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    How long after you received your FM9 did you decide to sell your amps and cabs…

    I’ve bought more amps since getting and selling the fm9. Found the fm3 works great for my needs and I enjoy some lower watt tube amps still at home, best of both worlds
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    Do you still buy pedals?

    I just bought a MXR Super Badass Variac Fuzz this morning….
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    Do you still buy pedals?

    I don’t really buy anything digital, dsp in a box type of modulation etc, but certainly still enjoy analog fuzz, especially with vintage transistors and such, not to mention some older Boss and similar when I come across them for a good deal. They are collectible and fun if nothing else
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    FM3 for REAL Jazz

    I always thought jazz was kind of a counter culture movement of the time, break away from the confines, free form, opposite of big band eta standards etc etc Seems having to have a required amp, is just like falling in line with the society jazz reveled against no ? It’s like if you need to...
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    FS Axe-FX III w/ FC6. $1900

    Sweetened the deal, including a FC6 and will take $1900 for the pair
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    FS Axe-FX III w/ FC6. $1900

    Yes, has all the same tonematch blocks and everything so totally compatible between versions
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    FS Axe-FX III w/ FC6. $1900

    Price drop $1650
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    FS Axe-FX III w/ FC6. $1900

    Price drop, $1700
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    Plugging my FM3 into the power amp in of a HOTROD..

    Try it with the cab sim on if you haven’t, I found it sounds really good even with it on in many cases
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    FS Axe-FX III w/ FC6. $1900

    Selling my MK1 Axe 3, works great, maybe a little dusty, no issues though. Upgraded the fan to a Noctua, nice and silent. I’ve got the Austin Buddy preset collection installed on it as well. Have the original boxes and can ship for a fee, but would be ideal if we can do a face to face...
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    FS Atomic CLR with custom grill and padded slip cover

    Selling my Atomic CLR, works great, sounds amazing. It’s not the neo magnet version I covered the grill in Fender silver cloth and added a logo but it’s still the kick proof metal grill underneath so it’s stage worthy. No effect on sound, looks cooler, but can easily be removed. Also added...
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    Which amps in the unit you find are the closest or identical to the real model i

    I don’t really get the point of the question asked….. Would one pick an amp model they don’t really care for and force themselves to use it just because it’s the most accurate model in the unit ? Or inversely, if there is an amp model you really love the sound of, would you stop using it...
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    Bang olufsen speaker instead of monitor

    Depends what you want it for
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    Bang olufsen speaker instead of monitor

    Point of a monitor speaker is to sound flat and accurate for better or worse. Most speakers are designed to sound pleasing, which is fine and good for listening to music, but if they cover up some issues your not dialing in your tones very well.
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    SOLD Axe-Fx III For Sale **SOLD**

    Price ?
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    Wish Bogner Ecstasy 100b, and 101b Classic.

    You can get the Bogner blue and red ecstasy pedals for $79.99 each at Sweetwater right now. The blue is really great bang for the buck and does that not quite a real plexi but a Bogner version of a plexi levels of gain and has amazing dynamics, feels way more like an amp than a pedal.
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    Mic preamp models vs Neve 1073

    I think there would be very limited demand for a hardware emulation of outboard gear for two reasons. 1 - there is already so many in the box plugins that model darn near any channel strip, compressor, mic pre etc from UA, Waves, Slate Brainworx et al, and they all do a really good job, and...
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    Axe Fx III Cab Blocks thru real cab?

    I’m putting my CLR up for sale I like the sound of my Axe3/FM3 through a tube combo amp so much, and yes, I use the amp modeling and cab modeling both turned on. Makes my 1x12 open back sound like a 4x12 but with the in the room sound of the open back cab and directionality of a guitar speaker...
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    Poll: How many people use screen protectors?

    Well, remember those car “bras” everyone used to have on the front bumper/hoods back in the late 80s/early 90s
  20. L

    Poll: How many people use screen protectors?

