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  1. Poparad

    Wish Make scene ignore channel independent

    Just turn on 'scene ignore' for all four channels in the block and it'll do that for you.
  2. Poparad

    FM3 for REAL Jazz

    I think the real problem here is that "REAL jazz" tone that the OP is looking for is a fictional subset of jazz tones. Although he's not mentioned any players who have that sound he's looking for, he has mentioned a lot who aren't. The truth is Polytones and Henricksons didn't exist back in the...
  3. Poparad

    FM3 for REAL Jazz

    Close, his formula is Fender tube + solid state, preferably a Deluxe and a Polytone, setup in dual mono, but I've seen videos with him using Twins and Jazz Choruses. He was in town here recently and borrowed my Deluxe and Polytone and it sounded incredible! Benson does something similar with a...
  4. Poparad

    FM3 for REAL Jazz

    Another option to try that I use with bass sometimes and dig is to not use the amp block at all but instead use the drive block set to the FET Preamp. Alternatively, you could also just go into the cab block alone and enable the preamp section and set it to one of the two FET options. Both...
  5. Poparad

    FM3 for REAL Jazz

    As someone who's primarily played jazz for over 20 years, I would push back a lot on the assertion that Fender amps are "not what an average nowadays jazz player would to look for." My amp of choice for years before going digital was a Deluxe Reverb and most of the guys in my area that aren't...
  6. Poparad

    FM3 Firmware Version 6.01

    Why not just split the signal path from the In1 block into two rows? That seems way simpler.
  7. Poparad

    Hey you Compression Experts...

    That must be a typo because you can do that in the FM3. All of my patches have an instrument-level compressor at the front (usually pedal or optical type) and a line-level compressor at the end (usually optical or tube).
  8. Poparad

    External effects bypass from FM3 MIDI?

    Disaster Area makes a few. I use a DPC.micro with my FM3 via MIDI. Loops are true bypass. https://www.disasterareadesigns.com/shop/switching-systems
  9. Poparad

    FM3 Output Cable

    I've got some of those in my FM3 case and it's saved my bacon a couple of times. Last week I was playing a gig and we needed to mic an upright piano in a pinch with no PA available and I was able to run the mic into Input 2 on the FM3 and process it (FET Preamp in the Drive block worked great!)...
  10. Poparad

    Setting up out of the box, where's the sound??

    Did you turn up the volume knob for output 2?
  11. Poparad

    Bug? Aliasing bug

    Nope, no spdif. The only thing I had hooked up in the video were the analog audio outs and some MIDI (Specular Tempus, MC6, Morninstar MIDI splitter and Disaster Area loop switcher). I have two FM3s and only this one exhibits this issue. I don't recall the other one ever booting to garbled audio.
  12. Poparad

    Bug? Aliasing bug

    I've been having this problem intermittently since I got my FM3 back on FW 3x. Currently on 6.0 and every now and then when I boot it up I get a garbled, aliased sound (see video). Rebooting it fixes it and it only happens once every 30 or 40 boots. Interestingly, the aliasing disappears around...
  13. Poparad

    FM3 use at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis use question

    I'd just use the FM3 as a pedalboard with no amp or cab block at all. Run that to the Fender amp on stage and let the sound person mic that for their FOH, which is probably how they'll want to do it anyway because then they can just leave it set up once for the whole show and not have to dial in...
  14. Poparad

    Wish COT

    +1. I recently picked up a Tchula and absolutely love it. The EQD Special/Speaker Cranker is also a favorite of mine which is similarly built on the Electra Distortion circuit. We have the Lovepedal Amp11 already, but only the left side of it, which is basically a Timmy. The boost side on the...
  15. Poparad

    Wish Tuner source assignable per preset

    I would benefit from this as well. I do a lot of electric/acoustic switching using inputs 1 and 2 and only having the tuner available on one at a time is really inconvenient.
  16. Poparad

    Want to put a practice amp combo together using an FM3 and?

