also two work sessions in Amsterdam. 17 presets are meant to be used straight to a front-of-house mixing...
  51. fremen

    JTM 45 blues with new Gibson SG

    I've been playing guitar for 37 years now, but like I said in another post, it's the first time, since Wednesday, that I own a Gibson ! I wanted a SG for years, and just got that SG Standard HP (for High performance). Axe-Fx III with firmware 9.0, JTM45 amp model. Bonus preset added to "Fremen's...
  52. fremen

    [NGD] Blue Oyster Cult live solo cover, with firmware 9.01

    NGD ! Received today, this gorgeous Gibson SG Standard HP 2018 in Blood Orange Fade. Incredibly, although I started guitar in 1982, this is my first Gibson... Being a huge Blue Öyster Cult & Donald "Buck Dharma" Roeser fan, I associate this guitar model with him, so I had to cover one of his...
  53. fremen

    World music - Axe-Fx III for oud

    Dutch fusion guitarist Richard Hallebeek, with whom I collaborated on a fusion presets pack for Axe-Fx III, got me in touch with one of his friend, Amine M'raihi, which wanted some help tweaking Axe presets for his oud, a luth-type instruments used in Arabic classic music, among others...
  54. fremen

    AFIII Presets [Fremen] Rock & Metal pack

    Hi guys, my rock/metal pack is now released ! 67 Axe-Fx III presets including the Rockman X100 tonematch & Tool "The Pot" (both requested since a few months, I made videos of those, see below), tones inspired by the amps/effects settings of the greats I met at Vai Academy (Steve Vai, Andy...
  55. fremen

    Rockman X100 tonematch test

    Sound test : tonematch of a Rockman X100 distortion with the Axe-Fx III, firmware 6.03. Playing over one of my favorite Boston songs, "I think I like it". I recorded two rhythm tracks panned left/right, and two solo tracks
  56. fremen

    Top 5 presets video - Majesty/Strandberg/Tom Anderson/Ibanez

    Here's my 5 favorite lead presets for the Axe-Fx III ! I had lots of fun playing those, specially after a forced two weeks break (I traveled to Madagascar, then came home with food poisoning, 10 days later I'm still recovering...). I used backing tracks that I never heard before (by Claudio...
  57. fremen

    Music Man Majesty vs Suhr vs Strandberg vs Tom Anderson vs...

    I received my Majesty three days ago. Here I'm testing piezo tones first, then magnetic pickups, for clean tones, and comparing with some of my other guitars - Line 6 Variax, Suhr, Strandberg, Tom Anderson, Fender Player, Ibanez RG premium... Surprisingly, the Graph Tech bridge + Acousti...
  58. fremen

    Original song - prog metal

    My drummer and I playing a song from our second album (*), for the first time since 2008. We didn't rehearsed, and he didn't even practiced the song (or even listen to it) before coming at my studio - in fact, the goal of the session was to test playing with a click track and sequenced...
  59. fremen

    Clean, ambiant & SFX presets pack

    New Axe-Fx III pack available ! clean tones for the Axe-Fx III, with 60 presets : 21 special effects, 2 iconic clean tones (“Wicked games” and Marillion’s Steve Rothery), and 37 pristine clean presets, each with 8 scenes, the first 4 being tonal variations (standard, scooped, fat, edge of...
  60. fremen

    Molly Hatchet cover / Quad Pitch Shift

    That's a song I used to play with my band in... 1988-1989 ! I always loved Molly Hatchet, we covered this one and "Boogie no more". After recording it yesterday, my "tendinitised" right arm cursed me for hours, lol There's 7 guitar tracks in it, two rhythms panned left/right, two secondary...
  61. fremen

    Fremen - Synthpads & drones pack

    Hi guys, I just released a new pack : This Axe-Fx III pack for firmware 5.06 has 32 presets using the Synth blocks for drones and chords, over which you can play. The chords are selected by scenes (each scenes selects a different chord), except in a few presets where the changes are...
  62. fremen

