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    JP2C Graphic EQ

    There has been so much discussion on this point (including by me) that perhaps Cliff might consider just creating an "authentic" taper option for the Mesa 5 band eq based on the amp he modeled (I believe the amp was one of JP's personal amps). I get it - having an "authentic" version would...
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    Speaker Impedance Curve Description

    I was really set on trying to match Impedance Curves to IRs I was using for a good while. I have since started to view it as a powerful tone and feel shaping setting and pick whatever Curve works best regardless of what it is called. Has worked out well.
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    Anyone purchase the Martin Miller preset pack?

    He is ridiculously good I think. Yeah agree the price is a little steep and tones can probably be had quickly using simple presets. Always nice to know how the pros approach their tones I guess. If you are a patreon for a few months you get then as well.
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    Suhr SSV and SSH+ pickups really noisy?

    Doing some more reading it definitely points to airborne EMI. Different guitars same issue, turning off all other devices same issue, turn down guitar volume and it goes away completely. Except for moving house or playing in a different room there doesn’t seem to be much cure for airborne EMI...
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    Suhr SSV and SSH+ pickups really noisy?

    As a bit of an update, I spent a few hours troubleshooting everything. Unplugged and turned off EVERY electronic device in the room except for the AXE III. Tried different power outlets on different circuits. Tried all my guitars. Tried lots of cables. Resoldered the grounds for the Strandberg...
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    Suhr SSV and SSH+ pickups really noisy?

    Touching anything makes no difference. Moving the guitar around the place drastically changed the loudness of the hum though.
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    Anyone purchase the Martin Miller preset pack?

    How did it translate on your gear? His tone is always great in his medley videos so was wondering if the pack was decent.
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    I've been sleeping on Low Cut

    Are you referring to the “cut” switch in the ideal amp settings?
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    What IR is Aaron Marshall using?

    This has been my favourite IR since it was released. I basically don’t use anything else. @York Audio created something very special with this one.
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    Suhr SSV and SSH+ pickups really noisy?

    Thanks for all the help everyone. So just to summarise and check my work so I am not missing anything: 1) Strandberg is brand new and appears to be well grounded at all points when checking with a multimeter. 2) Noisy in humbucker positions and quieter in split coil positions. Otherwise the...
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    Suhr SSV and SSH+ pickups really noisy?

    Nice guitars!
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    Suhr SSV and SSH+ pickups really noisy?

    This is a great point. It is brand new from factory (not that that means much with sloppy soldering jobs these days!) and it all looks pretty good visually. I haven’t tugged any wires but might give that a shot thanks.
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    Suhr SSV and SSH+ pickups really noisy?

    Thanks for your experience. It seems I can relate all too acutely. In the interest of convenience and comfort I may have created a perfect storm and never noticed it until I got the Strandberg. This may be because it is not as good at rejecting EMI as my other guitars. Could also be because my...
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    Suhr SSV and SSH+ pickups really noisy?

    Thanks, this is really good to know. Yeah, it was well under 5 ohms for all the components I checked for ground (which was everything I could possibly check). Seems like the wiring and grounds is spot on from a visual and continuity test perspective.
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    Suhr SSV and SSH+ pickups really noisy?

    Yeah all the right coils are on in each position. Tested by tapping the coil with an Allen wrench. So I tried moving around the room a bit and the volume of the buzzing fluctuates a lot. Found one spot where the buzzing goes dead quiet even with massive amounts of gain. So there must be...
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    Suhr SSV and SSH+ pickups really noisy?

    No it doesn’t. Touching strings or output jack has no effect. I have checked all the wiring per schematics and is correct. Have checked ground continuity for every part, shielding, strings, everything metal and all checks out with almost zero resistance. Bit of a head scratcher. Buzzing is...
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    Suhr SSV and SSH+ pickups really noisy?

    Thanks for all the help. Damn, seems like there must be a wiring issue of some kind. I’ll need to go do some more investigating. So best bet is to make sure there is continuity between volume and tone pot and the output jack? I checked between strings/bridge and output jack and that was ok.
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    Suhr SSV and SSH+ pickups really noisy?