    Not sure if you were replying to me, but in case you were: I actually just used the headphone out on the FM3 since the iLouds have both a L/R RCA input and a 3.5mm aux input. They're not quite FRFR (they're lacking a little bass and have a little bit of a mid bump) but for the purposes of guitar...
  17. Poparad

    Simple harmony dilemma

    That 432 nonsense needs to die a quick, firery death.
  18. Poparad

    Want to put a practice amp combo together using an FM3 and?

    I bought a pair of IK Multimedia iLoud micro monitors for a trip to Paris this summer. Worked really nicely with the FM3, they're stereo, obviously, but also made for great speakers for my laptop. Very compact and with the carrying case they're smaller than the FM3. Great for hotel practice. I...
  19. Poparad

    Dumb Fender Reverb/Vibrato Question

    You're correct: add them as separate effects. The Pan/Trem block has a nice bias trem and the Reverb block has several spring options. The other Fractal devices do have a bias trem effect built into the Amp block, but it's not available on the FM3 due to CPU limitations. It's only available...
  20. Poparad

    Can FM3 Do This?

    If you have a hold function added to a switch, then it will change when you lift up your foot (for both short and long presses). If you only have a toggle or just one command only, it switches when you press the button down. In your setup with both toggle and hold, because there's a hold, all...
  21. Poparad

    Boost pedal

    Just put it in front of the FM3. I run boost pedals into it mine all the time. You can slam the input pretty hard, even being in the red on the input meters, and it won't actually clip (even though that seems counterintutive). It's been engineered very well to handle this sort of situation.
  22. Poparad

    FM3 Virtual Capo trouble

    I use a Digitech Drop with my FM3. Apparently the capo algorithm is very CPU intensive and the lower power CPU of the FM3 can't handle the more powerful version of the pitch shift algorithm that the AxeFX III and the FM9 use.
  23. Poparad

    Drive Model To Get J. Rockett's "The Dude" Tone

    If Fractal ever models this pedal, it should named "That's a good overdrive, Walter."
  24. Poparad

    Wish Load specific footswitch layout on preset load

    From scrolling on the preset list on the hardware. I'd rather not have to go the route of manually making per-preset overrides because: 1) I only want to deal with a couple of consistent layouts rather than a different potential layout for every preset 2) If I decide to change something, I only...
  25. Poparad

    Wish Load specific footswitch layout on preset load

    I don't need extra layouts than the regular 9. I want the preset to automatically switch to a specific one of those 9 layouts when the preset loads. Because I'm not switching to the preset from a button press, layout links won't solve that problem.
  26. Poparad

    Saving CPU using Plex Delay instead of Reverb Block.

    The latest firmware killed a few of my presets that were already borderline on CPU usage and I've started to use the Plex block for reverb in a couple of them that I couldn't bring down enough in other ways. Thanks for sharing your block!
  27. Poparad

    Upgrade FW from beta to 5.0.3 before a gig?

    That said, if you back everything up beforehand, you can always revert back to the older firmware and patches with just a couple of quick updates to the unit.
  28. Poparad

    Upgrade FW from beta to 5.0.3 before a gig?

    I would hold off until you get some time to play through your patches in the new firmware. The most recent updates have had some CPU changes so some of my previously fine patches started to max out on certain scenes. I had to go through and tweak a bunch and simplify things to get them working...
  29. Poparad

    Will the FM3 work for me?

    Yes. For the preset-specific effects, there are two ways of doing it. You can do a per-preset override that overrides the entire switch defaults just for that preset or you can initially have the switch setup with a sort of "blank" placeholder that will be filled in for each preset. I usually do...
  30. Poparad

    Will the FM3 work for me?

    I've been really impressed with how powerful the three buttons are. I have external MIDI controllers but 99% of the time I never need them.
  31. Poparad

    Will the FM3 work for me?

    Within a single preset, you can only have 4 different amps. There's one block with four channels. Compared to the Axe FX II, it's the same. In the Axe II you have two amp blocks with X/Y channels, so it still adds up to four different amps per preset, except that in the FM3 it's all in one block...
  32. Poparad

    Bug? Performance Controls Drag and Drop Error

    I'm on FM3-Edit 1.05.09 with FM3 firmware 5.03. I've been updating the performance controls on a bunch of my presets and I noticed that when I drag and drop the mix control for Delay 1 to the per-preset controls, sometimes FM3-Edit will label the mix control with the name of a different block...
  33. Poparad

    Automatically select footswitch layout on preset load?

