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  1. JIMMY G

    FC-12 randomly freezes

    Sounds like it's a possibility I'll check that out. I'm not sure if I should open it, but I guess I could just open it and look, I don't think that me opening it will cause any issues. Thanks for the suggestions I'll keep on it :cool:
  2. JIMMY G

    FC-12 randomly freezes

    I tried two different cords and it still happened. I noticed that it's the first 3 switches bottom right. I checked the MLM switch combo and it's set to disabled. I think I understand that to be the proper setting to use those switches as normal, or I might have it backwards just triyng to find...
  3. JIMMY G

    FC-12 randomly freezes

    Ya it's weird that it's just like the bug that was fixed, oh well I'll try a new cord tomorrow and go from there. I'm sure it will get worked out one way or another. Thanks
  4. JIMMY G

    FC-12 randomly freezes

    In also just saw this from firmware 1.12 release notes not sure if this is still a problem or if it has something to do with my issues. FC 1.12 Release Notes: Improved robustness to mitigate the rare occurrences some customers have with footswitches, mini-LCDs, and LED rings freezing or...
  5. JIMMY G

    FC-12 randomly freezes

    I'm using firmware 21.01 and the FC-12 is first edition not mark 2 and is running 1.12. I'll try a the new cord and if it continues I'll contact support. I'm trying to avoid that but it just keeps happening. Thanks for your suggestions, I'll report back after I use it tomorrow. Happy New Year...
  6. JIMMY G

    FC-12 randomly freezes

    Anyone having issues with the FC-12 randomly not working? It freezes and then you can see the button assignments but nothing works when you press the buttons on the FC. It will work again after I shut off the Axe 3 and restart then after a little while it freezes again. The front panel works...
  7. JIMMY G

    Axe-Fx Firmware Version 21.00 Public Beta #4 (Beta 4)

    Hi all, I just updated to Beta 4 and i disabled MLM Combo on the front and in axe edit/fc-edit and the RT bottom row has 3-4 switches still not working.
  8. JIMMY G

    FC-12 Bottom right switch

    Hi all, I just updated to Beta 4 and i disabled MLM Combo on the front and in axe edit/fc-edit and the RT bottom row has 3-4 switches still not working any ideas?
  9. JIMMY G

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 19.08

    I feel like the tuner has been weird as well, but maybe it's just me.
  10. JIMMY G

    Axe 3 cycles thru scenes non-stop

    I have to step away for a few hours, If no one can help I'll contact support tomorrow. Thanks for helping!
  11. JIMMY G

    Axe 3 cycles thru scenes non-stop

    Yes, nothing is plugged in at all
  12. JIMMY G

    Axe 3 cycles thru scenes non-stop

    Still does it
  13. JIMMY G

    Axe 3 cycles thru scenes non-stop

    Ill try it now. But I have re-started a bunch (just on and off)
  14. JIMMY G

    Axe 3 cycles thru scenes non-stop

    Same thing
  15. JIMMY G

    Axe 3 cycles thru scenes non-stop

    There is an external midi controller ( Ground Control Pro ) it's just for changing pre-sets
  16. JIMMY G

    Axe 3 cycles thru scenes non-stop

    Its not the buttons. All functions work it just wont stop cycling
  17. JIMMY G

    Axe 3 cycles thru scenes non-stop

    No FC connected
  18. JIMMY G

    Axe 3 cycles thru scenes non-stop

    I dont think so, but Ill check that out but i dont think its that simple
  19. JIMMY G

    Axe 3 cycles thru scenes non-stop

    Hi everyone, I turned on my axe 3 today and on every pre-set it just keeps cycling from 1-8 real fast thru the scenes and wont stop. It has sound but cause its changing scenes all the time its jumbled. Any suggestions? Contact Support? It's a bummer for sure. Any help would be appreciated.
  20. JIMMY G

    Need a Quiet and Clean A/B-Amp Switcher

    I'll check these out thanks
  21. JIMMY G

    Need a Quiet and Clean A/B-Amp Switcher

    Hi all, I'm looking for a new A/B switch to replace my Whirlwind Selector A/B box . I'm switching between an Axe FX II and a BE-100 / FX8. The Whirlwind seems to suck tone and the power is noisy. It switches just fine but the loss of tone and noise is too much for me. I've tried a few of the...
  22. JIMMY G

    Strats - I love and hate 'em

    I would love to have one ( I'm a Les Paul Guy now ) but my picking hand turns the volume down while i'm playing like the posts above.
  23. JIMMY G

    Not understanding FX8 or maybe it just doesnt do this?

