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  1. rickboot

    Movie Review: Jurassic World Dominion

    Thanks for the synopsis. I started to watch it but stopped for good about 10 minutes in.
  2. rickboot

    FS FC6 - sold

    Price drop!
  3. rickboot

    Poll: How many people use screen protectors?

    What do you all use to protect your screen protectors?
  4. rickboot

    Eric Johnson Total Electric Guitar

    I assume this is a softcover book and it uses videos that are online.
  5. rickboot

    Funky sound when first turned on.

    What do you have plugged into FM9? Are you using a guitar with active pickups?
  6. rickboot

    Best plug-ins for ‘in the box’ tones?

    Neural DSP and Scuffman feel and sound good. I prefer them to Guitar Rig. Both have trials so give them a shot.
  7. rickboot

    NYE.PARTY.2023 - Free Axe-Fx III Preset!

    This is ridiculous in the best way possible. :)
  8. rickboot

    Gift of Tone #25 - LARRY MITCHELL

    Larry sounds so good that his presets are just all empty blocks.
  9. rickboot

    Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays to All

    Merry Axemas, everyone!
  10. rickboot

    Bought Myself a Christmas Present

    Yes. I love the color and inlays.
  11. rickboot

    Gift of Tone #22 - JOHN PETRUCCI

    Don’t judge. Surgery is how he got them.
  12. rickboot

    Connecting Rockman to my FM3?

    And here is the X100 manual which has pictures. https://www.rockman.fr/Manuals/X100.pdf Just use a mini-stereo to 1/4" stereo cable in between the X100 headphone output to the FM3 input 2. Make sure your FM3 patch is using input 2.
  13. rickboot

    So I did a thing

    That room is a Steve Stevens shrine. :)
  14. rickboot

    Why are song parts limited to 6?

    It might have to do with the current gen FM and FC having switches that are in sets of 3/6. When they launched I thought that was odd because scenes are sets of 8.
  15. rickboot

    Daughter wants a record player for christmas!

    My daughter wanted a Polaroid camera... I pointed out that she has a phone that takes better photos without film, without waiting, plus it can be edited and then shared instantly... The Polaroid sits in a drawer now. Trendy is right. I doubt vinyl audio quality is a factor. Next thing you...
  16. rickboot

    Daughter wants a record player for christmas!

    Nice. I like the minimalist design. Audio-Technica also makes turntables with Bluetooth. Just add a pair of Bluetooth speakers and your good to go.
  17. rickboot

    The more the Merrier, another Vai preset!

    Thanks. Your playing is as amazing as the tones.
  18. rickboot

    Any NEW Fractal Products coming out? Fm4, FM5, FM5 Turbo?

    I am still waiting for already announced Axe-PC.
  19. rickboot

    Gift of Tone #16.5 - STEVE VAI TOURING BAND! Phillip Bynoe & Dante Frisiello

    Philip Bynoe's bass presets. There are going to be a lot of happy bassists. :) I love Dante's sounds (and playing) but I am really intrigued by the 3 button layout even though I have 9 now.
  20. rickboot

    Gift of Tone #15 - PHIL COLLEN of DEF LEPPARD

    Did you try playing “In the Air Tonight?”
  21. rickboot

    Gift of Tone #11: FREMEN

    Wear your stillsuit and try to drink plenty of liquids.
  22. rickboot

    Bag for FM9 AND guitar?

    Not that I know of. That would be a very specialized bag. A double guitar bag isn't a bad idea. The FM9 would fill most of the space, plus there is some room left for expression pedals and cables.
  23. rickboot

    Gift of Tone #8: MARK "MOKE" PERRY (and wish him a HAPPY BIRTHDAY Dec 8)

    Serious magic in that preset from the wizard himself. Thanks, Moke.
  24. rickboot

    FM9 Firmware Version 4.00

    It’s modeled on the Crowther Hotcake
  25. rickboot

    What Prompted You To Buy A Fractal?

