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  1. jasonmauer

    Gift of Tone - 2022 FINAL - DWEEZIL ZAPPA!

    My wish came true! Thanks again, Fractal Claus!
  2. jasonmauer

    Gift of Tone #23 - ALEX LIFESON

    Glorious. Thanks to @2112 as well for the excellent YouTube run-through.
  3. jasonmauer

    Gift of Tone #16.5 - STEVE VAI TOURING BAND! Phillip Bynoe & Dante Frisiello

    Bass presets from Phillip Bynoe! Wow, truly impressed. Thank you Fractal Claus!
  4. jasonmauer

    December 25th - Gift of Tone - Metallica’s Live Preset?

    The Gift of Tone lineup has been fantastic so far. I'm hoping for something from Dweezil next.
  5. jasonmauer

    From MK1 to MKII TURBO, but now what?

    Just buy 2 Axe-FX IIIs -- voila!
  6. jasonmauer

    Fan noise AxeFx 3 Turbo?

    I haven't noticed any difference in fan noise between my Mk1 AxeFx III or the Mk2 Turbo. Faster processing doesn't necessarily mean more heat. The faster chip could also be more efficient due to manufacturing improvements (smaller process size, lower internal voltages, etc). It also may just...
  7. jasonmauer

    Has anyone done a MkII vs Turbo comparison yet?

    He said the preset went down by 13% -- but if he's referring to the CPU utilization displayed, that percentage is not the same as the overall performance gain. If the preset originally used up 50% of the CPU and was reduced to 37%, that 13% drop is actually a 26% performance improvement...
  8. jasonmauer

    Has anyone done a MkII vs Turbo comparison yet?

    First, the Turbo CPUs are not "overclocked" -- it's a new & improved model of the CPU that's clocked faster by the manufacturer, not by Fractal. Since this is live audio processing, when we're talking about CPU load, we're also talking about speed -- it's the amount of work the CPU can...
  9. jasonmauer

    issue with mk2 Turbo and Mastermind GT

    I don't know why incoming PCs are disabled at this point. I have tried it without that set and it didn't seem to make a difference, but it's worth checking again since there may have been something else funky going on. I'm cutting everything out of my MIDI chain except the MMGT and AxeFx to...
  10. jasonmauer

    issue with mk2 Turbo and Mastermind GT

    Good to know, thanks. I edited my message after that but wasn't real clear since I wrote it at like 4 in the morning -- I was able to confirm the AxeFx isn't generating the duplicate data. The extra SysEx messages are coming via the input from the Mastermind (before the AxeFx), which I was I...
  11. jasonmauer

    issue with mk2 Turbo and Mastermind GT

    @FractalAudio -- Just tested this out and snagged some logs with MIDI-OX. It looks like the issue is that the MkII Turbo is sending the SysEx response to both MIDI Out and Thru ports, instead of just the MIDI Out port as expected. (In my rig, I have MIDI Out and Thru merged together going back...
  12. jasonmauer

    issue with mk2 Turbo and Mastermind GT

    I believe the issue is specifically with the Turbo version.
  13. jasonmauer

    issue with mk2 Turbo and Mastermind GT

    I recently upgraded my guitar rigs by replacing my AxeFx III mk1 units with mk2 Turbos. I've run into an issue when using the new Turbo units with my Mastermind GT controller. When doing the Get Preset Names operation from the controller to load the AxeFx preset/scene names into the MMGT, both...
  14. jasonmauer

    Who else is upgrading to Axe-FX III TURBO? :-)

    Twin Turbo here -- replacing both of my mk1 units for my birthday this week. Scheduled to arrive tomorrow!
  15. jasonmauer

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 17.00 Public Beta 4

    They would definitely overlap if not hard-panned left/right (+-100%), yes.
  16. jasonmauer


    And where is that internal metadata stored? There isn't any additional memory available. This approach mixes different types of IRs in a single bank, which means instead of doing a one-time conversion of presets/banks at firmware update time, the Axe-FX now has to check this stuff at runtime...
  17. jasonmauer


    Considering Cliff already stated there's only one way to do this, which is to replace one whole user bank, it's probably moot at this point... but I don't think the two half-bank approach is a good idea as we'd then have to deal with user cab banks of varying sizes. What happens when loading a...
  18. jasonmauer

    Soundclips for reference purpose

    How about also including raw recordings of the guitar parts, so people could reamp them into their own rigs? Could help with troubleshooting people's setups.
  19. jasonmauer

    AES to my X32?

