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  1. pauliusmm

    FS FC6

    Price drop 500 Eur
  2. pauliusmm

    FS FC6

    Fractal Audio FC6 controller - 520 Eur
  3. pauliusmm

    Is it possible to program FC6 switches independently from FM9 layout?

    I need to check per preset switches, but i gues you still need to dedicate one layout to per preset switches?
  4. pauliusmm

    Is it possible to program FC6 switches independently from FM9 layout?

    Thats why i said AT LEAST 15 switches. It would be better if you could just have as many switches as you need in each layout and not be limited to the specific number. Like an add switch option, but that gets in the wish list territory here. I just think since there is a product dedicated to...
  5. pauliusmm

    Is it possible to program FC6 switches independently from FM9 layout?

    Exactly! I use all layouts already on Fm9, some of them more than others. I use differnt layouts for different bands, acoustic gigs, jazz gigs etc. Thanks for suggestions everyone, they are helpful, but wouldnt it make more sense to just make Fc6 layouts independent? Or if layout would contain...
  6. pauliusmm

    Is it possible to program FC6 switches independently from FM9 layout?

    I figured that, it just seems odd that they are shared. Would make much more sense if you could program fc6 independently. Looks like i will have to sacrifice a layout to use on FC6.
  7. pauliusmm

    Is it possible to program FC6 switches independently from FM9 layout?

    I use FM9 and i just got FM6. I always thought you could program FC6 switches independently, but i cannot find a way to do it. All i can see is FM6 displaying parts of FM9 layouts. Can i program FM6 without it messing my FM9 layouts?
  8. pauliusmm

    Why are all the factory presets so bass heavy??

    To my taste they are too bassy as well. I auditioned the factory presets when i got my new FM9 and thought exactly that. I would definitely low cut them if i would ever use any of them. But I would never use factory presets anyways, i prefer to tweak my own sounds.
  9. pauliusmm

    FS 16 button Midi controller for Fractal units

    Selling 16 button custom midi controller. Top row controls 8 scenes, bottom row controls 8 presets. Additionally you can hold preset buttons to get additional 8 presets so 16 presets in total. Preset messages are fixed, but you can map them to any preset on the Fractal unit. 2 Exp pedal inputs...
  10. pauliusmm

    WTB FC6

  11. pauliusmm

    Should FM9 be able to sound identical to FM3?

    I know they are on different firmwares, but when i import the preset - i expect the corresponding parameters with the same name to have the same values. Im not complaining - i just want to migrate my presets to the new unit and give people a heads up who are doing the same thing. To anyone who...
  12. pauliusmm

    WTB FC6

    Want to buy Fractal Audio FC6
  13. pauliusmm

    Should FM9 be able to sound identical to FM3?

    Okay, it appears reverb block settings are mismatched also: Pre delay settings are different.
  14. pauliusmm

    Should FM9 be able to sound identical to FM3?

    Both latest firmware. amp- > speaker tab: parameters are different transferring the same preset.
  15. pauliusmm

    Should FM9 be able to sound identical to FM3?

    I found where it gets different: The whole preset seems identical apart from Speaker tab in the amp block. In this tab the parameters are different compared to FM3. I just copied the parameters and it apears to sound the same. Now, is this a bug? I loaded the exact preset from FM3 to FM9 , but...
  16. pauliusmm

    Should FM9 be able to sound identical to FM3?

    I transfered FM3 preset to my new FM9, matched global eq settings, and still i feel FM9 sound bassier? What am i missing? maybe i forgot some global setting that can change the sound? I had a perfectly dialed in clean preset on my FM3 and i want to have it on my new FM9.
  17. pauliusmm

    input A/D sensiivity parameter changes tone

    So, i just got FM9, first thing i adjust is input A/D sensitivity. I play with the range of this parameter and at minimum position theres a definite tone change, not sure about the rest of the range. I thought this parameter should have zero effect on the tone and should only affect signal to...
  18. pauliusmm

    FM9 Case?

    Next time im in a car for 3 hrs i might just do that
  19. pauliusmm

    FM9 Case?

    Is there a Master list of all mentioned cases, so you dont have to scroll 16 pages?
  20. pauliusmm

    FM9: Is Tuner available on input 2?

    Great! Thanks
  21. pauliusmm

    FM9: Is Tuner available on input 2?

    Thanks, is there an option for Both input 1 and input 2? I would want to tune both guitars obviously.
  22. pauliusmm

    FM9: Is Tuner available on input 2?

