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  1. spv

    OMG 9 without FC-6: How to use the 3 switches by themselves

    Fantastic piece of work, @Patzag -- thank you!!!
  2. spv

    Shoutout to Mark Day for his Support yesterday with my FM9

    Mark has provided great support to me on multiple occasions across the Fractal platforms! Really appreciate his insight and responsiveness! Way to go @Mark Day!
  3. spv

    Boost Scene

    @22 frets, I find the same difficulty keeping levels constant with an unconstrained volume pedal and found the 3db range to be a convenient solution. I’ve also used it for effects mix (drier<->wetter) which is kind of cool.
  4. spv

    Boost Scene

    I have used two approaches to accomplish this: 1. Attach a modifier (I’ve used a pedal) to adjust the level within a 3db band, so you can push it forward and get an extra 3 db. This has the advantage of being able to work across all scenes without a lot of ”preset complexity” 2. Use the scene...
  5. spv

    Announcing the New FM9 Amp Modeler/FX Processor

    Super exciting. Congrats FAS team!
  6. spv

    IEM best practices

    Thanks all for the insightful and quick replies. Super helpful as usual from this group! We had a show this weekend where I used the IEMs and my ears felt great the next day. Like Chris, the job I’m solving for with IEMs is mostly hearing protection and reasonable sound clarity across the band...
  7. spv

    IEM best practices

    I’d be interested in understanding best practices from those of you who use IEMs for live performance. I’ve had good luck using IEMs in professionally mixed shows, but have typically used one or two Atomic CLRs, stage monitors, and musicians’ earplugs (which I don’t like and find frustrating)...
  8. spv

    Queen Medley

    Thank you LancerS!
  9. spv

    Queen Medley

    My band (Ivy Road Band from Atlanta) made a quick trip to Carlsbad CA this week for a corporate event. Here is our take on a handful of classic Queen songs from that show. I have fully converted from the Axe FX II XL+ to the Axe FX III for live use and am super excited about that! Really...
  10. spv

    Sustain “button”

    Does anyone have a good ‘sustain’ scene — which would basically repeat the input signal until the scene changes? I’m trying to simulate infinite feedback in a situation where I may not have a stage monitor to do it organically. I’ve looked at the forum traffic on this, and tried with...
  11. spv

    Scene toggle and function indicators

    Thanks for the quick reply!
  12. spv

    Scene toggle and function indicators

    I have started to use the per-preset overrides with scene toggle to provide access to more scenes on the bottom row of my FC-12. It's a pretty cool feature -- for example, on certain solo scenes, I have a "toggle" scene that has a +2 db boost and bump to the mids which I can hit real time if I...
  13. spv

    Switching from Mark IV to Axe-Fx III

    I have several Boogies including a Mark II, Mark IV and a Triaxis/2:90 rig with a Mesa 4 12 cab, and hardly ever play them anymore. I got tired of lugging them to gigs and don’t like playing too loud at home. Most importantly, the Axe FX versions have become really outstanding, particularly...
  14. spv

    How to make sure my presets will cut through mix?

    Similarly, I also use the Global EQ screen and drop the bottom 3 bands by 3-4 dB and bring the mids up a bit depending on the room. That seems to help, but it can be a challenge to get this right...
  15. spv

    SKB Travel Case for Axe-Fx III and FC-12

    M, I’d be interested in one of these
  16. spv

    Am I the Only One Not Using High or Low Cuts Anymore?

    I typically cut the bottom 3 bands of the global EQ at OUT1 and OUT2 by ~3 dB or so depending on the room, so the guitar sits better in the mix. More critical in a boomy room. Have not loaded 11 yet.
  17. spv

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 9.01

    Thanks, love the idea of the gain enhancer. Can’t wait to try it!
  18. spv

    How to get warm round high end

    Try using a pitch follower as a control parameter to roll off high end as pitch of the note increases. That can preserve definition in the lower registers while avoiding harshness as you move up the fretboard
  19. spv

    using a 2nd FRFR facing backwards to get more of an "amp in the room" vibe

    For rehearsal with my band I use an Atomic CLR tilted and backward — facing the wall, about 3-4 feet away from it. The sound bounces and spreads around the room, and appears to diffuse more effectively!
  20. spv

    Rockman Tone Match

    Love this. Still remember the day when my then-girlfriend and now-wife gave me a Rockman for my birthday in 1985. What an amazing gift that was! Still married; still buying guitars and electronics! Thanks Leon!
  21. spv

    How many patches do you all use?