    Axe-Fx III 5.03 | USA JP IIC+ first test

    Testing the new amp model added in firmware 5.03. I used two existing presets from "Fremen's picks" and one from the USA IIC+ "Amp pack", selected the new model (which loads default settings) and tweaked from there.
  63. fremen

    AFIII Presets "Fremen's Picks" for Axe-Fx III

    My go-to presets (besides the ones I use with my Tribute to Pink Floyd cover band, of course) are now released ! EDIT 2nd March 2019 : update for firmware 3.02 added. https://fremenpresets.com/downloads/axe-fx-iii-fremens-picks/ These 92 presets, most of which have from 4 to 8 scenes, are for...
  64. fremen

    Richard Hallebeek testing my Axe-Fx III Amp Packs

    Quoting Richard Hallebeek : "I recorded this demo for Fremen’s Fractal Audio Axe-Fx III presets since they’re so fantastic. Fremen has very big ears and all his presets are so very musical and usable, straight out of the box! I picked some random sounds here - no post-signal processing or...
  65. fremen

    Porcupine Tree cover - firmware 3.0

    Posted in the firmware 3.0 thread but I think it deserves its own thread. Here's a cover of my favorite Porcupine Tree song, recorded with the Axe-Fx III firmware 3.0. No keyboards used here, just a MIDI drum track, everything else was played on 4 or 6 strings through the Axe 3, using and...
  66. fremen

    Merry Christmas! 'Amazing Grace' with a looper

    Merry Christmas to all ! I recorded this cover this evening, while sick with fever and cough :/ Guitar : Axe-Fx III with a looper for the clean chords ; all guitars are from the same preset and played in one take. Bass guitar also recorded with the Axe-Fx III. Drums could be much better but I'm...
  67. fremen

    AFIII Presets Pink Floyd presets pack - Fremen

    The Axe-Fx III versions of my Pink Floyd presets are now available ! These 21 presets (+26 alternate versions) covers 26 Pink Floyd songs : Another brick in the wall Pt 1 & 2, The happiest days of our lives, Breathe, Comfortably numb, Echoes, Goodbye blue sky, Have a cigar, Hey you, High...
  68. fremen

    One AX8, three guitar players

    How versatile can the Fractal Audio AX8 be ? Check for yourself, with three different guitar players : Daniel Riesser (jazz fusion, jazz, funk), me (mostly pseudo Vai-like licks) and Sookrit Hulloowan (heavy blues, hard rock)
  69. fremen

    7 Axe-Fx III amp models for extreme metal

    Death metal riffs through 7 different models of the Axe-Fx III, with firmware 1.19 beta guitar : Cryptic Carnage Wish I could play like that but my right hand is in constant slow motion :)
  70. fremen

    Fremen's Axe-Fx II amp packs

    After the Axe-Fx III and AX8 versions, my Axe-Fx II amp packs are now available. This new video was recorded with the AX8, but of course the Axe-Fx II version sounds the same. Spectacular playing by my friend here, and he doesn't even uses a pick (watch closely !) o_O Also recorded with the...
  71. fremen

    Fremen AX8 "Amp Packs"

    Hello guys ! My new AX8 "Amp Packs" are now available. Watch on youtube for the exact timing of each amp model demoed, if you want to skip some parts, as my noodling maybe be a little annoying ;) Each pack has 15 presets (+ a 16th preset for cleans), each preset 4 scenes. Each preset also...
  72. fremen

    AFIII Presets Fremen Axe-Fx III "amp packs"

    Hello guys ! My long awaited Axe-Fx III presets are now available. Instead of converting my existing Axe-Fx II packs, I have something new : 30 amp packs. Each pack has 15 presets, each preset 8 scenes. Each preset also uses a new custom IR for the rhythm/crunch/lead scenes. The clean scenes...
  73. fremen

    Free AX8 presets from Fremen

    Hello guys, I released a free presets pack : https://fremenpresets.com/downloads/ax8-free-samples-pack/ These free presets are samples from my various packs, for Quantum 10 firmware. They all have multiple scenes and controllers (using 2 or 3 expression pedals). They are bundle presets (except...
  74. fremen

