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  1. EdgE

    FAS Brown amp.......best amp ever?

    Great amp :)
  2. EdgE

    Decay/Sustain Problems

    Input gate to high ?
  3. EdgE

    Pricing of AX8

    1229.98 with a 3 year warranty last August
  4. EdgE

    Band names for seniors

    The stool softeners (soft rock) hemorrhoidal hellfire ( metal) kid ney stone ( rock) barely breathing ( instrumental)
  5. EdgE

    Metallica - "Orion" / A tribute to Cliff Burton

    Sounds great , now I have to learn it . Man i’m So ADD with guitar
  6. EdgE

    AX8-Edit 1.9.1

    Thank you kindly 😀
  7. EdgE

    ....really fractal? EDIT: Solved

    blah blah blah ,bitch bitch ,this is great, oh this sucks .:rolleyes:
  8. EdgE

    Getting closer to a real amp sound on stage?

    A full range speaker angled up fatigues my ears , guess I'm old school and like a cab behind me .1x12 or 4x12 :)
  9. EdgE

    No sound on Y amp?

    What I would try ,because I'm not sure what preset you are using, when the y amp doesn't work ,change the amp
  10. EdgE

    Unable to connect AX8 Edit to my AX8 pedal unit following update.

    Under help in axe edit and apple about this Mac The older axe edit is 32 bit and the new one runs 64bit for newer Macs
  11. EdgE

    Getting closer to a real amp sound on stage?

    I use a old ADA power amp ,The one with the 12ax7's in it, with a marshal 1960 ,900 cab in stereo .pretty convincing tone .45 years chasing tone .feel like I'm back in the 80's playing hair band tunes(with gray and thining hair) :)
  12. EdgE

    AX8-Edit 1.9.0

    Ok just fixed my problem ,I hit refresh after update and things are working well now
  13. EdgE

    AX8-Edit 1.9.0

    Same thing happened to me , Had to go back to 1.8.7. But this is on my older Mac 32-bit .now I’m having problem with axe edit not keeping up with ax8 ,the grid will change but bank on axe edit doesn’t ,so you look at grid you think it went to another bank and preset ,but it didn’t and if you...
  14. EdgE

    Power amp and cab

    So I've been a fractal fan since the ultra and I've always had a great one through monitors and head phones, I've struggled with a power amp and speakers to play with a band ,first time I played with the band with a matrix power amp and speakers ,my sound was lost(axe 2) ,I was so disappointed...
  15. EdgE

    Huge thanks to Leon Todd for his vids

    The checks in the mail;)
  16. EdgE

    Huge thanks to Leon Todd for his vids

    Big 👍's for Leon 🤟:)
  17. EdgE

    AX8-Edit 1.9.0

    Nice:) Thank you
  18. EdgE

    AC/DC "You Schook Me" solo part

    That was great ,loved the tapping part ,new spin on a old song:)
  19. EdgE

    EQ’ing AX8 Back and Forth for Different Speakers

    Why not just different presets for different speakers . A bank for one set of speakers ,another for the other speakers.
  20. EdgE

    FS American Strat - Crimson Red Transparent - mod w humbucker

    I can tell you it an original pick guard, with a different pickup. My fat Strat had a bridge pickup with 2 screw on one side.I did the same thing and put a different pickup in
  21. EdgE

    18 and Life, man

    Than sounded great,I had that down in the late 80’early 90’s. Now I have to go learn again
  22. EdgE

    Anybody else got love for Celestion IRs?

    opps ,your right , the celestions I’ve tried , too bight
  23. EdgE

    Anybody else got love for Celestion IRs?

    ML legends ,all mix, my go to
  24. EdgE

    "Wanted DOA" solo

    That sounded great ,that’s most of the stuff I play now. Back in the day
  25. EdgE

    High gain frying noise

    I hear a bit in the beginning, same guitars , was thinking maybe your guitar has hotter pickups. It sounds like digital distortion ?
  26. EdgE

    Headphones rabbit hole

    Had a pair akg's 240 mk2 ,never realized how much bass they had until I got the dt 880 pros.
  27. EdgE

    Headphones rabbit hole

    I'll add too ,Got the DT 880 pro's .No turning back :)
  28. EdgE

    Not enough input gain?

    Ahh maybe i’m old, but that sounds like plenty of gain to me o_O
  29. EdgE

    AX8 | What's the best allround amp?

    Loving the Spawn quick rod ,od 1 on x and od2 on y ,
  30. EdgE

    Best speaker for AX8?

    I’ll take 2 :)
  31. EdgE

    Axe-Fx III 151 - Ballet Slippers - Factory Preset test

    I like it ,nice touch with the ballerina spinning around too:)
  32. EdgE

    The Bogfish and CAE 3+ clean

    Awesome :)
  33. EdgE

    New AX8 owner, issues importing a preset

    well I down loaded the preset ,yes low volume, I did notice that the cab block is down -6 ,I set to 0 .It is louder now. Also the the amp volume is down to like -18,I set to 11 .better volume but the patch isn't really my cup of tea . I did compare to the video and it does sound pretty much...
  34. EdgE

    Newbie here with a question...