    Here's my setup: I use the FM3 for electric bass, upright bass, guitar for a cover band, 8-string guitar for my originals band, guitar in jazz combos, guitar in big bands, solo guitar, and guitar in musical theatre pits. For each of these, I have slightly different setups in terms of effects...
  34. Poparad

    Wish Load specific footswitch layout on preset load

    Yes, but then I'd have to program them individually for every preset, times 40+ presets is very time consuming. Also, should I decide I want to change something about the layout, I have to modify that in every single one of the 40+ presets individually. Having a couple of global layouts that I...
  35. Poparad

    Wish Load specific footswitch layout on preset load

    Here's the other thread: https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/automatically-select-footswitch-layout-on-preset-load.184735/ The issue for me is that I have way too many presets to have preset layouts. I'd have no room left over for other layouts.
  36. Poparad

    Wish Load specific footswitch layout on preset load

    It would be very convenient to have a preset default automatically to a specified footswitch layout when loaded (or to have it set to 'none' where it stays on the current layout).
  37. Poparad

    Automatically select footswitch layout on preset load?

    The problem here is that I have over 40 presets that I use. With only 9 layouts, there just aren't enough buttons to make that many layouts to select all of the presets and still have layouts left over for scenes, effects, etc.
  38. Poparad

    Automatically select footswitch layout on preset load?

    Unfortunately, that means manually programming all of the switches for 40+ presets. Also, if I want to change the behavior of any of them, I have to edit them in every single individual preset they're in and not just once for a single global layout.
  39. Poparad

    Automatically select footswitch layout on preset load?

    I have too many presets to have a dedicated preset layout. I have a good 30-40 that I use with different guitars, bass, bands, etc. Some presets are best served with scenes, some a combination of scenes and individual effects, especially now that we have scene-bypass, and some that are a...
  40. Poparad

    Automatically select footswitch layout on preset load?

    Hmm, that really doesn't save me any button pressing compared to using the MLM. I'd still need to tap several buttons every time I switch to a preset to get to the correct layout.
  41. Poparad

    Automatically select footswitch layout on preset load?

    Is it possible to have a preset automatically load a footswitch layout? My presets generally fall into a couple of categories and it would be nice to have them load a corresponding footswitch layout rather than having to assign per-preset overrides for every single preset or to have to manually...
  42. Poparad

    Scene Ignore Bypass Question

    Yeah, some of the blocks all of the channels with scene ignore, in the drive block 3/4 are enabled.
  43. Poparad

    Scene Ignore Bypass Question

    I'm having the issue with drive, delay, and filter. They're all defaulting to "on" on preset load even though they're saved as "off" in all scenes.
  44. Poparad

    Scene Ignore Bypass Question

    Yeah, I can't imagine that this is the designed behavior.
  45. Poparad

    Scene Ignore Bypass Question

  46. Poparad

    Bought a 2nd FM3 as a backup: setup question

    I have two that I keep mostly in sync, but not exactly (I have one on a pedalboard with other pedals). I back up the presets, IRs, and system settings every few weeks and sync the two with what I want. If you're doing a straight duplicate, then just simply restore everything. FractalBot will...
  47. Poparad

    Scene Ignore Bypass Question

    I'm trying out the new scene ignore feature and it doesn't seem to be behaving the way I would expect. I set up several effects with scene ignore on and set to bypass. I want to be able to turn them on when I want, but I want the preset to load with them bypassed. When I change to another preset...
  48. Poparad

    Travel speaker for FM3?

    I just bought a set of those for my trip and I'm really impressed. They're lacking a little bit of low end compared to my actual rig, but they're shockingly loud for their size and have a pretty good sound. A little midrange heavy, but that's not a bad thing for guitar and easy to dial out if it...
  49. Poparad

    Who uses external pedals alongside FM3?

