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  1. bdrepko

    Axe-Fx Firmware Version 21.02 Public Beta (Beta 2)

    Vista was pretty bad as well. Dont even get me started with 8.0.
  2. bdrepko

    Axe-Fx Firmware Version 21.02 Public Beta (Beta 2)

    Not sure in your case, but the mods I usually to make for presets on firmware changes are pretty minimal. BMTP, sometimes sag, usually not much more than that. Of course, I only use a couple presets. If you use a preset per song then that can be a lot of work.
  3. bdrepko

    EV1 or EV2?

    I have a pair of the EV2s. The smaller size is great for a pedalboard.
  4. bdrepko

    FM9 Poweramp and cab

    I am running my AXE FX3 into a Matrix GT800FX into a 4x12 cab with Celestion G12T-75s. Sounds glorious.
  5. bdrepko

    FM9 Purchase and incredible customer service from Mark Day

    I had a very similar issue with UPS. All companies now use these automated systems to supposedly make it easier for the customer, but in reality, they just end up being a method of not having to provide any support at all.
  6. bdrepko


    Try using the previous version of the editor. May be worth a try.
  7. bdrepko

    Wish WISH: IR Player for FM9

    I used the IR player in the AXE3 for pickup impulses. Would love to see that in the FM9 as well.
  8. bdrepko

    Dialing in a tone (again and again...)

    I will usually try the new amp models when they are introduced. But I haven't found yet anything I like better for heavy guitar then the 5153 50W Blue.
  9. bdrepko

    Dialing in a tone (again and again...)

    Is that hard to believe?
  10. bdrepko

    Dialing in a tone (again and again...)

    I havent made anything but minor tweaks to my presets in years.
  11. bdrepko

    Settings to configure for setting up Axe with Poweramp & Cab

    Experiment with different amps. What sounds good through an IR of a 4x12 Mesa cabinet may not sound good through a real Marshal 2x12 with Celestion greenbacks.
  12. bdrepko

    Dialing in a tone (again and again...)

    Make small incremental changes to a single parameter and then give them a few days to see how they sound. This will help with ear fatigue.
  13. bdrepko

    Who uses Proximity in the Cab block and why?

    I much prefer the speaker thump in the AMP block for thickening the higher strings.
  14. bdrepko

    The Virtual Capo is truly Amazing - but be extra careful how you program it when using Scene Ignore!

    We had a similar experience, but using the Drop pedals. We had a guest band come up to play a couple songs which was a last minute thing. The other guitarist left his Drop pedal on from the previous song and me and the bassist turned ours off since the next song was in standard tuning...
  15. bdrepko

    Best way to protect the fm9

    Hopefully won't happen. I have been using floor modelers for the last 16 years and have been fortunate enough to never have this experience. But I do understand the concern. There are some good suggestions in this thread.
  16. bdrepko

    Too Obsessive About USB Choices?

    I guess it must have been too subtle.
  17. bdrepko

    Who's your go to Fractal guru?

    Definitely Leon Todd!
  18. bdrepko

    Too Obsessive About USB Choices?

    If you use gold electrical wiring all throughout your house it will make your AXE sound 0.0001% better.
  19. bdrepko

    Cut through the mix: something I do not understand

    I will often use a backing track without guitar and then record my guitar with it. This generally gives me a decent idea of how my guitar fits in the mix. This gets me most of the way. From there I do the remaining tweaking with the full band.
  20. bdrepko

    Anyone Like To Try Different Tone Stacks in the Amp Block?

    I have done this with prior firmware versions. I haven't found a need since the last several updates. They have really nailed it. I don't really change much anymore. This option is available in all Fractal modelers.
  21. bdrepko

    Announcing FM9 Turbo

    @Admin M@ - Do you know if the same firmware will run on both FM9 and FM9 Turbo?
  22. bdrepko

    Is Neal Schon rocking the FM9?

    Any plans to release artist presets?
  23. bdrepko

    The 300th amp model?!

    Some people ask "why do we need this many amp models". It not about using 300 amp models. It's about having enough models to find the ones that jive with you. I love the Marshall type amps for my heavier sounds, but I don't necessarily like the Plexis, 1987s, and JVMs. But I can try all the...
  24. bdrepko

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 20.03 Release

    Dont make Cliff change his mind! :)
  25. bdrepko

    Speaker Drive and Thump appreciation thread!

    What I notice with speaker thump is that it adds weight to the higher notes of the guitar. I have always been a huge Fractal fan. I have been gigging with Fractal modelers since 2013 or so. I always found there was always a thinness in the sound when you play higher notes. I could never seem...
  26. bdrepko

    Rediscovered CA3+ Clean. What's your fav clean?

