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  1. trb

    Axe-Fx Firmware Version 21.00 Release Candidate (Beta 7)

    thanks for that great service :)
  2. trb

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 19.02 Public Beta

    Thanks a lot again for these FW releases, with continuous improvements , such a lesson for other companies... May be now a good time to have some factory presets update to fully explore these last FW ? I would really like that.
  3. trb

    Axe-Fx III Factory Presets 16.04

    Good question +1
  4. trb

    Are FullRes IRs just for AITR sounds?

    AFX3 Mk1 here. Just tried it, and...hmmm... not convinced for my home use. I found not that much difference with the reverb block well parameterized as exposed in a thread. It's a tonal option, and that's great. To be used according to our tastes :)
  5. trb

    Axe-Fx III as Interface for Teams calls etc.

    Yes it needs a DAW (I have reaper) install SAR in Windows in the DAW: refer to SAR as the ASIO driver in the DAW in the DAW: associate your real interface driver (MOtu 828es for me, or can be the FAS driver) to SAR define your SAR IN/OUT these IN/OUT are available in any other apps (Teams...
  6. trb

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 17.00 Public Beta

    So the poll as Cliff suggested, to check if a large number of customers are ok to sacrifice USer2 slots in MK1...
  7. trb

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 17.00 Public Beta

    To see the survey concerning the MK1 to "sacrifice" the IR User2 slots for 32 FullRes ... WHat is the conclusion dear Cliff ?
  8. trb

    Axe-Fx III as Interface for Teams calls etc.

    UNderstood... Voice meter is an interesting solution, but always had the issue of latency... You'll see in your case.
  9. trb

    Axe-Fx III as Interface for Teams calls etc.

    I route my audio I/O from my Motu 828es (not the AFX3n but would be the same principle) to Zoom using SAR (Synchronous audio Router) limiting drastically the latency, which was an issue for me with "Virtual Cable". You set SAR as the ASios driver and inside SAR parameter, set real interface to...
  10. trb


    I Vote for the 32 FR. enought room in User 1...at least for me :) :) With 32 IRs everyone can cover a great ground of tone, no ??
  11. trb


    Not a sacrifice for me to free some space for new IRs tech leading to better quality/reality in tone. So I vote for applying to Mk1 :)
  12. trb

    Best budget FRFR for FM3

    on a budget, but nevertheless, very good sounding: harley benton FRFR 112A (Got one direct on my AFX (got a stereo pair of Matrix GM50+FRFR cabs with my audio interface Motu 828es) Very pleased with the flat souding HB frfr, no bump frequency or other bad noises. Powerfull & clean. cant be beat...
  13. trb

    What are your favorite FRFR speakers?

    I Have my Harley Benton FRFR 112A for 2 weeks now and very pleased with to play at home. can be very loud (as much as I would ever need...) and compared to my stereo rig MAtrix GM50+FRFR Cab (PA302), headphones HD25, monitors Eris E5, I have a clear and accurate sound. Very nice and clear...
  14. trb

    What are your favorite FRFR speakers?

    For more on budget I have a stereo rig with 2 GM50 (excellent,very dynamic & clear) and 2 The Box PA302 from thomann, connected to my motu 828es (EF3 connected with SPDIF) I'm testing a unique Harley Benton FRFR112A for direct OUt1 connection (no use of the PC/MOtu).
  15. trb

    Best power amps for Axe fx 3

    very pleased with my 2 Matrix GM50
  16. trb

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 16.00 "Cygnus"

    that will be a pleasure to test the new stock presets coz' they often are quiet good for a starting point
  17. trb

    Setting up AFX3 as a USB Interface and Computer System Audio?

    I usualy use the AFX3 as interface to run in reaper some plugins such as EZ drummer for instance. To not have too much latency and glitches you must have a good CPU, as usual with audio interfaces. with my I7 I have a 64 sample latency with AFX3 drivers and its fine (around 3ms in reaper).
  18. trb

    MOnitors Presonus ERIS 5 and Adas T5V

    Thanks for the reply Yes true...But dont want to spend too much on ... I have to check the feeling I may have with the TV5 and if I find them "better"... always difficult without a real test. we'll check that with an order and see.
  19. trb

    MOnitors Presonus ERIS 5 and Adas T5V

    Dears I have a pair of E5 behind my motu 828es, and was wondering if anyone has experience with E5 and T5V to give me some feedback. I have too a 10" sub woofer with monitors, and in parallel 2 12" FRFR cab with Matrix GM50 amps + 12" sub... lots of toys... :) Do I need to move to T5V for...
  20. trb

    Axe-Fx III 16.00 Beta 12 "Cygnus" Firmware - Public Release Candidate

    Always a pleasure always a pleasure and great added value thanks Leon for your sharing :)
  21. trb

    Let's discuss how to nail some AC/DC tones, shall we mate?

    thanks for the preset. Found it with a tad too much gain. Decreased gain to 2.5 and found it great. I have some standard level output PU around 9K, so not hot and just with the guitar volume largely enought gain/grit.
  22. trb

    Starwards IV. Ambient preset.