    The olden times. Defending ourselves against the anti-digital hordes. Before USB. Before official software editors. Before the official forum. Before big name artists. It was glorious. Back on topic. I can't remember why I bought my Standard. I must have gotten old since the olden times.
  26. rickboot

    Mojotone authorized Fender amp kits

    I’d build a Super Reverb but I am happy with the one in my FM9.
  27. rickboot

    PRS Silver Sky Comparison: USA vs SE

    I am surprised how different they sound. Your original USA definitely has more mid-range bite but as you mentioned, new USA models have different pickups.
  28. rickboot

    Quick question... bass related, but more FM9-specific

    Ah... I see. I never used that because I used the tube pre amp block for direct tones which isn't an option here.
  29. rickboot

    Quick question... bass related, but more FM9-specific

    Yes. The direct into-the-board path could be a compressor, tube drive pedal and parametric EQ. No IR needed. Maybe I am missing something, but I don’t understand a need for a null IR that does nothing.
  30. rickboot

    Sales on FC?

    In that case you probably know English better than most Americans.
  31. rickboot

    Opinions on Friedman ASC-10 vs EV PXM-12MP

    The ASC 10 is dark unless you crank it loud. I’d go for studio monitors over the EV.
  32. rickboot

    Fundamental of one note on one string decays more quickly

    I’ve had resonance issues which are prominent on a single string. Others suggested possibilities (strings, fret, height). Also, check for vibration from tuners to the nut, after the bridge, and between the nut and the fretted note.
  33. rickboot

    FS FC6 - sold

    Black Friday pricing!
  34. rickboot

    How to get a HUGE/WIDE tone?

    Thanksgiving will help
  35. rickboot

    the smiths presets

    https://axechange.fractalaudio.com/ I rarely use Axe Change since I find the quality of presets hit or miss but it may kickstart a few ideas for your own presets.
  36. rickboot

    recording computer audio into Logic Pro X with FM3 as audio interface (SOLVED)

    Alternately, you can record directly from YouTube/Apple Music and other apps by using some loopback software. No FM3 or hardware input/output required. BlackHole - Free https://github.com/ExistentialAudio/BlackHole#installation-instructions Alternatives Loopback - $99...
  37. rickboot

    Why does my unit have such low volume through my interface?

    Are you sure there are no 'pad' or gain settings in the Scarlett software for inputs 3 and 4? Also, make sure your levels from the FM3 are loud - clipping on the outputs for testing.
  38. rickboot

    Why does my unit have such low volume through my interface?

    Do you have the FM3 outputs to +4 instead of -10?
  39. rickboot

    How good of quality are Axe-FX III's wah pedals compared to real wahs?

    I guarantee that the wah blocks sound better than any real wah you've tried.
  40. rickboot

    Why does my unit have such low volume through my interface?

    Use the mixer software to adjust in the input levels from inputs 3 and 4?
  41. rickboot

    Welcome MATT BELLAMY of MUSE to the Fractal Audio Artist Roster

    I live Muse. Hope we see more Muse patches.
  42. rickboot

    Another FRFR - GR Guitar AT G112A

    Combo jacks and can be run in stereo. https://www.grguitar.com/portfolio/at-g210a/
  43. rickboot

    Another FRFR - GR Guitar AT G112A

    A dealer from the Netherlands on reverb has the wood version listed for $685 plus shipping ($155 to US). https://reverb.com/item/50375453-grguitar-grg112a-active-frfr-speaker A US dealer has multiple models listed but they are out of stock: https://austinguitarhouse.com/gr-guitar/
  44. rickboot

    Another FRFR - GR Guitar AT G112A

    https://www.grguitar.com/portfolio/at-g112a/ Another Italian FRFR maker. They make a 300W carbon fiber 1x12 that weighs 13.2 lbs (wood version weighs 24.2 lbs). There is also a 1x10 that weighs 9.9 lbs. Seems too good to be true.
  45. rickboot

    Everse 8

    Interesting. 8" speaker 16.8lbs battery powered for 6+ hours of playback built-in mixer with effects wireless mixer/volume control via mobile app Bluetooth weatherized (rain and beer resistant)
  46. rickboot

    Adam Audio Studio Monitors are actually made in China

    But how do they smell?
  47. rickboot

    Joe Satriani - Satch Boogie

    When I saw the LP, I started wondering "What about the whammy bar parts?". Didn't matter because it was such a wild performance. :)
  48. rickboot


    I dressed up the same way for a gig a few years ago. I lasted one song in that mask. :)
  49. rickboot

    Cannot use PayPal anymore from Thailand if you are not Thai national ☹

    Hard to believe it is worse than China
  50. rickboot

    Redwirez Is Shutting Down

    I had a similar issue. I had to use my old hotmail address. Very cool Very cool of Mike to give old customers a parting gift.
  51. rickboot

    Wish LIVE MODE: use the 5 knobs like an amp

    Yes. As explained in the manual feature. :)
  52. rickboot

    FS FC6 - sold

  53. rickboot

    Redco Panel experiences?

