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  1. Geezerjohn

    Richlite and Baked Maple?

    Have you considered Heritage? I own 2 and they are great guitars.
  2. Geezerjohn

    Happy Birthday Leon (2112)!

    Happy birthday Leon. Many happy returns.
  3. Geezerjohn

    Covid-19 Playlist

    My Corona Let’s Get Physicals I Want a New Drug Plan Knock, Knock, Knocking on the Bathroom Door Moany Moany 19th Nervous Breakdown
  4. Geezerjohn

    NGD - my first Suhr!

    Congrats. She’s a beauty.
  5. Geezerjohn

    Suhr Modern

    I should know better than to look at guitars on the internet. I saw an awesome guitar for sale, but my finances have been placed on wife support.
  6. Geezerjohn

    Happy New Year

    Hope y’all have a blessed New Year.
  7. Geezerjohn


    Thanks for your kind words and for the assist. Greatly appreciated.
  8. Geezerjohn

    RIP Ginger Baker

    RIP Mr. Baker.
  9. Geezerjohn


    @Project Mayhem Thank you my friend for pointing that out to me. I didn’t know that. My birthday is 3/5/1951.
  10. Geezerjohn


    Help, I need somebody. Not just anybody, Help, you know I need someone…. Never have those words been more profound. It is with heavy heart that I tell you, my Fractal Audio friends, that I am gravely ill. I have been diagnosed with stage-4 kidney failure. Stage-5 is end stage kidney failure. I...
  11. Geezerjohn

    Band names for seniors

    The Fogeys Poly Grip The Dentures Steve via Agra Forgetmenots Just make sure you dial in the sag properly.
  12. Geezerjohn

    Maybe a silly question about cables...

    Any good quality cable should work. Mogami cables are good and not too expensive.
  13. Geezerjohn

    AX8 Microphonic?

    I have not experienced that with my AX8. I have played a lot of venues with mine.
  14. Geezerjohn

    I bought a Kemper, it's hot!

    I knew that this thread would begin a flame war.
  15. Geezerjohn

    Just traded my Kemper for an Axe-Fx 2 XL

    Welcome to the machine.
  16. Geezerjohn

    Fractal needs more swag options!

    Should have bought firm wear. It gets updated.
  17. Geezerjohn

    Recommend a preset pack for a newbie?

    You can also check out Yek’s awesome guide. So much great information on amps, cabs, etc. lots of great suggestions for cabs.
  18. Geezerjohn

    'New' Schaller S-Locks

    I have about 20 guitars that have the old Schallers. The new ones look like an improvement. I will not be changing out to the new ones.
  19. Geezerjohn

    Who lifts weights here?

    Nowadays I get my exercise pushing my luck and jumping to conclusions. I occasionally do 12 oz curls.
  20. Geezerjohn

    More fun at Gibson’s expense

    The $7500 guitar is the reason he can’t afford the $20 guitar stand.
  21. Geezerjohn

    Andy Summers Monochrome Strat

    That’s robbery! Someone call the police.
  22. Geezerjohn

    NGD! 2004 (I think) LP Classic

  23. Geezerjohn

    RIP Ric Ocasek

    They were trend setters in the day. RIP Ric. I love the way she dips.
  24. Geezerjohn


    Line 6 G-90. Works great.
  25. Geezerjohn

    R.I.P. Eddie Money

    The hook master is gone. RIP Eddie.
  26. Geezerjohn

    Classic Songs whose mixes still hold up this day

    Saw them in the Denver arena in 68. The opening act was Led Zeppelin. Headliner was Vanilla Fudge.
  27. Geezerjohn

    Classic Songs whose mixes still hold up this day

    Spooky Tooth - Spooky Two Zeppelin 1 & 2 Spirit - 12 Dreams of Dr. Sardonicus Deep Purple - In Rock
  28. Geezerjohn

    The coming death of just about every rock legend

    Hey, watch that geezer stuff. I resemble that remark.
  29. Geezerjohn

    The coming death of just about every rock legend

    Last time I checked, the mortality rate was running pretty close to 100%.
  30. Geezerjohn

    USA IIC amp and Valhallir IR

    Sounds awesome as usual Marco.
  31. Geezerjohn

    Need advice for a funeral

    @Decimator Thanks for the update. Glad for you that it went well. Should be a fond memory in the near future.
  32. Geezerjohn

    Steely Dan tonight! (Guytron obsession at max...)