    Free presets from Fremen

    Hello guys, I released a free presets pack, with samples from all my packs : https://fremenpresets.com/downloads/axe-fx-ii-free-samples-pack/ A few days ago there was a thread in one of Fractal's Facebook group, where there was some talk about sharing my "free" presets - except that the only...
  75. fremen

    Welcoming myself to the Axe-Fx III club

    I joined the club a few hours ago :cool: These are my first minutes with the unit. I specially wanted to check the cab block. Here you can hear the very first sound I got out of the unit (stock preset "59 Bassguy"), then I checked the MK II, which is my go-to amp, and edit two presets using it...
  76. fremen

    Late to the party but... NAMM videos (AX8 inside)

    I had the great privilege to go to NAMM this year, not so much for the gear than to see great musicians play. Where I live, in Mauritius in the Indian ocean, you never see anyone play, so it was a real feast for me. I know I'm a bit late about this, but here's some videos. Some of my favorite...
  77. fremen

    FRFR tests : Atomic CLR, Redsound RS-LG12A... and Boss Katana Artist

    I wanted to compare all the FRFR solutions I have to amplify my modelers : Atomic CLR, Redsound RS-LG12A... but also a Boss Katana Artist, which I use mainly for an acoustic guitar, but which is also used by some modeler users. I used the same presets (one clean, one high gain rhythm) from an...
  78. fremen

    Ron Thal using the AX8

    I don't think anyone posted this ? imho, one of the most impressive shredders out there. I love his "hermit" album
  79. fremen

    Coming to USA in January-February

    I will be in the USA from the 24th January to the 9th February, and would love to meet fellow Axe-Fx II/AX8 users, and even jam if possible… First I'll be in Anaheim for the NAMM show, a dream come true for me. But I won't necessary be at the show all day long during 4 days Then, between 29 and...
  80. fremen

    Fender Tele Baja with Seymour Duncan pickups problem

    Help needed guys... I have a Fender Tele Baja, the one with the 4 positions selector and out of phase switch. I swapped the pickups with the Seymour Duncan "Hot Tele set". Now, the out of phase switch mutes everything, and the bridge position sound out of phase in all cases. Anyone can help ?
  81. fremen

    channel switching question - Mesa MK V 35 watts

    Does anyone here owns both a FX8 and a Mesa Boogie Mk V:35 ? If so, how does the channel switching works with the relay on the FX8, as the Mesa footswitch is not a mono one ? I'm considering getting a FX8 but only if here's way to channel switch the Mesa, or any other amp using multi functions...
  82. fremen

    NGD : Harley Benton CST-24T

    Harley Benton guitars, Thomann's Musikstore brand, are incredible bang for the buck instruments. I already had a Les Paul and a Tele, and wanted a PRS copy to add to my collection. The CST-24T is considered by many to be the best Harley Benton for the money, at around 220 euros ! These...
  83. fremen

    Comfortably numb - live cover

    The very last song from a recent gig, with my tribute to Pink Floyd band. Can say we had a blast :) Using the Axe-Fx II XL+ with quantum 8.02. The acoustic guitar player uses my AX8
  84. fremen

    Guitar playthrough - a song from my band

    Playing over "Cursed", a song from my band, Feedback, on the album "A moment of transition". Didn't nail it exactly but it's impossible for me. Recorded with Axe-Fx II and Quantum firmware 8.02 I didn't save the preset unfortunately, but it's the"Plexi crunch" from my bank A, slightly tweaked...
  85. fremen

    Reamping with Q8.01 : Rose of Sharyn

    I reamped DI tracks of "Rose of Sharyn", by Killswitch Engage, through some of my Axe-Fx II presets... and played a solo on top of it :cool: :D
  86. fremen

    AC/DC cover with Q8

    I recorded that for the fun, using theJCM800 #34 for rhythms, and Friedman BE V2 for the lead. More gain than in the original for sure ! Didn't finish the song as I broke a string during the second solo...
  87. fremen