    Use mine at home so not really a concern for me. Couldn’t really see it getting so scratched to be unusable though. Would be more worried about getting the knobs stepped on, spilled on or something like that were a screen protector wouldn’t really help. Not like your putting the fm3 into a...
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    Wish Amp Blocks paired with original equipment Cab Blocks

    I would think in the real world few people worry much about getting the matching factory cab? I’ve been looking at the Marshall Sv20 vintage plexi style heads. They make a factory 2x12 vertical cabinet for it, but would I realistically buy that ? No, I’d much prefer a 70’s tall large check...
  22. L

    Wish Amp Blocks paired with original equipment Cab Blocks

    If we can agree that the factory option isn’t always, or often the “best” option, would it not be a better experience to have the amp pair with what most would find to be the “best” IR option with regards to mic(s), cab, speaker type etc ? If the factory speaker was a crappy celestion 80 or...
  23. L

    Wish Amp Blocks paired with original equipment Cab Blocks

    I can see it working to an extent for combo amps, but many amp heads don’t always have a matching factory cabinet, or often the factory cabinet may not be the ideal choice. So then what ? Pair it instead with a non factory, but more desirable vintage 4x12 GB loaded cab ? But then your getting...
  24. L

    Has anyone transitioned from [Fractal -> FRFR] to [Fractal -> power amp > guitar speaker cabinets]?

    I was using a CLR but now prefer the sound of the Axe into my ToneKing Gremlin 1x12 with kt66 and Alnico cream speaker. Out of the CLR it sounded great, but like a mic’d cab, naturally, and normally I prefer that but the sound of the Alnico Cream is so good and that much more “real” and...
  25. L

    This is why I use pedals with AxeFX, why do you?

    At worst, my pedals seem to be a better “investment” than my 401k over the past few years So when the wife says “you’ve got a few thousand dollars worth of those stupid pedals already, why do you need all those?” I can at least say “yeah, but I only paid like one thousand dollars for all...
  26. L

    This is why I use pedals with AxeFX, why do you?

    I think that often the Axe can come close enough for live work. I don’t really want to have $5k of rare pedals sitting on a stage after all, but at home/studio grabbing a few pedals, plugging them all in and have all the direct controls right in front of you, experiencing the interaction of all...
  27. L

    This is why I use pedals with AxeFX, why do you?

    In all seriousness as well, stacking pedals works a bit better in reality than in the box as well Treble booster in a Sunface vs treble booster drive block into a fuzz drive block ? Doesn’t sound or behave the same…. Likewise running an OD before or after a Muff style fuzz interacts...
  28. L

    This is why I use pedals with AxeFX, why do you?

    Because buying pedals fills an emptiness or ocd collector mentality in me lol Just way more fun opening up a UPS package with a cool new fuzz pedal than downloading a new preset someone tweaked to sound a certain way. No thrill of the hunt nor anything to display on a shelf lol
  29. L

    Anyone using the Fender Tonemaster with Fractal?

    I’ve been loving running my fm3 through the front end of a low watt tube blackface style amp and think it sounds even better than my FRFR speaker. Keep in mind a lot of guitar amps doesn’t sounds good that way though too. Could sound good, could need to switch off amp or cab modeling. I’d...
  30. L

    How much is a parts guitar worth?

    The Black Strat was nothing more than a pretty beat up parts guitar and still sold for a pretty penny….
  31. L

    Amazed how good my FM3 sounds through a ToneKing Gremlin with cab sims on

    No doubt similar since the ToneKing is very much a blackface style. The Cream speaker specs show the expected 75-5000hz range and with a good bit of upper midrange bump. I don’t know if the amp circuit kind of balances out the bump from the speaker, or I’m just really liking those upper mids...
  32. L

    Amazed how good my FM3 sounds through a ToneKing Gremlin with cab sims on

    Put this to a bit more of a test tonight, tried it with my little Supro Delta King. Not good. Effects alone into the front end sounded great but with amp and or cab sim on it was harsh and shrill with cleaner amps and just muddy farts with the higher gain stuff, kinda as expected. That Supro...
  33. L

    Amazed how good my FM3 sounds through a ToneKing Gremlin with cab sims on

    I’ve got a ToneKing Gremlin, cool little class A 5 watt blackface/tweed style amp running a KT66 and with a really nice built in Ironman attenuator. Has a Alnico Cream in it too, nice $329 speaker upgrade from the previous owner. Anyways, really good amp, but no reverb, no tremolo nothing...
  34. L

    HELP!!!! Need an "instant 80s" preset collection

    People say it because they realized no one in the audience cares “How was the show Honey ? Well it was good and all, but the backing guitar player was using a jcm800 to play a part that was clearly originally recorded using a jcm900 so that ruined my night, but otherwise good” No one is...
  35. L

    Building a fuzz factory / DIY pedals

    Get a little exhaust fan with filter for the fumes. Amazon has good ones for like $20 or so. You can see it suck in all the leaded solder fumes And don’t use the fancy EU solder, harder to melt and get good joints, the leaded American stuff is better, just don’t breathe it too much
  36. L

    Wish cornish pedals!

