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  1. mobizoid

    FS AXE FX II XL+ For Sale AB Canada

    Excellent Shape. Never used much at all only in home studio. GREAT DEAL! Contact for full details.
  2. mobizoid

    Recording with FL Studio

    Why not just use the AxeFX USB audio interface?
  3. mobizoid

    How to get the Tremolo in sync?

    Wow...this is cool...would you be so kind as to share the preset?
  4. mobizoid

    Whammy bar flutter

    I need a preset for flutter....and one that will play the guitar for me also.:rolleyes:
  5. mobizoid

    Can the Axe-Fx II sustain?

    I guess these Alnico 3s lowered for great tone are not hot enough. The Alnico 5s in my other strat work much better. I just don't want high pitched feedback. I am Trying to get sustain with a nice bluesy rounded tone on my Alnico 3s like I used to do with tube amps. It is easy to get screaming...
  6. mobizoid

    Can the Axe-Fx II sustain?

    Thanks for the advice guys. Did not really want to buy a pedal. That was what the Axe Fx was supposed to be for.:D
  7. mobizoid

    Can the Axe-Fx II sustain?

    Ya....I turned it right off. I can Get lots of sustain If I have it cranked and get feedback, and I guess I will have to live with that and not be able to do it in the house at lower levels. First world problems.
  8. mobizoid

    Can the Axe-Fx II sustain?

    Ya You are right....just got shit from the wife. LOL Easy to get sustain on Marshal and Freidman amps cranked but not so on the fenders. I have been obsessed with trying to get the ultimate blues tone with my Strats lately. Thinkin I should of never of sold off my home built 5e3 and pedals.
  9. mobizoid

    Can the Axe-Fx II sustain?

    Well folks...I have been trying for many hours using various compressor settings, amp blocks, overdrives, etc. But no matter what I do I cannot get a note to ring and sustain like this. I shake my hand and listen to the note die out. Damn frustrating. Surely there must be a way to get a blues...
  10. mobizoid

    Remembered I can play slide. Hell ya!

    Remembered I can play slide. Hell ya!
  11. mobizoid

    Advice on guitar for Pink Floyd tribute band

    Holy flying pigs! Fremen is Gilmore!
  12. mobizoid

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 10.00 Firmware Release

    Bonus! And the beast lives on.
  13. mobizoid

    Fun Delay preset for Quantum 10

    I was having lots of fun with this preset and thought I might share. http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=6270 This is a fun preset for lush delay echo play. 1rst scene clean delay. Auto wah on other scenes and flanger.
  14. mobizoid

    Recommendations on economical setup, suitable for the weekly jam

    Sell the stuff. Buy 2 powered 10 or 12 inch speakers. That way you will have your own PA. This will come in very handy down the road when you start going through singers.
  15. mobizoid

    Yes, a stupid question

    I would buy a few patches for shits and giggles, if they where considerably cheaper. After all, they are virtual, not like buying hardware, that is an investment that can be re-sold at a later date.
  16. mobizoid

    Looper in the Axe FXIII

    I looked into the RC-300 a bit more and came to the conclusion that I will stick to Mobius for the time being. It appears that the Boss box cannot do different song structures like how I have Mobius set up. The other pluses of Mobius are the abilities to use the same foot controller to control...
  17. mobizoid

    Looper in the Axe FXIII

    So right....more junk to set up and get working right. The dream of one box to do all is still just a dream though. Any thoughts on the Boss RC-300? I can get a good deal on a used one. I think the drums are kind of basic sounding from the YouTube videos I have seen, but this could be remedied...
  18. mobizoid

    Looper in the Axe FXIII

    Isn't funny how one regrets selling older hardware a few years later when you realize it could still be useful. I sold a bunch of gear and a guitar to get my Axe Xl also and I sure miss that Schecter guitar.
  19. mobizoid

    Looper in the Axe FXIII

    I moved to the combination of Mobius as sync master in Ableton 8 years ago after trying lots of different pedals. Once you learn the basics it is far superior to anything else out there. I also trigger Steinberg's Groove Agent 2 VST at the same time because it is the only software or hardware...
  20. mobizoid

    How many patches do you all use?

    30 for looping... mostly ambient and reggae/dub. Gotta love those tempo synced delays! Also 5 with 5 scenes for playing in a jam band, but I use mainly only 2 of them. It sure is nice to be able to load some strange preset at the most opportune time and blow every bodies mind though. If I was...
  21. mobizoid

    Yes, a stupid question

    Well now.....if starting a discussion means someone else putting words in my mouth, then I guess we should discuss. I never said any of that. and coming from a guy who has been kicked around and expected to work for free, I do expect those people to be paid for their efforts. I won't go in to...
  22. mobizoid

    Yes, a stupid question

    :DAnd the flaming begins. You have your opinion, I have mine. And I am happy you are upset.:D
  23. mobizoid

    A friend got the Axe III....

