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  1. chucma

    Bryan Adams and Keith Scott!

    Such great artists!! It is mind blowing that we have such a powerful tool at our disposal that even the top guns are amazed by! Well deserved FAS!!
  2. chucma

    Just pulled the trigger - very spontaneous

    Congrats on that! I love my FM9 and am hardly giving my AxeFX3 much attention because of it! You will definitely be very satisfied with spending you hard earned cash on the FM9!
  3. chucma

    Gift of Tone... why only Firmware 21?

    I can echo this! I'm a single amp guy (edge of breakup amp with a couple of stacked pedal blocks), and I have had people asking how I manage to get my guitar to sound just like the original recording when playing live. I literally use the exact amp/drives for all my presets of various songs...
  4. chucma

    1965 Fender Strat amazing SOUNDS !

    That is my dream Strat! Congratulations, it sounds beautiful and no doubt your playing also helps a lot with that!
  5. chucma

    My new PRS Tremonti 10 top in Faded Blue Jean. Love it!

    That is stunning!! Huge congrats on your new axe! If you get a chance, pls post some photos of a different angle, would love to see the blue on that!
  6. chucma

    Tonight’s gig

    That looks awesome! Hope you get a good feed of your guitar with that stage (for monitoring).
  7. chucma

    Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays to All

    Merry Christmas Fractal Audio and fellow forumites!
  8. chucma

    Bought Myself a Christmas Present

    That’s one hardcore Slinky in the top left shelf of your wall unit! 😲
  9. chucma

    Bought Myself a Christmas Present

    Beautiful! Adopt me…….!!
  10. chucma

    In the Bleak Midwinter

    As a father of a teen and a preteen I concur. They do grow up too quickly.
  11. chucma


    Wow! Thank you Fractal!!
  12. chucma

    Pay for YouTube?

    Not paying. The ads are VERY annoying but are a pretty good deterrent for keeping my kids (and me) from getting sucked into the YT rabbit hole. They are already watching too much TV with other paid services, I don’t want to add another one.
  13. chucma

    Why I sold the AxeFX III for the FM9 Turbo

    Good post! I have been wondering if I should get an FM9 and sell some gear to fund it so really glad to see how well you got on with it live compared to your AX3. I don't think comparing them CPU wise is very easy given they are very different products on different FW releases (which have...
  14. chucma

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY CLIFF! + Feline Friends Fundraiser

    Happy Belated Birthday Cliff! Sorry to hear you caught roanies on your day though, that's never any fun! My 2 miniature Schnauzers send their best (Oreo and Indy)! I love cats, but my daughter and I both have allergies which really sucks, so Schnauzers are the next closest pet we could find.
  15. chucma

    Welcome MATT BELLAMY of MUSE to the Fractal Audio Artist Roster

    This is huge! Congratulations Fractal Audio! You guys are all legends!
  16. chucma

    Fretboard Training Game

    This is weirdly fun to play! I thought it was silly at first but have now bookmarked it so I can do a full run through when I have time (my brain is in too many places for work even though I'm reading the forum between meetings).
  17. chucma

    Why... Did I Mess Up?!

    That's a great tone, so you can be forgiven for a single note oopsie! Are you playing the PRS in your avatar there?
  18. chucma

    Taking a break :)

    All the best Chris! A healthy balance is important, and I don't need to say it but you will definitely be missed! Hope it goes well during your busy season and you come back refreshed!
  19. chucma

    John Mayer Dual Amp Rig Tutorial

    Man you get such beautiful tones! Great work, and so close to Mayer's sound!
  20. chucma

    FM9 Bass Tones Tour

    That bass sounds glorious! I can only imagine how satisfying that must be in a live show! Also really love that fact that his preset is so close to the default settings, with stock cabs too!
  21. chucma

    Hurricane Ian

    Thinking and praying for all of you in Florida and other places affected!
  22. chucma

    NGD - Collings City Limits

    That is a gorgeous axe! Happy Birthday Dave!
  23. chucma

    Movie Review: Moonfall

    I'm hoping it's a comedy and is meant to be funny......or I might just avoid it.
  24. chucma

    SPOILER --> It's complicated

    I'm not sure I believe you, because if it was that amazing then your review would have been a LOT shorter and you would have spent more time playing! :p Joking aside, what a great read! Fractal make incredible gear and I always love it when more people discover that these units do deliver! I've...
  25. chucma

    Bonamassa Rig Rundown

    When you look at the range of amps behind him, I really don't think a single FM3 will mimic his sound - unless you had 2 or 3 FM3s! He does do a nice blend of the amps in stereo using a chorus pedal (weird but works really well). I was lucky enough to meet him backstage at the Apollo through a...
  26. chucma

    That iconic green screen and knob

    I don't know why, but I am definitely following this thread to see if we figure out the source of the rack! Top detective work so far, you each deserve a donut and coffee! :D
  27. chucma

    I lost the love of my life, my muse and inspiration and sens of living on 10th of August

    I cannot imagine the pain you must be feeling. My thoughts and prayers are with you in such a hard time Raccoon.
  28. chucma

    Wilkinson wvs1302p on a charvel pro mod gotoh 510?