    The easiest way to run it would be to go with the analog outs into the X32. There isn't a direct way to go from AES/EBU on the AxeFX to the X32; AES50 isn't compatible with that (neither the protocol nor the physical connectors), and I don't think any of the X32s have AES/EBU inputs. If you...
  20. jasonmauer

    Axe-Fx III Cygnus Factory Presets - Bank A Preview

    Had my weekly rehearsal with my band tonight -- dialed through several of the presets as we jammed. It's like being a kid in a candy store, but the candy is amps. Really just a stellar job with these presets. Dweezil's Bassman, the jumped Tweed, Budda... so many goodies in there. Bravo! Thanks...
  21. jasonmauer


    Big Hair and Tube Pre are also FAS originals, entitled to their very own FAS prefixes by birthright!
  22. jasonmauer

    New Beefy Hambucker $5000 Pickup

    That's because it bucks the ham.
  23. jasonmauer

    In FW16, what are the FAS amp presets called?

    When normal amps daydream, they fantasize of being a FAS amp. They are the Keanu Reeves of amps. Per Cliff: "The FAS models are idealized and have some of the "design flaws" removed or reduced." "In the digital realm we are not constrained by the limitations that face tube amp designers so we...
  24. jasonmauer

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 16.00 "Cygnus"

    From the smell of my couch, I'm guessing no.
  25. jasonmauer

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 16.00 "Cygnus"

    The 3.03 beta firmware for FM3 does include the new drive modeling.
  26. jasonmauer

    Using Output L/R as separate outputs?

    Glad to help. Here's a screenshot of an example patch with several signal chains going to independent outputs. Input 3 is setup in this patch to take that input signal and split it left/right into two different chains, using the two Volume/Pan blocks at the beginning of the third & fourth rows...
  27. jasonmauer

    Using Output L/R as separate outputs?

    If you have 3 separate signal chains, all you'd need to do before sending the sound to their respective outputs is pan them accordingly. For example, if your bass signal is intended to go to Output 1 Right, you'd just pan that fully to the right, and connect it to the Output 1 block. One...
  28. jasonmauer

    Bug? 1.03.03 Preset Level window resize issues

    I'm experiencing the same issue.
  29. jasonmauer

    Second Axe-Fx III looped in via SPDIF?

    Another nice thing about the digital hookups is you can route the digital output from your primary unit from Input 1, which will send your dry/raw guitar signal in a lossless manner over to the secondary AxeFx. In this manner you'll have both AxeFx units working in parallel, and can even run...
  30. jasonmauer

    Second Axe-Fx III looped in via SPDIF?

    Definitely possible, though I'd go with the AES/EBU ports to use XLR cables to connect up instead of RCA. (purely for the physical connection; sound quality will be the same.) You'll have zero quality loss since there's no A/D conversion involved -- 100% digital from one unit to the other.
  31. jasonmauer

    Axe-Fx III 16.00 Beta 11 "Cygnus" Firmware - Public Beta #8

    As the tubes start to glow, you see they spell out the Ls in "HOLY SHITBALLS"
  32. jasonmauer

    Axe-Fx III 16.00 Beta 11 "Cygnus" Firmware - Public Beta #8

    When I worked for Microsoft, we used to laugh about IBM making more revenue leasing out their vacant office space than they did with their products. 😝 Loving the Cygnus betas; played an actual gig (!) with it two weeks ago. My 2 cents -- the version number should restart like they did with...
  33. jasonmauer

    Wish Scene Levels in Volume/Mixer Blocks

    Interestingly, even though the Output block supports an overall Level of -80dB to +20dB, the Scene Levels range of control is -20/+20dB.
  34. jasonmauer

    Wish Scene Levels in Volume/Mixer Blocks

    Level goes from -80db to +20dB on most blocks, including all the blocks I'm referring to here (Volume/Pan, Mixer, Multiplexer, Filter, etc), as well as Amp, Cab, the Output blocks, etc. There are a few blocks that don't have that amount of range, such as Drive and Compressor.
  35. jasonmauer