    I play Classic Rock, and use a lot of patches as well, but there is an 80/20 - 80% of the material I cover can be done with a few go to presets (clean, vintage amp pushed, @Moke’s JCM800 crunch/lead [very versatile], Friedman HBE for leads). I have probably 20-30 song-specific presets, but I...
  22. spv

    My family is growing up :)

    Awesome! What's the 5 switch unit below the AX8?
  23. spv

    How many Axe-Fx processors do you own?

    Currently own Ultra, Axe-FX II Mark I, Axe FX II XL+, and Axe FX III
  24. spv

    What is everyone doing for live setup?

    I haven’t yet gigged with my III due to the FC issues. However, I expect to maintain the same setup as I use today: OUT1 to FOH, OUT2 to either 1 or 2 Atomic CLRs depending on the gig. Sometimes run IEMs from the PA, which I have come to really like. Am thinking of ditching the CLRs in those...
  25. spv

    First gig this weekend with the III. Must prepare!

    I use the OUT1 copy to OUT2 as Cliff mentions and it works wonders in allowing me to manage stage volume independently while keeping the sound guys happy!
  26. spv

    Axe-Fx II with Atomic CLR active cab

    I run my CLRs at 1 or 2 o'clock, and then set the master based on the room and overall volume. The Axe FX is set typically at 12 o'clock, but I will vary between 11 and 1 dynamically. At gig volume, I drop the lowest 3 bands in the global EQ by about 3 db each to reduce boominess and increase...
  27. spv

    BOSTON - Scholtz crazy effect...how to in Axe FX II?

    Search "hyperspace pedal" -- there are a few good threads on this. I have a preset that I believe came from AxeChange, which I have tweaked and works really well. I use it live between "Foreplay" and "Long Time" (I posted a live version with this on the recordings page a few months back). Here...
  28. spv

    Van Halen Vibes

    Super inspiring! Excellent work, and thanks for sharing!
  29. spv

    Foreplay / Long Time -- Live Boston cover

    Agree completely - totally timeless sound! Many thanks!
  30. spv

    Van Halen - "I'm The One" (New OwnHammer IRs)

    Agree! That really rocked!
  31. spv

    Ozzy's Revelation Mother Earth and Steal Away live

    Fantastic - great guitar tone and phrasing; great mix, and your singer completely nails Ozzy!
  32. spv

    Foreplay / Long Time -- Live Boston cover

    Here is my band doing Foreplay / Long Time (in Boston of all places!). Axe FX 2 XL+ run to FOH with Atomic CLR on stage to help with feedback. Presets based on Moke's Foreplay/Long Time preset. Thanks for watching!
  33. spv

    Stone In Love — live Journey cover

    It was in the Seaport district at a bar/restaurant called Committee. A really nice venue for a private party -- there is room for 150 people just around the bar itself, and the food and service was amazing.
  34. spv

    Stone In Love — live Journey cover

    Here is a live cover from a recent gig we did in Boston for a private party. My Axe FX is run direct to FOH with an single Atomic CLR for feedback generation purposes and stage volume. Patches are based on Moke’s Escape patch from custompresets.com (thanks Moke!) All audio was captured live in...
  35. spv

    Fighting level issues across presets

    I have used the +1/-1 db MFC switch, although its scene-specificity can lead to unintended effects if you are not careful. I used to use IA#11 as a boost switch, which was less effective for me. I usually send my stage signal to my CLRs and my FOH send through out1 and out2 respectively, so I...
  36. spv

    Anyone find they don’t “need” drive blocks in most cases since getting the AxeII?

    I put a TS808 in front of the amp, low drive, and use it in certain circumstances where I need to “hit the amp harder” as others have said — adds sustain and color to tap harmonics and touch sensitive stuff. There are lots of ways to achieve same effect given flexibility (eg, just use a preset...
  37. spv

    Using Different Guitars With Different Output

    Two thoughts: 1) on the Axe FX, use the Global amp gain to compensate across all presets for different guitars, or 2) outside of the Axe FX, consider something like the Seymour Duncan Pickup Boost pedal at the front end of your signal chain and set the gain to compensate for the lower output...
  38. spv

    Gigging Cover FRFR Guys???