    I know a fun way to bring forward string change dates.... :D
  29. chucma

    Existing GT22 users - FM9 Turbo thoughts please

    My presets are in that CPU region as well. If I go for the FM9 then I already know what I’ll be chopping from them to save power.
  30. chucma

    Existing GT22 users - FM9 Turbo thoughts please

    Thanks for the advice, it is always appreciated. I’m definitely not using the full potential of the GT/22 when playing live, and at home I pretty much use it just for the AxeIII. I’m leaning more towards the FM9, but having trouble convincing myself to sell the GT/22. I guess I need to go back...
  31. chucma

    Existing GT22 users - FM9 Turbo thoughts please

    Agreed, I can't ask anyone to tell me if it will work for me, I'm more interested if users who own both (or owned both) found that moving from the GT/22 to the FM9 was an easy or difficult decision to make.
  32. chucma

    Existing GT22 users - FM9 Turbo thoughts please

    Sorry Ian, I didn't word it very well. I was meaning that I would use the FM9 without the GT/22. So the FM9 would be a replacement for the complete AxeIII & GT/22 rig. Having never used an FC Controller or FM9 I'm keen to get opinions from the likes of yourself and other users who have. Thanks...
  33. chucma

    Existing GT22 users - FM9 Turbo thoughts please

    I use an RJM GT22 with my AxeFX3. I've not played live since Covid, however that looks to change in the next month - so I am not loving the idea of lugging my AxeFX and GT22 around again (I know right, it used to be tube amps and pedalboards!!). I am 'considering' getting the FM9 Turbo, keeping...
  34. chucma

    5150 + gibson les paul

    Always love your playing man! What pups are in your Les Paul? Love how the neck sounds.
  35. chucma

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 20.02 Release

    It changes depending on the tone you want and how that sits in a mix. Sometimes you want a more aggressive cut, and sometimes a more gradual cut. I usually only adjust this when I am thinking about the mix more than the tone.
  36. chucma

    In Flames songs

    That sounds soooo good! Great playing too!!
  37. chucma

    Smallest expression knob

    That is cool Yek! What parameters are you thinking of using these for?
  38. chucma

    JTM45 Plexi AX3-c "Still got the blues"

    Mr Moore himself is probably taking a peak through the clouds to see who stole his tone!! Absolutely loved it, thank you for sharing!
  39. chucma

    USB Firmware V 1.14 BETA (Public Beta)

    Thank you so much FAS! I have installed this and hope to do some test runs in Logic Pro this evening. :D
  40. chucma

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 20.02 Public Beta (Beta 1)

    Thanks Cliff! I want what you have for breakfast!!
  41. chucma

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 20.01

    Thank you Cliff!! :)
  42. chucma

    Free "Pre-Rola" IR's

    Wowsers Leon! Thank you so much! Looking forward to trying these out! :D
  43. chucma

    Solved: Refresh After New Firmware in Axe-Edit

    In addition to what Yek asked, are you using a Global Block for the Amp block?
  44. chucma

    NGD Charvel DK24/upgrades

    Fine, I'm telling my wife you told me to though
  45. chucma

    NGD Charvel DK24/upgrades

    Hahaha! :) We should probably buy a second one each that we can mess with and keep the first one untouched for sanity sake.
  46. chucma

    NGD Charvel DK24/upgrades

    Nice! I am very much looking forward to hearing what you think about those pickups. Although I'm on the HSS so am worried I would break the magic if I changed only one of them.
  47. chucma

    Axe III froze during performance

    One possible cause - check your CPU usage for the preset/s you were using - any preset above 80% can potentially have unexpected results.
  48. chucma

    P&W Tones with the FM9

    Great tones and playing! I enjoyed the different use of effects and the way you dialled them in with just the right mix. Do you have a way of sharing/selling your presets? I'd love to have a look at what you have done.
  49. chucma

    Wish Gated Delay For Delay Block

    This wouldn't be the same because you would have to manually bypass the effect when you stop playing which would be considerably hard. Using a gate as suggested above with the right threshold would automatically cut the effect out when in parallel.
  50. chucma

    I'm an idiot..

