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  1. R.D.

    Is long hair still considered the iconic rock star look?

    I dunno ? Why don’t you ask Leon @2112 Todd ! He might know 😂
  2. R.D.

    Free Deluxe Reverb IR & Preset

    I'm guessing it's because it was created in 21.02 Beeeta :wink:
  3. R.D.

    Orville incoming! (Update- Recieved + An Edwards LPC!)

    Ooooooo …, tell me about that “unloaded” Strat ? I’ve been jonesing for something like that for a while !
  4. R.D.

    Poll: What type of tone/style do you mainly play?

    I'm pretty much a "one-trick" 80's pony .... Kinda like @Mark Day but w/ less gain ;)
  5. R.D.

    Gift of Tone - 2022 FINAL - DWEEZIL ZAPPA!

    Back in the day it was said that Ed used an EP-3 Echoplex in front of his amp ..., but he only used the echo occasionally. What he liked was the "secret sauce" that the preamp section of the Echoplex added to his sound. Search up EP-3 or Echoplex and I think you'll find them .... It's ( 2 )...
  6. R.D.

    Gift of Tone - 2022 FINAL - DWEEZIL ZAPPA!

    Put @Admin M@ 's PEQ blocks that are meant to replicate the EP-3 Pre Amp section .... It smooths out the highs just enough !
  7. R.D.

    Gift of Tone - 2022 FINAL - DWEEZIL ZAPPA!

    I don't have an external switch ..., but I do have expression pedals plugged directly into the back of my Axe-III .... I just went into the control menu and changed it to Pedal 2 .... Viola, it works great !
  8. R.D.

    Gift of Tone - 2022 FINAL - DWEEZIL ZAPPA!

    OMG ..., OMG ..., OMG ... ! This is got to be SO VERY CLOSE to what "The King" felt when hearing his sound come back at him through the studio monitors ! DZ's always been a sonic genius and he really turned his ears loose on this one ! Depending on your guitar, it might not be as "brown" as...
  9. R.D.

    Gift of Tone #25 - LARRY MITCHELL

    I have an expression pedal plugged directly into my Axe .... So, I just went into the controllers ( per scene ) and changed it to my config. ( Pedal 2 I think ) ..., voila it works like a treat !
  10. R.D.

    6 Warmoth guitars builds of mine.....

    O.K., I'll start .... How do you like ( or compare ) the Non-Fine Tuning Floyd to the Fine Tuning Model ? I'm thinking about changing out my OFR for a non-fine tuning model and then getting either a Warmoth or Musikraft neck w/ a regular nut .... What type of tuners should I consider ? And...
  11. R.D.

    Gift of Tone #22 - JOHN PETRUCCI

    Found it ! THANKS for the help .... Kinda like a little easter egg ....
  12. R.D.

    Gift of Tone #22 - JOHN PETRUCCI

    I've got the delay blocks, but somehow I missed the Petrucci Rig 2023 preset ?
  13. R.D.

    Difference in Drive Block vs Drive within Amp Block?

    IIRC - I think they were all set up as follows: Drive = 0 Boost = whatever dB you select ..., all the EQ properties of whichever drive included ?
  14. R.D.

    Gift of Tone #16: STEVE VAI

    They don't show up that way in my blocks library ??? NEVER MIND ..., "refresh after new firmware fixed it" .... SORRY !
  15. R.D.

    Gift of Tone #16: STEVE VAI

    Do we know how the names show up after they're loaded in the blocks library ? I have all Leon's "stuff" loaded up and now I can't tell which are his and which are Steve's !
  16. R.D.

    Steve Lukather - Sunset Sound Roundtable

    I totally agree w/ you ! The Valley Arts "Robot" was his best tone !
  17. R.D.

    SRV Rig diagram translation to Axe-Fx

    True dat ! Tyler's SRV is the absolute best I've heard yet !
  18. R.D.

    Best "Kitchen SInk" all-in-one presets to get through most gigs?

    @Burgs I guess being on the road really helps your ear for tone ! These most recent presets are some of your best evah !
  19. R.D.

    Best "Kitchen SInk" all-in-one presets to get through most gigs?

    3, 2, 1, @Burgs .... I've found that his presets are usually packed w/ goodies and cover Lots-O-Ground ! Right now on Axe-Change he's got six of them built in the latest firmware .... Good Luck / Have Fun !
  20. R.D.

