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    Dyna-cab "matching" amps ?

    MC-90 is most likely a Black Shadow MC-90, used with Mesa Mark amps. Basically a re-labeled (and perhaps slightly tweaked) Celestion Lead 80.
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    Can ChatGPT make a good preset that emulates a known tone? (Spoiler: no)

    Came here to say this. It's definitely not the "one click cheat" tool people think it is. It's a good tool to have though.
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    Another Big THANK YOU to our Moderators

    This is the only forum I really engage in discussion on, and part of that is the cool vibe and awesome mods. Shout out to them and all their hard work!
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    NGD: EBMM Luke III Grapes of Wrath BFR #8 of 85... used, but not a scratch on it!

    Ah, I get you. I don't find that the prettiest of examples of that finish either. I like the ones that are darker green and when the red doesn't extend up on the top.
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    NGD: EBMM Luke III Grapes of Wrath BFR #8 of 85... used, but not a scratch on it!

    Regarding the green quilt with the red burst, do you mean the Luscious Green one, or some other more exotic colour option?
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    solar guitar...too hot?

    I set my input for my EBMM LIII with the 12 dB boost active and end up with the input sensitivity to 5 % to just clip red. So I bet you're fine.
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    Thinking of changing my pickup!

    You can always get one with a cover (plated), or try the new Thornbucker II if you like the basic flavour and just want something a tad more mellow in the top end.
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    Level the amp or level the output? Volume Question....

    You're absolutely correct about that it affects the trails of reverb and delay. That's one of the reasons that I use the amp level control instead. The other is that I want whatever block that comes after the amp block to be driven about as hard, regardless of what amp channel I use. For...
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    TC 1210 Challenge

    The tone might suck, but it's awesome when trying to dial in the chorus in the Axe to match. That particular clip is probably the best representation of what the TC1210 actually sounds like IMHO. It's been a while since I had the plugin, but speed 0.5 Hz, width 3.5-ish, delay at max. Chorus...
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    TC 1210 Challenge

    His LFO ligths are working in this video. Granted, it's 2 years newer so he might have fixed them. I seem to remember this guy having to spend a lot of money on fixing old rack gear from reading old forum posts of his. TC1210 starts at 0:35 s.
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    TC 1210 Challenge

    The depth control (the width knob) has a greater range than the actual unit. So to get it to sound like the unit with width set to 5, you might have to set it to 3.5 on the plugin. Once you get that dialled in, the difference is subtle between the unit and plugin IMHO.
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    TC 1210 Challenge

    Here you go. https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/lexicon-pcm70-pan-circular-delays-tc1210-chorus.164461/ The 1210 type in the Axe is by me and is based on the plugin version. It has far greater range of depth, that's why it's sea sick and doesn't sound right. I've sent the updated and final...
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    Lexicon PCM70: Pan & Circular Delays + TC1210 Chorus

    Sorry for the late reply. I have a regular delay block doing the pan delay preset attached to the first post of this thread. What Leon was using there is probably what all of us used before we could measure the actual units. In other words, just copying the settings from PCM70. That won't give...
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    From Leon Todds Cave: Boss CE-1, ADA MP-1 Chorus & Eventide micropitch

    I actually only checked the factory presets settings. The reason is that I don't think most people did any editing on those presets, and just did "set and forget". I would guess that changing just the amount you detune is enough.
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    Wish Input and output combo jack wish ...

    Also, there is no mic pre in the Axe so connecting a mic might result in not enough signal.
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    Difference PVH 6160 block lead to PVH 6160+ ?

    Different amps, different circuits. https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/peavey-invective-killer-amp.172625/post-2088479 Try them out, pick the one you like the most ;)
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    Some free IR's by me

    Bottom and top speakers?
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    Suhr SSV with a little more output?

    I don't know if anyone mentioned it, but a DSV+ might be an option, or getting a SSV+ with a cover (not raw nickel), if the SSV+ you have now doesn't work out. Or running 250 k pots can also tame some of the high end if it's too bright
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    Acoustic / Electric Plectrum Preference?

