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  1. AminorZmajor

    Tough Week

    Aberlour is really good as well.
  2. AminorZmajor

    Paul Gilbert… WTF…

    Yep, one of my favs. 🎸
  3. AminorZmajor

    R.I.P. David Crosby

    RIP Hard to watch the aging guitar pioneers move on.
  4. AminorZmajor

    Alternative to Morningstar MC6/8

    Just requested a quote on a Voes MX-5 for my FM9. Give me a little more flexability.
  5. AminorZmajor

    Jeff Beck Passed...

    RIP Jeff Beck. Amazing guitarist.
  6. AminorZmajor

    SRV Rig diagram translation to Axe-Fx

    I wonder if he is still around. Nothing on his YouTube for 5 years. Hope he is good. Amazing guitarist.
  7. AminorZmajor

    New Winery Dogs Video

    Love it. 🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸
  8. AminorZmajor


    Sounds great. Zakk did Dime proud and still kept his style nicely woven in. Tough to emulate that style.
  9. AminorZmajor

    Scotty Anderson who?

    It was amazing watching Andy Wood at Axe Fest 2. That was also a Wow moment.
  10. AminorZmajor

    Scotty Anderson who?

    Wow.... Just Wow!
  11. AminorZmajor

    Axe-Fx Firmware Version 21.00 Release Candidate 2 (Beta 8)

    Sounds awesome. Refresh cleared up issue. Thanks.
  12. AminorZmajor

    Axe-Fx Firmware Version 21.00 Release Candidate 2 (Beta 8)

    Someone please confirm that the Plexi 6550 isn’t defaulting to Bludotone name. It sounds like the Plexi but the name looks to be wrong.
  13. AminorZmajor

    Sell FRACTAL at Sweetwater.

    I like Fractal just the way they are. I also like Sweetwater just the way they are without Fractal. LOL.....
  14. AminorZmajor

    MATRIX is still in business.

    I have had mine for at least 4 years and not a hiccup. I play locally avg. about 2 shows a month with it being onstage running over 4 hours per gig. Very reliable.
  15. AminorZmajor

    Let's see those FM9 rigs!

    Stage pic from last nights gig. FM9 at my feet. Sounded amazing as always.
  16. AminorZmajor

    Bands that epitomize a certain amp’s sound

    If I am not mistaken Night Ranger was all boogie Mark series as well. Killer tones and playing.
  17. AminorZmajor

    David Lee Roth Shares Previously Unheard Version Of Van Halen's 'Panama'

    Music and lead vocals…. It’s not the music that’s weird. I will leave the other option to your imagination. Maybe, it’s just me. 🤫
  18. AminorZmajor

    Klone Chiron sounds better than my KTR

    I have three channel versions in my live patches. One is Always on and then slightly different versions for my clean and solo scenes. Awesome drive.
  19. AminorZmajor

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 20.04 Release

    Updated. Sounds great as usual.
  20. AminorZmajor

    FM9 Firmware Version 3.00 public beta 2

    WOW! Awesome. I actually experienced the below issue last gig. Great that it is fixed. FC: Layout Link will no longer unduly trigger when exiting the Tuner.
  21. AminorZmajor

    Broken Footswitch?

    Kip When I ordered my replacement it was available for purchase. I can’t find it now. I am guessing Fractal support can point you in the right direction. Good news is the replacement is relatively easy.
  22. AminorZmajor

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 20.03 Release

    I find the Klone Chiron is also awesome with my clean amp block. Makes the highs nice and chimey if that is a word..... LOL....
  23. AminorZmajor

    Broken Footswitch?

    I will check my purchases as I replaced mine a while back. I just checked. I see my order but can't find the product. I would check with support.
  24. AminorZmajor

    Is the Klone coming to FM9 in 3.0?

    The Klon in the III definitely has a thing. I can see why people have said they always leave it on. Secret sauce…. or something. The Klone Chiron adds touch sensitivity and just makes an overdriven amp sound better. I Can’t wait for it to drop for the FM9.
  25. AminorZmajor

    FM9 Firmware Version 3.00 public beta 1

    I gigged the beta last night and it sounded awesome. No issues at all. I use 4 presets with 6 scenes per preset.
  26. AminorZmajor

    FM9 Firmware Version 3.00 public beta 1

    Hell yea! Awesome. Thanks as always.
  27. AminorZmajor

    FM3 vs AXE-Fx3 on stage

    Doesn’t get better than that! 😎
  28. AminorZmajor

    Ian Thornley Live with Pete Thorn

    Awesome interview with Pete. Ian and Big Wreck are definitely up there as a favorite.
  29. AminorZmajor

    Goodbye, Todd D. "bishop5150" Bishop

    Oh…. Terrible news. RIP. 😢
  30. AminorZmajor

    Health Update

    Praying for you Todd. 🙏
  31. AminorZmajor

    Just Saw Diesel @ $6/gallon!!! WTF!!