    DBX 160X Compressor vs Axe-FX 3 Compressor

    Check out @2112 effects blocks here: https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/blocks-library-october-2022.187414/ He's got a 160X compressor block in there ..., then you can judge for yourself !
  21. R.D.

    Queensrÿche - Digital Noise Alliance

    I REALLY miss the guitar interplay between de Garmo and Michael WIlton .... This just doesn't have the same "depth" ! But that said ..., in some ways Todd La Torre's voice is better than Geoff Tate's ever was ( maybe not as distinctive though ) ....
  22. R.D.

    Simulate KT88's in a Plexi

    Aren't KT88's and 6550's the same thing ?
  23. R.D.

    Brett Garsed improvised G lydian line

    WOW ! Beautiful lick ..., but tell me about that guitar ;) ?!?
  24. R.D.

    Have you dived into pickup swaps?

    Over the past 20 ( or so ) years I've basically had four ( 4 ) guitars that I considered my # 1 .... Everyone of them went through a pickup metamorphosis at least once ! Jackson PC-1 - I loved the sustainer ..., but never bonded w/ the original DiMarzio® Super 3™ in the Bridge, or the...
  25. R.D.

    Looking for any EVENTIDE presets

    Also didn't @2112 do some YouTube vids about the Axe-Fx matching the H9 ? Maybe check Axe-Change too ?
  26. R.D.

    The other HSS: Who does this?

    Back in the 80's Robin guitars did it quite often....
  27. R.D.

    NGD: Budda gets more Historic

    I hear ya .... I can be a total crap shoot ..., but I did have my guitar side by side w/ the guitar loaded with the Throbaks .... So, we'll see ....
  28. R.D.

    NGD: Budda gets more Historic

    Tell it brother ..., I just bought a set w/ the 50's wiring harness for my historic ! And FWIW I'm pulling a set of Wolfetones because the Throbaks sounded better ( more authentic ) in a test LP that I had a chance to play.
  29. R.D.

    Use Your Illusion cab ir

    O.K., so let me start by saying I am SO not a Slash tone aficionado .... I appreciate his tone, I've just never chased after it ! Anyway ..., I compared this to @2112 's LT TVMix 7 ( which is my typical go-to for Marshalls ) and it compares very nicely ! Can you tell us what type of speaker...
  30. R.D.

    5150 Rhythm Crunch Channel

    Yup ! I tried this channel w/ @2112 's "pre-rola" Celestion Greenback from 1969 and it's heaven ! I can't wait for him to shoot more angles and mics ! If he'd release a pack I'd certainly buy it ( hint, hint ! ) ....
  31. R.D.

    Whats the deal with James Tyler guitars?

    The rumor always was that "James hated Floyds" ..., I guess that's why there aren't very many of them around ? And I am definitely partial to the "Secret" ..., it seems like a very nice "hot" PAF to my ears ....
  32. R.D.

    ASI 3D IEM's

    Here you go: https://asiaudio.com/products/complete-3dme-btg2-system-in-ear-monitor-system
  33. R.D.

    Whats the deal with James Tyler guitars?

    Years ago when I decided that I really didn’t care for Tyler’s neck …, I asked Jim to build me a wiring harness based on his Studio Elite ( I even asked for the slanted bridge pickup ) …, and I installed it on a guitar w/ a neck that I did like ! Anyway …, the bridge pickup started out w/ the...
  34. R.D.

    Whats the deal with James Tyler guitars?

    Everyone seems to rave about the necks .... But IMHO they do need to be "played in" just like any other "new" guitar ! I had opportunity to play one at a high-end guitar boutique in Milwaukee and my feeling was "meh" .... For all the hype, the neck felt stiff and unresponsive ( most likely...
  35. R.D.

    Let’s see your les pauls

    Here's my 'new' baby .... It's a 2015 "Traditional" upgraded to "Historic" spec .... The flame on the upper piece of maple is way better that it looks in this photo. I'll take a better picture when we get a sunny day !
  36. R.D.

    IEM best practices

    Here are the links to Pete's YouTube video, as well as the mfg. website if you want to check them out for yourself ! https://asiaudio.com/products/complete-3dme-btg2-system-in-ear-monitor-system P.S. - I'm not affiliated w/ either Pete Thorn or ASI Audio ! I'm just another guitar player...
  37. R.D.