    I've also had a good experience buying parts for updating my rack panel. FYI, the panel in your link has a USB A connector. If that is for connecting a PC to the AF3 then it should be USB type B.
  54. rickboot

    Thoughts/advice on branding myself as an artists?

    Elias is 3 syllables. Rane is only 1. Elias is already 3 syllables, but it doesn’t matter. I vote Elias Rane or Rane Miller.
  55. rickboot

    PRS Robben Ford signature guitar

    Limited Edition so probably $$$$. The article doesn’t mention the enlarged headstock.
  56. rickboot

    FS FC6 - sold

  57. rickboot

    Creation Music Company

    I remember the DIY cherry veneer AX8. :) Time to upgrade.
  58. rickboot

    Probably best review of FM9 (Turbo)

    That review was so good I want to order a second one.
  59. rickboot

    Instrument input (secret sauce) differences FM9, FM3 & AF3

    I checked my FM9. It’s in there.
  60. rickboot

    Instrument input (secret sauce) differences FM9, FM3 & AF3

    FM9 supports variable impedance: https://wiki.fractalaudio.com/wiki/index.php?title=Input_impedance You can select this in the input blocks.
  61. rickboot

    General FC question about daisy chaining...

    I am not clear on your question. I assume you have an AxeFX III and an FC6 want want to chain a second? You just need to chain from one FC6 to the other. See page 6 in the FC manual. https://www.fractalaudio.com/downloads/manuals/FC-X/FC6+12-Owners-Manual.pdf BTW, no adapters are needed to...
  62. rickboot

    FM9 Case?

    I agree. I'd prefer the 'hinge' to be on the long edge but it isn't a deal breaker for me. One thing I do like is the heavily-padded bottom compartment. You can put a laptop or tablet in there or a few more expression pedals.
  63. rickboot

    FM9 Case?

    Thanks for sharing this. I didn't want a big bulky hard case, so I was looking for a bag or backpack. I just got one. You weren't kidding about the padding. I think it can take a missile strike.
  64. rickboot

    RTA Coming to FM9 or not?

    So you can see if it sounds good. :)
  65. rickboot

    FS FC6 - sold

    FM3 sold! FC6 still available.
  66. rickboot

    FS FC6 - sold

    FM3 and FC6 in excellent condition. FM3 is headphone version and has latest 5.03 firmware and presets installed. Both come with original boxes and power cables. FM3 sold FC6 $350 Shipping included to continental USA Payment via Paypal Family and Friends or you cover fees
  67. rickboot

    Whats your favorite modern instrumental guitar album?

    Nick Johnston - Remarkably Human
  68. rickboot

    Waitlist Email

    About 30 seconds. I suggest having your credit card next to your keyboard. :) Seriously though, the official email states: "Invitations remain valid until current inventory is depleted." Who knows when stock will run out. I wouldn't wait too long.
  69. rickboot

    David Lee Roth Shares Previously Unheard Version Of Van Halen's 'Panama'

    https://www.vhnd.com/2022/09/02/david-lee-roths-new-studio-live-panama/ 'It's all LIVE& it's Van Halen free. No samples. No autotune.'
  70. rickboot

    FM3 Slow?

    I switched from AF3 to FM3. It was noticeably slower when using the editor. Live I don't notice the difference, but I don't often need to change presets in the middle of a song.
  71. rickboot

    Triple Axe-Fx III rack o' splendor

    It's obscuring the box of Klon's behind the Dumbles.
  72. rickboot

    Loving FM9 with FC6

    Nice. Title should be "Loving FM9 with FC6". I am considering doing this when my FM9 arrives. That's a lot of buttons. :)
  73. rickboot

    SOLD Dynaudio BM5A mk. I Studio Monitors Speakers (Pair)

    Dynaudio BM5A mk. I Studio Monitors Speakers (Pair) 1" dome tweeter 6.9" woofer Powered by two 50 watt amps (each speaker) 50 Hz to 21 KHz 7.3" W x 12.5" H x 12.5" D 115dB peak SPL I love these speakers, but I needed to downsize to free up some desk space. 100% working and excellent cosmetic...
  74. rickboot

    Waitlist Email

    Waitlist Confirmation 8/28/21 7:06 PM EST Invitation for purchase 8/29/22 1:05 PM EST Took a year but it will soon be here.
  75. rickboot

    Announcing FM9 Turbo

    The waitlist instructions are on the FM9 page: https://shop.fractalaudio.com/fm9-amp-modeler-multi-fx-floor-unit/
  76. rickboot

    How is the switch from the Axe Fx III to the FM3?

