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    Hey You (Pink Floyd) live...

    Nice lead sound! Thanks Pauly
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    Moving to in ear monitoring from tube amps... How do I create softness in the high end

    Hi @tonejunkie You could also try a multiband compressor just before the output, with just the offending frequencies being compressed. Thanks Pauly
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    Can’t even imagine it!
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    Crossroads - Potential reality

    Of course! :)
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    FM3 for REAL Jazz

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    What do people mean when they say modelers "lack the amp feel"?

    It’s been a while for me, but from what I remember, the feel of a tube amp moving all that air, the volume, the way that volume interacts with the guitar, the sustain from that interaction, the physical feeling of the back of your pants legs vibrating, the things in the room rattling….no...
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    Can you actually get a strength or muscular endurance workout playing your guitars?

    Your left hand certainly gets stronger. I had a guy I was fighting once ask "Why is your left hand so strong??" I was playing a lot of bass back then. True story - I'd never thought about it 'till he asked that question. Thanks Pauly
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    Crossroads - Potential reality

    I laughed - but then I felt guilty for laughing at a man who obviously worked his guts out to act the part, and did such a great job.
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    Protect your vessel with quality fenders

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    New to Fractal coming from Tube amps

    G'day @ibrockin Welcome! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I agree - The unit is a beast! Look forward to your contributions in the future. Pauly
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    i'm having trouble here.

    Hi Chris, I remember a time when a young fella named Chris, helped out so much, he was rewarded with a Fractal unit - I also remember the breaks you've had to have to escape the assholes (Spelt Arseholes here in the land of Oz). I've also noticed a 'new breed' of users, who all but demand...
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    Bass factory presets

    One word - @austinbuddy His bass presets will solve your problem. Thanks Pauly
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    Songs out of left field

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    Songs out of left field

    Ah Banditos - what a great guitar sound. So raw! Studio version rocks
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    Axe-Fx Firmware Version 21.02 Public Beta (Beta 2)

    Wow that FF compressor is smooth! Thanks Cliff Pauly
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    JBL E110 IRs ?

    Yes I made some k110 irs years ago. Theater are on this link https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/jbl-and-jblish-impulse-responses.139741/#post-1657093 Thanks Pauly
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    What is the deal with FRFR cab makers?

    I’d bet that if you got a couple of Meyer wedges or cabs, you’d never look back. Thanks Pauly
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    Happy Australia Day!

    Happy Aussie day!
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    (Clear, Sorry for confusion) Can an FM3 Run Straight in to PA speaker?

    Hi Matt, Yes - now go get a mic lead, plug it in, and have some fun!
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    ChatGPT ends the tone wood debate

    It’s not always right though. Ask it about the differences between men and women for example, to get a typically ‘woke’ type of response. This leaning permeates through many of its responses in a philosophical type conversation. Disappointing, but expected. Thanks Pauly
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    R.I.P. David Crosby

    Nobody to replace all these talented people. Very sad. Pauly
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    Anyone there?

    Yup! Pauly
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    Vintage amps as investments?

    I'm not an expert but do have an opinion. I speculate that although some of these amplifiers can fetch a lot of money given the right conditions (ie, a valid collector is found with the funds to purchase), the market will diminish over time as the people who remember these amps slowly die off...
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    AVG still necessary in Windows?

    Hi All, I've been using AVG antivirus (Free version) for a hundred years, but their advertising popups are getting a bit old. Is anti-virus still necessary on Windows 10 computers, or is the Microsoft Malicious tool good enough nowadays? Thanks
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    FXIII user - Need Speaker advice

    ..or some larger studio monitors. That would be my recommendation. Get some mid or far field monitors. Only issue may be price ‘cause my god they can cost a lot! Thanks Pauly
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    can someone try this and see if it works it trevor rabin owner of a lonley heart mytry at the whole song presets

    Works on an Axe FX 3 - What exactly were you looking for? Thanks Pauly
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    Bug? Output maxed out and need to reboot when exchanging certain blocks

    Yep I think we've all done it (or will at some stage). That can destroy a session! Thanks Pauly
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    Austin Buddy effects collection

    Congratulations Austin, Big decision! :-) Thanks Pauly
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    Delays Sounding Too Reverbery

    Hi Sprint, - I suggest using less feedback in the delay block. Thanks Pauly
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    Hurt myself and can’t play guitar.