    I have basically three setups: 1) The big one: A larger Pedaltrain board with my FM3, an MC6 midi controller, a Specular Tempus reverb, expression pedals, and several insert boxes hooked up to a Disaster Area midi loop selector. By itself, it's a powerful board with some extra CPU afforded by...
  50. Poparad

    Bug? No recovery after CPU overload - FW 5.02

    Here's the preset. Try going from scene 1 to 8. The only thing that changes is the trem block is unbypassed. No channels change but it mutes on scene 8 and stays muted. Also, scenes 3 and 5 also lock up (drive and lead) and the only change is amp and cab channels.
  51. Poparad

    Bug? No recovery after CPU overload - FW 5.02

    I've been having the same problem. One of my CPU heavy patches that worked just fine on all of the previous firmware hangs up on the third scene and won't unmute when I switch back to the first scene; only changing patches unmutes the FM3. What's weird is the only thing that's changing between...
  52. Poparad

    Gory details about the FM3's headphone output stage anyone?

    Plug one of these between your headphone and the FM3 and you can attenuate the volume all you want: It's passive, so it probably is a better solution than an external headphone amp because you won't be re-amplifying the signal a second time.
  53. Poparad

    CPU Economy Question

    Here's a CPU management trick: A block always uses CPU when it's present in a scene, regardless of whether it's bypassed or not. However, it only uses CPU for its current channel. Some effect types use more CPU than others, so if I've got a CPU heavy effect (like a shimmer reverb) that I only...
  54. Poparad

    Which FRFR? Is it worth it?

    Another vote for Xitone wedges. I have two; usually only drag one out to most gigs. I'm usually quite a tone tweaker but I've never felt the need to "upgrade" from the sound I get from these. I also have a custom 15" wedge from Xitone that I use for bass.
  55. Poparad

    Travel speaker for FM3?

    Hey @yek , did you ever find something you liked? I'm headed to Paris for a few weeks next month and I'm looking for a desktop speaker I can fit in my suitcase along with my FM3 that will sound good for practicing and Zoom lessons.
  56. Poparad

    FM3 with GR55

    Yes, you can. See my post. And yes, a separate IR device would simplify things greatly.
  57. Poparad

    FM3 with GR55

    I briefly used a GR55 with my AxeFX2, but I quickly ditched the GR55 because of its insane noise levels. If I were to use it in the FM3, I'd do the following. If you're only using the GR55 for synths and sims, no dry guitar signal, just skip the first step and plug your magnetic pickups...
  58. Poparad

    Green 'S' in FM3 Edit Cab Manager?

    So what's that about? It's next to some of the factory cabs, mostly in the Legacy bank but I spotted one in Factory 1, too. S = Standard Res only IR?
  59. Poparad

    A true FX Loop (revised block behavior)

    Oh, wow, I'm a doofus. RTFM! I was trying to bypass both the IN and the Out and not getting any signal.
  60. Poparad

    Recording into Reaper Latency

    Only with the FM3 as a USB device. There's a bug where the reported latency from the FM3 isn't correct and the recorded audio ends up shifted from where you played it at. Any USB interface you plug into does this sort of reported to keep things lined up, so as long as whatever interface you're...
  61. Poparad

    Recording into Reaper Latency

    No, I'm on PC with Reaper and frequently (but not always) have this problem.
  62. Poparad

    A true FX Loop (revised block behavior)

    Using the FX loop as a switchable on/off loop in the FM3 is a bit cumbersome currently. If you add Out2 and In2 blocks into your path, it'll work just fine as an always-on loop, but if you try and bypass the loop, your signal within the FM3 isn't bypassed through the blocks; it just stops dead...
  63. Poparad

    Moving Back from Stereo to Mono

    Regarding live sound, many, many venues only have mono setups and even if they do have stereo, unless the audience member is standing directly centered between the two speakers, due to the way our brains process sound, it will be perceived as mono in almost every situation. Just a few dB of...
  64. Poparad

    Moving Back from Stereo to Mono

    It's only necessary to "de-stereo" a patch if you have panned cabs, ping-pong delays or anything that has a noticeable difference in the two channels. The default stereo mode on most delays, reverbs, etc, sound fine in mono if you only take just the L or R output (not summing to mono). Most of...
  65. Poparad

    Acoustic Guitar thru FM3 at Gig Volume -- Any Feedback Problems?