    Ouch! I hope you were given free tickets to their next few gigs....!
  51. chucma

    NGD Charvel DK24/upgrades

    I have also found positions 2 and 4 to be pretty good, definitely works well if you are playing a gig where you need a Strat quack then they get you close enough to use them - however when I plug in my old Strat then I always realise the Strat just adds some magical flavour. Having said that, I...
  52. chucma

    The Complete Fractal Audio Factory Presets | FM3 | FM9 | Axe-Fx III

    Wow, thanks Frank!! Checking some of these out they sound great and your playing is out of this world as always! I am definitely bookmarking these!
  53. chucma

    Shout out to RJM

    That's really good to hear! How old was it? Just keeping an eye on mine...! :)
  54. chucma

    Goodbye, Todd D. "bishop5150" Bishop

    I am heartbroken to hear this news. Godspeed Todd, your posts and band videos will be sorely missed, I cannot imagine how hard this must be for those close to you. My condolences to all.
  55. chucma

    NGD Charvel DK24/upgrades

    That is stunning! Congrats! One thing with the full shred, I also find it bright so I usually roll the Tone back to 7 or 8 when I play my HSS DK24. And it's great because when you want that 80s bright you can go dime the Tone again and it's right there.
  56. chucma

    Apple Airpods pro vs...

    Warning - the following gets mushy..... I got my Airpod Pros as part of my new phone package recently, and I absolutely love them. I use them for when I do long walks, there are some busy roads I walk along and they cut the traffic out extremely well. I can have phone calls, listen to...
  57. chucma

    Jamming with Brett Garsed (AXE FX3)

    That playing is out of this world! Love it!! :hearteyes:
  58. chucma

    Charvel Pro Mod dk-24 tuning issues

    Ah sorry I may have misread your post! Having looked at the Amazon link more closely now they do look like the same model, so maybe it is a typo in the Technical Details.
  59. chucma

    Charvel Pro Mod dk-24 tuning issues

    Those do look correct to me. Here is a photo of the model number on the box that mine came in which confirms it (see photo).
  60. chucma

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 19.08

    Best way is to have 2 Axe FX3 units side by side. Tad pricey though just to compare FW but probably the easiest way to flick between FW versions to compare them. However for me, personally, my wife says NO.
  61. chucma

    Wilkinson wvs1302p on a charvel pro mod gotoh 510?

    I've had a few conversations with the people at Wilkinson, and they have confirmed to me their only online store at this point is via Reverb. They are very friendly and approachable if you message them directly through Reverb, they tend to respond quickly. I was badgering them for a while...
  62. chucma

    Post Your Axe-Fx III Rigs Here!

    Sounds like a very good deal! And it looks great anyway, so you have done well! The functionality of the GT16 is so good that it doesn't matter what colour it is, you will certainly love it! (I don't know why I thought yours was a GT22, maybe it is time for my eyes to get checked as my wife is...
  63. chucma

    Post Your Axe-Fx III Rigs Here!

    Wow, very cool! Although I would never have the courage to do that to my GT22, kudos to you! That said, outdoor gigs might have the sun or stage lights reflecting off the chrome into your eyes. :cool:
  64. chucma


    Thanks Burgs, and definitely wishing you a speedy recovery!
  65. chucma

    Getting a drummer to play in time

    I don't know, my band always sounds a lot tighter with a click and we don't use a sequencer (maybe sometimes but 2 songs out of 70 tops). The click is great for those long spaces where after a few bars of silence everybody needs to come in at the exact time. When we didn't have the click it was...
  66. chucma

    Endless loop (Axe FX3 manual)

    Aaah, this explains why I took so long to read the manual! :D Seriously though, love how you guys fix even the small things so quickly! Thank you!!
  67. chucma

    What's the longest time you've spent learning a song and getting it right?

    Under the Bridge (RHCP). I played a lazy version of it for many years, and was too stubborn to look up a tab/YT vid, so I always tried to work it out by ear but at the same time was not really putting much effort into it. Feeling frustrated, more recently, I thought screw it and saw a guy...
  68. chucma

    question about using head phones

    I can hear Cliff's voice in my head now, it is ALWAYS the cable! :D Glad you got it sorted!
  69. chucma

    question about using head phones

    Do you get any sound out of the Friedman ASCs if you switched them back on? And, do you possibly reamp much? Because check your Input 1 config is set to Analog not Digital.
  70. chucma

    Taylor Hawkins dead at 50.