    Great review @bradlake Thanks! So, did you like the show? ;)
  33. Geezerjohn

    New Computer. Mac or PC?

    Wow! Now there’s something unexpected. A Mac vs PC debate. Whodathunkit?
  34. Geezerjohn

    Fractal Audio AMP models: Matchbox D-30 (Matchless DC-30)

    One of my favorite amps. A mainstay of my bank. I use this one all the time.
  35. Geezerjohn

    Hurricane mode

    Jokes aside. Praying for you and all in the path of it.
  36. Geezerjohn

    Hurricane mode

    Some people may think it is a minor issue but the dominant thinking would be to change the name. If the storm was named Lydian and it was something between a tropical storm and a hurricane, would that make it a mixolydian?
  37. Geezerjohn

    Solo boost volume

    I put it at the tail end of the chain.
  38. Geezerjohn

    Solo boost volume

    I put a null filter at the end of all of my presets. I set it for bypass when the preset is called up. I set the filter for the desired boost and assign the filter to the same foot switch in every preset. When I need boost I just step on the foot switch. Step on it again to disengage the boost...
  39. Geezerjohn

    Anyone else a McIntosh (Big Blue Meters] Geek?

    She was very professional and pleasant but her manager was really difficult. Peggy March was also on the bill. She was pretty bad live.
  40. Geezerjohn

    Ax8 Do I sell to buy a Bias Amp Mini?

    You can have my AX8 when you pry it from my cold dead fingers.
  41. Geezerjohn

    Anyone else a McIntosh (Big Blue Meters] Geek?

    Wow! Dusty Springfield. Talk about a blast from the past. I did a show back in the 60’s and she was also on the bill. Also The Happenings (See You in September). Memories.
  42. Geezerjohn

    SRV Sound Check-New to me, never saw this one...

    A humdinger indeed.
  43. Geezerjohn

    Question: AX8 with Quantum v8 or v10...which is better?

    Sonic magic is in the ears of the beholder regardless of what firmware version you are on. Go with what you like.
  44. Geezerjohn

    Huge thanks to Leon Todd for his vids

    I have said it before, but it is worth repeating. In the forest of fractal users, @2112 is a Sequoia.
  45. Geezerjohn

    What are you GASing for right now?

    Follow the yellow brick road. @Admin M@
  46. Geezerjohn

    AX8 Victory!

    Wow! A sound tech that can hear. Whodathunkit?
  47. Geezerjohn

    There is no spoon...

    But now the red pill is Ducolax and the blue pill is Viagra.
  48. Geezerjohn

    What are you GASing for right now?

    Classic sports car. Austin Healy.
  49. Geezerjohn

    LCD screen went into “Layout Grid”... don’t know why

    I have done that too. The exit button is definitely the save butt button.
  50. Geezerjohn

    To Mayer or Not to Mayer, that is the question ....(hint...I’m going.)

    Man, I really dislike politics. Why would you want to go see the mayor. O wait...
  51. Geezerjohn

    NPD: ADA MP-1

    Wow! I’m having a deja Blue.
  52. Geezerjohn

    Never-before-seen images of Woodstock

    You must have missed Ron Del Dondo and the Delron Dondos. They never did tighten up.
  53. Geezerjohn

    Never-before-seen images of Woodstock

    I was a huge Partridge Family fan. I bought all of their record.
  54. Geezerjohn

    Never-before-seen images of Woodstock

    Bodacious! Going for the Barny look. That takes some stones.
  55. Geezerjohn

    Never-before-seen images of Woodstock

    Hang on to your bell bottoms and Nehru jackets.
  56. Geezerjohn

    Duane's Guitar - SOLD.