    Thanks Brett for your answer. I read on forums the R65 & R80 have some "hiss": do you hear that too ? Nice WE to you :)
  23. trb

    Starwards IV. Ambient preset.

    Brett, congrats for all your vids and presets: always have a bunch of yours in my AFX3 :grinning: a side question: I have Eris 5, and you have the R80. Do you recommend the R80 or the R65 ok to have a nice AFX3 monitoring+backing track (I have too sub of 10 & 12 and some 12 wedge stereo). But...
  24. trb

    ToneQuest | S02E07 | Great White - House of Broken Love (Solo)

    wooww, just spot on ! congrats 🤘
  25. trb

    Axe-Fx III 16.00 Beta 4 "Cygnus" Firmware - Public Beta

    hmmm ok... thanks Cliff (nice WE to you BTW !). I found less influence from the knobs than I had with previous FW... so we're getting in more realistic amps, especialy with Marschalls !! I think Cliff you should build real amps from your FAS models: great sounding, all the tone gamut, efficient...
  26. trb

    Axe-Fx III 16.00 Beta 4 "Cygnus" Firmware - Public Beta

    Hi All, don't know for you, but in some cases I found the BMT knobs to have very little influence on the sound ....? I just tried the PLexi 50W H1 (in the bunch of amp treated for 16b). Had this same behavior with some other amps I Tested with 16b (don't remember exactly which...) I did a reset...
  27. trb

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 15.01

    Always waiting for FW updates with great pleasure, but this 15.01 is really a great one 🤘 🤘 :cool:
  28. trb

    [implemented] Preset Leveling key shortcut

    +1 🤘 very usefull feature in the axe, after tuning the amp tone !
  29. trb

    AC/DC "Rock n roll ain’t noise pollution" solo

    my standard ac/dc tone now...
  30. trb

    AC/DC "Rock n roll ain’t noise pollution" solo

    thanks a lot :) the best simple AC/DC ^presets: full, warm&bright as needed, just great !
  31. trb

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 14.05

    I'm liking more than ever the FAS amp models. Yesterday played the FAS Thordenthal (not a core metal player...), but found them quiet rich in the spectrum. And the same for the crunchy amp models with very nice texture and tone. Was thinking of a real tube amp with all these models...unuseful I...
  32. trb

    Headphone suggestions

    Very pleased with my hd25
  33. trb

    AmpliTube 5

    I have A4 with some marschall amps and this quiet good with nice cab setting features allowing to sculpt the tone. The result is pleasant. Nothing to compare with AFX3, but a nice plugin for training/recording mockup, etc.
  34. trb

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 14.04

    OK Cliff, thanks for chiming on ;) Was playing too on my actual amp ° pedals... so may be audio effects from one to the other... Anyway, I decided to keep my AFX3 :tearsofjoy::tearsofjoy::tearsofjoy:
  35. trb

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 14.04

    hmmm...I have the feeling too, the tone is brighter on the few amps I played with... common hallucination ? :rolleyes:
  36. trb

    —> 5mn avec un FM3 #8 - Preset 304. 😊🎸

    Sound awesome Nico ;) 🤘nice playing as usual !
  37. trb

    Anyone sell all their tube amps?

    I owned many tubes amp (HK GM36, Diezel Einstein, fender clone, Viktor amp) and still have a nice Twin clone 3-tubes preamp into the return of my Katana Head 100W (BTW a great power amp class AB). Love my AFX3 coz'...nothing can replace it ! :D 🤘 But it is makes me smile to push some nice...
  38. trb

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 14.00

    I skipped the new "Preset leveler"... just a great feature into AE. otherwise the modified amps algos and new plexi are just excellent...as usual fo each new FW ;) 🤘
  39. trb

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 13.00 Public Beta

    What else to say ? Just love my afx3 best guitar gear ever ...;) and now with a crunch box model ! Great Have a look to Brett vid on utube this morning. Had a real crunch box back in years from Brett demo ...😊
  40. trb

    No Differences When Changing Tubes?

