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  1. ElectricPhase

    Received my invite for an FM9 finally…

    You have a good idea of what the FM3 can or can't do for you. If your needs are satisfied now, you might be happier standing pat. The FM9 is twice as big and commensurately heavier. The impact of that surprised me a bit. I prefer the FM9 because of the better preset compatibility with the...
  2. ElectricPhase

    Movie Review: Jurassic World Dominion

    It’s a terrible time to be a movie lover. Aside from swapping around a premise and setting, this could be anything coming out of Hollywood these days. My wife and I just instituted a new rule. If it was made after 2019, we won’t watch it. I don’t think we’ll miss much.
  3. ElectricPhase

    Wish Jazz Amps

    I completely respect your wish for an amp that fills your needs, and this is definitely the right place for it. Your affirmation of Purplestrats post got under my skin. In my experience, that's not how this forum operates.
  4. ElectricPhase

    Wish Jazz Amps

    With respect, the list of amps modelled isn't a secret. I'm sure you read through it carefully before buying the product. I know I did! You've started three threads on this topic. In the most recent, you attempt to dictate which responses are "permitted". Is it really so horrible to say...
  5. ElectricPhase

    i'm having trouble here.

    Chris, thanks for everything you’ve done. Some of your vids were very helpful to me in the early days. All the best!
  6. ElectricPhase

    NGD - Tom Anderson incoming

    Andersons have that effect. Basically had the same experience with both of mine.
  7. ElectricPhase

    Conference Championships Gift Of Tone

    "I feel a great disturbance in the Force, as if thousands of legacy IRs were suddenly about to cry out in terror and then be silenced."
  8. ElectricPhase

    Friedman HBE 2010

    Many. Most recently, the Trainwrecks.
  9. ElectricPhase

    FM3 Firmware Version 6.01

    Not that I'd want to, but is there some way of emulating the behavior of the OX with settings on the speaker page...maybe using the 'resistive load' curve along with some other tweaks? After all, the heart wants what the heart wants. :smilingimp:
  10. ElectricPhase

    NGD - Tom Anderson incoming

    That’s hawt! Congrats!
  11. ElectricPhase

    Charvel Jake E.Lee Purple burst scalloped !!!

    I barely noticed the guitar. Mesmerized by the playing.
  12. ElectricPhase

    Poll: How many people use screen protectors?

    The protectors I'm using cover all the displays, but I think the LCDs are sturdy enough to go without. The main display really does need the protection, IMO.
  13. ElectricPhase

    Caparison Guitar's

    I always thought I'd end up with a TAT Special FM at some point since it's as close to a neck through Californian as you can get these days....but it didn't happen. Now it probably never will.
  14. ElectricPhase

    Mind blowing stuff from OpenAI

    Actually, now that you mention it, I am not entertained. We're past the point of no return. Our "betters" will find more and more ways to keep us from functioning unless we present some kind of digital passport/identity/currency. The best way to fight back is to use cash for everything and...
  15. ElectricPhase

    PRS shopping today - I picked one!

    That's a fair guess, but both guitars were 1 11/16". Floyd rose nuts can be either 1 11/16" or 1 5/8", but I believe PRS consistently uses 1 11/16".
  16. ElectricPhase

    PRS shopping today - I picked one!

    By the numbers, you're completely correct. I think it has something to do with the shape of the carve, not the thickness. Believe me, I was utterly bewildered. At time of purchase, I was switching back and forth between two guitars with the different neck carves that were sitting right next...
  17. ElectricPhase

    PRS shopping today - I picked one!

    PRS neck carves confuse the heck out of me. My only PRS, a McCarty, has what they used to call a ‘wide fat’ neck. I tend to like thinner necks, but when I tried the PRS ‘wide thin’ it felt bigger…? I like what I ended up with.
  18. ElectricPhase

    PRS shopping today - I picked one!