    I’ve found that a good IR does it for me , it’s pretty overwhelming at first ,because you want to try all the amps ,cab and effects . The legends pack, all mix IR is my go to with every amp . I just rediscover the splawn amps ,love em with than IR. I,ve had the ax8 and been using fractal for...
  35. EdgE

    Georgy Porgy

    No ,makes sense it’s works( meaning good idea) ,that way you have one ear hearing what’s on stage .never used ear monitors
  36. EdgE

    Finding the sweet spot

    Mostly I find an amp that works in the situation i’m using it for ,mostly minimal tweaking ,not as minimal as you mentioned , less bass ,whatever ,more treble ,I don’t usually got off the the first amp page.:).
  37. EdgE

    Georgy Porgy

    :) Interesting setup ,but makes sense
  38. EdgE

    Official statement bout AX8 updates needed!

    At this time this Friday ,all our ax8 will self destruct ,and we all won't have to worry about updates and bugs Then we can all buy a FM3
  39. EdgE

    Dallas guitar festival.

    Especially, one from down under:) What guitars, hey you tried the new fm3 :-)
  40. EdgE

    AX8 on stage - my Toto tribute band - "Rosanna"

    You guys sound awesome ,great mix and tone with your guitar. Thing is ,I know every time you post a video ,its sounds great:)
  41. EdgE

    Official statement bout AX8 updates needed!

    Well I know Im happy with the ax8,I came to the party late ,got it late last year with firmware 10.01, been here since the ultra .A little more with the ax8 would be great , we know its not over till its over ,maybe Cliff will say its over now. Get on the Fm 3 waiting list or something:confused:
  42. EdgE

    Backing up AX8 presets? How?

    Haven’t done it for awhile ,but it is a bit confusing. I do know when you hit the right button in the fractal bot it asks you what banks or preset you want to save Ok fractal bot ,choose ax8 ,tab on top receive, hit begin and it asks you individual preset or back ,check what one you want ,i...
  43. EdgE

    AX8 Presets & Live Clips

    Rockin :) I’m still lovin’ the Dokken patch ;)
  44. EdgE

    Stratocaster - Try again? Or punt...

    Yea I know what you mean, took me 2 years to bond with my tele,after putting 4 sets of different pickups ,than I put the originals back in and I love it. Never bonded with a strat before. Then I went to a local pawn shop saw a black strat, mighty mite body and neck ,locking tuners ,Dimarzio...
  45. EdgE

    FM3 - First try at the Axe-Fest ;-)

    Sounds great:)
  46. EdgE

    Atomic CLR Neo MK2 vs Friedman ASM-10?

    You know I had a qsc10.2 thought it was good at first, always had to much bass and high end . Always tweaking. Got rid of it, almost bought the asc-10 .still on the edge.
  47. EdgE

    Only 3 Switches? What were they thinking?

    I think I could do one switch , on
  48. EdgE

    Where are all the FM3 videos ?

    Thanks for sharing , wonder what that monitor is?
  49. EdgE

    Up close with the FM3

    yea some video's would be nice :)
  50. EdgE

    Up close with the FM3

  51. EdgE

    Blues song: Bogner Red and CAE 3+

    Sweet ,but I still got the blues :)
  52. EdgE

    89% resources preset

    Sounds great Marco, love the worm holes in the body of the guitar , have a fender deluxe tele ,took me 2 years to bond with it ,love it now :)
  53. EdgE

    "Stone in Love" 2nd Solo

    59 ,i’ve Reach it and know it (feel it) Geezeredge :)
  54. EdgE

    Custom-built cab for Celestion F12-X200

    That’s funny:)
  55. EdgE

    Custom-built cab for Celestion F12-X200

    Looks great ,not sure about the artits;), maybe that’s the way you spell it. Artists .p
  56. EdgE

    How do I reset an effects block?

    Good to know ,thanks h.c.e.
  57. EdgE

    Some fusion playing with my AX8

    S:)unds freakin great,Those Diminished Scales?
  58. EdgE

    Touring preset breakdown

    S:)unds great
  59. EdgE

    USB jack loose on AX8

    Now sure how loose you mean , but my usb is a bit loose too, alway has been ,still works fine. Have you tried another cord
  60. EdgE

    Fenders, Dumble, 8 Scenes, all cleans. Free preset. FW5b2. Have fun.