    Just tried Transformer Match and Speaker Imp and, as Cliff stated, I heared some real differences. Can't hear any differences with the Tubes Types, but I understand Cliff explanation...but would like to hear some differences... :D
  41. trb

    Recording AES/SPDIF vs. Analog

    USB direct with AFX3 as interface, or via S/PDIF or AES with no AD/DA conversion. The best way to take best benefits from AFX3 quality with no tone losses.
  42. trb

    Interface to work along Axe-Fx III?

    HI all, have a MOtu 828es (with the drivers for AVB) and it's very stable with high quality converter. Plug my AFX3 with S/PDIF and work great. Initially wanted a RME 802, but too much expensive. The MOtu M2/M4 have great converters too, and not expensive.
  43. trb

    (Possible Bug) Digital Distortion 12.09 JVM OD2 Orange

    Hi I had the same behavior with JVM OD1 & OD2, when upgrading to 12.09. I re-install the FW, reset the amp block for OD1 and OK. Have to test for OD2...
  44. trb

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.09

    ok, ok guys.... to sum up, Love the 12.09, as all FW updates ! :D :D 🤘 Thanks FAS for this high end work and product quality. My best gear ;)
  45. trb

    Using the Axe-Fx III as an interface vs Scarlett 2i2

    Depends on your needs interms of recording, play, I/O numbers, types, etc. For a direct, no brainer AFX3 recording, AFX usb is perfect. For more work, based on a DAW with multiple recording tracks, vsti playing, etc. I plug my AFX3 in my Motu 828es with S/PDIF => no AD/DA conversion, low...
  46. trb

    Stuttering (JVM OD1 Orange)

    As discussed in the other thread the FAS amp models are just fine to have the best world with a marschall without marschall flaws !
  47. trb

    FAS Class-A is...Even Better than the Real Thing

    Agree with Stratoblaster :) 🤘 There is something to do in this way... many options: - A pure SW appli (too many competitors...) _ a tiny AXe FX /FM X with only FAS models ans simplified effects => the best one :D - an hybrid device with some pre amp tubes : if they are still useful...!?
  48. trb

    FAS Class-A is...Even Better than the Real Thing

    That would be a great idea !
  49. trb

    FAS Class-A is...Even Better than the Real Thing

    I have a preset I consistently go back to, called " FAS Crunch" and I can use it for all styles, from blues to heavy hard rock. I always enjoy these tones.
  50. trb

    FAS Class-A is...Even Better than the Real Thing

    And more generally speaking love the FAS models.
  51. trb

    Axe-Edit III 1.05.13

    Thanks MIckael !
  52. trb

    Make Amps More Dynamic, Bloom, Touch Sensitive and Punchy? Yes Please :-)

    hmmm interesting... to be tested In that tab I only use the "out compp type" to "gain enhancer" @ 1 or 2 for crunch tone and it make the amp more ... crunchy/gritty in the way it gives a more amp-like feeling with pick attack, if it makes sense...
  53. trb

    Marshall PLEXI 100w Jump Preset

    Great 👍 can U share the preset ? Thanks 😊
  54. trb

    Marshall 1960BV Cab Pack (Free)

    thanks Leon for sharing !
  55. trb

    Please check out Leon Todd's Youtube channel....it is guidance incarnate!

    Yep a great player, and what's more with great teaching/demo capabilities to help/inform us on AFX features. The information he gives us about the usages of the different AFX (and now FM3) is of high added value. Always took very usefull tips on AFX blocs.
  56. trb

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.08 Public Beta

    Truly right ! I found a large improvement for VC with that last beta release, even with my dull playing :D
  57. trb

    Does any body else start their morning on the Fractal Forum?