    If I were looking for a Tremonti today, I might find it very hard to pass on this one: https://reverb.com/item/61603773-prs-mark-tremonti-signature-tremolo
  19. ElectricPhase

    Avatar 2 was amazing! no spoilers

    After suffering through the first Avatar....my family leaving the theater with a terrible 3D headaches after being rather bored by the laughably bad script....I think I'd go for an elective root canal before seeing the next one. Special effects 'wow factor' does nothing for me anymore. Writing...
  20. ElectricPhase

    I almost got electrocuted with an egg-boiler on the first day of the year

    Well, I think you've proven that it can steam her buns. 🤣 Sorry, it was just sitting there.
  21. ElectricPhase

    Buying used guitars. Multiple previous owners depreciate price. Thoughts?

    Hmmm.... when I see a used guitar that's absolutely pristine, it's like a big warning flag. Nobody played it--what's wrong with this thing?
  22. ElectricPhase

    Gift of Tone - 2022 FINAL - DWEEZIL ZAPPA!

    Yeah, it's seriously accurate....but my hands aren't up to taming it. We were spoiled with three great Gift of Tone takes on Eddie's sound. Leon Todd's 'Brown' preset, AustinBuddy's comprehensive 'EVH Live' preset, and this one. My poor playing skills actually sound best copping Eddie's licks...
  23. ElectricPhase

    Gift of Tone #25 - LARRY MITCHELL

    Just got around to loading this up. That is one amazing effects setup. So much usable stuff in this one...thank you, thank you thank you!
  24. ElectricPhase

    Gift of Tone #24 - TIM PIERCE

    Gosh. 😍 /thud
  25. ElectricPhase

    Gift of Tone #23 - ALEX LIFESON

    Lots of bands were an influence on my music. Rush was a huge influence on my life. This is a real treat!
  26. ElectricPhase

    Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays to All

    Merry Christmas to all at Fractal and here on the forum! ...and thanks again for the Gift of Tone presents. Did they overdeliver on those or what?!
  27. ElectricPhase


    And now our power is out. TVA needs to bring back those coal plants they shut down…and soon! This is completely unnecessary.
  28. ElectricPhase

    Gift of Tone #22 - JOHN PETRUCCI

    My younger Dream Theater obsessed self would be doing cartwheels. Cooper absolutely nailed the sound!
  29. ElectricPhase

    Bought Myself a Christmas Present

    Impeccable decorating sense. I love the splash of color you brought in with the stack of preamps. :D But seriously, those are some amazing axes!
  30. ElectricPhase


    For the first time, our furnace isn’t keeping up in Nashville. I’m finding out where our house isn’t sealed…the hard way. There’s thick frost on our front door hinges. I thought I’d left this kinda thing back in Chicago!? Bonus entertainment...watching one our neighbors spin the wheels of his...
  31. ElectricPhase

    Gift of Tone #21 - GUTHRIE GOVAN

    It's interesting how individual notes just pop with this preset. I wonder why that is...I'm not smart enough to figure it out.
  32. ElectricPhase

    Hearing loss...think you have it?

    A bit of tinnitus in one ear...not from loud music, but from a single loud transient through a speaker I was too close to. When I got fitted for musician's earplugs, my audiologist kept trying to talk me into a hearing test. I demurred, saying I don't want to know....but eventually gave in. I...
  33. ElectricPhase

    Fractal Forum heated discussions ?

    We have some of the most even handed and even tempered mods on the planet, so things tend to work out. 🍎 ;)
  34. ElectricPhase


    Every time I'm almost ready to pick a favorite in this series, something comes along and turns my head. It's a wonderful dilemma. The Whitford preset is definitely a contender!
  35. ElectricPhase


    Now that, I didn't expect! Thank you!
  36. ElectricPhase

    Gift of Tone #18 - JASON RICHARDSON

    I'm convinced that Jason was genetically engineered by visiting aliens specifically to play impossible things on the guitar. Well, it will be interesting to see how awful I sound playing through his rig.... 🤣
  37. ElectricPhase

    Gift of Tone #17 - FRANK STEFFEN MUELLER

    I've learned a great deal about the application of tone through Frank's factory preset walkthroughs. This is pretty darn cool as well. Thank you!
  38. ElectricPhase

    Gift of Tone #15 - PHIL COLLEN of DEF LEPPARD

    Very much this! There's a very satisfying weight to it without excess bass content.
  39. ElectricPhase

    December 25th - Gift of Tone - Metallica’s Live Preset?