    The good news here is that you can start pretty simple and evolve over time by adding complexity where you want it. In early days with a new group, to me the most important thing to get done is get sounds into a mix that works live, and as many have pointed out, you can do that with a few core...
  39. spv

    Banking Up and Down / Scenes

    Could you set a global bank size of 1, move to song mode, leave reveal on all the time (or set switches 1-5 to switch scenes), and simply step on the desired starting scene before the song begins? It’s two clicks - advance bank, select scene. Alternatively, make scene 1 the starting scene in all...
  40. spv

    External midi to supplement MFC-101 for dedicated scene selection

    I use quite a similar approach (song mode with 3-4 presets for complex songs). The one drawback (other than remembering to engage and disengage reveal when alternating between multiscene presets and multipreset songs) is the audio drops that occur switching presets. I can usually time those...
  41. spv

    External midi to supplement MFC-101 for dedicated scene selection

    Thanks - very helpful! Will report back on whether I can connect the dmc-8d!
  42. spv

    Did you stay on Fw 8.x Or move to 9.x (poll)

    Like 9.02 very much — I did notice in a gig in Boston the other night that I had to cut the high end a bit in the Global eq as it sounded brighter in a live setting than it had in rehearsal — could have been the venue, and perhaps it was the stage monitors (which can sometimes sound brittle)...
  43. spv

    External midi to supplement MFC-101 for dedicated scene selection

    Hi all- I am trying to add dedicated scene selection to my rig without having to switch back and forth between REVEAL mode and SONG mode. Some songs I play use multiple presets, while others use multiple scenes, and I would like to expand my use of scenes. At some point, I may be able to...
  44. spv

    Is the brit pre good enough?

    AX8 sounds fantastic in that test!
  45. spv

    How many scenes you really use? Is 8 overkill?

    Like this idea very much -- that way can easily get to 1 preset per song, and if more are needed, they can be placed adjacent to each other.
  46. spv

    How many scenes you really use? Is 8 overkill?

    My live setup has evolved to use scenes less frequently, and I opt instead for 1) Song-specific banks for complex songs, which has some issues; and 2) Expression pedals assigned to turn different parts of specific presets on and off or modify groups of effects at once (effectively acting as...
  47. spv

    How many expression pedals are you using?

    I have 4, and have been working to standardize them more. Not all are active for all presets, but I usually have: 1 - Wah or volume (patch dependent) 2 - Some sort of modulation (e.g., flange) 3 - Some "edge" -- typically a couple db and a bit of delay useful for pushing solos 4 - More extreme...
  48. spv

    Axe fx 2 + Mesa Triaxis = bliss

    Still have a Triaxis, 2:90, and a Mesa 4x12. Sounds really killer and is of course very loud, but just got tired of schlepping all of that around!
  49. spv

    Axe + FRFR users, how are you getting feedback?

    I have no trouble getting feedback through my CLRs. I add a drive block (TS808 typically) before the preamp on some of my patches to make it easier.
  50. spv

    Brit Floyd destroyed last night with their Axe-Fx units!

    Saw them last year. They are just amazing!
  51. spv

    Volume and tone knobs....?

    80% on 10/10, 20% using volume knob. Almost never turn guitar tone off of 10. Have some vintage amp presets that handle roll backs pretty well, and use those on certain songs. I also use the knob to tweak tone and feel live just depending on the performance dynamics and stage mix at the moment.
  52. spv

    Benetar/Geraldo's Heartbreaker Quantum 7

    Mark- Fantastic! Is that preset available anywhere?
  53. spv

    Usually bring my axe fx to club gigs solo & hope for the best..

    I played a show 5 years ago in a hotel ballroom where the AV people had a bass amp handy and suggested I use it for stage volume. It was actually great and did the job extremely well. Plenty of volume, absolutely clean, flat. Actually quite a bit better than vocal wedges which I've used in...
  54. spv

    Does Fractal have a Mini version of the EV-1 in the works?

    Yes - I'd like 4 please!
  55. spv

    Scene switching live

    I am trying to streamline the process of scene switching live, and wondering if folks have suggestions to that end. Under my current setup, I use song mode with a bank size of 5 and mostly switch presets to change sounds within songs. For some presets, I use scenes inside of songs and make...
  56. spv

    Anyone not a fan of Quantum 6?

    I am very happy with this upgrade. I reset the amps on all my presets, and really love the results so far (playing solo and to backing tracks). Will see how it sits in a live mix at next rehearsal, but I am optimistic. I also tonematched against a few isolated guitar tones and got much closer...
  57. spv

    Double tracking-effect on live guitar?

