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  1. Benek

    'Fairies Wear Boots'

    First part great but the second one was OK. Great playing!
  2. Benek

    Health Update

    All the best in your recovery and I hope to see you playing the guitar. All the best!
  3. Benek

    Ozzy’s “Diary of a Madman” Live

    The Tobin Center is great show room. Congratulation on the band accomplishments and your playing. Super solo and vocal always is great.
  4. Benek

    “Mr. Crowley” Outro Solo Live

    Phenomenal guitar sound and all the guitar skills. Bravo Bishop 5150!
  5. Benek

    Black Sabbath’s “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath” Live

    Wow, sound amazing for all members of the band. Guitar sounds so good, excellent performance.
  6. Benek

    Rock Instrumental Idea

    The guitars sound awesome. However, the lead guitar I would slightly change to have a little different sound. Maybe some highs that would be great.
  7. Benek

    Ozzy's "No More Tears" Live

    Great sound and performance. Guitar was perfect and vocal, bass and drums. great band !!!
  8. Benek

    Remembering Randy Rhoads

    Excellent playing and great solo.
  9. Benek

    New Guitar Days: Wolfgang Specials

    Good guitars.
  10. Benek

    Black Sabbath's "Fairies Wear Boots" Live

    All well done. I like the vocal the best however the guitar was good as usual. Great!
  11. Benek

    Some old school Ozzy and Jake E. Lee

    Good riff.
  12. Benek

    Black Sabbath’s “Black Sabbath” Live

    Phenomenal video. Vocal rock's all the time and guitar is great in second part. Great.
  13. Benek

    Ozzy’s “I Don’t Know”

    Hey the rhythm guitar was brilliant, solo was good but could be more spontaneous or wild. Great performance!!!!!
  14. Benek

    Black Sabbath’s “Fairies Wear Boots” Live

    Well done as usual. You are great!!!!
  15. Benek

    First gig with the FM3 and FC-6

    Sounds great!!!
  16. Benek

    First gig with the FM3 and FC-6

    Sounds very good!
  17. Benek

    Ozzy Osbourne "Diary of a Madman" Solo Cover

    Great sound. Maybe the ruthm guitar was a little bit notice it different but solo was good.
  18. Benek

    Video from our House of Blues show

    Excellent as usual!
  19. Benek

    Black Sabbath’s “Into The Void” Live

    The band is phenomenal!
  20. Benek

    Black Sabbath’s “After Forever” Live

    The band is super cool!
  21. Benek

    Ozzy's "Bark at the Moon" Live

    Excellent guitar playing!
  22. Benek

    Black Sabbath’s “War Pigs” Live

  23. Benek

    Ozzy's "Centre of Eternity" Live

    Solo was great!
  24. Benek

    Ozzy's "Believer" Live

  25. Benek

    Black Sabbath's "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath" Live

    This was awesome and very heavy!
  26. Benek

    Ozzy's "Bark at the Moon" Live

    Awesome performance!
  27. Benek

    Black Sabbath’s “Children of the Grave” Live

    Great song and guitar sounds very good!
  28. Benek

    Ozzy’s “Mr. Crowley” live.

    Bishop You ROCK!
  29. Benek

    Free Mesa Preset Pack - AX8

    Thank you Leon for the presets and cabs.
  30. Benek

    Q10 RC2 In Depth

    Thank you Leon for the the video and free Marshall cab!
  31. Benek

    The power of new FW 10.00 RC1

    This improvisation was absolutely great Marco.
  32. Benek

    AX-8 10.00 Public Beta #3

    Thank You for unrepresented support from Fractal Team! I will wait for the final release.
  33. Benek

    Legacy Presets SinMix Producer Pack [Presets + CabPacks!]

