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  1. Promit

    Axe-Fx Firmware Version 20.05 Public Beta (Beta 1)

    I meant to say exactly what I said. My honest feedback to Fractal is that the world has hundreds of notable tube amps that I would have rather added before an SV20H. Dev time is finite, why spend it here? Maybe an artist really wanted it or something.
  2. Promit

    Axe-Fx Firmware Version 20.05 Public Beta (Beta 1)

    I love it, but I am so so confused about the decision making process of what amps get added as new models. I'm sure the SV20H is cool and all but there are so many legendary amps out there and we got another Marshall? It's just not what I would have picked.
  3. Promit

    Alex Lifeson of Rush with his FM9

    He has roadies to ziploc it up for him between shows.
  4. Promit

    Announcing FM9 Turbo

    This might sound slightly insane but if I have an FM9 in my hands and plugged into USB, how do I figure out if it's a Turbo?
  5. Promit

    FM9 and USB Cable

    I've been using Amazon Basics USB A-B "printer" cables and they've worked great so far.
  6. Promit

    Too Obsessive About USB Choices?

    Audioquest is flatly a ripoff no matter what you are doing. USB 2.0 is not anything fancy anyway. As far as Axe Fx cables, my primary concern is robustness. Monoprice and Amazon Basics cables have worked out well for me so far.
  7. Promit

    Bands that epitomize a certain amp’s sound

    Gotta say Slash and the Silver Jubilee.
  8. Promit

    How to keep Scenes open after using tuner with OMG9?

    This layout link glitch should be fixed in the next FM3 update - I remember because I'm the one who reported it. It was fixed on the FM9 but I don't think the 3 has seen a new update yet.
  9. Promit

    Fm-9 with a built in Wah/Vol Pedal? any thoughts?

    I'm being serious when I say the Helix is right around the virtual corner if this makes a big difference for you. But I also feel there is a good reason none of the other competitors in the professional floorboard category have gone with this design.
  10. Promit

    5153 so easy to get a good tone, feels like cheating!

    The 5153 50W Blue is my default amp, and would probably be in real analog form too. I prefer it through a Creamback M/H mix as I find that suits the character of the amp better than the V30 and the EVH/Greenback speakers are a little fuzzy for my taste.
  11. Promit

    Best way to protect the fm9

    I'd probably hop over to the newly rebooted ZenRigs https://www.zenrigs.com/
  12. Promit

    WTF Warmoth Guitars!!!!?????

    Ah but these are being made by hand and lead times are longer than usual
  13. Promit

    Thunderbolt/USB dock/hubs

    Given the rate at which technology evolves, I generally prefer to buy things to accommodate current needs and specific future needs that are at least reasonably plausible. It is a very impressive dock but I don’t think you should attempt to future proof.
  14. Promit

    Ibanez J.Customs in 2022: Are They Worth The Pricetag?

    Personally I would get a Suhr in the superstrat formula, but I think that's really down to taste. I can't really speak to the J. Custom either way.
  15. Promit

    ‘There is something very, very wrong with today’s music. It just may not be very good.’

    Ehhh. Look up the top 100 for any year and tell me most of it isn't garbage in retrospect. And tell me half the kids in any given grade haven't always been saying "I was born in the wrong generation, I don't listen to today's music". I don't think anything has really changed.
  16. Promit

    Can this preset run on a FM3/FM9

    It's a bit over the FM9 limit. I think with a few adjustments you could get it to fit, especially if one of those drive blocks can be substituted with the Preamp boost in the amp block, or if you can live without the stereo enhancer. There are some blocks that aren't used in the scenes so maybe...
  17. Promit

    Why not much love for the EVM12L?

    Ohhhh. I need to go back, crank the master, and dial up my power amp settings (speaker drive and impedance curve especially) to even consider being in the ballpark. I've only learned to use those settings pretty recently (thanks Leon Todd! not tagging you tho) so maybe I'll take another shot at...
  18. Promit

    Why not much love for the EVM12L?