    In all my acoustic patches I have a PEQ near the beginning of the chain specifically for feedback control. I keep a tab open on my phone web browser to a note-frequency chart so I can find the offending note's frequency and kill it with a high-Q peaking band in the PEQ block.
  66. Poparad

    Bright control for compressor block

    Ah, I was under the impression that everything in the "sidechain" menu affected the sidechain signal, not the processed signal.
  67. Poparad

    Bright control for compressor block

    I'm enjoying the new revamped compressor block in the beta 5 firmware and using the settings in Leon Todd's video to emulate a Keeley compressor using the analog comp model, I'm getting really close to my Keeley Compressor Plus. However, the Comp Plus has a bright control that I think really...
  68. Poparad

    Where can I get a list of the real names of the overdrives in the FM3. I like king of tone…is that a Klon?

    Maybe we should just start asking for a Wampler Tumnus instead. Brian's a cool dude and the Tumnus is a much more humble drive accessible to everyone.
  69. Poparad

    FM3 Firmware Version 5.00 beta 1

    Well look at that... :cool:
  70. Poparad

    FM3 Firmware Version 5.00 beta 1

    I was just working on a patch this morning and had to give up putting a drive block in it because of everything else going on. Updated to the new firmware and tried again and it just squeezed in at 84%! I didn't change anything else to the patch. Nice.
  71. Poparad

    Keeley Modded DS-1 BLKs (Zendrive clone bonus)

    So I recently have gotten into pedal modding and I added the Keeley Ultra and All Seeing Eye mods to a Boss DS-1. The FM3 has a "DS1 Distortion Mod," which according to Yek's guide, is based on the ASE mod. The models in the FM3 sound great, but in case you want to experiment with a slightly...
  72. Poparad

    Anyone using 2 FM3's?

    I sort of am, but not at the same time. I have one built into a larger pedalboard with some other pedals, expression pedals, MIDI controller, etc. and one that's just solo that I keep in a small laptop bag. A lot of gigs I play are really simple with little to no need for any effects or...
  73. Poparad

    FM3 with external reverb pedal - Trails?

    I run a Specular Tempus reverb, which has MIDI, and just bypass the pedal that way (although you could just bypass any reverb pedal manually, too). Another option within the FM3 is to run parallel paths in your patch and with scenes, have Out 2 muted with a dummy block like Filter or whatever...
  74. Poparad

    Acoustic Preset with IR

    The first file I posted is the IR. The second is a patch that uses that user IR in the cab block.
  75. Poparad

    How does the the FM3 take pedals?

    Yep! That one is a tube screamer/fuzz combo made by NoiseKick FX: https://reverb.com/shop/noisekickfx
  76. Poparad

    How does the the FM3 take pedals?

    Pedaltrain Novo 18.
  77. Poparad

    Switch Drive block position in the same preset

    I just realized you're going to need a 4th filter block between the input and the comp set to be bypassed when you want the drive first. Otherwise you'll be getting a compressed clean signal blended in with your drive signal.
  78. Poparad

    Switch Drive block position in the same preset

    There is a way with the send/return blocks, but you have to be careful of feedback loops. You MUST have all of the filter blocks set to "Mute" on bypass and the first Feedback Return MUST also be set to "Mute Out" on bypass, otherwise you'll get howling feedback. The second Feedback Return (the...
  79. Poparad

    Wish Global Channels

    I like that idea. But yes, either Global Blocks or Channels, either would speed up my workflow immensely. Due to CPU limitations, I often have to duplicate patches with different combinations of effects but if I tweak the amp in one patch at a gig to fit the venue acoustics better, I need to...
  80. Poparad

    Colored jack nut covers?

    I've seen a few pictures of people who have color-coded their in and out jacks on the FM3 with colored replacement nuts. Which ones are you using for the FM3? I bought some from Tesi but they were too small for the FM3 jacks, sadly.
  81. Poparad

    How does the the FM3 take pedals?

    Nope. Just plug it in like you would a real amp. Either go in front or use Out2/In2 as an effects loop, depending on the effect.
  82. Poparad

    FM3 / FC6 / FC12 Gigbags?

