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  1. mobizoid

    FS AXE FX II XL+ For Sale AB Canada

    Excellent Shape. Never used much at all only in home studio. GREAT DEAL! Contact for full details.
  2. mobizoid

    Can the Axe-Fx II sustain?

    Well folks...I have been trying for many hours using various compressor settings, amp blocks, overdrives, etc. But no matter what I do I cannot get a note to ring and sustain like this. I shake my hand and listen to the note die out. Damn frustrating. Surely there must be a way to get a blues...
  3. mobizoid

    Fun Delay preset for Quantum 10

    I was having lots of fun with this preset and thought I might share. http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=6270 This is a fun preset for lush delay echo play. 1rst scene clean delay. Auto wah on other scenes and flanger.
  4. mobizoid

    Axe FX II and Axe FX II XL trade up program. Get a new Axe FX III!

    Trade your Axe FX II in for a huge discount on the new Axe FX III model. Huge credit for your old model. Just kidding. ;) Fantasy Post.
  5. mobizoid

    American Woman (Guess Who)

    I have been trying to emulate Randy Bachman's lead tone on American Woman by The Guess Who, but am not having much luck. Can anyone spare a dime? LOL Would one of you experts have a preset you could share?
  6. mobizoid

    NAMM 2017: Kemper Profiler Pitched Delay FX

    Look Maw...no hands!
  7. mobizoid

    Case Expert Advice Needed.

    OK guys....thinking about buying this case for my XL. Any comments appreciated.
  8. mobizoid

    This guy rocks!

  9. mobizoid

    Wet and Dry signal without using FX Block

    God day experts. I need a little help. After trying different settings, to no avail I thought some one here might have some pointers. What I want to do is send a wet guitar signal using Axe FX II+ presets, while at the same time send a dry microphone signal. Like this: AXE FX Wet Guitar >>>to...
  10. mobizoid

    Line 6 tries to kill Fractal Audio

    This is kind of what happened to the Helix (eagle)...LOL
  11. mobizoid

    Chopped Quiver

    I just whipped this one up....experiment with it and use your imagination. It is a preset that uses tremolos to make a chopped sound like an Adernalinn pedal. It is stereo....fool with the tremolo time menus to make it your own. It is set to use global tempo for syncing to your DAW or looper...
  12. mobizoid

    Where to download Simeon Harris presets?

    I found some of the sound samples of some of Simeon's older presets on the web, like stutter...etc. But I cannot find anywhere to download them. Can anyone here point me in the right direction please and thanks.
  13. mobizoid

    Axe Edit glitch (really hard on my speakers)

    I was making a preset today and loaded a user .blk into the chorus block and it made a loud electrical sounding crack and then froze axe edit. I was worried it damaged my rather expensive powered monitors. I am running Win 7. Had to reboot the Axe FX and Axe-Edit to get things working again.
  14. mobizoid


    A Synth sequencer preset best played with single bass notes on guitar. Perfect for using as a midi sync slave to your DAW or looper. Fool with the tempo pull down settings on the 2 tremolo blocks to create new rhythms. Create auto bass lines for Techno and ambient style looping...
  15. mobizoid

    Muther Funker

    A preset with 5 scenes. Exp 1 controls drive. Exp2 controls wah. Scene 4 is the auto filter for funk. Made for the Stratocaster. http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=3797
  16. mobizoid

    How to get this John Mayer tone?

    I would love to be able have a preset with this John Mayer tone. The solo that starts at 5:00 Someone told me that he is using a Mini POG. I don't know where to begin with my new Axe FX XL. I am hoping to get some help or a preset from one of you experts out there in Axe land.
  17. mobizoid


    I tried...maybe someone can improve this and post a better one? OCTAVE FUZZ PRESET (octave up) Deluxe Tweed 121F cab used from the FRACTAL free presets pack available on the forum http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=3781
  18. mobizoid

    Bass Simulator

    http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=3763 Just got a new XL and I made this preset to emulate a bass with 6 string guitar. Comes in handy with my looper software. I hope it is of some use to others.
  19. mobizoid

    New XL today!

    Yeeha! Ordered Sunday...was supposed to be here tomorrow...got it this morning. No waiting for some half baked Line 6 product. Fractal rules! Damn...liking this beast more by the minute. In fact I am more exited than when I bought that new Chevy 4X4 a couple of years ago. So far I have been...
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