    Almost every morning for me. Love to see infos, feedback on features. Etc
  58. trb

    80's Hard Rock / Metal Preset

    Ur welcome 🤘
  59. trb

    Non-Focusrite Audio Interface Recommendation

    Ver pleased with my Motu 828es, with PC win10 64b.
  60. trb

    80's Hard Rock / Metal Preset

    very nice preset Andy. Tried it with some marschally cabs for Iron Maiden riffs. May be a bit too much gain, but lower it in the drive and that's a great 80 tone. 🤘
  61. trb

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.08 Public Beta

    hmmm... at least someting has changed... I found them more gritty, a bit less smooth, ...hard to describe.
  62. trb

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.08 Public Beta

    Is it me or the Fuzz drives sound more "natural", more as the real thing ? Tried with Shiva clean and with FAS Crunch amps.
  63. trb

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.08 Public Beta

    And no issue for bad players :D like me !
  64. trb

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.08 Public Beta

    Hi, No perceived latency with the Saxon song i mentioned. But i’m not a shredder !!
  65. trb

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.08 Public Beta

    Ok thanks Cliff, was just playing rough double stops and power chords !! so no difference at my level ;) Just love that AFX3 and its continuous evolutions :D
  66. trb

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.08 Public Beta

    Just tried the virtual capo for SAxon "got to rock to stay alive" to be played in Eb. Previously I had some "weird harmonics"...Now the tone texture is much more like if I had downtuned my guitare to Eb. So largely better, almost no difference. Feel no difference between mono or poly..
  67. trb

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 12.00 Public Beta

    As usual, spot on & on time Leon ! 🤘 :D
  68. trb

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 12.00 Public Beta

    Hi Guys just installed FW12 beta with AE1.0.4 RC1 under WIN10 64b and no pb at all that some of you have with lag. Flangers/Phasers are great. I really like the new OD250 (gain 5, tone 4, level 6) to fatten up a plexy 50w set on low gain (2.5). Really nice tone. As always, a pleasure to have...
  69. trb

    Always back to FAS models

    spend long time playing the Crunch, Rythm & clean with amp boost. with the right IR they are great for AC/DC like tone.
  70. trb

    Always back to FAS models

    Ur Right !
  71. trb

    Always back to FAS models

    Hi all I don't know for you, but in my case I very often go back to FAS models amps. They are all really good, with their own character/tone/textures, and in fact, cover a huge tonal range a "guitarist" (blues, rock, Hard R, metal, jazz ??) would want. Of course I'm very amateur and a poor...
  72. trb

    Shout-out to AlGrenadine for FracTool

    Well done Alex ! great tool 🤘
  73. trb

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 11.02 Public Beta #5 (Beta_4)

    new FW12 coming: Love my AFX3 !! :D
  74. trb

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 11.02 Public Beta #5 (Beta_4)

    hhhhaaa Leon, Ur so Strong !! :D :D FAS should offer you all new AFX devices for the decade...🤘🤘
  75. trb

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 11.02 Public Beta #5 (Beta_4)

    Just installed :sounds great Had minor issue with previous beta (swap amp in presets) but with this one no longer issue. thanks cliff And happy new year to all the team.
  76. trb

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 11.02 Public Beta #2

    Hi all now on 11.02 B1 : just tested on FAS amps rythm, crunch, hot rod, super tweed. Found it with a bit more "smooth - tubish - agressive" top end. really excellent as it makes the amps more alive and pleasant to play... so not a placebo for me. So thanks again Cliff & the team to make this...
  77. trb

    5 Minute Tones

    just great Leon... as usual :D:D
  78. trb

    What's connected in front of your Axe-Fx III?

    Just guitar cable... the AFX3 is so fine in itself...even not a drive pedal, as the drive blocks in the AFX3 are better than on the 2. More organic, to say the least...
  79. trb

    Discussion en français !

    pareil, amateur à la maison... pas le temps de faire du jeux en groupe, mais c'est vraiment ce que je ferai un jour... le peu que j'ai pratiqué à mon modeste niveau était vraiment trop top pour se faire plaisir. Et c'est là que tout prend son sens d'ailleurs: son, volume, texture, synchro entre...
  80. trb

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 11.01

    these DC30 amps are really great sounding, after dialing the tone not to have a bassy sound (I agree with above comments, with my 2 power amp matrix GM50 + FRFR cabs or Eris 5). Need to select the right cab block... not a pain, as we have a truck load of IRs...
  81. trb

    Discussion en français !

    Hello les copains effectivement je vais plus voir axefx.fr... sinon pas mal aussi d'avoir des échanges sur ce forum car on les autres threads US... sinon super content des derniers FW 10 et 11... Le coup des courbes me semblent assez subtile qd meme. Apres ça dépend à quel niveau sonore on...
  82. trb

    FW 11b - Overview of New Speaker Impedance Modelling

    Another Great conten leon. 👍
  83. trb

    What makes more sense: FC-12 or Behringer FCB1010 for at home use only?