    I hope lots of you guys buy the III. That way Fractal will continue being a viable entity. I will just sit here and play with the delays, and other goodies. on my II. Maybe by the time I use one tenth of the II's features and can program it better, I will buy the III. Of course by then the...
  24. mobizoid

    Yes, a stupid question

    Usually a controller...like he said. Axe-Change has some beauties alright. Part of the reason I own one of these XL's to begin with was because of all the great presets and wonderful people willing to share their knowledge. To bad there are so many trying to make money off of presets now...
  25. mobizoid

    Axe FX II and Axe FX II XL trade up program. Get a new Axe FX III!

    Trade your Axe FX II in for a huge discount on the new Axe FX III model. Huge credit for your old model. Just kidding. ;) Fantasy Post.
  26. mobizoid

    Best case for Axe-Fx II XL

    I have a 4 space SBK with other gear in it also...but I regret the purchase and wish that I had of bought a 2ru instead. It would be smaller and easier to transport without having to have the other gear.
  27. mobizoid

    Port of Axe III firmware to Axe II ?

    I guess I should just rush and buy the new III then. Maybe I would if I would not take such a beating on the XL.
  28. mobizoid

    Port of Axe III firmware to Axe II ?

    Just my opinion....I really do not like bending over to program my XL anyway. I use Axe Edit most of the time, but am frustrated by the way it goes into stand by and I have to wait for it every time I press my midi control pedal. Hey these Axe FX units are nice... and most who cannot afford...
  29. mobizoid

    Port of Axe III firmware to Axe II ?

    A new III would be nice to own....but geez that is one big abortion. I personally would like something smaller instead of something bigger. I think I will wait to see what the competition brings along in the next couple of years. I think manufactures are seeing a market for compact all in one...
  30. mobizoid

    Axe-Fx Looper & Beatbuddy? (MIDI Sync)

    OH ya....the neglected looper block. I bought an XL over three years ago new from Fractal Audio. (cost me over $3300 bucks shipped to Canada! FAKMEGENTLY...LOL) Some of the main reasons for choosing the XL where for it's midi sync capability and built in looper. I soon discovered the looper...
  31. mobizoid

    American Woman (Guess Who)

    Thank you very much for this. It sure sounds a lot closer than anything I came up with. Tweaking now!
  32. mobizoid

    American Woman (Guess Who)

    I have been trying to emulate Randy Bachman's lead tone on American Woman by The Guess Who, but am not having much luck. Can anyone spare a dime? LOL Would one of you experts have a preset you could share?
  33. mobizoid

    A departure from my normal...

    Really enjoying your Tracks on Soundcloud!:sunglasses:
  34. mobizoid

    Watch this !

    Think I will sell all of my gear today.
  35. mobizoid

    NAMM 2017: Kemper Profiler Pitched Delay FX

    You can do anything with the AXE FX! Where there is a will there is a way.
  36. mobizoid

    NAMM 2017: Kemper Profiler Pitched Delay FX

    Look Maw...no hands!
  37. mobizoid

    The Cult "Fire Woman" and "She Sells Sanctuary" Patches

    I guess I will spend my 10 bucks on a hit of crack...LOL. But seriously, I did not mean to hurt any ones feelings. I must owe Yek (preset master)about $20,000 bucks by now. I will wait for the "sale".
  38. mobizoid

    new funk/jazz album with all AxeFX2 and AX8 tones!

    Funk the Funk! Lovin it...Havin a 70's flashback.:D
  39. mobizoid

    The Cult "Fire Woman" and "She Sells Sanctuary" Patches

    OK Moke...so is 10 dollars a firm price or are you open to offers? :D
  40. mobizoid

    The Cult "Fire Woman" and "She Sells Sanctuary" Patches

    I agree..."Moke's stuff is awesome" but 10 bucks for the patch!
  41. mobizoid

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 5.00 Firmware Released

    I concur. How many amps do we need? Effects upgrade please.
  42. mobizoid

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 6.00 Firmware Released

    Just fired up my Axe FX XL+ for the first time in a while. Loving the new firmware....Wah heaven!
  43. mobizoid

    Backing Tracks

    How about mogg files? You download some of them on the net some where?...LOL. Use Audacity to turn the mogg into all of the separate ogg files and export (to .wav or .ogg.) Then open the exported files in the DAW of your choice. FL Studio is good because it reads .ogg . Now you have multitrack...
  44. mobizoid

    I made it!