    Have any of you tried this pedal? Would you recommend?
  58. spv

    Hold the line - Toto - Harmonizer Settings

    I like this as I have missed the button more than once covering it live ;-). I figured expression pedal would be a good solution to this!
  59. spv

    Hold the line - Toto - Harmonizer Settings

    Hi there. Here's how I do it. Put a pitch block somewhere after the preamp, set to "Intel Harm" (PAGE 1), then on PAGE 2, set your key to "Gb" and the scale to "Aeolian minor" -- basically setting up for a natural minor harmony. Set "Voice 1" to -3 and Voice 1 level to 100%. Make sure...
  60. spv

    Neal Schon's pedalboard and MFC-101

    I have always been a fan. He's really a superb player; great melodic feel (one can sing his solos) but also is happy to shred... Does not abridge the solos in a live setting either!
  61. spv

    Neal Schon's pedalboard and MFC-101

    I was thinking about that as well. No backline on stage at all (there were the small mesa speaker cabinets behind Neal) and no monitors either. Real clean look on stage. All the players had in-ear monitors (you can see it quite prominently in the photo). Neal used an expression pedal to...
  62. spv

    Neal Schon's pedalboard and MFC-101

    Here's a pic from Wednesday's Journey concert in Atlanta -- you can see the MFC-101 in plain sight on his pedalboard. Was a great show btw, with Steve Smith on drums, Ross Valory on bass, Jonathan Cain on keys and Arnel Pineda on vocals.
  63. spv

    Infinite verb/delay/sustain help!

    How about using a looper pedal, or configuring the axe fx looper pedal to loop the note infinitely?
  64. spv

    Shout out to Yek

  65. spv

    Your rack

    2U Gator Studio-2-Go with a section for computer, cables etc. Have brought this all over the world and it fits in the overhead compartment. Quite good. Would prefer one with wheels but haven't found that yet! Good luck
  66. spv

    Best way to switch between two chains in a preset with a pedal

    That sounds great. I will try them out this weekend! Thanks.
  67. spv

    Best way to switch between two chains in a preset with a pedal

    Thanks! I like these ideas and will probably consolidate to one preset to cover this song. I've used three adjacent presets - formant (built on "Man In the Box") for the verse, BE-based for the chorus, and an HBE-based tone for the solo). This has worked great, but I love he idea of not...
  68. spv

    AOTW 4 Friedman (H)BE

    I use the HBE for most of my lead tones. With a drive block in front, you can get it to sustain forever. Love the Mark Day patch -- Thanks Mark!
  69. spv

    Rack Amp

    +1 on the studio monitor approach. You can find great sounding monitors for not a lot of $, they will reveal to you the sonic diversity and incredible capabilities of the Axe FX 2, and you will love how they sound when you play through them. Enjoy!
  70. spv

    Steve Lukather Soldano X88R preset

    This is really well thought through ... Loved the write up. Can't wait to load it up; am a huge Lukather fan! Thanks for sharing this!
  71. spv

    What are you using your expression pedal for?

    I have 4 pedals. Generally: 1. Wah (auto on) 2. Activate and bring in flanger (auto on with offset at 0 degrees) 3. Add more delay and volume a couple db for solos- the "11 pedal" 4. Newly added - will vary, but am planning to use to mix in harmonizer on certain presets I sometimes use #3 as...
  72. spv

    Whats a good wireless system for guitar/AFX?

    I've had a good experience with the G30, and it fits your price range.
  73. spv

    Do you guys use scenes or patches to change "channels"?

    I have done both, and tend to use presets more than scenes, principally because I got used to songs/banks on the MFC before scenes were introduced, and I find it cumbersome to switch the MFC into and out of scene mode to change scenes. On more than one occasion I have bungled a preset change...
  74. spv

    Has the Axe FX replaced your entire pedal board, or some/none of it?

    I often use two pedals in front of the Axe FX -- a Cry Baby mini wah and a Dunlop pickup boost. With the new FAS boost pedal, I may drop the pickup booster. Although I sometimes use the Axe wahs, I feel like the Cry Baby has a more pronounced and organic effect.
  75. spv

    For the holidays...

    From a gig I played Thursday evening in Boston for a holiday party at the Red Lantern. These got me in the holiday spirit! Love having replicable AND portable tone! -- thanks FAS!
  76. spv

    Patch for transition from "Foreplay" to "Long Time"

    My band plays Foreplay/Long Time, with a great keyboard player. I am looking to improve the guitar sound during the transition between the two. I use a pretty overdriven amp (Friedman HBE) and a multi delay / delay / reverb chain to get a nice, open sound. It works great for getting those...
  77. spv

    Anyone wish for a better looper?