    None of this should be happening......
  32. AminorZmajor

    His Dark Materials

    Yep. Watching Breaking Bad now. S3E7 or so. Awesome series.
  33. AminorZmajor

    His Dark Materials

    Ballchinians…. MIB II. Nice reference. 😂
  34. AminorZmajor

    Health Update

    Stay strong Todd. We are with you. 🙏
  35. AminorZmajor

    FM9 Firmware Version 2.01

    I played out last night with 2.01. No issues and sounded amazing. I rate it…. 🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸. 😎
  36. AminorZmajor

    Health Update

    Fuck Cancer. Todd, keep your head up. I will keep you and your family in my prayers. 🙏.
  37. AminorZmajor

    Getting a drummer to play in time

    My current drummer was speedy and a great solution is an app you can download called live bpm. On our setlist I have all the recorded bpm’s of the songs. My ask was to not deviate more than 2 bpm from the original recording. It’s worked out really well. On a side note, I agree with Bruce...
  38. AminorZmajor

    FM3 to FM9: Any Regrets?

    Keep both. 😎
  39. AminorZmajor

    Health Update

    Keeping you in my prayers. 🙏
  40. AminorZmajor

    Taylor Hawkins dead at 50.

    Fuck…. The drive to get high over rides everything. Family, friends, career and music…. I could never possibly understand. RIP
  41. AminorZmajor

    Taylor Hawkins dead at 50.

    Terrible news. RIP Taylor.
  42. AminorZmajor

    Who Else Struggles With Their Nerves?

    Preparation yes. Almost 20 years ago I decided I wanted to get on stage and play one gig and I would have reached my goal. I was scared shitless. Up to that gig I knew lots of key parts to many songs but no song all the way through. Got 10 songs under my belt and got a gig for the band...
  43. AminorZmajor

    Sounds boxy

    I have a Matrix that I use as my power amp which normally feeds a Greenback 412 cabinet. During a couple recent gigs I had no room for the 412 so I used a 212 cabinet with Vintage 30's. Oh man, it was not pleasant on my ears. I have a Greenback IR cabinet going out FOH and it is a nice match...
  44. AminorZmajor

    COVID. Thought for sure that I was in the clear.

    It's amazing to me how this has become political. If there are alternative methods to treat Covid why not include them all as treatments. Everyone has unique chemistry and like everything it is some trial and error, time dependent, personal body chemistry dependent and co-morbidity dependent...
  45. AminorZmajor

    COVID. Thought for sure that I was in the clear.

    Zinc, vitamin D, Vitamin C and Quercetin not to mention Ivermectin. I can't tell you how many times I have been exposed. Got it at a gig Oct 31st 2020. OG Covid. Keeping hydrated is vital.
  46. AminorZmajor

    FM9 Firmware Version 2.0 public beta

    It sounded great before. Lots of updates as you can see in the release notes. I think the most important thing for me is that it is stable and it is.
  47. AminorZmajor

    FM9 Firmware Version 2.0 public beta

    I have been gigging Beta 2.0 over the last 4-5 gigs with no issues. Sounds awesome.
  48. AminorZmajor

    Silent Stages Are The Best Thing To Happen To Live Music/Are The Worst Thing To Happen To Live Music??

    Our bassist had an issue with his cabinet mid-way through the 1st set Sunday and immediately I could tell the loss of low-end energy on stage. The DI was still working fine so FOH there was no issue, but the low-end thump was missing for us onstage.
  49. AminorZmajor

    Silent Stages Are The Best Thing To Happen To Live Music/Are The Worst Thing To Happen To Live Music??

    With the Axe-FX I have a decent volume coming off my 412 on stage but mostly monitors. It's awesome when you are enveloped with the tone and the guitar is alive. We play in-ears when rehearsing and it sounds great but no substitute for onstage interaction of guitar and amp. I take extra pains...
  50. AminorZmajor

    What was your first Digital Modeler?

    Boss GT-3 and then a POD Pro XT I believe.
  51. AminorZmajor

    Guitar Goals for the Year 2022

    Fuzz Universe. Yes, great song.
  52. AminorZmajor

    Output 1 position for live performance

    1/2 way. 👍
  53. AminorZmajor

    FM9 Firmware Version 2.0 public beta

    Correct me if I am missing something but shouldn’t you have your presets/scenes built, tested and level set before the gig. I am certainly no pro but I am not a noob when it comes to playing on stage. 🤔
  54. AminorZmajor

    FM9 Firmware Version 2.0 public beta

    Rare bird sighting!
  55. AminorZmajor

    FM9 Firmware Version 2.0 public beta

    It’s going to be onstage tonight.
  56. AminorZmajor

    FM9 Firmware Version 2.0 public beta

    One of the few the proud. Had no idea….. 😎
  57. AminorZmajor

    Health Update

    That's Awesome! Keeping you in my prayers. 🙏
  58. AminorZmajor

    FM9 Firmware Version 2.0 public beta

    Firmware Friday would be awesome because tomorrow is Showtime Saturday!!!! Let's do this... :guitar::guitar::guitar:
  59. AminorZmajor

    Your Favorite Third Party IR Bundles

    My top 3 Mikko, Ownhammer and York Audio. All are awesome and my list is also not in any particular order.
  60. AminorZmajor

    FM3 Firmware Version 5.00 beta 4

    Awesome. 👍
  61. AminorZmajor

    Guitar Goals for the Year 2022

    Working on my cross picking.
  62. AminorZmajor

    DI track not time aligned with processed track when recording into DAW

    Going through my audio interface I have no latency between the DI and recorded signal. I have a RME Fireface 802 for my interface.
  63. AminorZmajor

    DI track not time aligned with processed track when recording into DAW

    Interesting... I just setup a DI into my DAW after setting up wireless in my studio. I got sick of the cord getting twisted. Anyway, I had an extra Line 6 G10s wireless that needed a new transmitter. I bought a new one and utilized the DI out directly to my interface. I will check if I have...
  64. AminorZmajor

    Let's see those FM9 rigs!