  45. mobizoid

    Plugging directly into nearfield recording monitors for home listening?

    True, but I have spent quite a few bucks over the years replacing blown and worn out speakers.
  46. mobizoid

    Plugging directly into nearfield recording monitors for home listening?

    My JBL LSR308 Studio monitors sound great....But how long would they last as guitar speakers I do not know. Would it not make more sense to by one or 2 ALTO or Behringer ten or twelve inch speakers for less money than a good pair of studio monitors. I use my Alto tens for rocking out and save my...
  47. mobizoid

    Something in 6/8. Breaking writer's block

    Quite enjoyable!
  48. mobizoid

    Digital backing track MIDI controlled

    What I do is use FL Studio and a XR-18 With this setup I can trigger FL studio to play backing tracks or MIDI tracks with a midi controller or computer keyboard. I run this on a laptop. . I can then have my backing tracks play on the XR to separate channels. This is great because if another...
  49. mobizoid

    Fractal Audio AMP models: The Presets (Q7.02)

    Beauty...thanks YEK...The presets that you share on this forum are invaluable.
  50. mobizoid

    Song to my Wife

    Tragic! Let her go....there will soon be another. You will be smarter next time around.
  51. mobizoid

    AxeFX II use in BowieVision

    WOW You guys sound great.
  52. mobizoid

    Amps models.....too many?

    Amp models are like women...the more the better. You may never get to plug into them all, and some seem mighty strange. But every once in a while you may take a chance with some exotic model and feel a new and exciting current run through your body.
  53. mobizoid

    Case Expert Advice Needed.

    Ended up buying the Gator. This video had a lot t do with it;
  54. mobizoid

    Case Expert Advice Needed.

    Thanks for the great advice guys. I would like to get that SKB Roller case, but it is a little out of the budget at the time. I found a pretty good deal on this one; http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/GPro4 Just checking around and hoping there will not be any Issues with fitting an XL and a...
  55. mobizoid

    Case Expert Advice Needed.

    OK guys....thinking about buying this case for my XL. Any comments appreciated.
  56. mobizoid

    This guy rocks!

  57. mobizoid

    Deserted Island Artist...

    LED ZEP Their recordings stand the test of time.
  58. mobizoid

    Wet and Dry signal without using FX Block

    God day experts. I need a little help. After trying different settings, to no avail I thought some one here might have some pointers. What I want to do is send a wet guitar signal using Axe FX II+ presets, while at the same time send a dry microphone signal. Like this: AXE FX Wet Guitar >>>to...
  59. mobizoid

    Canadian exchange rate

    Ya... Yes sir... We just came back from Mexico and when I looked out the plane window over the US of A..you couldn't see much except gun smoke and muzzle fire. :D
  60. mobizoid

    Canadian exchange rate

    OK...I will tell the wife we are moving next week. Maybe I can get a job busking by a liquor store. After all being a high school drop out kind of narrows the scope of employment possibilities. I am sure I cannot get one doing my usual oilpatch employment for my usual $900 a day. But at least I...
  61. mobizoid

    Canadian exchange rate

    About a month ago I bit the bullet and bought an XL. Had to pay through the nose for the exchange rate. Total cost shipped to Canada was $3300. Plus another $70 some bucks hidden credit card charge. The only bright spot was that I sold off a bunch of gear to help finance the purchase. Some of...
  62. mobizoid

    Fremen Quantum 1.05 presets

    Thanks....cut a hit album and the states will be begging for you.
  63. mobizoid

    Live Jams

    Thanks for this...got the Axse Fx turned up and jammin along...:)
  64. mobizoid

    frac u ...I am in Mexico

    frac u ...I am in Mexico
  65. mobizoid

    Quantum 1.02 | Van Halen - Unchained | FULL VIDEO + PATCH

    Wow nice video...nice guitar! I want one.
  66. mobizoid

    Anyone wish for a better looper?

    Big time learning curve for sure...and the same can be said for the Axe Fx...I figure between the 2 of them I have enough challenge for many years to come.
  67. mobizoid

    Skype guitar lessons

    Not trying to hijack this thread...but I looked up Carol Kaye and that lead me to some very interesting videos. Here is one;
  68. mobizoid

    Streets w Axe FX II

    Can't wait to try this one! Thanks for the share.
  69. mobizoid

    5F8 Tweed - The Eagles - Take It Easy

    I have been enjoying this amp immensely lately. I am going to have to try that cab you mentioned. And to think I could have bought the real amp from my Buddie a few years back for 5 bills. Oh well...he let me borrow it any way.
  70. mobizoid

    How many guitars do you own?