    I haven't bought a pick in years since I switched to BlueChip. I've used the same IBJ55 (oversized jazz) for electric and the same CT55 (big triangle) for acoustic for several years. They really do last forever, and are definitely worth their price. They're also easier to hold onto than normal...
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    Mateus Asato and other social media players - does a discography exist?

    Mateus was already making a living as a hired gun long before he got any kind of notoriety via social media. I think that people sometimes forget that many of these "social media musicians" are actual working musicians who just start uploading stuff online for fun, and some of them then get some...
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    What's the effect of pickup height on humbuckers?

    Because you can't make a pickup quieter without also changing the tone.
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    What's the effect of pickup height on humbuckers?

    I'm surprised nobody has mentioned the tonal effect of raising a pickup. https://guitarnuts2.proboards.com/thread/7998/tonal-effect-pickup-height TL;DR: A pickup closer to the strings has more harmonic content and more high frequency information. IOW, it's brighter.
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    Music Man Majesty... weird thing

    Different model, but the LIII has no plastic washers under the neck pickup, but very thin ones under the bridge, about 1,5 mm if I remember correctly.
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    Wish Bogner Helios and Marshall JCM 2000- "DSL 50"amp models

    +1 I would love both of them in the Axe, especially the Helios.
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    Best amp model for cabless 90's direct to board sound?

    Soldano X88R clean. Turn off the power amp and add some parametric EQ.
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    Suhr Standard Plus

    The Pete Thorn HSS is actually alder.
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    Your best drive block to turn a clean amp into a dirty Marshall ?

    Sag doesn't disable the power amp anymore. There is a separate parameter that does that now.
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    Input boost as a replacement for EMG 81s?

    +1 Came here to write pretty much that. You can't amplify what simply isn't there with a passive pickup.
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    Any tips for locking the Out volume knob ?

    Always run it on full. Adjust the level somewhere else in the chain 🔗
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    Own Two of the Same Guitar?

    Exactly the same? No, but almost. Like 2 of the same model but with HH vs HSS.
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    Wish Quad Panner for Vol Block

    I made the preset you looked at (made from test clips of the Sony unit in the video). I actually doubt that the block diagram from the manual is accurate (those old Japanese manuals are riddled with inaccuracies). I don't know how many hours I spent just throwing everything and the kitchen sink...
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    Lexicon PCM70: Pan & Circular Delays + TC1210 Chorus

    Final versions are now uploaded to the OP, closing the chapter on this long and interesting tone hunt!
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    From Leon Todd's cave 2: Boss DC-2, Arion SCH-1, EHX Electric Mistress, TC2290 chorus + Sony spiral delay

    This summer, Leon sent me test clips of some really cool pedals so I could clone them in the Axe-Fx. As always, a huge thanks to him for putting up with my endless "just another clip" ;) BOSS DC-2 CHORUS Channels A-D are mode 1-4. Fun fact, mode 4 on the pedal lacks the "high processing" mode...
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    Bands that epitomize a certain amp’s sound

    Agreed. His tone with the X88R is instantly recognizable on any of the sessions he did during that era.
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    Lexicon PCM70: Pan & Circular Delays + TC1210 Chorus

    The blocks are attached to the first post. Import them in Axe-Edit like normal. I don't understand why you need screenshots 🤷‍♂️ If you don't know how to import blocks, see post #13.
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    Lexicon PCM70: Pan & Circular Delays + TC1210 Chorus

    I'm afraid I don't quite understand what you mean by "what it looks in Axe-Edit"?
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    Lexicon PCM70: Pan & Circular Delays + TC1210 Chorus

    Are you trying to convert the blocks to another unit than the Axe-Fx III? I'd recommend using Fractool then.
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    Delay spillover

    You have to have the same block in the next preset. Preferably set to the same settings if you don't want any change in the delay effect.
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    Reverb block and level question.

    No worries! Personally, I wish the reverb block mix law worked like the delay block.
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    Reverb block and level question.