    I'd be interested in where in the signal chain you put the Ditto x2. I have one as well, and am still trying to figure out best placement (I have been using it at the end of the chain, after OUT1).
  78. spv

    Do you guys ever "start over?"

    I tend to evolve my core patches over time, changing IRs, adding/changing effects, building around the amp foundation. This thread makes me think I should probably go back to basics with amp models, though. Lately have been doing a lot with expression pedals to improve live performance...
  79. spv

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 1.03 Firmware Release

    Nice! Happy Thanksgiving!
  80. spv

    High Praise for Fractal

    The Axe FX tonal consistency across venues and PA systems is really awesome -- as is the wide range of tones you can call up in a single show.... I've found it to be a real game changer as well.
  81. spv

    Axe Fx / Gator GSR-2U studio 2 Go rack bag / anyone own or tried it?

    I have had a lot of luck with this bag http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/Studio2Go It fits the AF2 just fine, plus has room for a computer and accessories in a separate space. I have taken this on many flights and it fits in the overhead bin just fine. Good luck!
  82. spv

    Wah used to auto-disengage but now stays on

    I use EV-5's and have this problem occasionally. Recalibrating the pedal on the MFC-101 does the trick.
  83. spv

    Why is De-Phase necessary?

  84. spv

    Bringing an Axe II on an airplane

    Gator 4U in the overhead, guitar in the closet, MFC checked in a suitcase
  85. spv

    Just a farewell thanks to Fractal and all the forum users

    Sorry to hear this, and best of luck
  86. spv

    Just ordered the XL + today

    Congrats and welcome to your next chapter of guitar innovation!
  87. spv

    new to FAS- Is now the time to buy an Axe FX XL+?

    As for the 2:90 and Triaxis - I have both also and have not really used either since I got my Axe FX (first Ultra, then AF 2). Not that they aren't compatible, just not additive enough to justify lugging them around. And the Axe cab sims add lots of versatility. Have had great results with...
  88. spv

    Amp or Preset for the 'fattest' single note lead?

    HBE - use this a lot for thick solo sounds Brit Brown - use this a lot Ned Beatty preset - superfat sounding
  89. spv

    Your favorite mid to high gain amps that retain clarity on complex chords

    Best "real" amp I've heard for this is my Bogner uberschall, played through a tHd 2 12 open back cabinet - can crank the gain up and still get chordal clarity. I don't use this much anymore given the versatility of the Axe FX...but the vibe is really cool. Could never get that combination of...
  90. spv


    This is great! Happy 10th anniversary! Reminds me of the early coverage of the Apple 1 computer in 1977 or so! Congratulations Cliff and FAS team!
  91. spv

    18.01 sounds different than 18.00 b7

    I noticed the better clarity, brightness and gain as well after installing 18.01 vs. the beta. It sounds great!
  92. spv

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 18.01 Released

    Thanks FAS team!
  93. spv

    Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

    As a long ago REO fan, I recently decided to add some to our set, so I've been looking at some videos. In the band's heyday, Gary Richrath's tone and presence was really amazing. If you haven't seen this live version of Roll With the Changes, it's worth a look (complete with VCR intro ;-)...
  94. spv

    Looking for help with Boston patch

    I have come close with an approach similar to what Tone Collector recommends - I start with a Boston-like guitar sound, then add delay, chorus, and multi-tap. The organ parts are playing the chords underneath, which actually creates the space to make this sound amazing. I will then also hit my...
  95. spv

    Ownhammer Cab question

    I am using some of the Ownhammer Ultra Res mixes from Cab Pack 3. These are excellent. Do these IRs make the AxeFX "Mic" settings redundant? Given that they are mixture of various different mics, it seems like adding another mic is redundant, and therefore "none" is the right mic setting. On...
  96. spv

    Randy Rhoads 2014 Masterclass (Teaser)

    Will - really great tones and production. Congrats! I'm definitely interested in the DVDs!
  97. spv

    Any tips for traveling with the Axe Fx II and assorted rig

    I use a Gator 2U case, and stuff it in the overhead. Usually bring guitar in a gig bag and put that in the closet. I check the MFC in a small hard sided suit case. Gator has some good cases - am thinking about getting one with wheels to simplify transport?
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