    This is incredibly sad news. He is going to be missed by so many people. :(
  71. chucma

    Music Man Valentine Debut Demo

    Oh damm that is a nice guitar. I'm going to have to sell a few guitars because I think I'm definitely wanting to get it! EDIT: And loved playing & video too!!
  72. chucma

    Banned from TGP

    I have never liked it much there. Too many unqualified opinions from people who hide behind the internet so they feel they can say any old rubbish. At least here I know in most cases that an opinion is actually based on experience.
  73. chucma

    Scene Ignore feature - Discussion & How you use it

    Same here, I currently have an IA on Page 1 of my GT22 which I press once for the Amp channels, then the second press selects the channel and returns me back to Page 1 - so it is 2 taps to change the amp. I also have an IA per Scene (so 9 buttons in total if you add the Amp button). I think I...
  74. chucma

    Scene Ignore feature - Discussion & How you use it

    For me it's more about the workflow playing live than the time saving aspect of setting it up. On my GT22 I can choose an amp channel, then I can switch between 8 scenes and not worry about the amp channel changing anymore. I can now use my amp channel to be a selection of clean to high gain...
  75. chucma

    Axe-Fx III Factory Presets Release 19.04

    Absolutely stoked with these! You guys are all legends, thank you for doing all this work!!
  76. chucma

    DC30 one of my favorite amps

  77. chucma

    Oops... Another NGD...

    Wow!! I like!!
  78. chucma

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 19.02 Public Beta

    Probably not always a good idea to use a beta release in a live application.
  79. chucma

    Dumb moments you've had with the Axe?

    Exactly! This is my regular error, and I usually spend a bit of time checking cables/routings before I realise what it is!
  80. chucma

    Seriously impressed with Charvel...

    Interesting, is that on your US model or the MIM one? I have the MIM HSS DK24 like yours and without pulling the pups out they do look like they are straight on the body.
  81. chucma

    Axe-Fx III Firmware 19.01 Public Beta

    Woah that's a big list! Thanks Cliff! Wow, this evening I was playing through the Supro with my LP thinking that this amp growls and also cleans up so well with the volume rolled back. Very keen to hear it after this update now!
  82. chucma

    Two-Amp Setup

    Yek recently shared a really nice dual amp preset over here in this post. He uses a delay block to offset the one amp by 10ms, which probably helps with the phasing issues as well as gives it a great sound.
  83. chucma

    Question for Logic experts

    I was just about to post a similar workaround - using mute automation with latch mode whilst recording. It is odd that Logic doesn't allow tracks to be disarmed whilst recording, I had never tried that before with it.
  84. chucma

    Man, I forgot I love dual amps (ADT)

    That is stunning! Totally my happy sound! Are you using that in your live gigs too?
  85. chucma

    Health Update

    Ah it is so nice to have good news like this in this current world we live in! Super happy on your progress!!
  86. chucma

    Seeking a simple method for iPhone video recording using audio from Axe-FX III

    Did you want to use your iPhone specifically? A potential other option could be this - because I use my AxeFX -> MacBook -> OBS (with GoPro) where I can record video with the GoPro and direct audio from my AxeFX into a nice small video file at the touch of a button on my Mac. It is great for...
  87. chucma

    Headphones Choice

    Yep, Output EQ is pretty useful because, as you said, you don't have to apply it to patches. And you can turn it on/off with the global Output EQ Type setting, so it is easy to engage. Just very annoying when you forget it's on and you have just spent the last hour recording tracks....!
  88. chucma

    Green Day using one of Moke's Presets

    Not bad at all, I especially like the vocals! Something feels out with the tempo on the trem effect and the track itself, it feels like one was fighting with the other, or maybe the tracks are fractionally out of sync by a tiny amount? It is barely noticeable though. Having said that, I thought...
  89. chucma

    Headphones Choice

    Basically the same method that @Greg Ferguson posted above. The only difference was I used the Output EQ instead of an EQ block. I don't think it's worth me sharing my actual EQ curve because that is headphone (and other factors) dependant. I used the EQ curve for my DT770 Pros, and then tweaked...
  90. chucma

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 19.00

    Awesome! Thanks FAS!
  91. chucma

    Headphones Choice

    Totally agree, I applied a bit of EQ correction to my DT770 Pros and they sounded much better, but I think the game changer for me is going from closed back to open back headphones for mixes. I will continue to use the closed DT770s for recording, but for dialling sounds in I am hoping the more...
  92. chucma

    RIP Dumble

    This is such sad news! RIP and thank you for what you gave the guitar industry!
  93. chucma

    Headphones Choice

    Ok, I've just pulled the trigger on the Ollo S4X now because of what I have been hearing about them. You guys are such a bad influence on me!! :D
  94. chucma

    The CNFB Method

    I might be wrong, but the real 6L6GC (blue line) looks pretty identical to the simulated red line in the complex example (i.e. no leading edge).
  95. chucma

    Dr Bonkers Ambient Thing

    Thank you! I have no idea what is going on under that hood but it sounds so good!! Happy hols too!
  96. chucma

    FM9 killed it this weekend!

    I think the big smile on your face says it all! :grinning: Congrats on the gig, am definitely looking forward to hearing it when you get those links!
  97. chucma

    Max world champion F1!!!!!!

    What an incredible race that was! Some serious driving, and we nearly lost our voices in the last lap! Congrats to Max!!
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