    I went from AF3 to FM3 because I was gigging and/or going to practices weekly. I made the switch just to save a trip to car when loading in and out. I didn't use the AF3 for anything but guitar (no recording) and most of my patches were simple. However, I did have a few do-it-all presets that I...
  77. rickboot

    Guthrie Govan FM9 Rig Rundown & Article

    This video should finally create some demand and sales for all of those FM9s that have been collecting dust in the warehouse! :) All kidding aside, if the Turbo version solves the supply issue, then the timing is good.
  78. rickboot

    Does the Axe FX3 have a fuse?

    Can we get a fuse block?
  79. rickboot

    First Photo from James Webb Space Telescope

    JJ Abrams directed the shot
  80. rickboot

    First Photo from James Webb Space Telescope

    I can see my home from here
  81. rickboot

    Let's see those FM9 rigs!

    Kiss my aura, Dora :)
  82. rickboot

    Slow Loading Pixels

    The picture pixels haven’t loaded yet. :)
  83. rickboot

    Goodbye, Todd D. "bishop5150" Bishop

    I am sad t hear this. He is a long-standing, friendly part of our community and of course a great player. When he posted a video, I always watch because I love Ozzy and knew Todd would nail the guitar parts every time. I love this one:
  84. rickboot

    Health Update

    No Axe-Fx at the hospital? Did you bring a full stack instead? :)
  85. rickboot

    What's the longest time you've spent learning a song and getting it right?

    I suggested we play RHCP's Snow in the cover band I am in. It took a while to get the argeggios up to speed. After I did, it took a lot longer to get the song to get the rhythm and articulation done. Until I did it sounded wrong. And then there was the problem of stamina. :)
  86. rickboot

    OK thinking of selling my axe fx II for a III...but I have a question about CUSTOM IR's...

    I guess you can drop an F bomb but don't use the Lord's name in vain. Now... you kids get off of my thread!
  87. rickboot

    Ultra not connecting to Axe Edit

    Sorry. Though they had a mac version. Glad you got it working though.
  88. rickboot

    The craziest thing thats ever happened to me happened this Christmas eve.

    Ah. All the parts are high parts. 🙂
  89. rickboot

    The craziest thing thats ever happened to me happened this Christmas eve.

    That is the lost metal story I’ve heard. Glad to hear your alive to tell the tale. What song were you singing?
  90. rickboot

    Ultra not connecting to Axe Edit

    It’s been ages since I owned an Ultra so my recollection on the firmware upgrade process is fuzzy. The good news is you have a MIDI interface that works well. Are you setting the Ultra to receive a firmware update? This thread might help...
  91. rickboot

    Where is this Distortion coming from?

    Assuming the problem is not the Axe-FX III, it must be something else in your signal chain. Try removing a piece at a time until you find the cause. Oh, and check your guitar cable and battery if you have active pickups.
  92. rickboot

    Where is this Distortion coming from?

    Beat me to it.
  93. rickboot

    OK...first impressions...

    You could use the Hold function of each switch to switch to another scene.
  94. rickboot

    OK...first impressions...

    I think you got it now. Scenes contain different on/off (or x/y) states for the blocks in a preset.
  95. rickboot

    Owned Axe FX 2, 3, FM3, and sold them all. Couldn't get decent tones. What was I doing wrong?

    My first thought was troll… but a Google search shows someone with the same forum name on the Kemper forum posting about the same problem: https://www.kemper-amps.com/forum/index.php?user-post-list/60796-rich2k4/ My guess now is that the midrangey and perhaps compressed nature of iMac audio is...
  96. rickboot

    Overcoming Stage Fright

    Have we arrived at the conclusion yet?
  97. rickboot

    What's the "one thing" I should try?

    I tried the “on” switch. Improved my tone 100x.
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