    I think the coolest thing about a Cornish pedal isn’t the tone but the fact you’ve got such a rare pedal on one’s board. The sounds done seem worth the price tag in my opinion, but what your paying for is a very famous and exclusive builder and that unique design and labels et al. You could...
  37. L

    Wish: FC2

    Looks like there are two rows of 3 switches, each with a ribbon cable connected to a main board with jacks and then the bigger lcd has its own ribbon as well, so fairly modular parts I’m guess if they wanted to do something like a fc3 with one row and maybe no lcd, but it would require a...
  38. L

    Wish: FC2

    I was thinking about taking my fc6 apart and seeing if I could use just one of the foot switch rows and jack board paired with my fm3 to make a custom enclosure “fm6” with 2 rows of 3 switches and ability to have a few expression pedals hooked up No idea if it will work but figured could be...
  39. L

    Idk if this belongs here, but my FM3 order was cancelled...

    I tried to buy a Marshall head from Thomman in Germany as they are like half the price of US dealers but guess what, They aren’t allowed to ship Marshall gear to the US…. Happens lots of times and goes both ways Have to respect your dealers/distributors after all, or why else would anyone...
  40. L

    Set up wtih FRFR cab and monitors together.

    Meyer Sound MJF-210 if you have the budget, Atomic CLR above most anything else, Headrush 108’s if cash is really tight
  41. L

    Best Stereo pair of FRFR's for Axe FX 3

    Atomic CLR’s, best thing on the market short of Meyer Sound
  42. L

    How to handle wah. Use expression pedal or separate wah pedal?

    You can also adjust the taper and start and end points in the software to make a long travel pedal have a real quick/sharp change in value over a small area of its pedal, which can give you the wacka wacka wah sound even on a long travel pedal without crazy amounts of pedal travel. And you can...
  43. L

    How to handle wah. Use expression pedal or separate wah pedal?

    Instead of built on switch I like the spring loaded Mission pedals, step on it and the wah engages, take your foot off, it goes back to having the wah bypassed, no issues with switch not catching etc You can have up to 3 pedals connected at once too
  44. L

    Wish Amp+cab block

    Who is to say a sm57 close mic’d at 2” on axis is the best representation of that cabinet/speaker though ? You might have the “right” aka correct cabinet, but what mic(s) ? What speaker for that matter ? Vintage Jensen ? New reissue Jensen ? C12 ceramic like the newer ones ? What about...
  45. L

    need some help to choose Fender amps

    So many users swap the factory Fender speakers though to greenbacks, Alnico gold and creams and blues, JBL’s, hemp cones etc that I think it makes is hard to really have any consensus as to the “best” Fender speaker for a given amp, like a Deluxe Reverb just like the best HB in LP…. Ask ten...
  46. L

    This is what I tell them.

    I like low wattage class A tube amps. Manageable volume, get all the nice aspects of tube tone, and just one or two tubes to worry about. My ToneKing Gremlin for example takes a 6l6 or kt66, or 5881 etc without rebiasing, I have a few kt66 on hand already, and with just one power tube it not...
  47. L

    Good Axe III case - finer ones, options?

    Super simple to buy a board and some Tolex fabric and make one bit in all honestly, for actual use and transport the plastic style ones are way better. Much lighter, more durable, easy to use covers etc I’ve done Tolex, tweeds etc, over the years but they really only look good sitting at...
  48. L

    Gift of Tone #9: AUSTINBUDDY

    Stuff everyone has shared so far has been very cool and appreciated but this is really a whole lotta giving as there is so much really cool stuff, just like 1/10th would of even been cool
  49. L

    FM3 Firmware Version 6.00

    Did the new wah model make it in or willl that to come on the next round ? Know it was very last minute Surprise from Cliff
  50. L


    I don’t think he was trying to totally nail his tone and style. Wanted to sound like Zakk playing a Pantera song instead of trying to come off as totally copying Dime.
  51. L

    Audiologists - Hearing Aid help.

