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  1. rlarant

    Free Bird solo

    Loved it
  2. rlarant

    Pink Floyd Cover!

  3. rlarant

    Tucanas. New vids, preset... QRev.9B.

    You never fail to impress the hell outta me. More.
  4. rlarant

    Bassman Q8.02 Ownhammer cab

    Very nice. Love all the tonal flavors.
  5. rlarant

    ODS-100 Clean with the 6.02 Muff. Yeah!

    Nice. I enjoyed all of it.
  6. rlarant

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 6.00 Firmware Released

    I thank you from the bottom of my Mark.
  7. rlarant

    More SRV video on Tyler's Quantum Preset - Little Wing!

    Awesome. Thank you for sharing that. Excuse me while I listen to it again.
  8. rlarant

    I'm concerned that updates are getting a bit out of control

    For me its like my best friend saying "Hey, check this out" and then saying "Wait, there's more". How could you not love this.
  9. rlarant

    Orange + Marshall is a Great Strat Combination

    Thank you. Love the tone.
  10. rlarant

    Bobby Harrison/Brit Floyd Presets now on the AxeChange

    I Love this place!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. rlarant

    50 delay blocks and 15 presets available! (v19)

    Thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks. Thanks Simeon. Donation sent.
  12. rlarant

    PLEXI - Andre Antunes

    Very nice.
  13. rlarant

    HBE solo clip

    Very impressive. Marvelous flavors intertwining. Keep doing what you're doing.
  14. rlarant

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 18.12 Released

    The Axe-fx remains the best money I have EVER spent on the quest for tone. May God bless.
  15. rlarant

    Web Site Redesign

    Very professional. Needs the artist sounds in the background since that is part of what you are selling.
  16. rlarant

    Fw18... news?

    61 and very happy to see that I am not the only old fart on the forum. The axe-fx represents the only time that I have been happy with my tone. God bless Cliff and his cohorts that have made this all possible.
  17. rlarant

    This rocks so much! Fw18 markIIc+ /ownhammer mesa mordern mix

    Very impressive. Keep doing what you are doing.
  18. rlarant

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 18.00 Public Beta

    Just when I think I'm about as happy as I can be Cliff tells me that "soon" I will be happier. Gotta love it.
  19. rlarant

    FW18 Plexi + Strat Preview

    Thank you, that was fabulous.
  20. rlarant

    SOLVED: Presets sound crap after firmware.

    After reloading firmware again and updating amps all presets the busted speaker sound is gone and all is back to fabulous. I thank you for your time and effort in helping us with this problem. I can only surmise that a case of bad firmware uploading was the culprit. So try and try again.
  21. rlarant

    SOLVED: Presets sound crap after firmware.

    I am having this problem also. Most of the presets with a drive added sound squashed or heavily compressed. I have reloaded the latest firmware and checked the power amp modeling and updated amps all presets and reduced cpu usage to the 70+ percent range. Nothing distorted sounds good (kind...
  22. rlarant

    Hillbilly High-End (meaning homemade / DIY) Floor Monitors

    What was your cost per cab?
  23. rlarant

    Is it hard to get good tone with AXEFX using Carvin Neck Thru all Koa guitars?

    I have a Carvin Koa DC 400 active pickups and an added piezo bridge. I have a separate output for the bridge and I usually blend the two for an added dimension. It sounds fantastic on the axe. Warm luscious crunch to rich acoustic. With firmware 15 beta I cannot find a bad tone. My fingers...
  24. rlarant

    For James Tyler variax users. Strat model fix

    Tried using Spdif and got better results but then tried taking the HD500 out of the chain and using the usb cable connection. Clean tone now but get some weird artifacts/tone from some of the models. Acoustics still sound poor especially the 12 string models. If and when I find a useable...
  25. rlarant

    POD HD Pro X with Axe-FX using 4CM possible and MIDI with MFC

    I have the dream rig. The Amp weighs a ton and I was not completely satisfied with the sound. I tried running the variax thru the HD500 via AES into the Axefx. Sounds cleaner but like a cheep imitation of most of the modeled guitars. Tons of artifacts in some of the models and the acoustics...
  26. rlarant

    For James Tyler variax users. Strat model fix

    How do you connect your variax to the Axefx. I either get high 60 cycle hum or it sounds cheep. I am going thru a HD500 with a clean nothing added setup. Thanx
  27. rlarant

    Tablature Writer or Trainer Needed: Paid Gig

    Fishman triple play Fishman Transducers, Inc. Made to do what you're trying to do.
  28. rlarant

    What Ideas/Concepts/Tutorials to cover in YouTube videos?

    Please show us how you set up the Variax for use with the Axe. Mine sounds cheap thru the HD500. Thanks
  29. rlarant

    Expansion pedal footswitches

    Just posting a link for some nice footswitches for the budget minded that work on the MFC 101. Duel footswitch with a stereo plug for $20.95. Footswitch (PED802), Marshall replacement, Two Button with LED | Antique Electronic Supply
  30. rlarant

    One Preset, Two Guitar Outputs, Each with a separate Axe Out?

    Simeon, Please set up a patch like this the way you would do it. I am also trying to do this but have trouble with the acoustic IR's. I have downloaded several IR"s but only a few work. Does one need something like a Fishman aura to create their own IR's? Thank you for your time and...
  31. rlarant

    Axe for Lemur v3.00 ready for prime time

    20 bucks sent. Fantastic job. It will probably take me a year to figure it all out so I'm am getting a lot of bang for my 20 bucks. Keep up the good work.
  32. rlarant

    Vintage tone with a strat :)

    Very nice indeed. I want the preset and the tab and or lessons.
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