    Wish Scene Levels in Volume/Mixer Blocks

    I believe Scene Levels is a better solution for managing levels across scenes for a few reasons: Channels don't provide a view to show/edit levels across all the scenes. (i.e. the Scene Levels view) Channels are another layer of configuration to keep track of, potentially screw up, etc. Scene...
  36. jasonmauer

    Wish Scene Levels in Volume/Mixer Blocks

    Not as simple as Scene Levels, and not as straightforward either. (Scene Level values are in dB; Scene Controller values are percentages. Scene Levels are available within its own block; gotta switch to the Controllers view to get at Scene Controller values.) The Volume- and Mixer-type blocks...
  37. jasonmauer

    Wish Scene Levels in Volume/Mixer Blocks

    Setting up some new presets, adjusting levels per scene -- would love to leverage the Scene Levels option in the Output block, but that adjusts the entire level including effect tails, which can result in undesirable volume shifts when switching scenes. It would be fantastic to have the same...
  38. jasonmauer

    Axe-Fx III 16.00 Beta 10 "Cygnus" Firmware - Public Beta #7

    Yes I am aware of the purpose of the Master Volume. Perhaps the point was missed with my mention of it. When switching between the various clean amps (such as USA Clean, Band Commander, etc), the Tucana clean by default produces noticeably less level than the others. It just seems a little out...
  39. jasonmauer

    Axe-Fx III 16.00 Beta 10 "Cygnus" Firmware - Public Beta #7

    Not sure if this has been mentioned yet, but the Carol-Ann Tucana Clean amp level is quite low in comparison to other clean amps. Even with the master volume maxed out, it's like 6 to 10dB quieter than the others. (Yes I know you can compensate with the Level control, but the other amps are all...
  40. jasonmauer

    Are there any MIDI translators, router or device like this?

    Along with the aforementioned MIDI Solutions boxes, I'd suggest checking out the MIDX-20 from Primova Sound. It supports mapping, conversion, and filtering of MIDI data, and has 2 USB Host ports as well as MIDI in/out ports. Also has 2 expression pedal inputs for adding even more pedal control...
  41. jasonmauer

    Question on using an Axe FX III with passive pickups

    It will sound even better going into Input 2. 😝
  42. jasonmauer

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 14.01

    Update: I downloaded the firmware manually from the first post's link, reinstalled it, and did a Refresh after new FW in AxeEdit. I am happy to report that my AxeFx is no longer PMSing and our relationship is stronger than ever. Screw you, Archimedes!
  43. jasonmauer

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 14.01

    I updated with Fractal-Bot, the solo version (not the one within Axe-Edit). Normally it is very well-behaved. Also I updated it using the auto firmware download within Fractal-Bot.
  44. jasonmauer

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 14.01

    The names of the new amp models I'm seeing the same, both on the AxeFX and within AxeEdit. Also this morning when I asked my AxeFX how it was doing, it snapped back that I wouldn't understand and proceeded to eat an entire pint of Cherry Garcia ice cream.
  45. jasonmauer

    Midi Noise Through Monitor?

    It could be a grounding issue. Are you powering the GT via their phantom power box or with an AC adapter?
  46. jasonmauer

    Bug Report - Drive Block Locking Up the AX FX 111

    What firmware version are you running? Can you provide an example preset?
  47. jasonmauer

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.12

    I'm experiencing some buggy behavior with the MIDI/Remote setup menus. (Not sure if this issue showed up with 12.12 as I hadn't been in these menus for the past few firmware updates; this is the first I've noticed it at least.) The Mapping tab does not respond to controls -- can't move up or...
  48. jasonmauer

    Banjo tone needed

    One time I accidentally left a banjo in the back of my convertible while I was shopping for a couple hours. When I came back to the car, there were two banjos in the back.
  49. jasonmauer

    FM3 ..... USB 2 Type B Port on the back of the FM3 ......No Power Provided ** UPDATED **

    I think you may be confusing Micro USB (the small, trapezoid connector) with USB Type B, which is a large, square connector. Type B is what you see on printers, Axe-Fx units, etc.
  50. jasonmauer