    Mate that's horrible... Hopefully it'll be a bit less painful every day, and you can get back to it soon. Pauly
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    Help for an old newbie

    Hi Roy, FM9 Edit will change everything :-) You know when you are on stage (in the old days), and you look down to see a bunch of pedals? These are your 'Blocks'.... IE, distortion, flanger, delay, reverb etc etc are blocks in the FM9. Also your amp and cab are as well. I always try to view a...
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    Delays Sounding Too Reverbery

    Hi @sprint I just turn the feedback down, and/or extend the time. Thanks Pauly
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    Should I buy a '65 Fender Strat ?!

  34. P

    Should I buy a '65 Fender Strat ?!

    If by 'Paul' you mean me, you're incorrect. I have never owned a 60s strat so am not intimately familiar with them. What I was saying was that the strat sound I'd always had in my head was not possible with my Fender USA strat, whereas it is with the Silver Sky. Hope I cleared that up. Pauly
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    Should I buy a '65 Fender Strat ?!

    I have to agree with Rick here. I had an American Strat for years that just never did 'it' for me, so I sold it recently. I picked up a Silver Sky (SE - The cheap one) a few weeks ago and OMG there is the Strat sound I've been after all these years. Thanks Pauly
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    I almost got electrocuted with an egg-boiler on the first day of the year

    Geez mate, lighten up! In my humble opinion, this forum has a great reputation for being helpful, respectful, an for having a sense of humour! Sure some people think they have the answer for everything, but maybe in some instances their advice is at least partially sound. Thins, being an...
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    Would love some feedback

    Hi Guy, Thought I'd try to play a little today. I only got about 5 minutes in before I realised the wounds will open up if I continue, bugger it! Having said that, the new version is way better in the bottom end. The first version had too much flab in the bottom end and this version seems to...
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    Avatar 2 was amazing! no spoilers

    Seen Tucker and Dale vs evil?
  39. P

    Avatar 2 was amazing! no spoilers

    You were probably joking, but I'm 100% seriously wanting this one - hahah... Crazy movie night coming right up! Thanks Pauly
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    Wish Show cab/preset dependencies from preset or cab context menus.

    Well that’s +937,739,534 of us now!
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    Would love some feedback

    Thanks @Piing Luckily there were no HV wires in the fence hehe. Pauly
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    Would love some feedback

    Well the fence ain’t gonna repair itself! What I need to learn is to slow down and consider safety a bit more. Another of life’s lessons. Thanks Pauly
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    Would love some feedback

    Thanks Guy, I smashed my hand while repairing a fence yesterday and cut up my fingers. Tried to play just now and it isn't gonna happen. Give me a few days to heal and I'll give them a shot. Thanks for this! Pauly
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    Mind blowing stuff from OpenAI

    Out of the question.
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    Would love some feedback

    I’ll give them a go, Thanks Pauly
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    I almost got electrocuted with an egg-boiler on the first day of the year

    Yeow! You are one lucky man. Last decent shock I got was about 30 years ago, in the guts of an old peavey mixing desk. One second I was at the workbench with the desk opened up, the next second I was on the other side of the room on the floor with that ‘shaken up’ feeling you only get from a...
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    Finally pulled the trigger. Axe III is on the way.

    Mate, if I was a rock star I’d have been dead from an overdose decades ago. As far as the usb cable goes, I think the music from your pc will come through it, however that’s not how I use mine. Perhaps someone else can chime in on that to confirm, but when I see the available interfaces on my...
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    Finally pulled the trigger. Axe III is on the way.

    Hi again, Pretty sure it is a male to female so nothing special there. You will need a USB cable... None of my Axe FXs came with one, so unless this has changed, grab yourself one of them too. Also, a cable from your chosen music device (PC/iPhone, whatever) into the Axe FX so you can listen to...
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    Finally pulled the trigger. Axe III is on the way.

    I Alway default to xlrs if there’s a choice. Thanks Pauly
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    No Input Levels on New AXE-FX III

    That must have been frustrating! How’s it going? Thanks Pauly
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    Why all the AI talk all of a sudden?

    Lets just hope AI isn't as stupid and greedy as us! :-) Thanks Pauly
  52. P

    Why all the AI talk all of a sudden?

    I’ll put forward the “experienced” (ie; cynical) view. Humans seem to need to latch onto new things, and see them as the answer to all manner of shortcomings. Look at OO, neural networks, and AI…. Suddenly the technology becomes the answer to many. In my humble opinion, technology is a set of...
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    PRS SE Silver Sky Review

    Hi, Thanks for the review. What preset were you using for the playing? Nice sound. Pauly
  54. P

    PRS silver sky SE

    Now that they’ve been available for a little while - Thoughts? Thanks Pauly
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    Finally pulled the trigger. Axe III is on the way.