    Hi all, Recently got my first Strandberg. Came with SSV neck and SSH+ bridge pickups. Loving the guitar but the pickups are really noisy. I have Dimarzio high output pickups in my other guitars so the Suhr pickups are a first for me. Even with gobs of gain the Dimarzio’s are surprisingly...
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    Wish Add EVH 5153 Stealth model to honor Eddie passing

    Have you tried the internet Wayback Machine? Probably has a copy of those schematics saved from earlier scrapings of the site, if you can remember where to look.
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    Wish klon Centaur on input boost

    Interesting. Is using the input boost in the amp block the same as putting the identical drive as a block before the amp? Or is there a difference?
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    Sigh - Still On The Fence

    For a home studio or bedroom player application I don’t think there is anything more ideal than the Axe FX III. People say it is expensive but I disagree - it costs about the same as a decent amp head. The value you get from the unit is far greater than the price IMO. For non-stage-volume...
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    5153 so easy to get a good tone, feels like cheating!

    Thanks man I appreciate it. I prefer the Mark IV patch I made these days. Not sure if I shared it or not already.
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    5153 so easy to get a good tone, feels like cheating!

    Hahaha yeah maybe that is where I have been going wrong all these years. It just feels wrong to have everything at noon, but I have read posts from Cliff talking about how amp designers use pot tapers so that good tones sit at the 12 o’clock position as people are afraid to turn knobs.
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    5153 so easy to get a good tone, feels like cheating!

    Over the years, I have spent almost all of my time with the Mesa models - particularly the Mark IV. For me, these models take a fair bit of mucking around to get the most out of them, but what a tone! I don’t think this is a problem with the models - the real world counterparts can be tricky...
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    Wish Axe FX at 96k

    Why? Genuine question.
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    MBC Tone Tightener Alternative

    Does raising the low cut in the input eq help? I find this is a magic setting for reducing the low end chug build up. Don’t be afraid to go pretty high to like 250hz.
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    Anyone have an Eart guitar?

    My post was not very clear…my bad. What I meant was hopefully the quality of the Chinese guitars continues to climb and prices fall so that these guitars become the premium offerings. Not good for historical companies, but good for non-pro players me thinks.
  28. V

    Anyone have an Eart guitar?

    Thanks for all the input all. Very interesting. The necks and fretwork on these things seem to beguile the low asking cost. Hoping this trend only continues and the most premium of axe’s become very affordable. I ended up picking up a Strandberg. Some of the features, pickups and quilted top...
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    Plini tones?

    Hi all, I have a Strandberg incoming and wanted to see where the community was at with Plini tones? I am out of touch with his rig but assume he uses an Axe III as his main rig? I did see he has a signature DSP as well. Anyone point me to good patches or information to build from? Thanks...
  30. V

    Anyone have an Eart guitar?

    I am most concerned with playability and there seems to be a lot of reviews (including yours!) that the neck and frets are outstanding, especially considering they are way under half the price of the Strandberg. I would love a Strandberg, but it feels wrong paying so much for a guitar...
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    Anyone have an Eart guitar?

    Have been toying with getting a headless guitar. The Strandberg is an obvious choice, but even the standard model is pretty expensive for an Indonesian made guitar without name brand pickups. Have heard they have been having some QC issues too - but who knows? I mean they seem to be wonderful...
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    What Are Your Go-To Parameters for Tightening a High-Gain Tone for Low Fast Palm Mutes?

    Don't be concerned with going higher if you need to. I think saw Leon using something like 250hz with his tones as well.
  33. V

    What Are Your Go-To Parameters for Tightening a High-Gain Tone for Low Fast Palm Mutes?

    What are you setting the input eq low cut to? I find with the Mark IV and JP2C that I have it at about 250hz. Don’t be afraid to cut a lot of lows at the input - extremely effective. I also set the low cut in the cab between 90 and 120hz depending on how much rumble you want to remove. I find...
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    Wish Reference IRs by waveform instead of location

    This would be a fantastic feature for sure. I’m sure Cliff will stuff it into the box at some stage.
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    Wish Revised Recto 4x12 speaker impedance curve names

    I like this idea, but if memory serves I am not sure is Cliff knows exactly which model some of these were taken from. I remember reading a thread ages ago where Cliff speculated but there was an issue with limited notes or something and not all the information is to hand.
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    3 Live EQ Tips the pros use to take tones to the next level - Fractal Friday with Cooper Carter #24

    This is excellent @Cooper Carter thank you so much! As a home player, I am always interested in what goes into a live tone for those that play out. Is that patch you use in the video available anywhere? I subscribe to your masterclass - perhaps it is buried in there and I missed it?
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    Has it really come that far?