  57. Geezerjohn

    What is your "strangest" guitar?

    Looking like Leo ran into Parker. I like it.
  58. Geezerjohn

    Duane's Guitar - SOLD.

    I make it a habit to never spend more than 1m on a guitar.
  59. Geezerjohn

    What is your "strangest" guitar?

    My most unusual guitar is my signature guitar The Crafty. It was built by WG Bristol custom guitars. Disclaimer; I am in endorser for WG Bristol custom guitars, and have appeared as a featured artist for them at numerous guitar shows. I had the case for my guitar built by I-beam custom cases...
  60. Geezerjohn

    Output Volume Fluctuates randomly

    I suspected that might be the case. Just trying to help sort out what’s going on. I have not had any issues with my unit.
  61. Geezerjohn

    Output Volume Fluctuates randomly

    I was thinking that if the pedal is rocked back slightly then any movement might cause it to engage. Just a thought.
  62. Geezerjohn

    Updating Firmware Question

    As always Brad’s advice is rock solid. There will be some differences in sound between firmware. If you back up your current setting you can try the new sounds and if you don’t like them you can just reinstall the old firmware that you’re using now and be right back where you started no worse...
  63. Geezerjohn

    Output Volume Fluctuates randomly

    Perhaps a dumb thought (I have had a few). Perhaps a volume pedal attached to the preset?
  64. Geezerjohn

    New Computer. Mac or PC?

    My Apple gear works great too Dale.
  65. Geezerjohn

    Anyone tried the Amposo wireless?

    Never even heard of them. I have been using a Line 6 G-90 for years and have never had a problem with it.
  66. Geezerjohn

    New Computer. Mac or PC?

    Apple certainly agrees with that.
  67. Geezerjohn

    Song Writing with Axe-Fx

    I should add that I sometimes use the voice memo feature on my iPhone when I’m working out the melody.
  68. Geezerjohn

    New Computer. Mac or PC?

    You will get a lot of opinions in the Mac vs pc issue. Personally, I used to run my studio on pc. Endless headaches. I finally switched to Mac. A far more stable platform. I have been using Mac ever since. Yes they are costly. Yes their business model is to obsolete their products. Yes that is a...
  69. Geezerjohn

    A Vox Just Isn’t a Vox...

    Dang! Voxy Lady! Still my hands down favorite look for an amp. Beautiful job.
  70. Geezerjohn

    Mac OS Catalina: no 32-bit apps

    FAS history shows that they are very much on top of such things.
  71. Geezerjohn

    Song Writing with Axe-Fx

    I never write using an instrument. I hear a melody in my head. Once I have a good grip on the melody, then I teach myself how to play it. Sometimes I use a guitar, sometimes I use a keyboard. It really depends on how I hear the melody. Usually when the melody is forming in my mind, I’ll hear...
  72. Geezerjohn

    ODS-100 preset

    Awesome tone and great playing as usual Marco. Killer riff at 3:17. \m/
  73. Geezerjohn

    The Character knob is AWESOME

    Never been a control freak but the night is still young.
  74. Geezerjohn

    NGD, and the power of Rationalization...

    Thanks for your kind words @Project Mayhem. Greatly appreciated. As you know, I play mostly in church. Some of our worship services can last for 3 hours. That’s a really long time for a geezer like me to be on my feet with a guitar strapped on. At times like that I really really appreciate the...
  75. Geezerjohn

    NGD, and the power of Rationalization...

    I have a Boden Prog. Awesome guitar. One of my favorites. Great balance, and very easy to perform with. The neck shape and the fanned frets have a great feel. Mine is loaded with Suhr SSV in the neck and SSH in the bridge.
  76. Geezerjohn

    New Family Member

    A very thoughtful gesture Cliff.
  77. Geezerjohn

    Gibson...what is going on?