    Wicked cool ,(oops am I dating myself by say that )those were great Burgs :)
  61. EdgE

    Alice In Chains tribute (more videos)

    You guys are nailing it :)
  62. EdgE

    Small lick with AX8 (Plexy emulation)

    Sounds great, love the legato ,with the hybrid picking ,something I have to work more on :)
  63. EdgE

    "Peace of Mind" Solo

    That was great , I think opal T kitty wanted some credit for it too:) Drives me nut when ppl post licks like this, now I have to learn it :)
  64. EdgE

    AX8 Live Action

    Yeaaaa that was great:) ,wish I still had hair:D
  65. EdgE

    Preset Bundle - Sykes & Underrated Amps

    Thanks Rex , wasnt on YouTube , I see it now Thanks :)
  66. EdgE

    Preset Bundle - Sykes & Underrated Amps

    They sound great ,but am I missing something ,I don't see the preset down load any where?
  67. EdgE

    How to save CPU Load: Friedman BE100 + Shiva Clean

    Again Marco ,Great tone ,playing and video :);)
  68. EdgE

    GNR - Knockin on heavens door preset

    another good one. thanks :)
  69. EdgE

    Friedman BE-100 & Vox AC30/ The Cranberries - Zombie Preset

    Sounds great and thanks for the preset:)
  70. EdgE

    Best way to dial in Proximity in Cab block?

    I don’t use it , I usually have to-dial bass out.
  71. EdgE

    AX8 - Harley Benton GPA400 - Marshall 2x12

    That sounds great ,Thanks :)
  72. EdgE

    AX8 - Harley Benton GPA400 - Marshall 2x12

    Might be next ,on my to buy list :)
  73. EdgE

    AX8 - Harley Benton GPA400 - Marshall 2x12

    Curious,how this works out for you ,was looking at getting one of these:)
  74. EdgE

    Great to do some Boston again ...

    That was great:)
  75. EdgE

    Converting Suhr Celestion IRs?!

    Not sure cause I have not done it myself , maybe cab lab light can do it for you , free on the fractal site
  76. EdgE

    Lows Disappear When Summing to Mono with Mixed-Res Stereo Cab Block

    That’s what I was going to say:)
  77. EdgE

    Buzz when using high gain amps and drive pedals on AX8

    If your playing a strat with single coils your pickups could be to high, frets problems, ground in your wall outlets,or what thegrizman said . Are you using pedal outside the ax8 . Upload a preset, can see if it buzzes with us
  78. EdgE

    New vid with the OH 412 ZILLA IR

    Sweet, sounded great :)
  79. EdgE

    "Eye in the Ax8" Ca3+ preset

    Awesome tone and playing :) now I have to go check out that amp:)
  80. EdgE

    Tutorial 2: how to setup pedal with toe switch to handle Wha and Volume

    Thanks Marco, Got the same pedal ,Good info:)
  81. EdgE


    Sounds great , I’m going to have to revisit this one again:)
  82. EdgE

    Spirit of Carol - Ann - Ax8

    Sounds great ,I have the tucana 3 ,best amp I ever had:)
  83. EdgE

    Carry on AX8, my wayward son

    Kick ass song ,sounds great :)
  84. EdgE

    Newbie with some questions

    With the 2i2 ,which I have also ,the only way to get stereo is on play back with a DAW. Can’t monitor with stereo. A bit disappointing
  85. EdgE

    Compilation of video's I made using my AX8

    Sounds great :)
  86. EdgE

    Rick Beatto’s top rock guitar sounds

    Rush 2112 album was the first for me ,great tones on that too
  87. EdgE

    Christmas Greetings

    Merry Christmas from New Hampshire US
  88. EdgE

    FS Friedman ASM 12

    How old is this, what year made?
  89. EdgE

    Andy Summers 80´s using Fender Deluxe

    Sounds great :)
  90. EdgE

    Possible to set Voice2 Harmony via External Controller?

    I use my mission pedal with custom scales ,pedal up off, one scale half way the other all the way down
  91. EdgE

    Gig Vlog with the AX8

    Very cool :)
  92. EdgE

    Making an amp model bloom

    just tried this and works very nicely a treble boost is one of the first boxes I used, have to be old remember, pluged into guitar jack, had one when I was 15 year old 44 years ago:eek: nice clean boost
  93. EdgE

    Making an amp model bloom

    It’s pretty loud now and am using a Seymour JB, am looking for that little easier to play.i have to play with it a bit more ,kind of got the Paisley tone going on ,which is not really my style, but i’m Liking it. The tone makes want to play country :) Ok I just went into the amp speaker drive...
  94. EdgE

    Making an amp model bloom

    I agree,its volume, that was about 95 ,100 decibels
  95. EdgE

    Making an amp model bloom

    Just wondering if some one can give some idea's of making an amp bloom, I like the tone I'm getting ,using a fender bassman with Richard Fortus IR's. just a bit of reverb and delay, what your hearing in the video is though a qsc k2 10" recorded with an iPhone 8.Sounds pretty much like I'm hear...
  96. EdgE

    Alex Lifeson Rush 80´s sound on Ax8

    Cool ,great playing ,Thanks for sharing preset:)
  97. EdgE

    Friedman 2018

    Thinks it’s a new version of the BE.
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