    I'm not in front of my computer, but I think you can just go into config ( in FX-8 Edit )and assign the switches to what effects you want ( right click and pick assignment )and assign the other four to the preset you want. I think you can only use presets from the current bank thou.
  24. JIMMY G

    Dialing in a Les Paul

    I love my Les Pauls' but I find Gibson pick-ups are very bassy. I use Bare Knuckle Black Dog (moderate output,Bridge) and HS supermassive P-90, Neck) or other pickups of your choice. Changing the pickups made a big difference, but that does cost money but if you cant work it out it might be a...
  25. JIMMY G

    Slowing it down....

    I like Riffmaster Pro works with most itunes songs. http://riffmasterpro.com/
  26. JIMMY G

    In the Spirit of NAMM Anouncements (FAS reactive load box)

    Seems to me it gives people who want to use a tube amp a better variety of speaker cabs to use without buying all kinds of speakers. Especially if you already own an Axe-Fx and a bunch of ir's.:)
  27. JIMMY G

    Jump from V3.02 to V5.00?

    I went from 3.02 to 5.0 with no issues.
  28. JIMMY G

    FX8 V5.00 Released

    Went from 3.60 to 5 and it's got my Friedman Screamin':) Nice Update!
  29. JIMMY G

    Atomic CLR - no longer being sold?

    Two Neo CLR's for a year no troubles,also sound great.
  30. JIMMY G

    I am new and Thinking about getting the Axe-Fx II XL+ For Black Friday or should I?

    I had an 11 rack and there is no comparison in my opinion the AXE FX will blow you away.
  31. JIMMY G

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 6.00 Firmware Released

    Had my Mark I since firmware 3 and this is the Best yet!! Amps seem to be more alive and chords build naturally. It's Alive :)
  32. JIMMY G

    Newbie question - scenes

    In FX8 edit, go to the footswitch tab and assign 1-4 to the appropriate scene. You'll have to decide which effects you want as you only get four then. Thats the only way I know but maybe someone knows a better way. I dont think you can do what your asking.
  33. JIMMY G

    Guitar repair South Subs Chicago

    Anyone body else have a shop they like?
  34. JIMMY G

    Guitar repair South Subs Chicago

    Thanks R.D. I'll take any and all suggestions!
  35. JIMMY G

    Guitar repair South Subs Chicago

    I'm looking for somewhere to take my guitars for normal maintenance and minor repairs in the south subs of Chicago ( Joliet ). The place I used to go closed and I've been without a place for awhile any suggestions would be appreciated. I have some expense guitars and don't what to go just...
  36. JIMMY G

    FX8 Edit connection issue

    I am on a mac with 10.6.8 so maybe thats the problem, I'll work around it.
  37. JIMMY G

    FX8 Edit connection issue

    If I turn on the FX8 and then open FX8 edit it connects just fine. But if I turn it on (FX8) push any switch or change something then open FX8 edit it wont connect to the FX8. It shows its connected in the upper left corner but then it says: Cant find the firmware version or something like that...
  38. JIMMY G

    Anyone get their invite to buy FX8?

    Got my invite to buy today! Got on the list July 5th:)
  39. JIMMY G

    Anyone get their invite to buy FX8?

    Thanks for responding everyone! I got on the list July 5th so looks like it will be a month or two before I get mine, cant wait!
  40. JIMMY G

    Anyone get their invite to buy FX8?

    Just wondering if anyone got their invite to buy and when did you sign up?
  41. JIMMY G

    New Fx8 Owner and Member!

    Presets are not but Blocks are.
  42. JIMMY G

    New Fx8 Owner and Member!

    Check out the wiki site: http://wiki.fractalaudio.com/axefx2/index.php?title=FX8_multi-effects_pedalboard Theres lots of info there. I agree hands on is the best method to learn, most things need to be tweeted to your liking.
  43. JIMMY G

    Will FX8 Relays Change Channels on a BE-100

    Thanks Hubertus
  44. JIMMY G

    Will FX8 Relays Change Channels on a BE-100

    Does anyone know if you can change channels on a Friedman BE-100 with the relays on the FX8. It uses a trs cable so I assume it does but just want to make sure. I can't seem to get a hold of friedman to ask them. Thanks Jim
  45. JIMMY G

    4-Cables Method Hi-Gain Question

    I had the gate after the delay and verb I'll try moving it and see if that works thanks for your input.
  46. JIMMY G

    4-Cables Method Hi-Gain Question

    I'm using my Axe-Fx set-up in the 4 cable method into a 100w head and when I'm using the high gain channel I get lots of noise. It's been quite a few years since I had a real amp, so would a noise gate in front of the amp input stop the noise or would it go in the effects loop or both? I tried...
  47. JIMMY G

    Axe-Fx II Quantum Rev 3.00 Public Beta

    Welcome back old HBE! :)
  48. JIMMY G

    The new HBE...