    Simple question: Is Tuner available on input 2 on FM9? it only works on input 1 on FM3. The reason is : i want to use my acoustic guitar plugged in to input 2 for a couple songs on the show.
  23. pauliusmm

    Pitch block: Fm9 vs AXE FX 3

    I mean the actual performance of the algorithm. The Pitch algorithm was updated on AXE FX 3, but the update did not make it to FM3 due to CPU limits. I wonder IF FM9 has the updated Pitch algorithm.
  24. pauliusmm

    Pitch block: Fm9 vs AXE FX 3

    Is the Pitch block on the FM9 the same as in AXE FX 3 ? I believe FM3 has the "Eco" version of Pitch algorithm, how about FM9?
  25. pauliusmm

    Cycling channels/ footswitch color

    I made a wish list thread https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/footswitch-colors-when-cycling-channels.186331/ So anyone who thinks this is a good idea, show your support there.
  26. pauliusmm

    Wish footswitch colors when cycling channels.

    As discussed in this thread: https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/cycling-channels-footswitch-color.186293/ Wish it was possible to assign different led ring colors when cyclicg channels A-B-C-D with a single footswitch It would let you know on which channel you are.
  27. pauliusmm

    FM5 Turbo - unashamed clickbait ... please discuss!

    Dont want to spoil the fun, but id say its not likely. What if someone wants an FM7 or FM11?
  28. pauliusmm

    Cycling channels/ footswitch color

    Yeah, i can see there is an option to cycle channels and wrap , so it. goes A B C D A B C D etc. So the only problem is the led colors. Text doesnt work for me. Theres no time to read labels when playing- color is much faster and more intuitive.
  29. pauliusmm

    Cycling channels/ footswitch color

    I would like to use a onboard footswitch to cycle between channels A-B-C-D . I currently have Midi baby midi controller doing this action and each channel has a dedicated color so its easy for me to know where im at. Can i do this color thing with internal footswitch? I believe it only has one...
  30. pauliusmm

    WTB Fm9

    Want to buy FM9 in EU, or USA
  31. pauliusmm

    Who can build a custom midi controller for me ?

    I want a row of 8 preset switches and a row of 8 scene switches is a 40 x 8 cm enclosure. No LCDs needed, simple leds are enough. I know where to order the enclosure. Do you know anyone or a complany who can build it to my spec?
  32. pauliusmm

    E-Drum kit suggestions

    Thanks! Are they compatible with Roland?
  33. pauliusmm

    E-Drum kit suggestions

    I got Roland TD07 KV. Pads are great, internal sounds are crap. I use it with Superior Drummer 3 and it sounds great. I think if you want hardware module to sound anywhere close to SD3 you have to buy a flagship e-drumset from Roland which is ridiculously expensive . If i would buy e drumkit...
  34. pauliusmm

    Wish Scene toggle -different colors

    Wish it was possible to set a different footswitch led color for scenes, when scene toggle function is assigned to footswitch. Also would be cool to choose a color for hold function as well.
  35. pauliusmm

    So this is my dream amp sound, how can i get it on AXE

    I agree Shawn sounds good no matter what, but I checked this amp in lots of other demos and it sounds amazing everywhere.
  36. pauliusmm

    So this is my dream amp sound, how can i get it on AXE

    Its a Revv Dynamis 7-40 Gorgeous cleans, edge of breakup to creamy leads whats the closest thing to this on AXE FX?
  37. pauliusmm

    FM3 ..... USB 2 Type B Port on the back of the FM3 ......No Power Provided ** UPDATED **

    +1 on enabling it, many useful ways to use it for power alone.
  38. pauliusmm


  39. pauliusmm


    So are we into Convolution reverb territory?
  40. pauliusmm

    Where is usb-A?

    True, but Axe fx 2 had bidirectional midi ports, and people could use one midi cable to sync their midi controller.
  41. pauliusmm

    Where is usb-A?

    Yes, but sometimes one cable is enough for bidirectional communication to a midi controller.
  42. pauliusmm

    Where is usb-A?

    How about midi ports: are they bi directional?
  43. pauliusmm

    Where is usb-A?

    That is good news!
  44. pauliusmm

    Where is usb-A?

    I noticed there is no Usb-A port on FM9. So does this mean USB-A on the Fm3 will never get functional as well?
  45. pauliusmm

    FM9 Announcement!