    I have the fcb with eurekaprom 2 from my afx2 and now with afx3. Use it with 1 cable. Just have to use the afx3 front panel on midi to select the function to activate, push ´learn’, move a footswtich on fcb thats it. for basic usage inc. expression pedals fcb is fine and work flawlessly. For...
  84. trb

    Mini-Hums vs. Gold Foil pickups?

    Just for info as you talked about miniHB I have seymour str and stl 3 in my HB fusion pro Hsh with ssl7 middle. Really nice combo verstile but still with a typical texture. very different from a p90. fat and agressive from overdrive but can be smooth with cleans.
  85. trb

    Harley Benton - have I been living under a rock?

    yeah, just saw the FB site... nice job on "relic"
  86. trb

    Harley Benton - have I been living under a rock?

    very nice guitars. Have to check this spanish luther...
  87. trb

    Harley Benton - have I been living under a rock?

    Hi Guys have 7 HB, and the game was for me to modify electronics with nice PUs with CTS pots, wiring, etc. CST24HB: Railhammer PUs ST70: Kamel Chenaouy, Seymour, Iron gear TE QM 90: tone riderHot P90, TE70: seymour STR3/STL3 SG Custom: Irongear Dirty Torque/TeslaSHark JA60SB: Epiphone PUs...
  88. trb

    A big thanks to Leon Todd (2112)!

    +1 here, Leon's vids and advices are of great value. many of my presets are based on his.
  89. trb

    Saffire Pro 40 Audio Interface with Axe FX 3?

    Hi i'm using the AFX3 with SPDIF connection to my moru 828es and I found the SPDIF a really robust way to connect to an interface (sold my previous one to be able to connect SPDIF). You have the exact same sound as the USB connection with AFX3 direct to computer, but you can do many other things...
  90. trb

    Win 10 latency, RME Babyface and Axe-Fx 2

    HI Sono, see my post above. Was not using reampling but it would work the same, as you have access to all the AFX USB IN/OUt with Asio4all.
  91. trb

    Ready to buy the Axe-Fx III - Do I need anything else?

    About the external foot controller I have the berhinger FCB1010 + Eurekaprom2 from my previous AFX2. I can drive the essentials from the AFX3 for 90$... of course not the same as the FAS FC... but not the same price. And I'm not playing live show, jyst amateur in my homestudio.
  92. trb

    Ready to buy the Axe-Fx III - Do I need anything else?

    Concerning the usage of the AFX3 as an audio interface: this is a really good solution. the A/D/A Dyn is about 115 dB with is a very good tech value. I used it as an interface for a time and it was running very nicely with a 3ms/3ms latency with Reaper on my PC (win10 i7 8700k). I can play...
  93. trb

    Ready to buy the Axe-Fx III - Do I need anything else?

    Really dont know...:rolleyes:
  94. trb

    Ready to buy the Axe-Fx III - Do I need anything else?

    HI just got a pair of ERis E5 for small desktop usage: really great. AFX3 is clear, accurate & punchy. But I had too 12" FRFR pair+sub 12" for playback/backingtrack. If you don't want 12" FRFR mono or stereo, then a unique pair of ERis E8 is great with AFX3. The sub usage is just for...
  95. trb

    Apartment users: what monitoring system?

    Just received my ERis E5: i'm breaking in my eris E5. Can't recommend these monitors enough. Small, affordable, nice mi/high with tight low end for the size/price. Quiet impressed with the detailed and punchy low end of the E5 for my backing track for guitars, drum VSTI (ezd rummer2), EZ keys...
  96. trb

    So, what's everyone's favourite amp model?

    Really appreciate all the FAS models. A great synthesis of many amps type 👍
  97. trb

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 10.02

    Back in the years,used the wrecker liverpool essentially cause didn't like other wreckers: a bit dull, not that much "mojo" to them... NOW, with AFX3+FW10.x I found them just great ! played with excellent Burg preset and there are some great tones out of them. Love them all now. Again with Burg...
  98. trb

    Win 10 latency, RME Babyface and Axe-Fx 2

    HI When using my AFX2 (now AFX3) I had a XR18 audio/mixeur interface, win10 64b. I made an aggregation with Asio4all to have all input available from the xr18 and the AFX2. It works flawlessly with 2ms/2ms in Reaper (I7 8700k, 16 Go). I paid attention to buffer setting, but all around 64 and no...
  99. trb

    Off The Rails - FW10.01 Wrecker vid and free preset

    Really nice Guitar sounding. And great riffs and tones Burgs !
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