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  1. Willis

    Fm3 in front of amp and into Pa. Suggestions/Ideas?

    I've been in a pinch like this. Here's what I did: I set the amp up with the cleanest possible, neutral sound (preamp gain as low as possible) and plug in from output 2 of the FM-3. (My output 2 doesn't have any speaker block IR). You can control the level of this output from the unit and try to...
  2. Willis

    Why do you prefer FM3 over FM9?

  3. Willis

    Grab and go.. combo amp like solution for the FM3?

    It's what I've been using when I bring my own backline rig. FM-3 output 1 (stereo) direct to FOH & monitors. Out of output 2 (stereo) to the ISP>stereo cab. Works great for me. I don't have a real loud stage volume but it gets loud enough for me.
  4. Willis

    Grab and go.. combo amp like solution for the FM3?

    I use one of these stereo amps and a 2x12 stereo cab (Genz Benz): https://www.isptechnologies.com/portfolio/stealth-power-amp/ This rig is not as "grab & go" as others, but ISP makes a mono power amp as well so all you'd need is a speaker to go with it if you really wanted to scale down. Here's...
  5. Willis

    My Preset for FireHouse Gigs

    This is what I'm using live these days. The stdio recording were many layers ( separate passes) recorded on top of one another. I talk about it on this page if you scroll down you can read about it: https://www.leverty.com/gear.php
  6. Willis

    My Preset for FireHouse Gigs

    I added the rotary block. I love the way it sounds. The scene called "rotary hi" is a higher gain setting in case I need to go over the cliff... I will be testing this preset at our gigs this weekend. Hope you guys enjoy this.
  7. Willis

    My Preset for FireHouse Gigs

    Thanks Passquale. I have made it a little better, a little less wet and a little smoother since this version. I'll upload my latest version tomorrow. Thanks again!!
  8. Willis

    Boost pedal

    Great question. Since you have to set the input of the unit to "tickle the red" for the best a/d conversion, a boost pedal before the unit and adding even a few db will cause input clipping. I would add a boost internally (there are many great options inside this amazing box), but maybe there's...
  9. Willis

    My Preset for FireHouse Gigs

    I miss the ole' SRQ! Hope to see you again soon!
  10. Willis

    My Preset for FireHouse Gigs

    Thanks STM! I talk about it here: https://www.leverty.com/gear.php
  11. Willis

    FM3 vs AXE-Fx3 on stage

    I have both. They sound identical to me. I have been using the FM-3 live ever since it came out. I absolutely love it. My sound engineer loves it. The audience seems to love it.
  12. Willis

    FM3 gigbag or case?

    I got an oversized laptop shoulder bag and put the FM-3 in that. Then, I put THAT bag in a Pelican 1535 roller case. There's enough room in this case to put an extra set of stage clothes (in case they lose my luggage), a Boss FS-5L, a Boss FS-5U and a few cables. Anyway, I roll that Pelican...
  13. Willis

    New guy - on the fence about an FM3

    Yes it is! :)
  14. Willis

    New guy - on the fence about an FM3

    Yes, but when I bring my own backline rig, I'm playing through one of those ISP Technologies stereo power amps into a stereo 2x12 cab. Easy on / Easy off. I'm going direct to the FOH & monitors, so I'm really hearing output 1 mostly. (I LOVE having sidefills.) I've got a little sweet spot back...
  15. Willis

    New guy - on the fence about an FM3

    No, I ask for a pair of JCM-900's (which most backline companies seem to have) and they sound pretty consistent. I plug them into a pair of Marshall 4x12 cabs. I turn them up via the 900's master volume (which controls the return level of the amp) until they're just loud enough so I can get some...
  16. Willis

    New guy - on the fence about an FM3

    I agree and this is what I do: Output 1 (which is a pair of XLR jacks) to FOH & Monitors, Output 2 (which is a pair of 1/4" jacks) to effects return of backline amp(s). You have independent control of both Output 1 and 2. It's definitely the way to go.
  17. Willis

    Options to power two (stereo) cabs with one device, from FM3.