    That's for the regular delay block (not MTD). The reverb uses the same mix law as most other blocks, which is that the dry signal starts reducing immediately.
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    That iconic green screen and knob

    Yep, that sure looks like it.
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    That iconic green screen and knob

    Axe Fx I on top, a II below it, Eventide H-series at the bottom. What is the small thing in the middle? Some kind of rack audio interface? Motu? Maybe a MIDI or control unit?
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    Reamping: No longer necessary to reduced send level?

    On page 22 of the manual, it states that we should reduce the send level of the direct signal audio going to input 5/6 with 6 dB. I found that when doing this, the signal is hitting the signal chain with a weaker level than when I actually play through the preset in real time. In fact, not...
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    Landau/Huff Tri-Chorus Settings

    It's really the Eventide combined with the Tri that makes the magic. Combined with often going direct. An Eventide H3000 micropitchshift clone, we all ready have (use the search function). Good close up pics of Landaus rack from the 80s is hard to find. There are pics from the 2000/2010s, and...
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    New drive format question.

    That's much harder to tell. Using a shelving filter in the PEQ block, I found that around 1700 Hz and a Q of 0.5 was somewhat close.
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    New drive format question.

    I would assume it's "active", since 5 is neutral (passive EQs can only subtract). The high mid is a peaking filter around 1100-1200 Hz (measured with pink noise and the RTA). It might be of importance to point out that the tone section isn't authentic, and not found on the real pedals. It's...
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    Noise gate/s settings

    Yes, but less noise than the regular gate (in theory at least). I think it's supposed to filter line noise. Could be wrong.
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    Noise gate/s settings

    The intelligent gate filters some noise, and the noise reducer type (input block) is specifically aimed at reducing noise while not acting like a traditional gate. https://wiki.fractalaudio.com/wiki/index.php?title=Noise_gate
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    Best amp model for power amp only

    I know your post is super old, but the preamp sag doesn't do what I interpret that you mean. All the preamp sag does is make the preamp interact with the power amp like an all in one tube amp would, instead of them having separate power supplys and transformers like a rack preamp + power amp would.
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    Noise gate/s settings

    Cooper is good. I've done the same in the past and and it got better even with humbuckers and stacked singles.
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    Noise gate/s settings

    Gibsons are often not shielded as well around the control cavity and pickup selector cavity etc.
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    Lotus - 1st tune with my new Koll UltraGlide 7

    What does all the knobs and switches do on them? Seems like they should be super flexible!
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    Wish -100/+100 detune knob for virtual capo

    No shift and -50 cents, and -1 shift and +50 cents are the same thing. The distance from one musical pitch to the next is 100 cents. I just tried it to make sure the Axe-Fx wasn't up to something strange. It isn't, the 2 pitches produced are identical. GlennO's method will work just fine...
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    Circular Delay Changed?

    Since I'm the guy who did the PCM70 emulations on the Axe, and wrote the quoted article from HRI (long time ago so it's not entirely correct), I had a look. The recalled values from PCM types are correct from what I sent Cliff last year. I have updated them since then (considered final version...
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    The other HSS: Who does this?

    As a member of the big beard brigade, we all use beard oil. At least those of us that don't look homeless... All joking aside, longer beards get very dry if you don't use beard oil or balm.
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    Phaser MXF-117 settings corresponding to original?

    Regen is feedback. There is no mix control on the pedal. I have found that the more feedback you add on the Axe-Fx flanger (and phaser), the higher you have to run your mix to make it match some pedals. It's true for MXR flangers and phasers, the EHX Electric Mistress etc.
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    Modifiers "Exponential" and "Linear"

    IMHO just leave the dampening as stock when using an expression pedal. For the linear/exponential parameter to be noticeable, you need way longer attack/release times than you would ever use with an expression pedal. The 10 ms attack/release is just there as a stock setting to prevent zipper...
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    Modifiers "Exponential" and "Linear"

    Practical example: Having a single momentary switch on a midi controller control a whammy like the the Digitech Ricochet. Attack and release control how fast the pitch raises and then falls again. Linear will have the pitch raise and fall evenly. Exponential will have the pitch raise slow down...
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    Modifiers "Exponential" and "Linear"

    The attack and release are the dampening. With them at zero, linear/exponential doesn't matter.
  60. G

    Modifiers "Exponential" and "Linear"

    It has do with the dampening. Linear is the same speed through the dampening time/range. Exponential slows down at the ends.
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    Axe FX 3 Effects list

    They're not always modelled on something. Even when they are, they're often just types of that effect, not 1 to 1 models.
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    USB audio drop outs ...