    🤣 @ everybody on this thread getting greedy. Mind you, I wouldn't be surprised if some of this speculative drooling might actually be satisfied. FAS has been very kind to us of late!
  40. ElectricPhase

    Gift of Tone #16: STEVE VAI

    Best. Advent calendar. Ever.
  41. ElectricPhase

    Gift of Tone #16: STEVE VAI

    Whoah!!! Pinch me…this can’t be real! :christmastree::trophy::christmastree:
  42. ElectricPhase

    Gift of Tone #15 - PHIL COLLEN of DEF LEPPARD

    Wrong guitar? Not loud enough? Sure sounds good here....
  43. ElectricPhase

    Gift of Tone #15 - PHIL COLLEN of DEF LEPPARD

    ON FIRE! Thank you.
  44. ElectricPhase

    Gift of Tone #13 - SYNYSTER GATES

    Thank you!
  45. ElectricPhase

    I bought a used guitar case sight unseen off Craigslist from a recent divorce...

    …and I thought some of my gigs were in bad neighborhoods. :D
  46. ElectricPhase

    Gift of Tone #11: FREMEN

    Great stuff. The BE preset is outstanding. I did make one small tweak and added a channel to Amp 1 with brighter settings for the 'Rhythm' scene. Thank you.
  47. ElectricPhase

    Gift of Tone #9: AUSTINBUDDY

    Theramin emulation! Yay! Thank you!
  48. ElectricPhase

    Cliff Chase is a genius.

    FM3 6.0! I just want to celebrate!
  49. ElectricPhase

    Gift of Tone #8: MARK "MOKE" PERRY (and wish him a HAPPY BIRTHDAY Dec 8)

    That is seriously clever. I have a feeling that this approach may have other uses as well. Thanks for the idea!
  50. ElectricPhase

    One expensive guitar or several inexpensive ones?

    “Great” =/= expensive. I just got a lesson in that. I had the poorly installed factory nut shimmed on my cheap Korean LTD EC-400VF, and now that guitar has so much balls and authority to it that it’s probably my first choice for recording chunky rhythms.
  51. ElectricPhase

    My Favorite Marshall (as of FW 4) What's yours?

    Generally, my favorite Marshall flavored amp is the one I'm playing through. These days, they're all so good that would be easier to pick the ones I don't like. Lately, my ears seem to be more in tune with the Cameron's (Atomica, CCV). You can take the boy out of the 80s, but you can't take...
  52. ElectricPhase

    Catherine of Paragon

    Was sweeping arps up and down the neck with the wah on the Plexi scene and laughing so hard I had tears running down my face. Too much fun! :D
  53. ElectricPhase

    Axe-Fx Firmware Version 21.01

    Wow. Utterly relentless. Thank you again!
  54. ElectricPhase


    I tried the fix of taking 5 dB off of the outputs, and still get a bunch of noise and rattle like it's overloading something. I think I'll just move on.
  55. ElectricPhase


    This is really good...and I can't play a single Hendrix tune from start to finish. Just some great guitar sounds!
  56. ElectricPhase


    My guitars always seem to like Leon's presets, and the ones in this pack are no exception. Really outstanding!
  57. ElectricPhase

    New Metallica

    Song's kinda boring, but when did Hetfield learn how to sing? I haven't paid attention to them in a few decades, so I probably missed something....
  58. ElectricPhase

    AFIII Presets AX3 AustinBuddy 1000+ LIVEGOLD TonePack Jan.2023 - Banks 1 and 2 Now Updated for firmware 21.01

    Absolutely love those partial "show your work" releases. Your preset packs were a great investment! Thanks!
  59. ElectricPhase