    Free "Pre-Rola" IR's

    Oh my GAWD ! The LT 69 57 has that je ne sais quoi for coping the VH tones ! It seems to have that mid-forward 'thing' that a lot of others don't, I wish it was just a bit brighter, so I throw a PEQ in there and boost it up that way ! I can't wait to see what happens when you shoot the IR's...
  38. R.D.

    Bad Boys Whitesnake.

    Mark ! I can't believe I missed your B-Day ( Happy belated ! ) ..., but tell me the truth ..., when you get to be "our" age does it really matter anymore ? Other than the fact that you're still "kickin" it ! BTW - Really nice job on the track like someone said over on YouTube ..., Sykes would...
  39. R.D.

    Let’s see your les pauls

    Looks like Dax & Co.'s work ?
  40. R.D.

    Free Bird Intro

    Once the slide guitar kicks in ..., nobody remembers that there were "keys" in the intro :D :D :D :D
  41. R.D.

    Whats your favourite Greenback IR's?

    I vacillate back 'n' forth between the following combinations .... YA MARSH 4x12 M25 57v CNT YA MARSH 4x12 M2557v OA 1 -- or -- OH MRBW RAW 57V-00 OH MRBW RAW 57V-FRED If I need more Low-End, I usually boost the proximity ..., but if that gets "farty" then I just add in the corresponding...
  42. R.D.

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 19.08

    Something seems "different" in a good way w/ the Plexis ! Not sure if I actually "hear" anything, or it's just a feel thing ?
  43. R.D.

    Recommend an HSS strat

    Check the 'new' Charvels .... I've not played one personally, but everyone that has one seems to rave about it !
  44. R.D.

    Auto Insurance...who do you use?

    O.K., here's what I'd do .... Search for a "Domestic" insurance company ( domestic means headquartered in your state ). A lot of times they'll have rates that are competitive in a more limited geographic area. Companies like Liberty & State Farm are great ..., but they tend to be higher cost...
  45. R.D.

    Auto Insurance...who do you use?

    What area of the country do you live in ?
  46. R.D.

    Mayer Style Qtron / Mu-Tron Filter

    Have you tried @iaresee 's Tery A preset ? I think he's got a really convincing take on it !
  47. R.D.

    VH Tribute…thoughts?

    He's already said he wasn't interested in participating ....
  48. R.D.

    Guthrie Govan With The Axe FX III

    I'm coming in at the end of the discussion ..., but if all you got out of "Outliers" is the story about the violinists ..., then maybe you need to go back and re-read it ? The two instances that I found the most fascinating was the research he did into the NHL and Bill Gates ....
  49. R.D.

    Fishman Fluence (modern) discussion

    @2112 I think Leon Todd has them in one of his PRS's ? ....
  50. R.D.

    Anyone want to talk about Elon Musk trying to buy Twitter

    He would have the cash ..., based on the profit potential of the business model a whole slew of banks would step-up to finance it .... That said ..., only if they think he's a stable personality ( and the jury just might still be out on that one :tearsofjoy: ) ....
  51. R.D.

    Let’s see your les pauls

    O.K., I get it .... You meant the Floyd was the Korean copy ! Ahhhh .... That's one of the nicest looking Axcess models that I've ever seen !
  52. R.D.

    Let’s see your les pauls

    Wait a minute ! Did I understand correctly that the L.P. Axcess is a Korean copy ? Where / how did you get it ?
  53. R.D.

    Clean, Capable W/D/W + FoH Grid Routing Idea

    I loaded up your template and I can't get any sound from it ? Any idea why ?
  54. R.D.

    Plexi. Who's got one?

    ^^ THIS !! ^^
  55. R.D.

    Plexi. Who's got one?

    My experience w/ the Plexi models are that they are VERY sensitive to the IR you use. In this case it's your power amp & Cab .... So, if your Cab is great, then you should have no problem getting what you're looking for !
  56. R.D.

    Infinite Journey tribute band: fx3

    That's the pickup configuration that Neal is using in ALL his guitars live now isn't it ?
  57. R.D.

    My First PRS

    I've noticed that too .... I've always attributed it to the scale length ....
  58. R.D.