    I too have a lot of issues with USB audio stopping lately. Reboots a plenty.
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    The 300th amp model?!

    Now that we have the Klon (the most asked for drive pedal), I think it's only fitting to get the most asked for amp: The ADA MP-1. Time to get our Nuno, Gilbert, and Vito Bratta on! :cool:
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    Setting low cut high cut ... where to start from ...

    I'm still a firm believer in no or minimum high cut. It usually kills all the life in the tone, and just gets muddy and lost among other instruments. I'd rather pick a different IR instead. Low cut depends on the IR. Could be none, could be 150 Hz (or more), 12 or 18 dB / oct slope.
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    PRS body repair work?

    A guitar with finish damage the size of a hand, would be impossible to sell. OPs guitar is bad enough, and would put a serious dent (no pun intended) in the value on the used market, unless it's fixed. IMHO etc.
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    PRS body repair work?

    I don't know about that. I would consider that quite major.
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    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 20.04 Public Beta (Beta 1)

    "Refresh after new firmware" has become veeeery slow after this update. Same in the old and new editor. EDIT: 4th time of of asking, it was quick again. No idea why.
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    Wish Better organization of block types (algorithms), factory and user settings thereof

    +1 Many times, have I wanted a clear indication of what types use the same algorithm and are just a bunch of different settings, rather than a totally different algorithm.
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    Andy Timmons - That Pedal Show

    I watched parts of it (I'm quite familiar with his setup already), the GNI part I watched. His signature overdrive is not a fuzz though, but I get what you meant. What are you missing with the octafuzz in the Axe? Using the advanced parameters and the EQ, you can tailor it to your liking. I...
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    Andy Timmons - That Pedal Show

    Octafuzz is it's own stand alone effect, not two different ones stacked. Also called Octavio, Octavia etc. We have a drive model of one in the Axe.
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    Lukather Modern Delays

    Updated to v2. Much more accurate Echosex sim among other things.
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    Preamp Models in Amp Block

    Cliff decides. It's actually not known exactly what they are paired with, but a fair assumption is exactly what you said. Triaxis with Mesa 2:90, the Soldano preamps with a SLO100 power section etc. I think the CAE 3+SE is paired with a Mesa 2:90 too.
  73. G

    Preamp Models in Amp Block

    All the preamp models are paired with an appropriate power amp which is also modelled. So yeah, not a fun answer, but now you know.
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    Klon Chiron - Frequency Spectrum Response "Real Time" Graph

    Thanks for tip! Wish I knew about this one before. Would have saved me a lot of time when matching pedals 😉
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    1st Order Butterworth Filter / Guitar Tone Control

    Well, you can't. It depends on the cables, pickups, wiring etc, and will vary greatly even with the same cap value. Even if you get a good approximation for one guitar, one pickup (or switch position), one tone knob setting and cap value, changing anything will throw all that out the window...
  76. G

    1st Order Butterworth Filter / Guitar Tone Control

    If you're going to simulate low resistance values (like the tone off or close to it), you're going to need to add a bump at the cut off point. Where this bump is frequency wise, depends on the capacitor value you're going for.
  77. G

    Wish Urei LA3A and Distressor

    The LA series of compressors can be replicated with the optical type. Link to quote by Cliff. As for the distressor, a combination of a drive and compressor blocks might get you there. The only compressor I know that has any "colour" is the tube type, which might not fit the bill.
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    Keeley Halo Take 2