    Stick with the BiCros system and you’ll be surprised your brain starts picking up subtle differences between when your hearing the Cros transmitter in your better ear verses when the better ear is being amplified . Not to say your going to have excellent localization but many with a BiCros can...
  52. L

    Audiologists - Hearing Aid help.

    My current recommendations are Phonak Life rechargeable behind the ear style as they have the best Bluetooth implementation I’ve come across, directly streaming to both iPhone and Android phones, allowing 2 way audio on calls, ability to pair to additional devices like laptop, tablet etc. other...
  53. L

    Comfortably Numb 2022

    I like Gilmours playing but his, or I guess his wife Polly’s lyrics, and the overall post Waters output is pretty bland and boring. Waters works have far more style and substance, but lack the musicality of Wright and Gilmour Case in point, the new CN track isn’t half bad, but it’s not the...
  54. L

    With studio monitors, Neural DSP and Fractal modelers will sound the same?

    Plugins can sound great…. Personally I like walking into my studio and seeing tons of hardware I can touch and it inspires me to play. Just having a lonely laptop sitting in an otherwise empty room with $5000 worth of plugins doesn’t do much for me. To each his or her own though…..
  55. L

    Paul Reed Smith Ends the Tonewood Debate

    Other than knowing the weight of a solid slab of mahogany on my 79 LP custom, I don’t think I could tell you what any of my other guitars are made of…. My tele for example, is it swamp ash ? Don’t know…. Guess could tell my the grain of it’s a transparent finish, but having played and owned...
  56. L

    Wish FC "effects loop"

    Would not only require the added connections for the audio I/O but having that extra hardware might require more power than can be supplied by the Axe over the XLR so then you’d end up needing another cord to supply power from a wall adapter running to the FC, in addition to the cord for the...
  57. L

    Pedal Emulation: Blues Driver

    Many people use a BD2 as a cheap and similar substitution for the expensive tube driver pedals. It’s like if a bd2 sounds like a tube driver, you could use the tube driver models and get a similar tone to the blues driver by that same logic
  58. L

    John Mayer uses AxeFx

    Just because you use something doesn’t mean you ONLY use that thing. You could say I use a Supro Delta King, and I do and it sounds great, but likely if I was doing a shoe somewhere I would not have one on stage.
  59. L

    Time spent playing guitar vs time spent learning/tweaking AXEFX

    As long as it’s time doing something you enjoy, it’s time we’ll spent I enjoy the gear and the process as much as playing and that is fine. I’m not trying to be in a band, make a hit record etc, just a middle aged guy enjoying a hobby in my spare time, so there are no rules about how much...
  60. L

    Well it’s official - PayPal are crap

    You refuse to register your car ? Dont pay taxes ? Don’t trust banks either ? Bury your money in the backyard ? Living like your Ron Swanson as a great role model is good fun but don’t think he would really work in the real world…..
  61. L

    Well it’s official - PayPal are crap

    As far as 1099-Misc, I think if your not willing to provide your tax ID, you do need to provide a social. At least as a private contractor who used to do about 50 of them a year that is how it worked Just like starting a job and refusing to provide legal documentation.
  62. L

    Well it’s official - PayPal are crap

    To play devils advocate, there are a ton of instances where a buyer purchases something then for whatever reason, claims is “defective” et al., a month later and either wants a partial or full refund even when that gear works perfectly. Don’t want to play ball and give them the $50 they want ...
  63. L

    Helix 3.5 New Cab Engine is Awesome! Fractal needs to catch up!