    Here I Go Again - Whitesnake - including Free Preset!

    Are you really using the 1x10 Prince Tone Cab ? When I load up the preset I get two cabs .... Factory 1 # 59 - 1x10 Prince Tone 4047A Legacy # 53 - 4x12 Citrus V30 ( RW )
  59. R.D.

    Two Notes IR's

    I've heard that they're not compatible w/ the Fractal Audio architecture ..., you'd have to by a Two-Notes hardware product. I'd like to try them, but their form factor just doesn't do it for me and I'm too cheap to spend the money !
  60. R.D.

    Wish Suhr SL68 Please...

    I think that both John Suhr and Pete Thorn have said that it's "identical" w/ a couple of "filtering" tweaks to accommodate the built-in Variac switch .... I'd love to know what the specific changes were because we've probably already got it if we knew which "tweaks" to make in the advanced...
  61. R.D.

    Radar Love Solo

    I really like the original, but Vito takes it to a whole new level ! And you really nailed it 👏!
  62. R.D.

    Can't seem to drag & drop either Wav. or .syx files any longer ?

    O.K., got it straightened out ..., you're right it IS confusing .... THANKS !
  63. R.D.

    Can't seem to drag & drop either Wav. or .syx files any longer ?

    O.K., got it straightened out ..., you're right it IS confusing .... THANKS !
  64. R.D.

    Can't seem to drag & drop either Wav. or .syx files any longer ?

    Yup ! Tried Scratchpad too .... No joy ! It won't work w/ wav files, or wavs that I've converted to .syx via Cab Lab Lite .... It's been this way for a few Axe-Edit versions now ..., I've even uninstalled and re-installed ....
  65. R.D.

    Can't seem to drag & drop either Wav. or .syx files any longer ?

    Did the procedure change on how to accomplish this ? I used to just import them one at at time by dragging & dropping over the user slot that I wanted it in ?
  66. R.D.

    Can't seem to drag & drop either Wav. or .syx files any longer ?

    Did the procedure change on how to accomplish this ? I used to just import them one at at time by dragging & dropping over the user slot that I wanted it in ?
  67. R.D.

    Separate Ways Solo revisited

    OMG I almost spit my drink all over my computer monitor .... That was AWESOME ! I say let the vibrato rule ! BTW - I hadn't noticed the roman numeral fret position markers until now .... Those look really, REALLY cool too !
  68. R.D.

    Flying car!

    I don't live in Michigan any longer, but this happened about 5 miles from where I was born & raised .... I know both that highway and that intersection very well. I can't believe the guy survived !
  69. R.D.

    2022 Charvel Sig Models

    DAMN ! I thought the Danhage was going to be a limited edition ? Pretty much everything I want in a "super-strat" ..., I just wish the neck were roasted .... I would probably upgrade the Floyd and relic the pickguard to more closely match the body though ....
  70. R.D.

    Ask The Lonely Solo Axe FX III, In Ears, Gibson LesPaul, Charlie The Cat & Virtual Capo

    @Mark Day .... Quick Question, which REV 33 ( Green or Tan ) ? I've got some In-Ears that I don't use very often because of the ear-fatigue !
  71. R.D.

    Man, I forgot I love dual amps (ADT)

    @yek Jeeze ..., that really IS addicting ! THANKS again ....
  72. R.D.

    Man, I forgot I love dual amps (ADT)

    I think Amp 1 is linked to your globals and when I unlinked it everything reverted back to the 59 Bassguy and the 1x4 Pig 57 cab ....
  73. R.D.

    The Party's Over Journey

    It sounds like his "usual" preset ( look for it on Axechange ) ..., @Mark Day will have to let us know which scene he used ?
  74. R.D.

    The Party's Over Journey

    I agree w/ @warlockII ! Keep 'em coming .... We'll tell you when "enough is enough" ;) ....
  75. R.D.

    The Zoo

    I LOVE it when you do the "Scorps" .... Matthias is one of my favorites ! I think he'd be impressed too !
  76. R.D.

    Anything close to the Suhr SL67 / 68 (for EVH-style tone) as far as amp models go?

    6CA7 ... ! Run it the way that Eddie did .... Everything on 10 ! The IR you select is really, REALLY important too ....
  77. R.D.