    Huge difference between FR/FR and PA

    Which gain -- headamp or channel?
  51. jasonmauer

    My Strat has never sounded so incredible

    Give the Small Box a go sometime. Can't put my Strat down when playing through it.
  52. jasonmauer

    Axe-Fx III Firmware 10.0 Public Beta

    Agree 100% -- I've been enjoying that amp a lot recently. I was fishing through models to find ones that played well with a new single-coil guitar. The Small Box stood out as one that really worked well with any guitar or pickups I threw at it, while still retaining the individual character of...
  53. jasonmauer

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 6.03

    I'm a man and I want to have his baby.
  54. jasonmauer

    Ready to purchase III, but knowing my luck, a MK2 would probably show up soon...

    I also had the original Axe-Fx II, which I bought in 2011 and never let me down. Hardware updates came out for the II to address shortcomings (RAM for looper length and more presets, a quieter fan, etc) or to add new bits like FASlink. I don't really see the III having any real limitations or...
  55. jasonmauer

    Using a tablet with the Axe-Fx 3 questions

    If I'm not mistaken, the tablet they were using was a Surface Pro, which is a PC. Axe-Edit currently isn't available for the iPad or Android tablets.
  56. jasonmauer

    Using Second Amp Block

    Check the bypass type on Amp 1 -- it can be Mute or Thru. You'd want it to be Mute in this case, otherwise audio will continue to be routed on Amp 1's path when it is bypassed. And yes, you can run 8 amp types, one per Scene, with the two amp blocks and this approach of bypass & channel...
  57. jasonmauer

    Axe-Edit III 1.01.04

    Acrobat DC and/or Creative Cloud may be the culprit if you're on Windows. I experience the same thing sometimes, and it's due to Acrobat not closing out properly beforehand, leaving multiple dead processes in memory that don't respond to the installer's request to open the release notes PDF...
  58. jasonmauer

    Midi over USB?

    The MIDX-20 from Primova Sound that @DLC86 mentioned is a great little box; I have a couple and they're very handy. They are programmable so you can customize your MIDI routing between the ports, and keeps you from having to include a full-blown computer into your rig. Depending on how you set...
  59. jasonmauer

    Are the Amps in Axe-Fx modeled after "Real Amps" or "Schematics"?

    Ever play the game The Sims? I did, briefly. As soon as I realized it took more time in real life than in the game to get the simulated humans to do mundane tasks (like taking half an hour of real time to get a character to use the bathroom), I deleted it. Authenticity is not the only measure...
  60. jasonmauer

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 3.02 Public Beta #2

    I suggested the same thing about 9 pages ago... Cliff replied to say that they're not taking suggestions at this time. #toomanypostsnotenoughtime
  61. jasonmauer

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 3.02 Public Beta #2

    So much for giving it a rest, eh? :) The Mid knob probably isn't the best example to use. How about Master Volume? It has a big effect on how the amp behaves -- some amps are built to get their oomph from the power amp section -- but plenty of amps don't have MV in real life. Which option seems...
  62. jasonmauer

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 3.02 Public Beta #2

    Or big losses. Are you sure you've considered all the ramifications of this? For example, it isn't fewer tabs or ready access when the number of stock controls + Ideal tone controls exceed the number of controls that will fit in a tab page. And it's still missing the point of simply showing the...
  63. jasonmauer

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 3.02 Public Beta #2

    Cliff posted it earlier in the thread; he's adding a global option to choose Authentic vs Ideal controls on the Tone page.
  64. jasonmauer

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 3.02 Public Beta #2

    Understood. FWIW, I personally wasn't suggesting the control highlighting idea; I don't believe that's a good approach to begin with. Some people (myself included) want a page that has just the controls the real amp does. Plus there are cases where amp control names are the same as ideal tone...
  65. jasonmauer

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 3.02 Public Beta #2

    Suggestion: have a toggle on the Amp page to switch between Authentic and Ideal modes. The new global setting (to select between Authentic and Ideal) can then be a default, but you'd still be able to use either in the Amp page with the push of a button. Currently on the Amp page, Enter appears...
  66. jasonmauer