    I’d say there is no question a graphical UI makes it easier if your doing something like wanting to change position, axis etc. dragging a virtual mic back 6”, off axis 2” in one mouse movement is a lot easier than finding the list of IR’s for distance then finding the off axis one…. Then let’s...
  64. L

    Tweaking the vibe

    Check out Southern Guitars as well, they usually have pretty good stock coming in. They do seem to sell quickly though which is crazy given the prices, but never heard anything else that gets “that” sound. I had all the more mainstream vibes, voodoo lab, Fulltone, jam, etc, and they were no...
  65. L

    Fm3 + external fx unit

    I had a space before, not the H9. Didn’t really care for the basic verbs but the blackhole was of course cool. I found the UA Golden best for spring and plate and also the classic cinematic hall stuff. About the best on the market right now IMO
  66. L

    Fm3 + external fx unit

    Works great with various fuzz and drive in front, can stick stuff in the fx loop, or just after the output. I’d say the fm3 effects are as good as anything, but if you want to save cpu it can help running an external reverb and such. I have a UA Golden and Meris Mercury 7 I like for different...
  67. L

    Wish Silent on and off

    If you buy the more expensive Axe III it has this feature, the less expensive fm3 doesn’t….. seems reasonable for the higher end gear to do things their “entry level” one doesn’t, no ?
  68. L

    Sell FRACTAL at Sweetwater.

    Sweetwater was sold to a private equity fund last year FYI. Still a good business and likely not much different in terms of day to day operations, but the original ownership sold so not quite the privately owned small time pop and mom shop
  69. L

    Thoughts/advice on branding myself as an artists?

    Rock Hardman still has my vote…..
  70. L

    Axe-FX III, FM9 or FM3

    I’d look at the FM3, great bang for the buck, nice compact size but still enough switches to change scenes, turn a few dedicated effects on/off etc. If you just want great amp tones, and a few effects it’s got plenty of cpu. Just can’t have like a dozen pedals on at once, run dual amps etc...
  71. L

    What's the point of a 4x12 in 2022? - Genuine question

    You can set stuff on top of it and have it at a decent height. Drinks, amp heads, rack gear with a AxeIII, you name it. Great piece of cool looking studio furniture if nothing else
  72. L

    Er......Is the Axe lll now €3,499.00 in Europe?

    The same would be true of selling one domestically though, and provided your not selling it for more than you bought it for, it’s not income. Point I’m making is while maybe you could get like $1700 shipped selling domestically, someone in Europe might be willing to pay a bit more as even...
  73. L

    Er......Is the Axe lll now €3,499.00 in Europe?

    Guess the market for a used III shipped from a US seller just went up a bit ?
  74. L

    How do you take care of your electric guitars?

    Most of my guitars are either relic style or actually about 30-40 years old, so I don’t really do anything beyond changing the strings.
  75. L

    Redco Panel experiences?

    I’d recommend just getting passthru style connectors. That was its easy DIY with no soldering, just patching, and you can easily change out the type of connector, lengths etc as needed. Just gives you more flexibility if you want to change from an XLR to a TS and so forth. Just remove 2...
  76. L

    Celestion Alnico Cream IRs. Why so few?

    Interesting reading everyone’s take on this speaker. I recently bought a Tone King Gremlin and the previous owner swapped the “custom” Celestion stock speaker with one of these Alnico Creams. Wasn’t bothered by that as I saw it’s a speaker that sells for $319 on its own, plus he also gave me...
  77. L

    Fractal Amp - Marshall Major Go Fund Me

    I can’t speak for Cliff’s personal finances or his company’s, but given the success of the brand, his (or his company’s) collection of vintage amps, some of his collection of fine automobiles etc, I don’t he, nor FAS need a Go Fund Me to cover development cost. There are some one man shop...
  78. L

    Set up wtih FRFR cab and monitors together.

    Don’t see the point in having a pair of stereo monitors both playing the same mono channel. I’d do the opposite, running the FRFR as a mono source, and then stereo to the monitors. Basically a wet/dry/wet rig. Given the FRFR will likely dominate the monitors (I have s6’s myself) having the...
  79. L

    Tweaking the vibe

    I gave in and bought a Filmour East, sounds amazing and just like it’s supposed to. Pricey but super cool handmade recreation. I think a big part of the tone is the unique impedance and loading of the pedal, how it affects stuff before and after it in the chain, it’s own preamp circuit etc...
  80. L

    CURE for Gear Acquisition Syndrome?

    Getting gear is at least half the fun of playing guitar though…..
  81. L


    Seems a reasonable $249 for the actual pedal as well. Probably would sound great plugged into the front of the Fractal, so could always just buy one
  82. L

    SOLD FM9 Turbo $1850

    Had a couple people ask what I meant with regards to transaction fees. If for example you want to pay via normal PayPal, which charges a 3% I’m asking buyer to pay that. If your comfortable sending me money via Zelle or similar, because I’m a known member here for over a decade and a nice...
  83. L


    But we already got a model of a half man, half horse pedal just recently….
  84. L

    Sold Axe FX 3, whats next?