    This is what I use when I bring my own "mini rig" backline: https://www.isptechnologies.com/portfolio/stealth-power-amp/ It doesn't sound as good as what's coming out of FOH, but it still lets me hear myself and get a little feedback if needed.
  18. Willis

    FM3 Firmware Version 5.03

    Fractal RULES! Thank you SO much!
  19. Willis

    My Preset for FireHouse Gigs

    The honor is mine, Charry! I hope that you get as much enjoyment out of these tones as I have. This little box makes me look forward to playing every night & every day!
  20. Willis

    Paul Kossoff

  21. Willis

    My Preset for FireHouse Gigs

    Thanks Luke-lux! Hope the preset works for you.
  22. Willis

    "EQing" impulse responses

    I like my cleans to be glassy and sparkly. With my dirty tone, I prefer to have everything above 5k gently rolled off. I'm using the 5153 stock cabs which sound great to me. That hi cut (low pass filter) EQ in the cab block is very gentle sounding to me. When I'm cranked loud through a PA, that...
  23. Willis

    My Preset for FireHouse Gigs

    Jbeland - Here you go:
  24. Willis

    My Preset for FireHouse Gigs

    1. I couldn't hear a difference. 2. I can send the cab IR out of Out 1 (XLR) to FOH and send the signal without a cab IR out of Out 2 (1/4") to the effects returns of a pair of backline heads and cabs. (I usually get a pair of Marshall JCM 900's) I like my guitar pumped through the sidefills...
  25. Willis

    My Preset for FireHouse Gigs

    I use the boost in the amp block. Saves CPU and sounds great!
  26. Willis

    My Preset for FireHouse Gigs

    Ha! Thanks WK! I'll look for you when I'm walking down the geriatric aisle in the drugstore picking up my Benefiber! Please let me know if the preset makes you feel like you're in your twenties again. It does for me!!
  27. Willis

    My Preset for FireHouse Gigs

    Thank you so much Stratman68!
  28. Willis

    My Preset for FireHouse Gigs

    Thanks Tone!! :) It works well for me and my CR Alsip Guitars. That 5153 Red is my favorite dirty amp. I use the rhythm channel just about all night, even for solos. There are a few times in our set where I need more sensitivity for harmonics so I step on scene 1 for "lead", but I'm on scene 2...
  29. Willis

    My Preset for FireHouse Gigs

    I don't, but I learned how to do that synth preset from you. I have one started with the FM3. You've inspired me to make a video so I will do it soon! :)
  30. Willis

    My Preset for FireHouse Gigs

    LOVE it! I started with the Axe FX 2, then the 3, then the AX-8 and now the FM-3. (I still have my Axe FX 3 in my studio.) I started using the FM3 as soon as it was released. I think the amp modeling is so good that I sold all but 3 of my amps. I had a bunch. I haven't recorded or played live...
  31. Willis

    My Preset for FireHouse Gigs

    Hey Fremem! Good to see you too bro! Hope you're doing well. I love your tones and playing!!!!!
  32. Willis

    My Preset for FireHouse Gigs

    It's my absolute pleasure. I freakin' LOVE this pedal and it's so easy to share what is working for me. I am learning more about this thing every time I use it. I'm not very good at tap dancing, so I love the fact that this preset is everything I need for my FireHouse gig. BTW - We're tuned down...
  33. Willis

    My Preset for FireHouse Gigs

    Tried earlier to upload it and got "The uploaded file appears to be empty. Please try a different file." Tried from another computer and it cooperated!
  34. Willis

    My Preset for FireHouse Gigs

    Hey Fractal Brothers & Sisters - I LOVE the 5.02 firmware update and thought I'd post the preset I'm using for FireHouse gigs. I had a hard time getting it to upload. It's in the reply below. Best... Bill Leverty
  35. Willis

    FM3 Firmware Version 5.02

    I love this firmware update SO much. Attached is my preset for FireHouse. I hope you enjoy it. Thank you Fractal!!
  36. Willis

    FM3 Firmware Version 5.00

    Thank you SO much Fractal!! This is AMAZING!!
  37. Willis

    FM3 Headphones via Y Cable in Output 2 vs. FM3 w/ Heaphones Output

    I've got a Y cable and tested this out with my FM-3. It sounds great, and it's loud enough for me.
  38. Willis

    Anyone use the No-headphone-jack FM3 with headphones yet?

    I've got an old pair of Sony consumer headphones. They are probably 25 years old. I have no idea what their impedance is. Anyway, I plug them in halfway to "FX Send L" and they work, sound great, albeit mono. Output 2 pot controls the volume and they get plenty loud. Fine with me for...
  39. Willis

    Let's see those FM3 rigs!

    My live & studio rigs:
  40. Willis

    AX8-Edit 1.9.0

    Thank you so much! I'm up and running! :)
  41. Willis

    AX8-Edit 1.9.0

    I updated to Catalina. I then d/loaded Axe8 Edit 1.9.1. When I try to open the app, I get the error in the attached photo. Any ideas? Thanks Fractal!
  42. Willis

    AX8 First Impressions

    I just recorded a song with the Brit 800 and didn't have to change a thing. Freakin' incredible...
  43. Willis

    Time to say goodbye to the tubes...