    Fremen Q7.02 presets

    After weeks and weeks of intensive work, the first two packs are here ! One has 128 presets, the other 90... http://axefremen.blogspot.com/2017/04/axe-fx-packs-for-quantum-702-and-above.html This is a soft launch, I still need to record proper demos, but this will wait, I'm close to a burn...
  88. fremen

    NGD : Ibanez RG6PCMLTD

    I wanted a guitar with stainless steel frets for quite some time, and when Ibanez released a Premium model with those, I couldn't pass by. Here's a few clips comparing my new guitar with a J Custom. Not a perfect comparison, as the J Custom is in Eb like all my guitars, and its strings are quite...
  89. fremen

    Heavy Metal Africa

    What's up guys ? Just wanted to share that yours truly is among the many musicians from Africa featured in this great book, available on Amazon : The author, Edward Banchs, visited my country, Mauritius, along with 6 other African countries. « Edward Banchs holds a BA in Political Science...
  90. fremen

    Merry Christmas ! + live video

    Merry Christmas ! This is from last night, I used my beloved Axe-Fx II XL+ here. Unfortunately on this video the other guitar player is louder than me, he used a 100 W tube amp, and the FOH speakers, were we're properly mixed, are are behind the camcorder
  91. fremen

    Drive pedals demos

    An interesting source to hear the real pedals behind some of the Axe-Fx II/AX8 drive models :cool: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7TZfq2KCbGNhoGlbBesRbQ
  92. fremen

    6.02 clip : wha+formant test

    A quick funny test : I wanted to see how a wha+formant, or wha+filter (the later used as lighter sounding wha too) would sound. The filter block is from my "Twin reverb clean" preset (012 in bank A of my Axe-Fx II XL+), I programmed something like this years ago, so as to retain a full bodied...
  93. fremen

    Prog metal from Mauritius, using the XL+

    I recorded/mixed this for a band from my country, Mauritius. Guitars and bass recorded with the Axe-Fx II XL+. Enjoy ! :)
  94. fremen

    Ravel's Bolero cover with more than 30 musicians

    I’m proud to be a part of this project : I’ve yet to watch it, with the slow connection I have at work. Wish I played better too but oh well, I only had a small part :) I used the AX8 for this, and if I recall well, it was the Tucana 3 model Fabien Labonde is a friend from France, we both...
  95. fremen

    Fremen acoustic simulation pack

    I just released an Acoustic simulation tonematch presets pack forAxe-Fx II MKI/MKII/XL (v 3.03) and AX8 (v 3.51), available from here : http://axefremen.blogspot.com/2016/06/acoustic-simulation-tonematch-presets.html The idea was to use as many different electric guitars/pickups as possible and...
  96. fremen

    Fremen - 5 scenes presets pack released (Axe-Fx II/AX8)

    I just released a new pack of 51 presets for Axe-Fx II/AX8 : http://axefremen.blogspot.com/2016/06/5-scenes-presets-pack-axe-fx-ii-ax8.html As a bonus, there's this special preset I just made for international Music Day :
  97. fremen

    AX8 4CM test (video & preset)

    A quick test, I wanted to hear how the AX8 works with an amp in 4 cables method. Works great ! Amp used is a Peavey ValveKing 20MH (the EVH below is a bit too loud for my room, at least at that time of the day). Here I used it in 5 watts mode. The camera is a Sony HDR-MV1. I also wanted to...
  98. fremen

    Pickup selector question

    I need to change the pickup selector in my Ibanez, a RG520QS with two humbuckers. The switch is a 5 positions one. For practical reasons, I need to order from Thomann, is there a model on that list that would fit ? http://www.thomann.de/gb/5_way_switches.html
  99. fremen

    video from a short tweaking session

    Here's a video from a short tweaking session : In my original 5 scenes presets, each scene sets a different amount of gain in the amp block. Scene 1 is clean, scene 2 edge of breakup, scene 3 crunch, scene 4 mid gain, scene 5 high gain for soloing. Here, I'm showing how to change a 5 scenes...
  100. fremen

    Any Fractal user in Cape Town ?

    I'm going Cape Town to see Iron Maiden next week, so if anyone from there is a Axe-Fx or AX8 user, we can meet !
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