    Axe-Fx Firmware Version 21.00

    Usually I install the betas, but for some reason I was nervous this time. I just updated. Wow! This one just speaks for itself, doesn't it? Thank you and congrats!
  60. ElectricPhase

    Time spent playing guitar vs time spent learning/tweaking AXEFX

    I find I can get everything done with OPP (other people's presets), both free and purchased. Haven't tweaked a darn thing in years.
  61. ElectricPhase

    FM3 Firmware Version 6.00 beta 3

    That's like having the seatbelt alarm in your car break...and then when you take it in for service, they fix the darn thing. ;) :D
  62. ElectricPhase

    Helix 3.5 New Cab Engine is Awesome! Fractal needs to catch up!

    This is one big can of worms. Yes, picking IRs from a shorter list and choosing adjustments consistently using mic type and position would be more intuitive, but everyone would have to do the same captures with the same methods. I'd think this would be rather discouraging to third party IR...
  63. ElectricPhase

    Why... Did I Mess Up?!

    That's actually pretty good advice. My music prof bud told me the same thing. :D
  64. ElectricPhase

    Betas and Austin Buddy Live

    I wish there would be a way to identify the parameters that were reset and compare the before and after values. Fractool has an XML export, but only lets you do one preset at a time. It would a simple matter to write code to compare the exports and generate a report on the changed values, but...
  65. ElectricPhase

    Why... Did I Mess Up?!

    LOL Don't sweat it. We've all been there.
  66. ElectricPhase

    Shadow Gallery - Crystalline Dream cover

    Among the things I'll never have the stones to attempt: post a Youtube cover of Shadow Gallery! Well done!
  67. ElectricPhase

    FM3 Firmware Version 6.00 beta 1

    So much more than I expected! Thank you!
  68. ElectricPhase

    Anticipation of FM3 6.0

    The FM3 will benefit more from the set/song list functions than its big brothers. By my calculations, it's the magic trick that will make navigating with 3+2 buttons no problem at all. 🤞
  69. ElectricPhase

    Axe-Fx Firmware Version 21.00 Public Beta #4 (Beta 4)

    From where I'm sitting, a tweaks page that excludes redundant and non-operational controls would be a huge improvement. It would make the Axe more logical and comprehensible. That it also makes programming and maintenance easier for Fractal is a nice bonus.
  70. ElectricPhase

    FM3 Firmware Version 5.03

    Clean up in Aisle 5.03?
  71. ElectricPhase

    FM9 Presets FM9 AustinBuddy LiveGold TonePack - Jan.2023 Banks 1 and 2 Updated for firmware 4.01

    I think I understand, but could you expand on that a little? ;)
  72. ElectricPhase

    FM3 Firmware Version 5.03

    Damn, dude! That's one derail over the line. :D
  73. ElectricPhase

    My good friend says I should play more like this

    Holy.....? He ain't human!
  74. ElectricPhase

    Setting Up A Band Webpage

    Sad, but mostly true.
  75. ElectricPhase

    Ceba screen protector?

    Possibly. My hesitation with anything small is that it won't stay where it's put. Thanks for the ideas.
  76. ElectricPhase

    Celestion F12-X200

    I'm giving the FX12-X200 a try. Ported cab, tilted up with a big heavy rubber wheel chock. So far, it just sounds more...for lack of a better term..."solid" than a monitor to me . I think the trade off is giving up some subtlety and detail though. Not sure if it's here to stay.
  77. ElectricPhase

    Ceba screen protector?

    This concern with the magnets never occurred to me. I think I might try some small strips of electrical tape as a buffer.
  78. ElectricPhase

    Wireless for Fm9

    Wow, I didn't know those had been discontinued. I concur on the recommendation. Bulletproof and sounds very nice.
  79. ElectricPhase

    Thoughts/advice on branding myself as an artists?

    First thought....the name and photo combo doesn't evoke any particular style of music. That could be either good or bad depending on what you intend.
  80. ElectricPhase

    Windows. Is it worth to pay for an anti-virus?