    All but two of my tube amps are gone. (I kept them just for posterity.) I LOVE the extra room in my studio. I have NO problem getting the tones I hear in my head (and then some) out of my Fractal gear.
  44. Willis

    AX-8 comparing to AX-FX II

    I have both. I take the AX8 on the road and leave my Axe FX II in the studio. I love them both.
  45. Willis

    Advice From Those Who Gig Their AX8

    I got one of these: http://www.isptechnologies.com/portfolio/stealth-power-amp/
  46. Willis

    Out to FoH Question

    I go out of Output 1 to FOH & monitors, and I just crank the Out 1 knob all the way up. I let the FOH & monitor engineers trim the inputs of their consoles if needed. I've never been told that the signal is too hot. I go out of Output 2 to backline and set that at 12 o'clock. I can turn that up...
  47. Willis

    High and Low cut: My Latest Experiment

    I'm cutting at nearly the same places as you. Guitar speakers sound best to me between 120 - 6k "ish".
  48. Willis

    professional touring experience with AX8

    Get a loom from www.mystarsound.com. My loom is made up of 4 cables (2 x XLR's for FOH & monitors, and 2 x 1/4" smart cables for promoter provided backline) all wrapped into one tangle-proof sheath. It's cut my setup time down to less than a minute. Great for those 15 minute change-overs.
  49. Willis

    professional touring experience with AX8

    I did 57 shows last year (all fly dates) with the AX8. It's been an absolute dream come true. No dropouts or issues.
  50. Willis

    $30 hard case for AX-8

    It's a great case! Here are some photos of mine. I used Loctite spray adhesive to adhere some leftover cube foam. The white styrofoam is a stronger foam that will help protect the on/off switch and the 1/4" jacks. The foam in the top is lined up to go in-between the switches.
  51. Willis

    Quick Connection Of AX8 To FOH & Stereo Backline

    5153 red for dirty (tube screamer drive block in front for solos), AC30TB for clean (comp block in front most of the time, all are great, but now loving the optical comp). Regarding layout, I use the FX Loop block at the end for output 2 so I'm not going through a cab block and then into a real...
  52. Willis


    I go out of out 1 direct to FOH & monitors, and out of output 2 into an ISP Stealth power amp into a 2x12 cab.
  53. Willis

    Quick Connection Of AX8 To FOH & Stereo Backline

    They are rented by the promoter. When the promoter provides backline, I come out of the AX8's "output 2" and plug into the effects return of the 2 JCM 900's that they provide. When I bring my own backline, I plug the AX8's "output 2" into an ISP Technologies Stealth power amp and use that to...
  54. Willis

    Quick Connection Of AX8 To FOH & Stereo Backline

    Looks like my loom. NICE!!
  55. Willis

    Quick Connection Of AX8 To FOH & Stereo Backline

    I think that preset was for my AxeFX2, but I used that as a starting place to build a new one on my AX8. I'll post the AX8 preset later today.
  56. Willis

    Quick Connection Of AX8 To FOH & Stereo Backline

    You guys might have a much faster way of connecting your AX8, but here's mine: I got a loom made by MyStarSound and it's cut my connection time down to about 45 seconds. Hope this helps:
  57. Willis

    AX8 V8.02 Released!

    Just downloaded and updated. I LOVE it! Sounds AMAZING!!! Thanks Fractal!!!
  58. Willis

    bluetooth monitoring

    Wouldn't there be a lot of latency with a blue tooth device like this?
  59. Willis

    Welcome TREVOR RABIN!

    Such a great artist with magnificent guitar sounds. He obviously has exceptional ears. I'm not surprised that he chose Fractal hands down over all of the other competition.
  60. Willis

    Strings/Synth Strings Preset

    Bravo!! This sounds magnificent!!! All of your stuff does. Thanks Simeon!!
  61. Willis

    AX8 V5.01 Released

    Downloaded seamlessly and loving it! Thank you SO much!!
  62. Willis

    Bill Leverty's Firehouse patch

    Thanks Brother! I'm so glad it's workin' for ya'!!! :)
  63. Willis

    New to AX8 - In an 80's Rock band and looking for presets

    Here's one I did. Simple, but effective in my humble opinion: http://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/firehouse-main.110824/#post-1326210
  64. Willis

    Classic Rock Amp Suggestions

    I used the BRIT AFS 100 2 for the lead and rhythm tones on this tune:
  65. Willis

    FireHouse Main

    Ha! I'm afraid not. This get's me in the ballpark though! :)
  66. Willis

    High gain players - what's your amp of choice?

    5153 Red is what I'm currently using for the higher gain stuff.
  67. Willis

    Reccomend an External switch with an indicator light?