    It is literally a PA woofer*. The HF is a mess (HiFi wise) as you'd expect from any large woofer and that contributes the particular characteristics as a guitar speaker but you could build a perfectly decent FRFR out of it with a crossover. * It's not alone in this, a few guitar speakers like...
  19. Promit

    Why not much love for the EVM12L?

    I've read about Zakk Wylde's setup and tried to copy it in the Fractal several times. Every attempt with the 2203 into an EVM12L IR just comes out sounding utterly bizarre. I don't know what I'm doing wrong.
  20. Promit

    FM9 Firmware Version 3.00 public beta 1

    I found that one!
  21. Promit

    Can the FM3/9 run safely on modified sine wave inverters?

    I'm interested in some experiments away from wall power. Can these devices handle the modified sine wave outputs of cheaper inverters?
  22. Promit

    Interested: FRFR in front of you or behind like traditional

    Depends a bit on which FRFR you have. A wedge is great up front because you can put your leg up on it and rock out. A more cab styled FRFR is better behind.
  23. Promit

    FS Fractal FM3/FC6 bundle for sale

    SOLD!! I’ve done the unthinkable and paid someone’s asking price for an FM9, so I’m selling my FM3/FC6 kit. Works awesome and always has, includes some Ownhammer and ML user cabs. Shows some minor scuff and signs of wear but nothing unreasonable or noticeable in regular use. This is a model...
  24. Promit

    Brand and model of FM3, FM9 and AxeFX III CPU

    Look man, I know what you're thinking and the answer is yes, the Axe 3 can probably run Doom.
  25. Promit

    Guthrie Govan using an FM9

    Visual aid - I like my XiTone more than the competitors I've tried (which does not include the Atomic CLR or EV PXM). They are a touch boxy, and "flat" is a stretch. Lately I've been using the Laney LFR 212 as I like the vertical 2x12 format, and it's more open sounding but a bit tubby thanks to...
  26. Promit

    FM9 Firmware Version 2.02

  27. Promit


    Putting !g in the search query causes a redirect to Google's site. This is clearly not avoiding any type of tracking.
  28. Promit

    FM9 Firmware Version 2.02

    If any Fractal product were sitting around without an update thread for two days someone would be asking about it, let alone two months. That's not entitlement, that's enthusiasm. Fractal made their mark in large part by updating aggressively and often, and the users appreciate it.
  29. Promit

    Ozzy Osbourne - Patient Number 9 (Official Audio) ft. Jeff Beck

    More power to Ozzy for doing an album against the backdrop of everything his life has been through - the man could've quit long ago and no one would've faulted him for it. But the extensive studio mangling of the vocals on this track, I can't deal with.
  30. Promit

    FS Fractal AX8

    To be -extremely- charitable, lots of people are moving to Paypal F&F due to the new tax situation. I myself am no longer doing Paypal with fees on any transactions. But I agree that a new forum poster and asking for money order first, sketchy.
  31. Promit

    How to replicate a Dookie/Golub modded Marshall? (ie Green Day)

    If you're a bit creative with how you dial it in and the exact choice of model (depending on which era Green Day we're talking about) - a Recto Vintage will actually come extremely close to the desired tone. You can also try one of the Friedmans for the more crunchy Marshally sounding songs but...
  32. Promit

    Guthrie Govan using an FM9

    Damnit Guthrie - the FM9 here, the Kemper on tour with Hans Zimmer, the Victory amps - how are we supposed to declare an unambiguous winner? Stop loving all the gear!
  33. Promit

    Compiling A List of Great Music Created With PRS Guitars.

    One outta three guitarists but hey. And then there's this guy One outta two here
  34. Promit

    Why there is something, rather then nothing?