    I have used the CA3+ in the past. I am currently using the Band Command for my clean sounds. Both sound great, but I slightly prefer the BC.
  27. bdrepko

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 20.00 Public Beta (Beta 4)

    So you are trying to take over the world. Thats kinda what I thought,
  28. bdrepko

    FM9 - Dodged doing a bone head move

    Happened to me as well. Mine weren't even truly horizontal which really bugged me. :D
  29. bdrepko

    To 'Fatten' or add 'girth' to your preset?

    Sounds like a fun job to me!
  30. bdrepko

    To 'Fatten' or add 'girth' to your preset?

    A couple things I have found that you could try. 1) Increase negative feedback in the amp block. This tends to make my sound less thin. 2) Add some high mids around 200Hz to 300Hz. 3) In the speaker tab in the amp block, try reducing the High Freq knob on the impedance curve. This helped a...
  31. bdrepko

    Set List for FM9

    Hell yes!!!
  32. bdrepko

    FM9 Firmware Version 2.01

    Here is a video I recorded today using my FM9 with the FW2.01. Virtually all the guitars are recorded by me using a backing track sans guitar I found on YouTube.
  33. bdrepko

    FM9 Firmware Version 2.01

    Happened to me last night. I was loading some presets and it went silent. I thought maybe there was something with the preset so I switched back to a known good one and still nothing. I restarted and all was good.
  34. bdrepko


    I would set the output mode to FRFR as it is more important, at least to me, that the audience has the best sound. The difference between the 2 modes is pretty small when you are listening through a power amp and cab.
  35. bdrepko

    FM9 Firmware Version 2.01 public beta

    Does that include the hang on boot? Not sure how prevalent this issue is.
  36. bdrepko

    FM9 Firmware Version 2.01 public beta

    I am still getting hangs when powering on. Have seen this twice with the new firmware.
  37. bdrepko

    FM9 Firmware Version 2.01 public beta

    There is a TON of new stuff in this firmware! Definitely worth the wait.
  38. bdrepko

    FM9 Firmware Version 2.0 public beta

    You mean B&tch Slap!
  39. bdrepko

    FM9 Firmware Version 2.0 public beta

    I haven't had a chance to try one yet. I have heard a mix of good and bad so I was just curious what you thought.
  40. bdrepko

    FM9 Firmware Version 2.0 public beta

    Just curious. What was it that you didn't work with the QC?
  41. bdrepko

    Kitchen Sink Presets - What Do You Do?

    My own experience has been that super clean amp sounds have a tough time cutting through the live mix. I get past this by adding just a little bit of drive to get some hair.
  42. bdrepko

    I have been on waiting list since October

    But chips for MI is only a small part of the supply chain shortage. Everything from building materials to food products are in short supply. I just find it interesting that televisions, even though practically none are made in the US and have to be imported, are not in short supply.;)
  43. bdrepko

    I have been on waiting list since October

    Its funny that there seems to be no shortage of chips for televisions. Hmmm.
  44. bdrepko

    More Natural-Sounding Tunings with Offsets

    Here is a question. If I use sweetened tunings in my band, does the other guitarist and bassist need to use them as well? Will it sound off if they dont?
  45. bdrepko

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 19.05

    I get the concept of scene ignore. What I dont understand is why it is on a per-channel basis. If you want the same amp for all scenes then I would think it would be on the entire block.
  46. bdrepko

    FM9 Firmware Version 2.0 public beta

    I have been gigging mine as well. Fortunately I have had no issues at the gigs, but I have experienced the lockup during boot issue at home quite a few times. Hopefully this is fixed in the upcoming firmware.
  47. bdrepko

    Waitlist Email

  48. bdrepko

    FM9 Firmware Version 2.0 public beta

    TBH, I am not sure I have even heard anything by him. I am a child of the 70's and 80's.
  49. bdrepko

    FM9 Firmware Version 2.0 public beta

    I hope we get the new firmware before April. My band is playing Arizona Bike week with Lynyrd Skynyrd and Rob Zombie on the 8th.
  50. bdrepko

    FM9 Firmware Version 2.0 public beta

    Wow! Very pretty.
  51. bdrepko

    WOW! Is it just me or have prices sky rocketed on gear?

    Yeah, this year is going to be brutal. They state that inflation is 7% so far, but it is much higher than that. It is likely going to closer to about 18-20% easily. With WW3 looming in Europe it will only go up from there.
  52. bdrepko

    WOW! Is it just me or have prices sky rocketed on gear?