    I'd like the old one back as well if it's not too much trouble :)
  49. JIMMY G

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 2.02 Firmware Release

    Fractal said: Okay, I just spent the last five hours coding it so the user can select 2.01 or 2.02 for *each" amp model (rather than a global setting). This way you can choose which version you like best. Dumb question do I need to reinstall the new 2.02 or is that coming in a new update
  50. JIMMY G

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 2.01 Firmware Release

    Mark I just Downloaded looks good now
  51. JIMMY G

    FRFR monitor QSC K12 vs Atomic CLR vs Matrix

    I have two Atomic NEO CLR's and I love them. I'm just a basement player have not gigged with them.
  52. JIMMY G

    Input: Cab Pack or Ownhammer?

    Try as many as you can afford and Cab-Lab too. Their pretty cheap if you pick one up when you have a few extra bucks. Sometime I only get one ir out of a Pak or Ownhammer but one good ir is worth the $30-75 to me. Most of the ir's I use are combos made in Cab-Lab, but not all. My two cents.
  53. JIMMY G

    how about cab pack 12 ?

    This is my favorite Pak!
  54. JIMMY G

    If you could buy one cab pack?

    For heavy's Cab Pak 12, for Cleans Cab Pak 18 my fav's.
  55. JIMMY G

    Looking for new pickups for my Les Paul Studio.

    I have BareKnuckle pickups in all my Les Paul's, 3 with Blackdog Bridge-Supermassive Humbucker P-90neck. I also have one with Holy Drivers and one with Aftermaths. Love them all!! The Axe-Fx and Bareknuckles really seem to go well together, just my two cents:)
  56. JIMMY G

    Cab Pack 14 or Cab Pack 8

    I use the Friedman HBE and I like the ML5153 Cab Pak 12 Alloy folder E906-MD421-12. Cab pak 8 is nice as well.
  57. JIMMY G

    How important is the preset exchange for a new user?

    I've never used a axe change preset as is, but have used many as a good starting point to get what i'm looking for.
  58. JIMMY G

    AX8 Preset Compatibility

    On the AX8 wiki its says you can exchange blocks, but doesn't say presets.
  59. JIMMY G

    To IR or not to IR - Cab Pack purchase worth the money?

    Seems crazy to me not to buy as many ir's ( and Cab Lab ) as you can afford, they take the axe to the next level and make it your own.
  60. JIMMY G

    What pickups work best with Les Paul and Axe FXII?

    I have Bareknuckle Humbucker sized Supermassive P-90's in the neck and Bareknuckle Black Dogs in the bridge of four different Les Pauls and love them. Big open sound from the P-90's and the Black dogs are very versatile. IMHO
  61. JIMMY G

    MFC-101 unresponsive after Quantum update

    When I first turn on the Axe and try to turn on the tuner with the MFC nothing happens. I find that I need to select a preset ( on the MFC ) then everything works as normal. Axe FX II Mark I and MFC-II
  62. JIMMY G

    1/3 of my presets now are between 48 and 65% CPU usage? Q v1-AE 3.3

    My presets stayed the same and some went down 1%
  63. JIMMY G

    Best Studio Monitors to use with Axe Fx?

    I use Event TR8's and like them.
  64. JIMMY G

    What Have You Fellows Been Listening To Lately?

    I'm digging the new Mark Tremonti solo cd Cauterize
  65. JIMMY G

    Styx Grand Illusion Solo

    Mark could you post the MarkII preset when you get time? Thanks for your time!:)
  66. JIMMY G

    Separate Ways Solo at work

    I believe he's (Mark) mentioned that the Lifeson has Seymour Duncan, Duncan Distortion pickups.
  67. JIMMY G

    Separate Ways Solo at work

    Here the II preset: Axe-Change - Download Preset - Mark Day 5153 2 - by MarkDay, he said it was the same as the hungry video.
  68. JIMMY G

    Atomic CLR problem

    I am considering picking up one of these, but this scares me nothing worse than not being able to get support.
  69. JIMMY G

    Cab Pack 11 and 12 Released

    Can't wait to get some of these new ones into Cab-Lab and make them my own!
  70. JIMMY G

    Cab Pack 11 and 12 Released

    I seem to be drawn to the SM57-MD421 combo in some other paks too. Does sound great together.
  71. JIMMY G

    Cab Pack 11 and 12 Released

    I think Cab Pak 12 is my favorite of yours so far, love the Alloy folder SM57- MG421's. Seems to jump right out of the guitar very up-front and clear keep up the good work.
  72. JIMMY G

    Best Axe demo?