    I couldnt find answerd to these quesstions: Is the Pitch block the same as AXE FX 3 or Fm3? Is the looper different from FM3?
  46. pauliusmm

    FS Noatronic Onboard expression

    Selling my Noatronic onboard expression midi controller that fits inside your guitar knob. PM me if interested . 100 Eur
  47. pauliusmm

    layouts issue

    That was it, problem solved ! Thanks
  48. pauliusmm

    layouts issue

    Will check that, thanks.
  49. pauliusmm

    layouts issue

    Nop, hold is also set to toggle Scenes.
  50. pauliusmm

    layouts issue

    Not sure if its a bug or user error: I made a layout called SCENE TOGGLE: switch one is scene toggle. It works, but by toggling scenes - it also changes a layout to a different layout (SCENES). I dont want it to change layouts - i just want the switch to toggle scenes. What am i doing wrong?
  51. pauliusmm

    Simulate tube rattles, making It Realer!

    I vote for beer spill effect.
  52. pauliusmm

    Setlist workarounds?

    Does this mean i can send PC messages from Ableton to FM3? I can't see FM3 as a midi device in Ableton.
  53. pauliusmm

    Setlist workarounds?

    For an upcoming show i need about 20 presets with 3 scenes each. Im trying to find a way to switch songs(presets) using a computer and switch scenes using Fm3. How can i do this? Fm3 does not allow midi over USB right? So i need usb -midi adapter? What Mac software is best to make a setlist and...
  54. pauliusmm

    Anyone have their Layouts vanish?

    My Fm3 layout was gone after installing 4 beta
  55. pauliusmm

    Mooer/GTRS Intelligent Guitar

    Judging from the promo video its target audience is a beginner. I was waiting for the next evolution of Variax-like guitars for a long time, but this does not seem like a professional tool.
  56. pauliusmm

    FS Gear for sale in EU

    For sale in EU Native Instruments Maschine MK3 - 380 Eur Squier classic 60s bass - 300 Eur Boss sy-1 synth pedal -130 Eur Source Audio C4 synth pedal-250 Eur
  57. pauliusmm

    Synergy Syn2 or Revv G20 (D20)

    I think its the same, It auto adjusts something in the power section to match the preamp module better.
  58. pauliusmm

    Synergy Syn2 or Revv G20 (D20)

    I ended up getting Syn 30 combo with a Friedman BE/BB module. I like it, but it has some 100Hz hum, that bothers me sometimes.
  59. pauliusmm

    Any new gear of note?

    Virtual Jeff Pro- if it will ever be released. The concept is very promising, but theres no news.
  60. pauliusmm

    FM3 + Morningstar MC6 = does the USB Type A Supply Power ?

    I wonder if its possible to enable or disable electrical current by software, meaning that if the power is not there now - it will not be in the future. Also what would be the purpose of intentionally disabling the power if it was available? My guess is there will be no power in the A port.
  61. pauliusmm

    FM3 Firmware Version 2.00 Public Beta 1

    Thanks for update! May i ask will the Pitch block also catch up to the Axe Fx3?
  62. pauliusmm

    Very OT: 4G vs 5G vs who cares?

    Starlink is not a competitor for 5G. You need a stationary satellite dish with a clear view of the sky to use it.
  63. pauliusmm

    FS EU: Universal Audio Apollo Twin Duo Mk2

    Universal Audio Apollo Twin Duo Mk2 wonderful audio interface, I upgraded to the same with more mic inputs. 570 Eur
  64. pauliusmm

    When until the FM3 features catches up to the Axe III?

    Im still waiting for USB to be activated.
  65. pauliusmm

    Favorite all around Reverb VST?

    Valhalla VintageVerb or Plate, Capitol Chambers if you use UAD.
  66. pauliusmm

    Will the Axe FX 3 improved Pitch block be added to the FM3?

    I was waiting for this to come to FM3 too.
  67. pauliusmm

    FS Ableton Live 10 suite

    New- 350 Eur
  68. pauliusmm

    Announcing Axe-Fx III Mark II

    This is obvously fake OMGGGGG!!!!
  69. pauliusmm

    Is USB midi coming?