    Black Sabbath Neon Knights Solo Cover

    I appreciate that ..., It sounds like I'm kinda in the same position as you .... Medications and Technology have pretty much stalemated my heart disease. On a day to day basis I can do whatever I want as long as it's not trying to run a marathon .... And from what I've read recently here on...
  78. R.D.

    Black Sabbath Neon Knights Solo Cover

    I'm SO glad to hear that you're still "fighting the good fight" and that there are potentially "new options" to help you along the way ! Unfortunately I'm also well acquainted w/ the medical community ( cardiac issues ), so I have a great deal of empathy for what you're going through ! If for...
  79. R.D.

    Side Project – The Aging of a Les Paul

    So what happens to the Gibby ? Are you moving on from your project ?
  80. R.D.

    RIP John Madden

    I just watched the tribute on Fox Christmas Day ! If they re-run it, WATCH ! It was really well done !
  81. R.D.

    1981 DRV

    It's actually labeled as "MCMLXXXI Drive" ....
  82. R.D.

    Guitar purchase Gibson lp standard 2018

    Pics or it didn't happen ;) ( after you pick it up, or course ) !
  83. R.D.

    Kemper Double Tracker Feature on Axe-FX III?

    Yeah it does .... I use it in a lot of my presets ..., but I usually decrease the level to 3.0 dB YMMV ....
  84. R.D.

    Patriots vs. Bills

    I agree ..., but how many coaches just go off the metrics chart and never take into consideration any other factors ....
  85. R.D.

    Patriots vs. Bills

    I thought the 2 point conversion after the 1st touchdown was Genius ! I think it set the tone for the rest of the game !
  86. R.D.

    Axe-Edit III 1.10.04

    Confirmed ! I noticed that it was happening to me yesterday ....
  87. R.D.

    DOKKEN - Back For The Attack tone w/patch

    JB in the Bridge ?
  88. R.D.

    Purchased Patches

    Here's another one that translated very well to my playback system .... I don't know exactly what @ProgressiveRocco monitors with ( ? ) ..., but it wouldn't surprise me if it's Adam A7X's ( or something very similar ...
  89. R.D.

    Purchased Patches

    I'm sure that someone has already pointed this out, but I haven't read the entire thread .... My success on using patches of others directly depends on the difference in my monitors compared to whoever built the patch initially ! F.ex. .... I don't have any problems w/ Leon's ( @2112 )...
  90. R.D.

    DOKKEN - Back For The Attack tone w/patch

    OMG ! I didn't have anything close to that IR ..., and I typically don't care for V30's .... As a lark I tried the OH 412 Player Raw 57-B and paired it with the corresponding 121 and I got pretty darn close ! I love how it's chewy and cutting at the same time ! I think your PEQ work is...
  91. R.D.

    Yamaha SPX90 Symphonic + Pitch B & C

    Excited to try this, but I'm a little confused on how to set up the blocks .... Both in Parallel ..., but do they feed into each other or separately ? Same w/ the Pitch ..., Parallel or Series ( ? ) and do the Multi-Delays feed into the Pitch Block, or vice versa ? Maybe a screen shot of how...
  92. R.D.

    Axe Fx III vs. vintage 80s Rack

    @ProgressiveRocco Here's another one: There's even a patch download in the thread ( but firmware's have really advanced since then, it may not work w/ the current firmware ? ): https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/1980s-studio-rack-clean-tone-w-free-patch.170092/
  93. R.D.

    Axe Fx III vs. vintage 80s Rack

    @2112 ( Leon Todd ) @Mark Day I know there's more ..., but these guys definitely ! You can also search their YouTube channels ..., It might take some digging ..., but I think you'll find exactly what you're looking for ....
  94. R.D.

    Mitch malloy pete thorn vh experience happening right now. Jesus this guy can play

    Search Pete's YouTube for the last two weeks, he detailed how he did a capture of his SL68 and was running it into 3 cabinets for a W-D-W setup ....
  95. R.D.

    Mitch malloy pete thorn vh experience happening right now. Jesus this guy can play

    Unless he changed his mind last minute, he is using the Quad Cortex ....
  96. R.D.

    Axe-Edit III 1.10.00

    Looks like that just happened ;) !
  97. R.D.

    Announcing Axe-Fx III Mark II TURBO

    ^^^^ THIS ^^^^
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