    I design and test computer chips for a large semiconductor company. I haven't got a cost of living increase in 4 years. At some point I will be making the same as the "you want fries with that" guy.
  53. bdrepko

    What is you FM3 “backup” for live shows

    I use a Mooer Pre-Amp Live for my backup rig. Small footprint, basic amp sounds, no effects, but will work in a pinch. In the 4 years or so that I have had it, I have never needed to use it.
  54. bdrepko

    FM9 Firmware Version 2.0 public beta

    We run our own sound. I just see the PA as the tool for adjusting to the sound of the room. But I understand that is not everyone's preferred way of working.
  55. bdrepko

    FM9 Firmware Version 2.0 public beta

    Not sure how everyone else is doing it. But, for myself, if something is not right it is typically an adjustment to the equalization due to room characteristics which is always done on the PA not in the presets.
  56. bdrepko

    FM9 Firmware Version 2.0 public beta

    I usually only save when I am creating the 28 presets for the gig between soundcheck and the first song.
  57. bdrepko

    The Party's Over Journey

    Good to see you still rockin Mark!
  58. bdrepko

    Axe-Fx III Firmware 19.00 Beta 3

    Sounds like you were in the right place when it happened.
  59. bdrepko

    EQ individual IRs?

    You can try IR workshop. This is a tool for editing impulse response files. Not sure if it has an eq, but it does give you more control over the impulse response.
  60. bdrepko

    FM3 Firmware Version 5.00 beta 1

    I wouldn't even do that on a fixed bridge guitar.
  61. bdrepko

    Stuck on Boot Up Screen

    I am. I assume this is unique to 2.0 beta since I have not seen anything on the forum before this update came out.
  62. bdrepko

    Stuck on Boot Up Screen

    I had this happen a couple times already. I am sure this will be fixed in the next release.
  63. bdrepko


    The best presets I have downloaded for Fractal products, by far, have been Leon Todd's (a.k.a. 2112).
  64. bdrepko

    Jerk It Out Organ Effect

    Kinda sounds like a porno flick.
  65. bdrepko

    Anxiously awaiting FM3 firmware 5.0 beta

    Since both the FM3 and FM9 share code, I would expect all the issues in the FM9 to be resolved prior to the release of the FM3. But what do I know?
  66. bdrepko

    Sticky/crunchy feel to buttons on FM9

    I use the Mooer Mushroom caps and am experiencing this as well. So is the solution to stop using them? It doesn't bother me except for the thought that is it detrimental to the longevity of the buttons. Anyone have any thoughts on this?
  67. bdrepko

    Anyone remove rubber feet and end rubber to mount to board?

    You can see them along the bottom. There is a short piece where each of the screws are that hold the feet as well as in the center. Here is a closer picture.
  68. bdrepko

    Anyone remove rubber feet and end rubber to mount to board?

    If you remove the rubber feet and velcro straight to your board, you will likely block the vent on the bottom and prevent adequate airflow. My solution was to use metal plumbers strap and attach to the board using longer screws. See below image.
  69. bdrepko

    Axe-Fx Firmware Release Version 18.03

    That is exactly why I dont have a preset for every song when I gig.
  70. bdrepko

    hearing a sort of "stiffness" or "hardness" in FM9 tones

    You can also try reducing negative feedback or increasing sag in the amp model.
  71. bdrepko

    Bug: High pitch sound when switching to clean preset

    Thanks for the explanation. Hopefully it will be addressed on future firmware revisions.
  72. bdrepko

    Anxiously awaiting FM3 firmware 5.0 beta

    Your not far off. Usually by the 3rd set we are totally off the setlist and pretty much taking requests. So that is the case sometimes.
  73. bdrepko

    Bug: High pitch sound when switching to clean preset

    Is anyone else hearing this? Can someone please try this preset to see if they are seeing the same behavior?
  74. bdrepko

    Bug: High pitch sound when switching to clean preset

    When I switch from one of the dirty scenes to my clean scene (scene1) there is this high pitched whining sound that lasts for about 5 seconds or so after the scene is engaged. It is not very loud and happens only whenever I switch to the clean scene, I am including the preset. I had tried...
  75. bdrepko

    Digitech "The Drop" pedal vs FM9 VC

    The latency is very small. I can barely tell it is there.
  76. bdrepko

    Anxiously awaiting FM3 firmware 5.0 beta

    It would sound better, but I really dont want to have to bring 4 guitars to each show. Plus, there are 2 songs that we do that are a full step down. So that would make 5.
  77. bdrepko

    Digitech "The Drop" pedal vs FM9 VC

    This song is open A. Songs in the key of E tend to get a little flubby (with both Drop and VC). This comparison is more to prove that the FM9 can now replace the Drop on your pedal board.
  78. bdrepko