    I think the III is well ahead of previous units in everything, and that is saying something! No contest, it is worth every penny.
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    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 19.04

    Does the addition of the dual detune delay to the Pitch Block lend itself to any updates to the Mimiq pedal emulation @Cooper Carter created? I don’t have a real Mimiq so not sure how close it was to begin with.
  39. V

    Switching from Mark IV to Axe-Fx III

    I'm only familiar with the Mark IV from recordings, live music and stem tracks. I have never played a real one, but what I can say is the Mark IV models n the Axe FX III are my favorite in the unit, which is saying a lot because I love so many models. They give me the sound of a Mark IV I have...
  40. V

    Best work around to have amp channel independent from scenes?

    Indeed. Hard to know without looking at the code base. And even then I wouldn't know :)
  41. V

    Petrucci Rig Patch

    I think in the main I was actually agreeing with you that having an authentic model of the graphic eq would be nice. Just wanted to add to the discussion that Cliff has said a bunch of times why he personally didn't want to do it.
  42. V

    Petrucci Rig Patch

    As I understand it, the controls on the Authentic page are matched to the controls on the real amp. I seem to remember this not always being the case (maybe a very old firmware or perhaps it was even the older generation fractal devices that behaved differently to the controls on the real amp)...
  43. V

    Petrucci Rig Patch

    Sorry that was an error in the preset. I use the same IRs for the clean tone - please change to Channel A in the cab block for the clean preset.
  44. V

    Kemper Double Tracker Feature on Axe-FX III?

    How different is Cooper Carter’s pitch block from the real pedal? His doubler is fantastic.
  45. V

    Petrucci Rig Patch

    Attached is my take on a Petrucci type rig if anyone is interested. It growls plenty on my end, but I play through studio monitors so your mileage may vary at gigging volume. Admittedly it is based on the Mark IV (except for the Clean scene), but over time I have come to like the dirty sounds...
  46. V

    important screen issue bourbon street this weekend help please with video

    I had a somewhat similar issue and contacted support. They got me to do some sort of reset sequence and fixed things for me. I would contact support.
  47. V

    A Mark IV metal preset

    That one came from @Cooper Carter in the Petrucci Rig preset. It is an emulation of the Mimiq Doubler pedal I believe.
  48. V

    My Blocks/Channels Library

    This is incredibly generous @2112 and not surprising given the ongoing, amazing contributions you make to these forums and to the AXE III and guitar playing in general! Certainly no better than the DT Ping Pong delay in your block library, but perhaps more accurate to JP's live sound, thought I...
  49. V

    A Mark IV metal preset

    Hi all, With Firmware 17.01 the Axe III has never sounded better. I play through studio monitors (Eris 8's) and really like the new FullRes IRs. They definitely add a bit of mojo that is very welcomed. This Firmware sounds (and feels) so kick-ass, I can barely believe it. Here is a Mark IV...
  50. V

    "Petrucci Rig" Factory Preset Update JPIIC+ and MIMIQ

    It has JP in the file name in the mix folder. It is also discussed in the PDF. I think it was captured using a 313, SM7 and 121 like Perrucci uses these days. The Mix 1 and Mix 2 IRs from that pack are awesome too. Actually all of the mixes are fantastic. Brilliant pack.
  51. V

    "Petrucci Rig" Factory Preset Update JPIIC+ and MIMIQ

    The latest York Audio Mesa Oversized version 2 pack has an IR in it with the same mics and setup as JP uses these days. It is a killer high gain IR. All of the mixed IRs from that pack are incredible. I doubt you would need to look further IR wise. I have been mucking around with the Mark IV...
  52. V

    from Friedman BE100 Deluxe to Axe FX III?