    I'm using a laptop bag for mine. I only have the FM3 in it plus cables and two expression pedals, but you could easily fit an FM3 and an FC6 in it. The one I have isn't available anymore, but here's a really similar one from the same manufacturer (the outside pockets are a little different than...
  83. Poparad

    How does the the FM3 take pedals?

    It's the "Meme Driver" by noiseKick FX. Left side is a Tube Screamer and the right is a fuzz (a nice, mid-heavy fuzz... kind of an anti-Muff style). I have a few TS clones and a mini TS and I have to say, this one is actually my favorite. Nice, full body to it. It sounds fantastic going into a...
  84. Poparad

    How does the the FM3 take pedals?

    I like the way it sounds with pedals.
  85. Poparad

    External footswitch skips scenes

    Yeah, stand-in switches are the way to go. That's the way I've got my two-button external switch setup. My only guess for the MIDI approach is that your switches might've been sending a double message. Maybe the button down and button up were both triggering a scene change so scene 2 flew by too...
  86. Poparad

    Buffer Before FM3

    If you only have 2-3 pedals, a buffer probably won't make any difference. If you have a wireless at the beginning, that's already changing things since there's no physical connection between your guitar and the pedals after that. If you have a lot of pedals, both a buffer at the front and at...
  87. Poparad

    Anyone used a Atomic CLR with a Xitone wedge?

    I'm a long-time Xitone user. They're nice and lightweight and compact and sound great for guitar because they're not truly FRFR. Now that means if you've got your FM3 hooked up to your computer as an interface and are listening to a DAW mix through them, it sounds kind of like you're running...
  88. Poparad

    Allan Holdsworth Omnipatch

    Here's my older patch that I made for my AxeFx II. The lead tone isn't quite as dialed in as I got on the FM3 patch, but the delays are 100% because I copied the settings straight from Allan's Magicstomp patches. If you have a Carvin/Kiesel Fatboy or HH2, the clean tone is spot on. There are two...
  89. Poparad

    Benson sound

    Actually, you're both right. Benson uses a Fender and a Roland together in stereo.
  90. Poparad

    Wish Xotic EP Booster

    The boost in the amp block is just a volume boost with an EQ curve applied. If there is any extra mojo in the EP booster, you wouldn't be getting it in an amp block boost; only a drive block.
  91. Poparad

    Ernie Ball VP-style taper in FM3

    I've used the Ernie Ball volume pedals for years and I love the feel of them, so I A/B'd mine to the volume block to get the feel to match. So, for anyone who'd like to set up their volume blocks to feel like a VP pedal, here are the settings I worked out: Taper: Log 30A Modifier: Mid 30%...
  92. Poparad

    Access to tuner through an expression pedal how to?

    You don't need to assign the pedal to a block for it to work. Did you select "Pedal 1" or "Pedal 2" on the page that I mentioned? You posted a picture of you using the "learn" function. Skip that and just select whichever pedal jack you're plugged into. That's all you have to do and it'll work...
  93. Poparad

    Access to tuner through an expression pedal how to?

    No, simply go to Setup -> MIDI/Remote, page over to Other, and the third thing is "Tuner on Heel Down" and set that to which pedal jack you're plugging into (1 or 2).
  94. Poparad

    Wish Global Blocks

    Bump for global blocks!
  95. Poparad

    Free Upright Bass IRs

    So for the two other people out there that use Fractal gear for double bass, I just did a tonematch of my Shen with Bel Cantos through a Full Cricle pickup versus three mics (using the Slate ML1 and ML2s). They turned out really great! I made an IR for pizz and a separate one for arco (using a...
  96. Poparad

    Quick FM3 effects question-

    There are more modes to many of the effects. The bias trem and the triangle chorus both sound amazing. When I first got my FM3, I A/B compared my Axe II patches to basically the same imported patches on the FM3 and there were some pretty big differences.
  97. Poparad

    FM3 Firmware Version 4.00 beta 5

    All good on both of my FM3's.
  98. Poparad

    Celestion Alnico Cream IRs. Why so few?

    Yeah, I'm really digging this for my medium gain tones. I added a little bit of bass in the Cab block preamp, but otherwise, it bites nicely without being too thin or boxy.
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