    Basically there was nothing and then God was all like “Big Bang all up in here” and now this. I’m skipping over some of the details.
  35. Promit

    FS Axe Fx III MK1- $1925- Free Shipping to Lower 48- SOLD

    Sorry to pile on, but lots of people aren't doing Paypal with fees anymore due to the new tax situation this year. Just realize you're going to get offers that might sound low to you.
  36. Promit


    The Fractal factory IRs are in a proprietary format for use with Fractal devices only. You can download them off the unit with Fractal Bot, but the resulting files will be entirely useless as they’re not in a format anything else can read. That said, there are many excellent IRs out there you...
  37. Promit

    My 2 Cents: Why Some People think Axe-Fx Doesn't Sound Great

    Every person who's ever been through a college engineering degree knows at least two of this guy and we all got tired of his shit by junior year.
  38. Promit

    Power amp for fm3

    If your 2x12 is 16 ohm, that means it's two 8 ohm speakers wired in series. You can go in there and change the wiring to parallel, which will give you a 4 ohm cab and a bucketload more output from most solid state amps.
  39. Promit

    FRFR speaker recommendation?

    Everyone's going to name their favorite until every FRFR on the market has been named, basically. That said, I really like my Laney 2x12. I love that it looks like a normal vertical 2x12 but is secretly an active FRFR.
  40. Promit

    USB Type A

    There are a ton of pretty awesome things that port could have been used for. It doesn’t have any of them. Is what it is, just pretend it never existed.
  41. Promit

    Any rumors about an FX8 successor?

    I hate to point out the blindingly obvious, but Fractal is having trouble manufacturing the hardware it currently offers and people are actively clamoring for. Nevermind stuff that is more niche.
  42. Promit

    Budget db meter recommendations

    I use the NIOSH app as well. Accuracy is obviously suspect, and I noticed significant problems once levels exceeded 100-105 dB. But for this specific use, you should be just fine.
  43. Promit

    Xitone FRFR - Where are they made?

    Unless something has changed, and I don't think it has, the cabinets are built in the USA and the components are off the shelf. Matrix amps on the older models, I think Dayton Audio on more recent ones? And an Eminence or Celestion speaker depending.
  44. Promit

    Using knobs B-C-D-E on Home page?

    If I want to use the controls on the unit I’ll usually start by paging over to one of the Perform tabs. That makes more sense to me than adding more home page functions. But the idea above of doubling them to the Perform tab options … maybe. Could work.
  45. Promit

    Have we reached the end of new amp models in the Axe 3?

    I have never expected anything beyond what's already in there. But I've always really hoped. Randall, maybe Victory (although we have so many marshall type things), more ENGL, the later 5153 revisions, H&K ...
  46. Promit

    Joe Satriani spotted with an Axe Fx III

    I know it's not what we're talking about but that SLO 30 is adorable.
  47. Promit

    Fm3 to FRFR...dual xlr's?

    My only stereo setup is a light panning for stereo IRs left and right - 20% which I think is just the default used in some of the factory patches. For live I just pick a side. The two sides are pretty similar. You can change the output mode to SUM L+R in the global IO setup, but frankly I just...
  48. Promit

    12 gauge strings

    I tried them on a guitar set up in C and didn't much care for them. Just too chunky and I didn't like the tension. I restrung that guitar with 11s and it's better, I don't mind playing it. But I'm thinking that I'd rather have a fan fret with 10s to down tune to C or drop B♭.
  49. Promit

    Software FracPad III - iOS/Android/Mac/Win Editor for the Axe-Fx II/XL/XL+, AX8/FX8, Axe-Fx III and FM3

    Apologies if this has been addressed somewhere in the previous 145 pages, I can only do so much. Is there a FracPad build for Windows on ARM? I'm thinking standard Surface and a variety of other random Windows based low power tablets.
  50. Promit

    Apple Airpods pro vs...

    The major competitors would be the Sony set, the Jabra Elite, the Bose, and maybe the Sennheisers. Most consumer reviewers seem to prefer the Sony out of that list. I'm using the Jabra and am pretty happy with them - they were on sale - but I'm not applying my audiophile mode ears to them. Bose...
  51. Promit

    updated version of the FX8?