    I don’t know the actual sales numbers but I’d bet the FM3 has been the bigger seller overall as it has such a lower cost of entry and appeals to a larger overall demographic as such. I also think a lot of FM9 users also had or still have a III. I know I do. So sales and demand for the Fm9...
  85. L

    SOLD FM9 Turbo $1850

    Sticking with my FM3, so selling essentially brand new FM9 Turbo $1850 if you pick up in person, Parrish ( Gulf Coast) FL, 34219 Otherwise buyer can pay actual shipping and applicable transaction fees depending on your payment method of choice
  86. L

    I had an itch this week

    Something to be said for the visceral thrill of walking into a room stacked floor to ceiling with amp heads, shelf after shelf of effects etc though…. It’s like sure, the FAS units have a few hundred amps, every effect you could think of and more, but it’s just a box sitting there Same thing...
  87. L

    I had an itch this week

    Of course a lot of those pedals used to be like $50 or less ten years ago. Look at the price of something like a boss ce2, $200 easy and years ago they were well under $50, I think I sold one locally for $25 or so Sovtek green Russian big muff in wooden box, I think like $80 brand new, now...
  88. L

    I had an itch this week

    Funny, I’ve been doing a bit of the same thing with some pedals like the Sabbidas Funky Vibe Filmour East, Axis Fuzz, etc. It’s not only a great sounding vibe, but you can keep the pedals preamp active and just turn off the bulb, which is worlds different than the world of true bypass pedals...
  89. L

    Hurricane Ian

    Up to 18 feet of storm surge around Port Charlotte, craziness! Still getting some of the backside winds at 100mph and of course another 6” or more rain on top of the 12” plus we’ve already gotten.
  90. L

    Hurricane Ian

    Tricky thing is when the path totally shifts. I know a ton of people who left Tampa and went down south or East and now many of those very areas are getting a direct hit, just never know until it’s too late sometimes
  91. L

    Hurricane Ian

    I’m about an hour South of Tampa, eye is hitting soon, so far so good, but basically just in the house with all the storm shutters up so zero idea what it really looks like outside but sure sounds windy
  92. L

    Advice on selling my fm3+fc6

    About $900 is the going rate for fm3, fc6’s around $300-350 though I’ve seen them listed a bit higher and sell for a bit less. Not quite the same demand as the fm3 I’d try to find a local buyer so you don’t have to worry about shipping, transaction fees etc Might need to sweeten the deal a...
  93. L

    How are you measuring dB to ensure the best preset sound/level?

    I’d wager it’s generally more an issue of room acoustics etc more so than volume level that affects how stuff sound at home vs a gig. For example, you can have a great sounding reverb at home, even pretty loud, but total mud at the revenue. Or what can sound a bit tinny in an empty basement...
  94. L

    Thomann pricing and service

    Lower end stuff, but check out their Harley Benton brand….. some amazing bang for the buck with those guitars
  95. L

    Thomann pricing and service

    Yea Yeah it’s weird sometimes, with some of the Behringer synths SW would be $699 and Thom would be $549, but then SW would have a sale and be $499 with free shipping, for the monopoly, poly-d etc, but like you said, otherwise they wouldn’t budge on price
  96. L

    Thomann pricing and service

    Gear4less is another big German retailer, but as previously said, some brands they can’t sell to the US Was looking at some Laney heads and they are like 300-400 cheaper than in the US but when you change the currency and settings to USA they say they can’t sell it to you. Guess just like how...
  97. L

    Thomann pricing and service

    They are good and with super fast shipping. Used to be a lot cheaper with Behringer stuff but now Sweetwater is about the same cost. For some EU brands they are a lot cheaper, but then some US products actually cost a bit more from them than buying here in the States Totally legit company and...
  98. L

    SOLD FM3 - $850 local Florida

    Sent you a PM, I’m just on the other side of the Bay in Bradenton
  99. L

    How I can build my guitar Rig In a rack case?

    Don’t forget the rack screws so it all doesn’t fall out when you move it….
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