    Think of all the needy kids that would love to have one of those guitars (precrushed). That video is appalling. Save the planet’s resources? With idiots like that?
  78. Geezerjohn

    Favorite guitar-amp combination

    I’ll get this started. I like my Suhr Modern into a Matchless for cleans. A Plexi for crunchy rhythm, and the Tucana for leads. That combination gives me the tonal variation to cover pretty much anything. All three of those amps clean up really well backing off the guitar volume. So how about...
  79. Geezerjohn

    Pick Attack AX8

    Quick question Greg. What kind of picks do you use? The pick can make a yuge difference in the amount of pick attack.
  80. Geezerjohn

    NGD - PRS CE

    Sweet!!! I have a couple of PRS and they are such great guitars. Congrats.
  81. Geezerjohn

    Gibson...what is going on?

    By now Gibson employees probably know that they are on the Titanic.
  82. Geezerjohn

    One amp for clean and dirty

    You might try the Plexis or the Tucana.
  83. Geezerjohn

    What is currently missing in the amp modeling world?

    I would like to see the processing power of the III in a gig-friendly floor unit like the AX8.
  84. Geezerjohn

    Lari Basilio new album

    Very musical playing. Great touch and feel. Tone was spectacular. And she keeps good company to.
  85. Geezerjohn

    PRS SE Custom

    I have played a few of the SE models. Most were very nice guitars considering the price point. Yes you can spend a lot more and get a PRS, but if you’re on a budget and looking for a great guitar the SE might just fit the bill.
  86. Geezerjohn

    Help with deciding between an amp or AX8

    IMHO, every guitarist has to find their own voice. For me, my AX8 is everything I want and so much more.
  87. Geezerjohn

    Anyone going to try the Kemper Stage?

    I am completely satisfied with the tone of my FAS gear. No reason to continue my quest for tone. I am too busy rocking out with my FAS gear. I’m not knocking the Kemper. I am just sayin I am getting such sweet tone that for me, I see no reason to look elsewhere.
  88. Geezerjohn

    R.I.P Rutger Hauer

    An icon. The consummate bad guy. RIP Mr. Hauer.
  89. Geezerjohn

    NGD: Suhr Strat

    Have you decided on where you are going to order it? If not I suggest Humbucker Music.
  90. Geezerjohn

    How to dial good lead sound for live use?

    I use my wireless rig so I can get out front of the FOH and listen to my tone. Then I have a better idea of how it sounds. When you dial in your sound, if possible do it at gig volume. +1 on Leon’s videos. @2112 aka Leon has helped many many Fractal users. In the forest of Fractal users, Leon...
  91. Geezerjohn

    What's your hobby?

    I am not Nostradamus but I predict that some respondents will say “playing the guitar “. Ya think?
  92. Geezerjohn

    NGD: Suhr Strat

    Build time varies just like FAS. Do your research in advance. Know what you want. There are a lot of options to choose between. Knowing what you want in advance helps when you actually order it. Pickup selection, neck shape, fret size and material, wiring, etc.
  93. Geezerjohn

    Informal Poll - How many pedals are you using?

    One pedal is enough for me. I have it control volume.
  94. Geezerjohn

    What A Pain In The Neck!

    Sorry to hear that you are feeling poorly. I can only suggest that you have the doctor appointment and see what they say. You might consider chiropractic care. Some people think that such treatment is like voodoo, but I had chronic back pain and the chiropractor fixed the problem. I do hope you...
  95. Geezerjohn

    GM unveils a radically new Corvette

    Ahhh the rides of youth. Great memories Tim. My first car was a puke green DKW. I paid $1 dollar for it. It was worth every penny. It had a column shifter held together with bailing wire. Bench seat that was perfect for a young man. Then I traded it for a Carman Gia convertible. I was officially...
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