    Wish USB A port would be activated for midi control.
  70. pauliusmm

    Synergy Syn2 or Revv G20 (D20)

    Can you explain in more detail? I had every Fractal processor starting from Ultra and they are all great, just looking for some different flavours and want to have some tube preamp for my studio.
  71. pauliusmm

    Synergy Syn2 or Revv G20 (D20)

    Very happy gigging with my FM3, but thinking about getting some tube thingy for direct recording in my studio. Im thinking about these : Synergy Syn 2 Revv G20 Revv D20 Any experience with these?
  72. pauliusmm

    Fixed Out 1 Volume increment bug

    It behaves very strange: I set Morningstar MC6 to send midi CC 99( value 127), Assign CC 99 to Out 1 volume increment, Now when i press the button the volume of the scene changes to 1.50 db, next time i press it it changes to 1.54 db and then it does nothing else no matter how much i press it...
  73. pauliusmm

    Reverb has turned into fee bay

    Was there a new trading site by Behringer? Anyone use it?
  74. pauliusmm

    Control Virtual Capo shift in+/- 1 semi tones using FC-12

    great idea, not only for FC controllers, but for midi too.
  75. pauliusmm

    I'm bored

    Learn a new instrument, when you will pick a guitar again after a while you will feel like a wizzard.
  76. pauliusmm

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.11

    Can someone explain the LFO high cut and what its used for?
  77. pauliusmm

    Closed External DSP unit

    I‘d get one if it was available.
  78. pauliusmm

    Global boost?

    On my Axe FX 2 i used to assign midi controller to the Output 1 Level parameter, with off value as my default volume and on value as a higher number for boost. Will have to try that once i get a midi controller that can do that.
  79. pauliusmm

    Global boost?

    Yeah, i should have added "without the hassle of editing each preset" :)
  80. pauliusmm

    Global boost?

    Is there a way to set a global boost on FM3? i Could use either a built in footswitch , stand in switch or exp pedal. Basically i would want it to toggle between default level and +3dB or so.
  81. pauliusmm

    Sending Multiple Simultaneous PC/CC messages to external pedal not working

    I would email Source Audio about this, they have a pretty good email support.
  82. pauliusmm

    Using EV-2 for wah

    Thats where angled Pedaltrain board gets in the way, i would prefer standing on top, but its harder with angled board.
  83. pauliusmm

    Using EV-2 for wah

    I have an issue with calibrating the pedal as i limit the range at the heel. Now it has a shorter travel and i went to recalibrate it. I enter the calibration, move the pedal back and forth a couple times, see the dot move and press enter to save. After this procedure i still see the pedal does...
  84. pauliusmm

    Using EV-2 for wah

    I am building a board on Pedaltrain Classic 1. I must say it feels weird having a wah on an angled board. I put the 3M bumper on the toe side and it still feels weird. Maybe i should try putting the bumper on the heal side, but it feels much more natural with a wah flat on the floor. Does anyone...
  85. pauliusmm

    Using EV-2 for wah

    Got the 3M bumper, will try using that. But i see alot of folks prefer Mission for wah?
  86. pauliusmm

    Using EV-2 for wah

    Is it better to limit at the toe or heel side? I like the form factor and weight of EV2 compared to Mission.
  87. pauliusmm

    Using EV-2 for wah

    Just got the Fractal EV-2 pedal. The sweep seems very wide, which might be good for some things, but not so much for wah. Is it a good idea to put some kind of stopper under the heel side to limit the range?
  88. pauliusmm

    Midi block question

    Can midi block send messages over usb (type B connector)?
  89. pauliusmm

    Envelope follower problem

    I have old school strat pickups with a 3rd string pole sticking out more and making 3rd string hotter. I wont get even balance adjusting pickup height.
  90. pauliusmm

    Envelope follower problem

    So im working on the envelope wah patch. I got it sounding great, but the first string has less output and the wah does not open fully. It sounds great on other strings and i dont want to lower the threshold, because it will mess the sensitivity on other strings. My initial thought was to use a...
  91. pauliusmm

    Cliff's Reviews: Ad Astra

    The pirates on the moon was the funniest part, a real wtf moment. Do they live in the crater and have a buggy parked next to it?
  92. pauliusmm

    Wish IR Player

  93. pauliusmm

    Can you recommend 8” or 10” frfr speaker?

    Looking for some recomendations on 8” or 10” powered frfr speaker. Mainly for dialing in tones . I was using FBT Verve 8MA before, so looking for a similar price range speakers, but all recommendations welcome.
  94. pauliusmm

    WTB Fractal Audio EV-2

    Want to buy Fractal Audio EV-2 in Europe
  95. pauliusmm

    FM3 Firmware Release Version 1.04

    will Pitch shifter update come with the next release?
  96. pauliusmm

    FS Fractal Audio AX8 in EU

    https://reverb.com/item/34059324-fractal-audio-ax8-black In Europe 950 Eur
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