    I'm using the Windows one. I was under the impression that most AV apps use the same signatures these days. I'd switch to something with fewer false positives, but if they're matching to the same database, there's no benefit.
  81. ElectricPhase

    Traveling with the FM9: A Caution.

    I'm sure glad I don't have to board a plane for my job anymore, because I'd have no choice but to quit. There are indignities that I will not put up with for a paycheck, and the dealing with the TSA is one of them. I used to love flying all over to do consulting work.
  82. ElectricPhase

    Queensrÿche - Digital Noise Alliance

    To my ears, this tune has a strong Lizzy Borden vibe. In a blind test, I don’t know that I would have said Queensryche in the first ten guesses.
  83. ElectricPhase

    FM3 Firmware Version 5.03

    Had to look that up. You’re not wrong. ;)
  84. ElectricPhase

    Axe-Fx Firmware Version 21.00 Public Beta (Beta 1)

    Is it wrong that my first thought was 'poor @austinbuddy'? Sometimes progress hurts. :D Great job on the update!
  85. ElectricPhase

    Song title in large display?

    I’ll add my ‘pretty please’ to the chorus. Readability improvement is my only remaining wish.
  86. ElectricPhase

    Sold Axe FX 3, whats next?

    Wow, what a strange thread. When I read the beginning of it yesterday, I wouldn't have never guessed there was enough flammable material for it to go out this way. I understand the dilemma. I wouldn't want to gig with a rack, and the back of the FM9 line is a bit of a hail Mary for January...
  87. ElectricPhase

    How are you using the FM3 Live?

    That's so similar to my scene layout that I'll borrow your format to describe it. View 1 Switch 1: Toggle between scenes 1/5 (clean/clean+fx; long press for CS2 boost) Switch 2: Toggle between scenes 2/6 (rhythm/rhythm+fx; long press for Drive 2) Switch 3: Toggle between scenes 3/7...
  88. ElectricPhase

    My VH Tribute

    That's hawt!
  89. ElectricPhase

    FM3 Firmware Version 5.03

    FM3 v6.0....'The Winds of Winter' as firmware. :D
  90. ElectricPhase

    First Gig FM3 into Katana WOW

    Lots of emphatic statements here, but I wouldn't write of the Katana so quickly. I used one in an emergency situation with minimal prep, and went into the acoustic channel rather than the effects return...it sounded better that way. My recollection is that it sounded very good. On the K e m p...
  91. ElectricPhase

    Local Music Shops

    Ever since 2020, we have seen a concerted and effective top down effort to destroy small businesses in favor of the generic big box. This is pervasive across all industries and forms of endeavor. Recently in my area, the best local burger place shut their doors because of these engineered...
  92. ElectricPhase

    Are Fractal's efforts well directed?

    It’s neither. It’s an opinion, and I have no problem with your voicing it....as long as you’re ok with everybody else voicing theirs. My opinion is that “on device” controls are rarely used. Touch screens and delicate computer controls like joysticks don’t belong on a device that you put on...
  93. ElectricPhase

    Are Fractal's efforts well directed?

    Having followed and exclusively used Fractal products for well over a decade now, I'd say that Fractal generally knows what I need better than I do. I've come to trust their choices implicitly. (...still, an optional main screen view for subpar eyesight would make my year.) ;)
  94. ElectricPhase

    Own Two of the Same Guitar?

    I have several nearly identical superstrats for alternate tunings because it's damn near impossible to change the tuning on a Floyd Rose without a lot of drama.
  95. ElectricPhase

    NGD - Collings City Limits

    That is something really special! If it plays/sounds like the only CL I've had the opportunity to play so far, you're a very lucky man.
  96. ElectricPhase

    Old X/Y feature from the AX8

    X/Y is now A/B/C/D. For switching, you can use Effect > Chan Toggle with a Primary and Secondary Channel to toggle between any two. Not sure I understand the second question.
  97. ElectricPhase

    Austin Buddy preset packs

    These are for the III. I don't know how well they'd convert.... https://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=8961 https://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=8962 https://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=8969 https://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=8987
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