    Thank you for those free patches!
  34. Benek

    EVH announces 3 new Eruption 78' replica guitars

    Lucky you Bishop - enjoy the moment.
  35. Benek

    Gig video: Ozzy’s "See You On The Otherside" (preset included)

    LMAO! No! I think I might be divorced if that was a permanent addition. LOL! It was something House of Blues did. It was some kind of Halfway to Halloween bash. Everybody was dressed up in costumes and had a costume contest. The pole dancers we a part of all that. Although it's June so it's...
  36. Benek

    Gig video: Ozzy’s "See You On The Otherside" (preset included)

    Excellent playing and sound Bishop as always! I am sure your family is proud of you and the rest is already history.Hey, I haven't seen the dancer before. Is she part of the act now? Keep rocking and thank you for the preset +1.
  37. Benek

    Thank you Leon Todd!

    +1 for Leon dedication to inspire and help!
  38. Benek

    Comet 60 and Bassguy65: “Sailing” (Christopher Cross )

    Your very welcome Marco.
  39. Benek

    ‘80s-‘90s sound

    Bravo Marco, another great performance. Well done! I like your clean tone.
  40. Benek

    Comet 60 and Bassguy65: “Sailing” (Christopher Cross )

    Hello Marco, I love it your sailing. Your attention to detail is phenomenal. However, you have to try to relax for a little bit more before you kick into the attitude of distorted solo.Otherwise, great, great , passionate playing!
  41. Benek

    Gig video: Ozzy’s Crazy Train

    The AX8 sounds great as well as all Ozz band. Well done OZZ!
  42. Benek

    Gig video: Ozzy’s Crazy Train

    Absolutely enjoyable to watch and listen you all at Ozz.
  43. Benek

    Crappy cell phone gig video. Ozzy’s See You On The Other Side

    What - this is a BOMB! God knows that people will see you on another gig!!! Love it. The moment Ozzy Osbourne will stop touring the world is yours.
  44. Benek

    New computer suggestions?

    I am still using Windows 7 64 bit and works just fine.
  45. Benek

    Gig video: Ozzy’s Revelation Mother Earth and Steal Away (Preset Included)

    Excellent and professional as always!
  46. Benek

    One Minute Brown Sound (Kind of)

    Thank Leon for the video's and tips.
  47. Benek

    Ozzy’s Mama, I’m Comin Home (Preset included)

    What!!!! Great performance. Bishop you ROCK. Fantastic overtones and again the way you play all the solos is phenomenal. BRAVO to all at OZZ!
  48. Benek

    My Acoustic Guitar Preset

    Thank you for the preset Leon. I enjoyed the bluesy song. Great vocal plus harmonica - fantastic!
  49. Benek


    Thank you.
  50. Benek

    Gig video: Ozzy’s Centre of Eternity

    Awesome Ozz! - you ROCK!
  51. Benek

    Gig video: Ozzy’s Shot in the Dark

    This the Ozzy I like it! Hey bishop great overtones and vocal is 1st class = unbeatable.
  52. Benek

    My Gigging Recto Preset

    Well done Leon! I like your enthusiasm and happiness while you are playing. Stay in a happy land as long as you can. Thank you for the preset and IR cab.
  53. Benek

    Would you please share with me some free samples of your IRS for AX8.

    Would you please share with me some free samples of your IRS for AX8.
  54. Benek

    Dumble ODS jam with Axe Fx III.

    Well done!
  55. Benek

    Save up for AX8 or wait for Axe FX 3?

    You have range of opportunities here to chose from: Axe Fx II, AX8 and the new III. If you look for a floor unit AX8 is your best option, Rack mount units Axe Fx II and III are the best in regards of the ultimate sound and memory for future upgrades. However, for live you will need to have a...
  56. Benek

    Why are there so many d*ckheads on Facebook?

    Waste of time.
  57. Benek

    AX8 - Keith Urban sound

    Well done Marco - enjoyed the video!
  58. Benek

    AX8 - 5F1 Tweed - Fender Champ

    Great video Marco - so much love and the fender neck sounds so warm and sweet.
  59. Benek

    AX8 Basics

    Hello Leon, thank you for those videos, they are great!
  60. Benek

    5153 Playthrough

    Well done Leon.
  61. Benek

    Axe-Fx III won't make me sell MY AX8 !