    Drive Block Status

    It’s been suggested in the past. I figure they would have implemented something along those lines were it a suitable substitute, but my understanding is that it isn’t as simple (or feasible) as that.
  67. jasonmauer

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 3.00 Beta

    This has serious mojo.
  68. jasonmauer

    Wish Multiple Input blocks (per input)

    Currently, there is one block per Input available in the Axe-FX III. (e.g. one Input 3 block, one Input 4 block, etc.) For running more effects pedals in their own loops, it would be awesome to be able to have multiple Input blocks per input -- for example, Input 3 Left, Input 3 Right. This...
  69. jasonmauer

    Axe-Fx III block to simulate FreqOut?

    The FreqOut is the only pedal I have in my signal chain. It's so specific (and excellent) for what it does, I don't think the III can replicate it as well without Cliff building an effect block just for that purpose. I have it setup in one of the loops so I can toggle it on/off at will. It is...
  70. jasonmauer

    Modifier Question..

    Sounds like wrong parameter assigned, as Bakerman stated. You'll want to assign EXTERNAL 1 as a modifier to the Volume knob in the first page Edit settings for the volume block. (Right now it's probably associated with the Bypass parameter for that block in MIDI settings, which isn't what you...
  71. jasonmauer

    Scene selection via midi?

    (last tab in MIDI Options menu)
  72. jasonmauer

    Scene selection via midi?

    There are CC options for Scene Increment and Decrement. You should be able to use those to flip through scenes even if you can't do scenes by number.
  73. jasonmauer

    Support for MIDI banks?

    Yeah, what I saw coming from the III in MIDI-OX was big chunks of SysEx data (spread across 3 messages; around 700 bytes total) at an incredible rate, like insane fast. Most I've ever seen come over MIDI. I'm guessing there's a feedback loop or something along those lines constantly responding...
  74. jasonmauer

    Support for MIDI banks?

    Hey admins, can we get an Axe-Fx III Bugs forum going so we have a place to report and verify these issues? (I also ran into a crasher today where the Axe-FX III completely locked up while sending out gobs of SysEx data at an insane rate.) I'm sure I'm not the only one here who'd like to help...
  75. jasonmauer

    Support for MIDI banks?

    I'm working on setting up my foot controller (Mastermind GT) with the Axe-Fx III, and have run into a snag with with MIDI preset selection. For some reason MIDI bank changes aren't working. I've tried MSB, LSB, MSB:LSB... no dice. Also tried sending bank/preset changes with MIDI-OX over USB and...
  76. jasonmauer

    Possible MIDI mapping issue for Channels in III

    If the channel CC isn't behaving as it should, can we take this opportunity to redefine the behavior so we don't need two CCs to handle block bypass and channel? Something along the lines of 0: bypass (retain current channel) 1: switch to channel A 2: switch to channel B 3: switch to channel C...
  77. jasonmauer

    Axe-Fx III Review

    Just a FYI, there is a helper app you can use to edit preset/scene names on the computer while we wait for Axe-Edit III. It's called Axe-Fx III Mini Utility and can be found on the Axe-Fx III downloads page. (Also lets you load IRs into the III)
  78. jasonmauer

    Axe-Fx III wait list: Let us know when you get notified...

    My list confirmation time was 9:10am Eastern; just got my "ready to order" email this afternoon.
  79. jasonmauer

    Really dont get it ! why the downsize when there is more options.

    Why yes I did, including the part about how IA switches work globally in Axe-FX mode, hence my Drive 2 example. Not a problem for the FC (or the Mastermind GT). Anything else you'd like to know about me? My favorite color is purple, and if I could be any kind of animal I'd be a platypus.
  80. jasonmauer

    Really dont get it ! why the downsize when there is more options.

    Also the FCs are configurable per preset, which gives you much more specific control than the MFC. I started off with the MFC and ended up ditching it for a Mastermind GT for this very reason. Why have a Drive 2 button when half your presets don't even use 2 drives, for example?
  81. jasonmauer

    Mark Day envy... Axe Fx III Shirts coming soon?

    So you'd be cool with having your Axe-FX III shipment delayed because they ran out of your size? Or them charging more to maintain their profit margin because there's no such thing as free? The waitlist bonus point though, that's rich. People on the waitlist are already sold on Fractal Audio...
  82. jasonmauer

    Mark Day envy... Axe Fx III Shirts coming soon?