    I get the impression that the sales of the FX8 were relatively sluggish and that FAS concluded they were better off making a general purpose modeler that also has good support for 4CM. The FM9 would be the replacement, but seeing as how they're rather challenging to buy, it's an awkward...
  52. Promit

    Banned from TGP

    In my case?
  53. Promit

    Bug? Glitchy layout link transition

    Alright so long story short, I've been building an OFM9G esque setup for an FM3/FC6. There's a Presets button on the upper row of the FC6 in this layout, and its hold action is set to Tuner. Its tap action is to change layout on the FC6, and it has a layout link to change layout on the FM3. If I...
  54. Promit

    Rediscovered CA3+ Clean. What's your fav clean?

    I'm actually quite partial to the ODS Clean myself. The CA3 and Archean are great, as is the Mesa, but the ODS just fits me best.
  55. Promit

    Mouse Review

    I ran the same Logitech MX518 for twelve years of 10+ hour daily use at home and it performed flawlessly right up until the cable failed. I replaced the cable but finding OEM quality cables is a problem and it failed again shortly thereafter. I have a collection of mice in the same line (G502...
  56. Promit

    Banned from TGP

    Pretty much, yeah. A joke between a half dozen cliquey friends won't survive when a hundred daily actives are also in that same thread. Some people think this is a new dynamic or people are "losing sense of humor and humility" but I guarantee you, humanity never had such things at any scale that...
  57. Promit

    Birthday Present?

    Well shit. Guess a Shuriken is going on the shopping list.
  58. Promit

    Banned from TGP

    Not that I feel like defending TGP at all but as someone who's spent a long time in the moderation game - that sort of thread is really tough. What are jokes on the inside can look like a problem from the outside, and it only takes a handful of people not in on the jokes to come in and shove the...
  59. Promit

    Birthday Present?

    As I understand it, the Variax is closely linked with Line 6's processors, right? You have to use a Helix or POD to use the functionality? I don't ask this as some kind of backhanded criticism. They have an ecosystem, moreso than any other competition in the space, and that's cool. I know Leo...
  60. Promit

    Banned from TGP

    I don't know about the overall age group here but as an elder millennial I grew up on and around forums. Built my professional career there, in fact. Spent all my formative years joking around, good and bad, about forums and how they are. Moderated one that was large at its prime. But JFC I am...
  61. Promit

    Got inspired to make a different OMG9! But apparently I just reinvented an FM9. (Layout included)

    I've been using the OMG9 for a while and it's a great setup, but it never quite fit me. It felt like the things I wanted most were not closest, and the AX8 was still more comfortable, and so I came up with an idea to move the layout selection to the top right. You see where this is going. I woke...
  62. Promit

    FM3 Firmware Version 5.03 beta 6 (release candidate)

    On the technical side, I'll also just chip in that an embedded DSP system running some type of real-time OS is a world apart from a modern pre-emptively scheduled speculatively executed multicore "PC" type platform. Anyone know what the error bars on that CPU usage percentage? It's not an exact...
  63. Promit


    I set it to my default somewhat recently and have been testing it. It is entirely adequate at easy searches and pretty bad at tough searches. Occasionally it just doesn't know what the hell you're asking it. Turns out 95% of my search traffic is in the "easy" category though, so I failback to...
  64. Promit

    FM3 Firmware Version 5.03 beta 6 (release candidate)

    Thanks. I absolutely intend to change to the FM9 eventually but the question for me is whether to change now, and pay the market premium for the handful of FM9 units in the wild. I'd be willing to pay if the unit had all the latest. But if the FM9 is last on the update cycle (and understandably...
  65. Promit

    FM3 Firmware Version 5.03 beta 6 (release candidate)