    Only 5 electrics and 2 acoustics. But hey...just like a pair of pants...you can only wear one at a time.:D
  71. mobizoid

    You gotta see this rack!

    And I am lost in a maze with one good preset on my Axe FX and using my guitars volume pot and switches. So many tones...so little time. But it would sure be fun to plug into that beast for an afternoon.
  72. mobizoid

    Love my Fractal gear

    Tried to talk my old lady into a Fractal tramp stamp...no go.:confused:
  73. mobizoid

    Fixed Audible Thump heard when switching preset

    I am also getting this sometimes. And also sometimes when using the quick control knob to switch scenes.
  74. mobizoid

    Kenny Wayne Shepherd: Blue on Black Lead Tone

    Here is something similar....http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=3784 Maybe you can tweak it and improve it? And then share it back.
  75. mobizoid

    Currently studying at the U of Frac

    Currently studying at the U of Frac
  76. mobizoid

    Axe FX XL into Interface - which cables?

    Except He should use component cables...not composite cables....don't worry about whether you use green blue or red.
  77. mobizoid

    Axe FX XL into Interface - which cables?

    LIKE button ...
  78. mobizoid

    Axe FX XL into Interface - which cables?

    YUP! You can use the standard 3 cable component video cable. If you want just one cable instead of 3 of them hanging there, some of them can be easily separated. I have some here that I just pulled apart like licorice. You have to make sure your audio interface is set to the same 48000 kHz rate...
  79. mobizoid

    Black Friday Deals!

    Can I get a rebate of $100 and the shipping on the XL I bought 3 weeks ago?:oops:;)
  80. mobizoid

    Anyone wish for a better looper?

    It is a good looper but could be better. It sure would be handy if It was global and it did not have to be added as a block. Maybe a choice of firmware for those of us that wanted a better looper with more memory allocation. For those who do not care about the looper...a different firmware with...
  81. mobizoid

    Axe FX XL into Interface - which cables?

    SPDIF works great for me with my XL and Edirol interface. Component video cables work great and are a much smarter buy than SPDIF cables. You probably have some already. Google the difference between component and composite cables to be sure. And while you are at it look up SPDIF cables.
  82. mobizoid

    Anyone wish for a better looper?

    You can store pretty well an unlimited amount of presets on your computer. Why would you need so many presets when you play somewhere? You do not have to delete presets...just store them on the computer to make room for the new ones you want to use.
  83. mobizoid

    Anyone wish for a better looper?

    Axe-Edit ....Axe Manage presets
  84. mobizoid

    Axe FX XL into Interface - which cables?

    I would go SPDIF into the RME interface and keep it in the digital realm.
  85. mobizoid

    I've had it with my computer! What to buy?

    And impress your friends and neighbors at the same time...while you are texting on your IPhone 6! :rolleyes::D
  86. mobizoid

    I've had it with my computer! What to buy?

    Apples and oranges...I phones and Android phones...If a person has lots of money to throw around ...buy into the Apple hype. Personally I like to build my own PCs and when It comes to laptops I buy a budget PC with touch screen...upgrade the disk drive to an SSD and beef up the Ram to 8 gigs...
  87. mobizoid

    Wish - VU meters in Axe Edit

    VU meters would be a Godsend!
  88. mobizoid

    Anyone wish for a better looper?

    I would gladly give up preset/cab memory for more looper memory, and FX block memory. I mean...who needs over 700 presets stored on the hardware? We have a computer software librarian for massive storage capabilities. Or am I confusing the type memory inside the Axe FX II? Maybe the preset...
  89. mobizoid

    The Edge

    There is no delay to my ass shifting over to the Edge of my seat!
  90. mobizoid

    Anyone wish for a better looper?

    My fantasy is that Jeff, the genius developer of the free Mobius looper software will team up with Cliff the genius Fractal Audio inventor and develop an AXE FX/Mobius hybrid looper...(Axe FX III). With a user friendly computer interface for programming, and also a new and improved MIDI foot...
  91. mobizoid

    Line 6 tries to kill Fractal Audio

    Scream Bitch!
  92. mobizoid

    Line 6 tries to kill Fractal Audio

    FAS is one tuff old goat. Or in this case a smiley gator.
  93. mobizoid

    Line 6 tries to kill Fractal Audio

    This is kind of what happened to the Helix (eagle)...LOL
  94. mobizoid

    SSD vs. HDD external drives for recording

    I only use external hard drives for archiving. And I do not trust USB drives much at all. Only use an external on a laptop if I have to.
  95. mobizoid

    Strat with Freeze-verb in Balearic Downbeat Chill

    Real nice recording and preset!
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