    For anyone that plays only at home, getting the AXE III is a no brainer. I think it is the absolute best possible tool for this job bar none. There are a lot of working musicians on this forum that play live (or used to pre-pandemic), but I bet there are even more bedroom players here. You get...
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    Help with a Marco Sfogli tone

    Thanks for the insights! I don’t have a strat type guitar. Agree it probably has a lot to do with it, along with those pickups! I always use Dimarzio so don’t have much knowledge of EMG. He is such a monster player. Very underrated in my opinion.
  54. V

    Help with a Marco Sfogli tone

    Hi all, Really liking this latest song from Marco, including the tone: I have some typical saturated, Mark IV/IIC+ lead tones bedded down ala Petrucci and some of Marco's other work but am not sure about how to build a lower-gain but saturated tone like in the video. It is driven, but also...
  55. V

    I Just Purchased Cooper Carter's Axe Fx III Class

    I think I have mentioned it before, but FAS should do a deal with Cooper to include it with every unit purchased. It is that good and essential in my opinion. Best money you can spend after getting the unit…that and York Audio IRs :)
  56. V

    I always believed the Petrucci IR was rubbish - it's not

    Sure. Am away from my unit for a while but will post when I can.
  57. V

    I always believed the Petrucci IR was rubbish - it's not

    Thanks for the kind words and really glad it has helped people. But this is quite an old thread now. With Cygnus it is really easy to get a great Petrucci sound without a lot of mucking around. My current favourite IR is from York Audio, from the MES 412 OS-V2 pack. It is the Petrucci IR from...
  58. V

    Axe FX 2 --> Axe FX 3 Upgrader Person

    And the feel. It is so natural and authentic.
  59. V

    Fender Ultra Strats - HSS vs SSS for Axe FX III?

    Don’t make the same mistake I did and buy a bunch of different guitars that are all very similar, and even put similar or the same pickups in all of them. Happened slowly over a long time so didn’t really notice till I had a bunch of guitars that all did the same thing more or less. Sigh. Buy a...
  60. V

    Time to hand over the vest

    No matter how good you imagine the axe iii to be...it’s even better! Seriously. You will never look back. Welcome aboard.
  61. V

    How well do the Dumble amp models stack up against the real thing?

    The forum is getting a lot of posts asking about how accurate fractal gear is. Fair enough I suppose, but seems to be all coming at once! Consensus is it is the most accurate device around, and as that it is extremely accurate. I imagine differences in playing from person to person would...
  62. V

    Would an XLR with phantom power damage the input?

    https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/can-the-axe-fx-iii-tolerate-phantom-power.153696/ Not definitive, but that thread seems to infer the XLR output jacks are phantom power tolerant.
  63. V

    How accurate is Fractal DRIVE modeling?

    I would guess accurate enough that you would need the correct equipment and knowledge to try and quantify any meaningful difference. Sound and feel for all real world purposes? Am sure is spot on.
  64. V

    Andy Wood tackling EVH tones with his AFIII

    Andy is such a pleasure. Very cool tips here as well. Although he could make a shoe box with rubber bands stretched over it sound amazing.
  65. V

    Sixty Second Sounds Ep 1

    Amazing work Simeon. Also, please start a career in audio-book narration.
  66. V

    STL Tones Axe-Fx Packs?

    I had the same experience with STL and Andy James preset. Sounds like garbage. Was very excited and wasn’t cheap either. Part of the problem is they don’t seem to update for changes in firmware. The Andy James being sold is based on quite old firmware (confirmed via email with them but can’t...
  67. V

    Tip: amp input EQ instead of guitar tone control

    The Input EQ is one of the greatest and most powerful tools in the box I think. With Mesa sims I seem to always turn up the low cut in the Input EQ to about 200hz to tame the low end flub in the most perfect of ways which I have been unable to replicate anywhere else in the signal chain. It is...
  68. V

    Anyone use Input Dynamics?

    Me too. Would love to see this added. I don’t care how many different settings there are in this unit. The more the better. And a bass tightener algorithm would be super super useful.
  69. V

    Ideas for super clean chimey tones?

    Try the clean scene from cooper carter’s Petrucci 2020 preset. Plenty chimy to my ears.
  70. V

    John Petrucci Favorite Riffs

    Didn’t know that. Cool. Guess he could still mess with pedals in front of the AXE, or even just mess with everything in the AXE at sound check.
  71. V

    Cable cooking - people believe this bs?

    https://www.thecablecooker.com/how-does-the-cable-cooker-work/ I mean come on. Breaking in a cable? Or a power cord? A power cord!!!!! And the device costs $1000. People terrify me.
  72. V

    John Petrucci Favorite Riffs

    That said, there are numerous credible sources on this forum stating the AXE III models of the JP2C are spot on. This includes Cooper Carter who sets up JP’s AXE rig for him, and Cliff himself who has previously said JP has given the models his stamp of approval. Without his Mesa endorsement I...
  73. V

    Change your damn guitar strings...