    Shirts aren’t one size fits all, and Fractal doesn’t need the free “exposure” anyway. :) I would buy one though.
  83. jasonmauer

    The Year Of The Axe FX 3. A Huge Year For Fractal Indeed!

    2018: OboeFX. You heard it here first.
  84. jasonmauer

    Any RJM users out there? Your thoughts? I'm tempted....

    I have the GT/16 as well and I love it. Tons of power, sensible configuration, works well under your feet — it’s the best controller out there, bar none. I’ve used it to control 3 different vocal processors, two Axe-FX units, and a VG-99 simultaneously to orchestrate the effects for an entire...
  85. jasonmauer

    Computers not finding my Axe-FX

    I've had this happen periodically with my Windows 10 machine (Surface Pro) when switching between docks... it's like it doesn't init the new USB devices/hubs sometimes. I believe it's an issue with Windows 10, possibly from a recent update (like the Fall Creators Update).
  86. jasonmauer

    How many Distortions blocks can be used per patch?

    You can also use the second Amp block as a drive. Tons of tonal possibilities there.
  87. jasonmauer

    The ML Black Friday is HERE NOW!!

    Oh, I got all of them. Most excellent... [Mr. Burns fingers] Fortunately for me, I had purchased only a couple of the packs previously (the ML Brit and the Orange one), so virtually all of it is new bits. Thanks for putting together this sale with Fractal Audio!
  88. jasonmauer

    The ML Black Friday is HERE NOW!!

    I have less money now.
  89. jasonmauer

    Xitone Open-Back 1-12" review/Mick Farlow for President

    I've been very happy with my 1x12 active wedge (the "Wallimann"), and plan on getting another one in the not-too-distant future. XiTone makes great stuff.
  90. jasonmauer

    With the news of overseas assembly...

    Which is why I think this is also about freeing up domestic capacity. They may be making room for new product(s) to be assembled in the US along with (or replacing) the Axe-FX II. I bet they haven't let anyone go despite the manufacturing shift. I think it's a great move. Lowering the price and...
  91. jasonmauer

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 4.01 Public Beta

    I've had my Axe-FX II (Mark 1) since 2011, back in the days of firmware 2.x. (The first 2.x, not Quantum 2.x. :) A couple months back I picked up another used Mark 1 for multiple guitar coverage and as a backup, so I'm a long-time user and a recent purchaser. (Have an AX8 too for when I don't...
  92. jasonmauer

    It HAS chilled out around here....

    More like Horn of Helm Hammerhand :)
  93. jasonmauer

    Going from FX-II to AX8?

    Yeah, you can use X/Y to switch between different amp/cab settings in a single preset. (Or just create additional presets... takes about the same time to switch as X/Y would.) Can't do 2 amps simultaneously, but you can do stereo with the Cab block; it supports stereo UltraRes as the Axe-FX II...
  94. jasonmauer

    Going from FX-II to AX8?

    Also worth noting, as I'm an Axe-FX II user who recently picked up an AX8 -- it's completely quiet as it has no fan. Sounds absolutely killer... if you're not doing gonzo patches on the II with dual amps, a bazillion effects, etc, I think you'll be quite pleased with what the AX8 can do.
  95. jasonmauer

    Going from FX-II to AX8?

    The fundamentals are all there with the AX8 -- same amp models, drive pedals, etc. There are a few differences (no mic modeling in the cab block) and fewer instances of blocks, such as only one amp/cab instead of two on the Axe-FX II. The specific differences are detailed on the Axe-FX wiki: AX8...
  96. jasonmauer

    FX loop too quiet

    Yeah it's under the first tab (Levels) in the I/O menu... yet another setting that affects FX loop gain staging. There are several points to set levels throughout the FX loop. 1. FX send level in block/preset 2. Out 2 level -- I/O Levels and front panel knob 3. input level for device(s) in FX...
  97. jasonmauer

    FX loop too quiet

    Did you try adjusting the level of the FX Loop block in the preset? FX loop volume is affected by its block level as well as the global Input 2 settings.
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