    Digitech "The Drop" pedal vs FM9 VC

    Here is a comparison of the Digitech Drop pedal and the FM9 virtual capo both set to drop the pitch by 1 semitone. Not the best recording, but should be able to hear just how close the VC is to the Drop pedal.
  79. bdrepko

    Anxiously awaiting FM3 firmware 5.0 beta

    I wouldn't do it if I could hear the original tuning either. It sounds pretty clean at gig volume.
  80. bdrepko

    Anxiously awaiting FM3 firmware 5.0 beta

    If you mix between E and Eb then you have to bring at least 4 guitars. I auditioned for a band a while back that did songs in E, Eb, drop D, D, and C tunings.
  81. bdrepko

    Anxiously awaiting FM3 firmware 5.0 beta

    It has nothing to do with the original key of the song. The tunings are based on what the singer is more comfortable with. There are even some songs from the same band where on is in standard and another is half down.
  82. bdrepko

    Anxiously awaiting FM3 firmware 5.0 beta

    From the limited time I have used it I would say yes. It will be a few weeks until I can try it live, but I fully expect it will be usable live.
  83. bdrepko

    Anxiously awaiting FM3 firmware 5.0 beta

    My band does about 40% or so of our songs in Eb. So manually down-tuning our guitars is not really an option. The Digitech Drop pedal is the best solution at this point in time. The FM9 just received the improved pitch block and now I can retire my Drop pedal for that rig. Looking forward to...
  84. bdrepko

    SD-1 (OD-l) over TS9 all day long for me

    I am digging the HeartPedal 11 these days.
  85. bdrepko

    Frustrated still with CPU limits

    My approach is that I have a preset that contains the basic things I use for most songs (quasi kitchen sink if you will). Songs that require special things like harmony lines for instance I will dedicate a preset for that. Or maybe some ethereal delay, I may create a new preset for. Do...
  86. bdrepko

    Frustrated still with CPU limits

    Are you trying to do a kitchen sink approach to presets? If you decide to stay with the FM9 you may want to split up some of the blocks across several presets and use multiple presets per show. That is what I do. Even with the AXE3.
  87. bdrepko

    FM9 Firmware Version 2.0 public beta

    The pitch block is definitely on par with "The Drop" pedal now. I can finally ditch it. Thank you FAS!
  88. bdrepko

    How are you guys attaching it to your pedalboard?

    The main part is a flag pole holder that I found at Lowes Home Improvements that is just attached to the board using screws and bolts. The hole was too large to hold the mic stand so I found some copper plumbing pipe that fit my stand and used a short piece inside.
  89. bdrepko

    FW Updates for the FM9?

    Maybe for other companies. Prior there were quite a few updates pretty much every month for the FM3.
  90. bdrepko

    FW Updates for the FM9?

    The last update for FM3 was early August. Not typical for FAS to have such a long span between updates.
  91. bdrepko

    How are you guys attaching it to your pedalboard?

    On my last couple of pedalboard builds I bought a 2'x3' sheet of Velcro loop fabric. I cut it to fit a piece of 1/4 hardboard I cut to just fit inside my case and then glued the Vecro fabric using a marine grade glue. Now I just need to put pieces of Velcro hook material on each of the pedals...
  92. bdrepko

    Favorite “non-Marshall” Marshall amps?

    As I have said before, my favorite Marshall tone seems to change every so often with certain firmware updates (i.e. Cygnus). My current favorite is the Cameron CCV 2A. I expect that to change at some point. Definitely not a complain as every time I do change, it is always a level above where...
  93. bdrepko

    How are you guys attaching it to your pedalboard?

    I used longer screws on the 4 corners (16mm) and attached ~1.25" piece of plumbers strap between each of the screws and the unit. Then I attached to my pedalboard with larger screws. I used velcro on the FM3, but am just not confident with the larger and heavier FM9.
  94. bdrepko

    Favorite “non-Marshall” Marshall amps?

    Atomica High and Cameron CCV2A are also really good.
  95. bdrepko

    FM9 - In Da House...!!!

    Have you done your mic stand yet?
  96. bdrepko

    The FM3 or FM9 for my needs?

    Depends on the use case. For recording using high quality on the reverb block is justified. If using live then economy is fine.
  97. bdrepko

    Just took the Axe FX plunge...

    You couldn't have picked a better place to start. I have been gigging Fractal for many years and my experience has been nothing but stellar.
  98. bdrepko

    Let's see those FM9 rigs!

    Yes sir. Works great and wont tip over. It is a flag pole mount I found at Lowes. The hole was a little large so I also used a piece of copper pipe.
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