    This is the one I'm using. Works great!
  68. Willis

    Show Us Your AX8 Rig! (post your pics)

    No mess, no stress...
  69. Willis

    FireHouse Main

    Thanks brother!!
  70. Willis

    FireHouse Main

    Please let me know if it works for you and if you have any suggestions. Thanks!
  71. Willis

    My First Gigs With My New AX 8

    The backpack is an Oakley Backpack. I put the AX8 into the laptop case which is in the photo below, and it fits nicely in the backpack.
  72. Willis

    My First Gigs With My New AX 8

    Thanks brother! Nice to BE here!!
  73. Willis

    My First Gigs With My New AX 8

  74. Willis

    My First Gigs With My New AX 8

  75. Willis

    My First Gigs With My New AX 8

    I use x/y for clean & dirty. My dirty amp is the 5153 red. I like a lot of the other amps that are in this wonderful little box, and I've been using this 5153 for a while now. For clean, which my can sound still has a little bit of hair on it when you play hard, I'm using the Class A 30 W TB...
  76. Willis

    My First Gigs With My New AX 8

    I use the Marshalls to have a sweet spot. I can go over there and get some feedback if needed. I have a very low stage volume, but the Marshalls give me an area of the stage where I hear more guitar. I have a little bit of guitar coming out of the side fill monitor on the opposite side of the...
  77. Willis

    My First Gigs With My New AX 8

    They were for Reb. Winger went on after us. Reb & I share cabs. Makes it a lot easier for backline techs.
  78. Willis

    My First Gigs With My New AX 8

    Correct, those mics were there for Reb.
  79. Willis

    My First Gigs With My New AX 8

    I just posted my main FireHouse patch: http://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/firehouse-main.110824/
  80. Willis

    FireHouse Main

    This is my main patch for my FireHouse gigs. As you can see, it's pretty simple: Scene 1 is for super sensitive legato lead playing & scene 2 is for rhythm & lead. The only difference between these 2 scenes is that scene 1 has the tube screamer on. Scene 3 is the same as scene 1 except it kicks...
  81. Willis

    My First Gigs With My New AX 8

    I had my first two gigs with my new AX 8 this past weekend and I couldn't have been happier. We (FireHouse) had the pleasure to do a couple of gigs with Winger. The first show was just outside of Chicago at The Arcada Theater, and the second was just outside of Minneapolis at The Medina...
  82. Willis

    you guys with the ax8 AND an axefx2xl+, doyou think the ax8 sounds better?

    The excitement for me is the portability. I play mostly fly gigs. With the AX8, I can put it in my backpack. Can't wait to have one in my possession.
  83. Willis

    My AX8 came in. Just magical!

    Oh gosh! I LOVE this idea...
  84. Willis


    Ha! Too late my friend. :) You know my anxiety levels are through the roof for this gem!!!! Best to you & yours...
  85. Willis


    No, I don't have one yet. I, like many other rabid FAS fans, sent in my waitlist request on 10/13. Hoping I get an invitation soon. Checking my emil every 10 seconds. I know the guys up there are working as hard as they can to get these orders out. I will definitely share a few patches after I...
  86. Willis


    Congrats to FAS for hitting a home run with this much anticipated box!
  87. Willis


    Congratulations on making it to this pivotal point, and thank you Cliff and team for working so hard on this to get it right!
  88. Willis

    First Look at the Fractal Audio AX8 from Gear Gods

    Great video, great playing, and a great new device coming soon. I can't wait to buy one of these.
  89. Willis

    What made you decide to go Axe FX?

    I have a great friend who is a former instructor at Full Sail, brilliant audio engineer, virtuoso guitarist and EXTREME tone snob who told me that he bought one and couldn't believe how great it was. I bought one right away. I have since sold all of my amps, cabs, rack effects and pedals. Best...
  90. Willis

    Did you sell your "REAL" rig in favor of the Axe?

    I bought the Axe FX 2 & and MFC 101. Then, I sold virtually all of my amps, cabs & pedals. I had money left over and my back is forever grateful. Oh yeah, my tone has improved dramatically, not to mention the pallet of tonal possibilities is endless.
  91. Willis

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 1.00 Firmware Release

    Absolutely love this FW. BTW - Michael Pickens Rules!!!!
  92. Willis

    Ready for the Amp Show

    I'm ready to lay down my credit card NOW!!!!:encouragement:
  93. Willis

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 1.00 Public Beta

    Downloaded it last night and the update went flawlessly. I practiced for several hours, loving this new version. Can't wait 'til this weekend's gigs! Thanks Cliff!!!
  94. Willis

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 1.00 Public Beta

    Thanks Cliff! D/loading this tonight so I can fly it out this weekend for my gigs.
  95. Willis

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 20.00 Public Beta

    Updated today and it sounds REAL good!!!! Thanks Cliff!!!!
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