    Amen to your post.
  62. Benek

    Future updates for AX8/IIXL+

    I do believe, we are going to see upgrade to Axe8 II or Axe9 in similar format with more technological advancements.
  63. Benek

    Presenting... The Axe-Fx III

    Congratulation Fractal on the Axe-Fx III. Very impressive!
  64. Benek

    Some AX8 plexi love

    Fantastic sound Larry as usual - Bravo!
  65. Benek

    AX8 Live - Little Wing cover

    Well done Marko - Lots of Love here!
  66. Benek

    Gig video- The Ultimate Sin

    Fantastic and outstanding performance as usual! Ozzy should sponsor You.
  67. Benek

    A Gift from Fractal Audio! Free Cab Pack!

    Thank you Fractal! Wishing you a very Marry Christmas and prosperous 2018 Year! You Folks Rock!!!!
  68. Benek

    AX8 Firmware 9.03 Released

    Marry Christmas and Happy 2018 New Year to all at Fractal Audio System. Thank you for the new firmware!
  69. Benek

    Couple more gig videos...

    Jake E Lee 100%. He looked like Eddie Van Halen. Great energy and playing - I like the Bark at the Moon. I think this was the first time I have seen Ozzy on video in Poland. I believe it was sometimes in 1985.
  70. Benek

    Steve Vai "For the Love of God"

    Well played - Bravo!
  71. Benek

    AX8 V9.02 Released!

    Thank you Fractal Team!
  72. Benek

    AX8 V9.01 Public Beta

    This firmware ROCK'S! Thank you Fractal Audio.
  73. Benek

    Ozzy Tribute #2 Showing some AX8 Love

    Great job!
  74. Benek

    Gig video- Ozzy content

    This is a bomb. Very well done folks!
  75. Benek

    New AXE FX/AX8 preset tutorial video series!

    Thank you for doing this. Short and sweet, excellent work!
  76. Benek

    Fractal Audio DRIVE Models: Yek's PDF Guide (latest version: April 2021)

    Yek, Thank you 1,000 times - Excellent work!
  77. Benek

    My Favourite AX8 Verbs

    Studio for me works.
  78. Benek

    Some video from last weekends show

    Hell - what - fantastic sound! Thank you for the patch.
  79. Benek

    Q9.0 Beta 6550 EVH attempt. Video and preset.

    Fantastic sound and playing!
  80. Benek

    Jake E. Lee era Ozzy- Killer of Giants (Live)

    Fantastic performance - Ozzy should start to pay you for promoting his songs! The guitar, vocal, keys, bass and drums - you ROCK Folks!
  81. Benek

    RUSH "Red Barchetta" play through.

    Extremely well done!
  82. Benek

    Did you sell Axe Fx/MFC after the purchase of the AX8

    You need to know what you want and what your needs are. AX8 in regards modeling is on par with AXE FX II. Other things to considered would be MFC and traveling with the equipment. At the end = fun + investment. I have sold my AXE FX II and MFC and I do have no regrets.
  83. Benek

    DEF LEPPARD - Tonight cover video [w/ patches!]

    Wow, ProgressiveRocco this is great and you ROC'K all the way! I will try those patches today. Love the guitar. Cheers.
  84. Benek

    My Main Gigging Preset "Rig Rundown"

    Thank you for posting the video. Very informative.
  85. Benek

    Some video from band practice

    Another excellent cover. Thank you for the preset. I don't dig the tune but It sounds like Ozzy!
  86. Benek

    No More Tears live

    bishop5150 I do completely understand as I was there as well. Enjoy what you just doing because it works.
  87. Benek

    Mama, I'm Coming Home live video

    Excellent performance, sound good. Few little problems here and there but overall - Fantastic!
  88. Benek

    No More Tears live

    Another excellent performance. You folks should start playing your own songs.
  89. Benek

    AX8 Drives

    There is number of drives that are very usable and sound very good.
  90. Benek

    Some Sabbath from Saturday's show.

    This is fantastic staff - You guys ROCK!
  91. Benek

    Van Halen - Panama - Brownsound

  92. Benek

    new record - messa red - v30 sm57

    Cool and inspiring.
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