    Thanks guys, now I think I'm grasping the concept of different feedbacks internally and to the other block/delay. Fascinating stuff!
  79. G

    Keeley Halo Take 2

    The funny thing is, if you look at the repeat after the highlighted one, you can see that it's actually a bit loud on my version. Increasing the feedback feedback of 480 ms would increase that particular repeat as well. So you did something right, because yours look so close to the original! And...
  80. G

    Keeley Halo Take 2

    It's clearly visible when looking at the waveform. Just messing with the levels will affect other stuff as well, so that's not it. There was always something "off" with the levels of the individual repeats with my attempts, which was done with normal feedback only. I think AlbertA cracked it...
  81. G

    Keeley Halo Take 2

    You managed something I never did: That the second repeat in each group of them, is slightly louder than the rest of them (must be the negative feedback). Brilliant! How did you figure that out? Regarding the theoretical cut off of the LPF, that was for the LPF inside the feedback loop. I could...
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    Is the Klone coming to FM9 in 3.0?

    Not better, different. Also, a lot of it is hype and rarity. Like the newer mass produced version says right on the box:
  83. G

    Whats the deal with James Tyler guitars?

    High demand, limited supply. That's how the market works. They're that expensive, because people are willing to pay that much.
  84. G

    Whats the deal with James Tyler guitars?

    I've always dug the headstock. Looks like a beefed up Telecaster (which was the inspiration if I remember correctly).
  85. G

    Whats the deal with James Tyler guitars?

    I owned a couple about 10-15 years ago. Great guitars, definitely got their own thing going own, tons of mojo. They have become really expensive though (as you noted). James actually almost quit a while back (for health reasons), and after that the prices increased. But then again, so has other...
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    Keeley Halo

    Yes, I meant LPF after saturation. Nicely spotted! Correct, I was talking about the taper of the tone control basically. That's how I calculated approx 2 kHz cut off of the Halo preset. I think we interpreted the LFO relationship a bit differently. I can't see anything in the text that...
  87. G

    Keeley Halo

    Thanks for checking in! Very much appreciated :) I have some questions though, if that's ok? 1. How steep is the LPF after the initial saturation? Is it correct to assume that more saturation = lower cut off point for the HPF? 2. Does the HPF in the feedback loop start at 0 Hz, and then go up...
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    Wish Add additional EQ stage to Delay block

    +1 Even just a dedicated Halo type would be nice with 2 EQ sections.
  89. G

    Keeley Halo

    The filter block in the preset is doing the tilt EQ thingy. PEQ is not really necessary. I used the EQ in the delay blocks for the high passing. If you look at the manual for the Halo, the high pass is barely active, so that's why it's set so low. Assuming a linear range (which would give the...
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    Keeley Halo

    *To the output levels of the blocks. Mix is at 100 % after the latest revision with a different layout.
  91. G

    Keeley Halo

    I would never have thought of that. I've updated the preset with your layout. Sounds exactly the same too, didn't need to fiddle with levels or anything. Brilliant!
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    Lukather Modern Delays

    Edit 2022-07-28: Updated to v2. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- On the theme of "stuff I haven't shared", here is Steve Lukather's current delay setup. THE GEAR He is running a Gurus Echosex 2 for a dark ambient thing, which is always on. It's...
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    Keeley Halo

    2 very dark stereo delays in series, with stereo modulation creating the stereo effect/spread. The EQ is also outside of the feedback loop, which means the repeats don't degrade with each repetition like with normal delays.
  94. G

    Keeley Halo

    Yeah, I agree that is a bummer. I've learned the hard way to fiddle every knob and just see what it does (and IF, it does anything). The assign function does work as intended with stereo delays. It's the phase parameter that only affects the right side. But yeah, I don't really know why assign...
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    Keeley Halo

    Yes, unfortunately, you have to do it like that. And even bigger of a bummer. I've just confirmed that most (if not all) of the EQ happening on the Halo, is done outside of the feedback loop... Which means that the signal flow I posted, is the only way to get those dark repeats that don't...
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