    I was thinking of moving from the FM3 to the FM9, but it looks like a lot of the firmware improvements aren't making it to the FM9 just yet. Am I correct in believing that the FM9 is lagging behind the FM3 for features and updates?
  66. Promit

    Thoughts on EVH 5150III EL34 2x12 Cabinet

    Chalk me up in the G12H30 hater camp. Personally I'm an FRFR kinda guy but if I were going to go with a general purpose cab it would be one of two setups: either a Mesa Vintage 30 cab, or a G12M/G12H Creamback mix cab.
  67. Promit

    NGD: Laney LFR212 - sounds great, I really like it! (2x12 vertical FRFR)

    I've been missing both the look and feel of a real cab, and I was entertaining the idea of getting a conventional 2x12 with a power amp. While looking around I rediscovered this Laney FRFR everyone's been sleeping on and to be honest I'm not sure why. It sounds fan-friggin-fastic! You don't get...
  68. Promit

    FM3 Firmware Version 5.00 beta 1

    Am I correct in believing that the FM3 still doesn't get the improved Pitch block available on the Axe3?
  69. Promit

    Anyone have experience with Bareknuckle Juggernauts?

    Bad wiring makes sense, the juggernaut bridge is one of the angriest pickups I’ve ever played in a passive. I love that thing.
  70. Promit

    FM3 + FC-6 = OMG9!

    Somebody had put together a variation on OMG9 that allowed you to bail back out to a 3 switch lightweight setup when needed, but I've totally lost the thread. Anyone have it handy?
  71. Promit

    FM3 + FC-6 = OMG9!

    Just got my B stock FC6 and loaded OMG9. Making some tweaks here and there (Per-preset instead of effects, some more links) but it's a good setup for sure. I still think it's an unfortunately large footprint on the floor, but maybe it won't be a big deal in practice. We'll see once group music...
  72. Promit

    Ares is over ...

    I bet Cygnus features the brand new sigmoid curve based vacuum tube model. Turns out we were overthinking it the whole time!
  73. Promit

    Sold a guitar, it arrived damaged

    You can’t actually win a claim against a buyer on practically any platform, so I’d offer a shipping-comped return or ask them to present a written repair bill from a professional that you can consider covering.
  74. Promit

    Let's see those FM3 rigs!

    I made my switch myself by hand. Same problem since I'm in the US too. This is prototype 1, I'm going to make prototype 2 soon and see if I can get it powder coated for a color match.
  75. Promit

    FM3 Status Update

    Is it really gonna make your life any better to have one of the team come in and say "yep we're still working on it" ? I think if they had firm specifics they'd share them.
  76. Promit

    Hanging a couple of guitars on the wall… Suggestions requested

    If you have a few guitars, the Hercules series are the best wall hangers thanks to the locking system. If you have a lot of guitars, String Swing and a few others have wall systems that come with rails and brackets. Headless also poses a bit of a headache, if that's on your radar.
  77. Promit

    Let's see those FM3 rigs!

    This is very much a work in progress while I figure out exactly how I want to use the FM3, but this 5 button setup feels promising. I would've preferred a bit more to be sure, but this requires no aux power and just a simple flat board underneath ought to do just fine.
  78. Promit

    ARES for AX8

    The AX8 is clearly done. No more bug fixes, no more anything. Is what it is.
  79. Promit

    Is there actual difference between Mesa Rectifier Models?

    Ok ok ok everybody. Look, basically every model of Recto is a little bit different. They are constantly screwing with the EQ and voicing of the amp over the years. But at the end of the day, with a few exceptions, it's a zillion variations of the same sound and formula. Set the knobs a little...
  80. Promit

    Apple Silicon

    I think the problem is translation would be all or nothing. They can't glue together a native app with a translation of an x86 app. Not to say it's impossible, but I think it's likely to be a mess. From simple stuff like handling the dynamic linking and address space patchups correctly, to...
  81. Promit

    One FC-6 foot switch does nothing

    This might be a support/warranty issue.
  82. Promit

    Did you miss the Fryette D60? You've gotta try it.