    Mark Day on utube has some good ones if you like rock. He works for Fractal. You can also get his Presets on the Axe-Change web site.
  73. JIMMY G

    Preset Import Question

    Thanks Guys!
  74. JIMMY G

    Preset Import Question

    How can I import just one preset from a back up and not a whole bank? Is there a way to just get one preset out of say bank B? I just can't seem to figure it out.
  75. JIMMY G

    Cab-Lab 3.0.1 Released

    Ok now I understand what you are saying that worked. Thanks a lot notalemming!
  76. JIMMY G

    Cab-Lab 3.0.1 Released

    Should I try to download it again maybe?
  77. JIMMY G

    Cab-Lab 3.0.1 Released

    I downloaded it to the desktop then double clicked that to install. it went through the install but its not installed.
  78. JIMMY G

    Cab-Lab 3.0.1 Released

    I updated the Stand-Alone version on Mac 10.6.8 and when I open it, it's still on 3.0 not 3.0.1 should I try installing again? Tried it twice now still says 3.0 when I open the program it keeps telling me there is an update, not sure what to do, contact support? Everything seems to go fine when...
  79. JIMMY G

    Help choosing Bare Knuckle pickups.

    I love my Bare Knuckle pickups, I have the Supermassive Humbucker-Sized P90's in the neck of my LesPauls and the Black Dog in two and Aftermath for my Drop-c guitar. Planning to try the Holydiver. I play Hard Rock and Classic Rock. The HS-SMP-90's sound so big for cleans. Black Dogs have nice...
  80. JIMMY G

    Output Question

    I use TRS from output 1 straight to my studio monitors should I be using TS cables instead? Should I go XLR instead maybe?
  81. JIMMY G

    Do it yourself patch panel for Axe-Fx

    Look here too: Best-Tronics Mfg., Inc. They have some things in the Fractal Audio tab.
  82. JIMMY G

    Loving the 'Mark Day's HBE' preset- Any suggestions for a new guy for other setups wi

    Mark Day has quite a few presets on ax-change web site that I like better than the stock one. Try a bunch of presets from other people on there. I usually try out presets till I find one thats close to what I like and then make it my own by tweaking them. Look at how other people set their...
  83. JIMMY G

    Amps that clean up well

    1987X Treble, MrZ MZ38, and Buttery for my cleans
  84. JIMMY G

    Cab-Pack 10!

    Great Pak! really sounds great, looking forward to more with this technique.
  85. JIMMY G

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 18.04 Public Beta

    When I try to download the Mark1/2 18.04b link all I get is code text ??
  86. JIMMY G

    Clark Kent's FW18 Mesa Mark IV John Petrucci Guide

    Always struggled with this amp, but I just spent an hour jamming with this set up! I had that cab in the axe already, really like your ir's. Clark Kent's cabs have really made my Heavy presets come alive. I think anyone who owns an AXE FX and doesn't buy all the ir's you can is missing out on...
  87. JIMMY G

    Get ready for Cab Pack 9!

    Sounds Great!
  88. JIMMY G

    The two new Factory Cab 58 & 59

    Cool Thanks
  89. JIMMY G

    The two new Factory Cab 58 & 59

    Which cab pak are these from, There great!
  90. JIMMY G

    FW18 Very Wet 80's Clean Tone

    Thanks for the II patch!!!
  91. JIMMY G

    FW18 Very Wet 80's Clean Tone

    Would love the AXE II version when you have some time. Thanks Again
  92. JIMMY G

    Cab Pack 8 Now Available!

    Great sounding pak, well worth the price. Very happy with it. Nice Job
  93. JIMMY G

    More HBE FW18 G3 Goodbye Elenore Toto Cover

    Sounds awesome your vid's were the reason I bought the axe and your patches keep me excited about the axe-fx. Would love to hear some of your clean sounds!
  94. JIMMY G

    MFC-Edit Version 3.0 Released!

    Is the Fractal store updated to deliver 3.0 for purchase?
  95. JIMMY G

    Cab Pack 9 Teaser: The "Boaner"?

    Sounds Great cant wait for 8 & 9 to come out!
  96. JIMMY G

    EVH over compressed preset??? helppppp....

    Try different presets from Axe-change and maybe a couple cab paks (3,5,7) from the Fractal store. I dont use many stock cabs, and I take other peoples presets and change out the cab or adjust things to my liking. Its a little bit of a challenge at first but once you find what you like it gets...
  97. JIMMY G


    D'Addario XL 125's 9's first 3, 10's bottom been using them for years no issues.
  98. JIMMY G

    Palm Mutes are too loud!!

    Maybe try a different cab thats similar not as much in the low end. If you don't have any cab packs the cab always make a big difference for me. Just an idea.:)
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