    Mate, if we can figure it out, anyone can! Thanks Pauly
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    Gift of Tone #24 - TIM PIERCE

    Hi @ak301 Burgs has given us many gifts of tone 😁 Thanks Pauly
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    Finally pulled the trigger. Axe III is on the way.

    Hi @Bradford17 Welcome! You are going to be amazed with the axe fx. Simply the most incredible piece of gear I have owned. Monitors are a very personal choice, and if it’s possible, get into a store with music you know well and audition as many as you can within your budget. If your budget is...
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    Searched for cinematic effecs, horror ambience

    Hi, I believe it’s in the standard factory presets. Just download them and grab it. Thanks Pauly
  59. P

    Tone help

    Not muddy here - too much gain for my tastes which gives it basically no dynamic range, but I think that may be my age showing 🤪. No mud though. Thanks Pauly
  60. P

    Bought Myself a Christmas Present

    That’s beautiful! Merry Christmas Thanks Pauly
  61. P

    a Christmas gift the community: Perfected Tuning offsets

    Again, I disagree but that’s me ;-) Thanks Pauly
  62. P

    a Christmas gift the community: Perfected Tuning offsets

    Hi Rumbletone, Nah - piano tuning is stretched because of the way the ear interprets frequency. Thanks Pauly
  63. P

    Pay for YouTube?

    Ahhhh... now I understand!... When you want your wife to leave the room, you put on YouTube! It's a tool!! :D
  64. P

    Hearing loss...think you have it?

    Yup, I spent a lot of years standing next to a loud (but nice) drummer, and my hearing is Dow from 13k. Having said that, it’s not too bad and I can still get a lovely hihat sound. Thanks Pauly
  65. P

    FM9 Turbo Problem inhibited or forzen Help Me!

    Hi Martin, I think Greg means an upload of the preset, so it can be loaded onto a test unit and tested. Thanks Pauly
  66. P

    Pay for YouTube?

    Yes - Worth every penny Aaaand you get YouTube music as part of the deal!! That's like their version of Spotify and I like it. Just dial up a song list and get to work in the garage :-) I concur though that the adds that creators put in are a pain in the arse, and there's no escaping them! I...
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    Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part One - The Biggest Stunt in Cinema History (Tom Cruise)

    I don’t know him (so will have to reserve judgement), but it’s great to see someone unaffected by all the woke bullshit, and just making good movies. There’s very few “good” movies coming out of Hollywood nowadays! Thanks Pauly
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    Any recommendations for Acoustic Steel String presets?

    Hi @David777 , Potentially a good read here https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/acoustic-patch-i-cant-believe-i-had-this-all-wrong.189909/#post-2355829 Aussie Aussie Aussie! :-) Thanks Pauly
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    Trem Tone Comparisons

    Hi Henry, Not only does bronze have inherent lubricity, it’s softer than the nickel of the strings you probably use. Because of that, the strings will not get stuck on the bridge affecting tuning, nor will the bridge contribute significantly to string breakage. I never realized anyone was going...
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    Heartbreaker Full Band Cover

    Never a bottle of Jack around when you need one :-)
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    a Christmas gift the community: Perfected Tuning offsets

    If you’ve ever tuned a piano, you’ll know that an octave ain’t necessarily exactly double the frequency. Needs to be stretched. Thanks Pauly
  72. P

    Brand new user, what should I know?

    Welcome Collin! +1 on @austinbuddy presets Also, the advice on reading the manual is sound. Try to make some time, because your clock is going to accelerate. The axe fx is one of my best purchases and (hope) it’ll also be one of yours. If you haven’t got some great studio monitors, get some...
  73. P

    Will any/all of the Christmas "gift of tone"presets work with my currently updated AxeFX II XL+? Also: A look ahead for all AxeFX III users!

    Hi Timmmm They will not, just as the accounting software I wrote in 1996 will not work on windows 11. That’s the nature of constant improvement. Limitations in current hardware are addressed in the next model, and often this results in incompatibility. I had a couple of axe fx 2s and they are...
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    Fun News Item Of the Day

    Humanity is doomed. This proves it
  75. P

    Cliff Chase is a genius.

    ...and persistent!
  76. P

    What Prompted You To Buy A Fractal?

    To me, the Fractal modelers are similar to Neumann microphones. The best at what they do, regardless of any marketing wank. I continue to be very impressed and it’s been many years now. Thanks Pauly
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    This is what I tell them.