    I feel like the Fryette Deliverance is one of those amps that goes largely unnoticed inside this box, but it's some pretty hot stuff. If you are one of those people who skipped right over it, this is the perfect time to pull it up and see what it's all about. I've attached a "hair metal" preset...
  83. Promit

    Powered cab users: What are you using?

    I've been happy with a XiTone wedge.
  84. Promit

    Can external/stand-in switches follow layouts?

    This is basically one scheme I was thinking of as well, disappointing that it's not possible right now.
  85. Promit

    FM3 Status Update

    I'd even accept it as a system level option - pitch tracking quality standard or high, and people who need the extra CPU more can leave it at standard.
  86. Promit

    Studio Monitor Recommendations

    I'm really fond of Adams, like my T7V. JBL's 305P and siblings are excellent as well.
  87. Promit

    Suggested DAW with FM3?

    To answer the original question a little more specifically - no, I don't believe there's any DAW that functions particularly different from any other with respect to the FM3.
  88. Promit

    Wish Ability to change external switch functions per layout

    +1, I just asked about the same thing https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/can-external-stand-in-switches-follow-layouts.166915/
  89. Promit

    Switch doesn't engage/behave as a tap if its hold is a blank PP

    Ok so this might be an engineering limitation or intentional behavior, I'm not sure. Here's a button scheme: Now the question is, what should happen if PP #1 Hold is unassigned? The switch looks like a tap-only switch: But it will behave as if there is a hold function - the tap action engages...
  90. Promit

    Can external/stand-in switches follow layouts?

    Yeah, that's pretty much exactly what I'm going to do with it. Gonna have to make it work. I just find it very unfortunate that I can't do what I expected to, which was add two more buttons that also have layout-controlled functionality. I think it would be a fairly straightforward feature to...
  91. Promit

    Is Scenes view the only option on Home page?

    One of the neat things about the home screen is all the text is really tiny and nearly the entire thing is empty wasted space. Wait, that's not neat at all.
  92. Promit

    Can external/stand-in switches follow layouts?

    The way I'm thinking about using it, fixing the number would be fine. Basically what I'm going for is I would add a dual button foot switch and set them to stand-in Layout = "Current", Switch = 11 and 12. Now whatever layout I'm in, those external buttons are hooked to whatever is set for tap...
  93. Promit

    Can external/stand-in switches follow layouts?

    Presumably enough people love it this way for it to be this way. But if the Layout selector included a "Current" option alongside the regular layouts, that would be enough UI to provide the alternate behavior.
  94. Promit

    Can external/stand-in switches follow layouts?

    That's disappointing and quite limiting.
  95. Promit

    Can external/stand-in switches follow layouts?

    I've been going over the user manual and I don't know if I've misunderstood something. Basically, I can use stand-in switches to configure external switches to act as a specific switch in a specific layout. Ok, cool. But can I configure the externals to act as a numbered switch in the current...
  96. Promit

    Will the A7X fix my problems with LSR305?

    I'm not sure speakers are the right solution. I would consider putting the money into a UMIK-1/2 measurement microphone and see what you're actually getting at the listening position. You can use that data to either feed a software EQ on your PC, or buy a MiniDSP 2x4 Balanced and run hardware...
  97. Promit


    SiriusXM is basically a garbage service. Poor (and fluctuating) audio quality, overpriced, pushy as hell about renewal/cancellation, and their DJs play the same music over and over and over again. That said, I still end up renewing from time to time at the $6/month price point because I still...
  98. Promit

    XLR splitter to put between Output 1 and monitors/FOH

    For the volume knob, you'll want a passive volume controller, sometimes described as a passive preamp. Here's one example on Amazon. Just pair that with the splitters and cables you need.
  99. Promit

    LEDs stay on even after power is turned off?

    Mine does not do this on USB.
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