    I used to change more regularly but have gotten too busy and lazy. But man what a huge difference.
  74. V

    Change your damn guitar strings...

    Me: what's going on with my AXE III? It doesn't sound or feel right. <changes guitar strings> Me: Well shit. Now it slays again. slaps forehead
  75. V

    "Petrucci Rig" Factory Preset Update JPIIC+ and MIMIQ

    Now I have had some more time to mess with this preset (and continue to love it more and more!) I have a few questions I was hoping you might consider fielding: 1) I understand you set up Petrucci's AXE rig. How much of what is contained in this preset is copy/pasted from JP's actual preset...
  76. V

    "Petrucci Rig" Factory Preset Update JPIIC+ and MIMIQ

    The low end is enormous. Is this how Petrucci runs things live or in the studio or do they low cut at the desk or something? If you like the amp but the low end is a little out of control, other than the usual low cut in the cab block (maybe 80-100hz, 24db/o) I have found thanks to @2112 the...
  77. V

    Changed Output Block to Out 3 and now all my preset levels have to be fixed

    Why is Ouput 3 preferred to Output 1 in this scenario? What are you trying to achieve?
  78. V

    "Petrucci Rig" Factory Preset Update JPIIC+ and MIMIQ

    Thanks rickster71, I totally agree. Cliff has created a thing of beauty with this model!
  79. V

    "Petrucci Rig" Factory Preset Update JPIIC+ and MIMIQ

    This is not just another Petrucci preset - this is (finally) to my ears and fingers the benchmark. With my BFR it is the tone. I have had an Axe-Fx product through the generations since the Ultra days and a lot of my tweaking has centered on Petrucci type tones. And I have never had anything...
  80. V

    80s Synthwave/Retrowave track

    Again, so much talent stuffed into one person. I love this era and love this piece. Please make more! Brilliant Rocco.
  81. V

    20 Movies Mashed

    This put a big smile on my face! Great work mate. How did you go about pulling this all together and recording it? Any info on the patch you used?
  82. V

    Six Feet Apart | Original Song | Steve Stevens preset

    Fantastic work mate, really liked it. Great performances from everyone. Did you tweak the Steve Stevens patches at all. Sounds brilliant.
  83. V

    Marco Sfogli - "Seven" Cover

    Fantastic tone and playing. Well done. That guitar is gorgeous.
  84. V

    "Voodoo Child" Blues Shred with Patch Included!

    Wonderful playing and great vibrato.
  85. V

    Ip Man

    Glad you enjoyed it Cliff. Now to watch the sequels. For me, it is also probably the best Kung Fu movie I have ever seen.
  86. V

    Well here’s one thing you can do with the Axe III

    Incredible as always. Too much talent in one person.
  87. V

    DOKKEN - "Dream Warriors" cover video

    This is just amazing Rocco, as always. I am so excited whenever you have a new song up. Brings a huge smile to my face and I end up listening to it on repeat for a while. Brilliant playing, and those vocals...they are some of the best 80's vocals I have heard anywhere. The pipes on that guy!
  88. V

    IRs York Audio Master Thread - Newest Cab Pack: MRSH 412 MV30-Dual

    @York Audio I have so many third party Mesa cabs so I thought I didn't need another. I was dead wrong. This is a great piece of work. Absolutely loving this cab. Has jumped to the top of my go-to list. Just wanted to stop by and tell you how great it sounds and how much I like it! Mix 3 is...
  89. V

    Nick Johnston presets?

    Awesome. Thanks so much for this.
  90. V

    Nick Johnston presets?

    Hi All, I have only recently discovered Nick Johnston and...wow. Where has he been all my life. What a player, and what a song writer! Anyone have any AXE III patches they have been working on to get his tone? Have been doing some googling and will try build one myself but thought I would ask...
  91. V

    Hurdy gurdy Axe-Fx III video

    This is just amazing. I am floored. Well done and please post more of this!
  92. V

    New Axe-Fx III vs used Axe-Fx II?

    Get the III or the FM3 if you can.
  93. V

    How to combat option paralysis?

    How good is the Atomica, right? If it could make eggs and do my taxes it could probably replace me.
  94. V

    IRs Introducing the OwnHammer (r)Evolution Impulse Response Series!

    Would be great to have a good old v30 in there too :)
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