    Nice rig @davealloway2001. How difficult was it to integrate the Boss SY-200? I have mine but haven't got it setup with my FM9 yet....
  65. AminorZmajor

    Who's gone all-in on Fractal?

    I still have one amp that hasn’t seen the light in 4 years or so……. Maybe I should sell it…. 🤔. Been all Fractal for quite a while.
  66. AminorZmajor

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 19.01

    Cool. Thanks Cliff.
  67. AminorZmajor

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 19.00

    No noise on my end. Very dynamic. Sounds amazing.
  68. AminorZmajor

    Axe-Fx III Firmware 19.00 Beta 3

    Amazing work Cliff!
  69. AminorZmajor

    Post Your Axe-Fx III Rigs Here!

    Office/Studio rig.
  70. AminorZmajor

    Axe-Fx III Firmware 19.00 Beta 1

    Amazing!!! Thanks Cliff.
  71. AminorZmajor

    Time to leave Pro Tools. What would be a good replacement?

    I am a PC user and for quite a while used Reaper. Liked it but moved to Studio One and that's the DAW for me. Much more intuitive.
  72. AminorZmajor

    FC12 Gig Layouts

    I basically set mine up like an extended OMG9. Works awesome. I will add a snap.
  73. AminorZmajor

    Anyone remove rubber feet and end rubber to mount to board?

    I didn't want to remove any of the rubber feet etc.... So, on my board I raised the board floor using a strip of plexi glass that is bolted to the board. I put the dual lock on the plexi glass and the bottom of the board. Solid connection but can be taken off. I have pictures in this other...
  74. AminorZmajor

    AX8 patches to FM9?

    Yes, best way. I did this process when converting from my AX8 to my FM3. Then converted direct from my FM3 to FM9. One thing I noticed was I still needed to tweak them at gig volume. First gig I was comparing my FM9 presets against our other guitarist and I preferred my AX8 patches. Fired...
  75. AminorZmajor

    FM9 Firmware Version 2.0 public beta

    I am updating today. No gigs for the next couple weeks and I really want to get the virtual capo working. Less guitars to bring would be a great thing.
  76. AminorZmajor

    FC-12 Text/Font looks terrible and is too small!

    I just purchased the FC12 for my home studio. I want a seamless transition relatively between the FC12 and FM9 that I gig with. I think I am going to sell my Mastermind GT16.
  77. AminorZmajor

    Do you build separate pre sets for live volume?

    Atomic CLR monitor at gig levels translates to the PA very well for me. Usually once and done. Slight PA eq and that’s it.
  78. AminorZmajor

    New CEBA covers 😊

    I promised photos. Life got in the way…. LOL….
  79. AminorZmajor

    Health Update

    Keep a positive attitude. My uncle lost his hair as well. He had dirty blonde hair like me. It grew back pitch black. Prayers outbound for you and special one that you get back onstage ASAP. 🙏
  80. AminorZmajor

    New CEBA covers 😊

    Yea, I think it was right around 4 weeks for me. I played 1 gig without protection (FM9 condom) but was on a 4 ft or so raised stage.🤣
  81. AminorZmajor

    First rehearsal with the FM9

    That’s awesome. Hard to find a good group of players that are chill and on the same page.
  82. AminorZmajor

    New CEBA covers 😊

    Pics inbound. I just finished building my board. Turned out nice.
  83. AminorZmajor

    New CEBA covers 😊

    Just received mine. Very happy with them.
  84. AminorZmajor

    Happy Birthday Cliff!

    Happy Birthday Cliff!!!!
  85. AminorZmajor

    Health Update

    I dropped in as I was thinking about you as well. Glad to hear positive news. I will keep you in my prayers and look forward to seeing you back onstage. 🎸🎸🎸
  86. AminorZmajor

    Thin Lizzy Classic

    Basic Preset. Sounds great almost at defaults.
  87. AminorZmajor

    1 week with Fm9...might stick with Fm3

    Keep them all!!! LOL…. I am going to sell my AX8 as the FM9 is a direct replacement. I was able to port my FM3 patches directly over and they work awesome.
  88. AminorZmajor

    Thin Lizzy Classic

    Thanks guys! I had forgotten I recorded that. Appreciate you all. 😎
  89. AminorZmajor

    FM9 and FC12 Pedalboards?

    I just purchased a Temple Treo for my FM9 as my previous way to attach the FM3/FM9 was not optimal. I like the attachment process of the Temple. Much cleaner.
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