    What I liked about tape (Besides the lights dimming when I turned on the 16 track!), was that we'd play the whole song - together - as a unit, and the music would be better because of it. Of course there were solos to punch in, and vocals etc, but the tape forced us (me?) to be better, and pay...
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    Axe-Edit III 1.12.11

    Preset translator? Wowee! How do I access that? Thanks Pauly
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    One expensive guitar or several inexpensive ones?

    Hi, Have you looked at the Gretsch offerings? Thanks Pauly
  80. P

    One expensive guitar or several inexpensive ones?

    At least one great one. More if possible! You'll get a lot more satisfaction from a great guitar than you will from 5 mediocre ones. Thanks Pauly
  81. P

    PRS Silver Sky Comparison: USA vs SE

    I'm with you The US version sounds classier. Just nicer. The SE seems a bit of a bargain. Thanks Pauly
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    For all you gigging with your AX8's!

    You need to understand the fundamentals of performing live. The only way to do that is to perform live. Get out there and play some gigs - even if it’s for free. This will open your eyes to so many situations that you’ll encounter that cannot be explained. Right now, you think you are a...
  83. P


    Yeah that was it - The Joplin album :-)
  84. P


    Reminds me very much of that era :-) I cannot place the exact album, but if it comes to me, I’ll let you know,
  85. P


    Great choice of font!
  86. P

    Axe-Fx ll Preset Question

    Make sure the first thing you do is a full system backup!
  87. P

    Calibrating MIDI expression pedals on Axe FX III

    Hi @Bakerman I just calibrated the unit as you suggested - fixed! Thanks so much for the good advice 😃 Pauly
  88. P

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY CLIFF! + Feline Friends Fundraiser

    @FractalAudio Cliff I can’t believe another birthday already - hope you have a great one!
  89. P

    Strings.... Quality down... what to do? (Advice please)

    I think you were replying with basically the same thought I was, at the same time!
  90. P

    Strings.... Quality down... what to do? (Advice please)

    Hi Dave, That’s probably too many for me. By the time I’ve used 25 sets it’ll be 5 years and they’ll be rusty from humidity. I’m no longer gigging, and don’t spend too much time playing any more. It’s just a hobby, and one thing that’ll make a hobby terrible is rusty strings! 😃😃 Thanks Pauly
  91. P

    Strings.... Quality down... what to do? (Advice please)

    Nah no bigsby - I would have thought shorter = stiffer Thanks Pauly
  92. P

    Strings.... Quality down... what to do? (Advice please)

    Cool How many sets in the ‘big dispenser box’? Thanks Pauly
  93. P

    Strings.... Quality down... what to do? (Advice please)

    Hi Budda, Well I recently got a new Gretsch guitar which was delivered without being setup, so I fit my first set of nyxls to it. It’s been a few days now so thought I’d share my impressions. Keep in mind, I have no experience with this particular guitar so there’s no “before & after”...
  94. P

    Gretsch G5622

    Yeah I'm in Australia :-) Love it, but the prices aren't so hot. https://skymusic.com.au/collections/electric-guitars/products/gretsch-g6120t-bsnsh-brian-setzer-signature-nashville-hollow-body-with-bigsby-ebony-fingerboard-black-lacquer Thanks pauly
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    Gretsch G5622

    Same with budget anything eh! At least I know, next time I want to spend four and a half thousand on a guitar, the Gretsch will get a look in. I’m enjoying this little G5622 actually, using amp models and playing thing I never would have considered before. For a cheap guitar, it’s “good” cheap...
  96. P

    Gretsch G5622

    Hi Sixstring, Yes I can see the value in the Japanese ones, however they are 4 times the price which I wouldn't have wanted to spend. The only reason I bought this one is it was so cheap, I wouldn't lose much if I didn't like it. This has increased my interest in a 'nice' Gretsch guitar, though...
  97. P

    Wish Bypass Cabinet Modeling on copied Output 2

    Could you have a 'Flat' IR (IE an IR that basically does nothing), loaded into a cab channel? Thanks Pauly
  98. P

    Calibrating MIDI expression pedals on Axe FX III

    Hi all, I'm gonna have to throw myself at the mercy of the court here. I'm trying to calibrate a MIDI expression pedal on an Axe FX 3. It's a Behringer FCB1010, and is connecting and works fine.... however... One of the pedals is getting a little tired, and rather than the lowest value being...
  99. P

    When scene switching isn’t fast enough…..

    Just record 2 tracks - One with sound 1, and one with sound 2. Then cut the tracks at the appropriate point, and delete the parts you dont want. Done.
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