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  1. Home Skillet

    EV-1 pedal tension issue

    I've had my EV-1 (used for volume expression) for about 4yrs now and started losing its tension in toe down position. I've adjusted the tensioner all the way and doesn't help at all. I opened it up to see if the potentiometer was loose inside but it is tight. The problem really occurs when...
  2. Home Skillet

    Need help on assigning Scene Volume Incr/Decr to a footswitch

    I haven't been able to figure out a way to assign the Scene Volume Incr/Decr or Output 1 Volume Incr/Decr to a footswitch using my FC-12. I see that there's an Amp -1dB/+1dB, but I'm looking for the specific scene or volume output to Incr/Decr. I was able to assign this via MFC-101 using CC#'s...
  3. Home Skillet

    WISH: Option for alternate Switch Ring Color for active/inactive scenes and effects

    I'm not sure if this is possible but this would make it easier when glancing at the controller and indicating which Scene or Effects are active. For example, on the MFC-101 red indicated inactive, and green indicated active. I understand that on the FC-6/12 dim is inactive and bright is...
  4. Home Skillet

    Wish Option to have RTA display to be persistent

    This is more of a "nice to have"... I think the option to have the RTA be displayed persistently would look pretty sweet when playing live. The request would be able to display the RTA on the front panel at all times after preset or scene changes. Thanks!
  5. Home Skillet

    [fixed] Scene Volume Incr/Decr volume dropout

    Just wondering if anyone experiences a very brief volume dropout when activating Scene Volume Increment or Decrement. I'm using my MFC-101, so I'm not sure if there's something I may have misconfigured in my MIDI settings. I understand I shouldn't compare the II to the III but didn't...
  6. Home Skillet

    Looking for Volume INCR/DECR MIDI settings in Axe-Fx III

    I can't seem to find the MIDI settings for Volume INCR and DECR which adjusts overall Scene output by +/-1dB. I had this setup on my Axe-Fx II but can't find it on the III. I'm so close to finally getting my MFC-101 programmed exactly to my preferences until the FC's come out. Am I...
  7. Home Skillet

    Need help getting a transparent tone

    I'm not sure how to approach this but I'm trying to get this tone that my friend is playing on a CD. He's playing a Duesenberg Starplayer TV straight into a Matchless DC30. I'm also playing a Starplayer but my presets have a DC30 and Vibrato Verb AA in stereo. I've tried different IR's, the...
  8. Home Skillet

    Vol/Pan block setting LFO tempos possible?

    I'm trying to set the Vol/Pan block LFO 2B settings to match the preset's tempo. I remember a few years ago that this wasn't possible, or hopefully I remembered it wrong and it IS possible. Does anyone know how to get this configured to match tempo if at all possible? I essentially want to...
  9. Home Skillet

    Bug? High pitch squeal and Out 1 & 2 clipping (FW 1.02 - Mark II)

    I was working on a preset using aprox 90% CPU when I went to save it to another preset number. This was when I heard the high pitched squeal and Out 1 & 2 Clip LED's went red. The squeal wouldn't stop until the preset was deleted. I tried to replicate the issue but was unsuccessful. This was...
  10. Home Skillet

    For those with Duesenberg Starplayer's

    What cases did you get when you got your Starplayer? I ordered mine without a case because I figured I would get an SKB case that would fit it instead. As I'm still waiting for it to be delivered, I'm looking for a case and was hoping I could get an SKB but the more I keep hearing from stores...
  11. Home Skillet

    San Diego fires

    San Diego's May Firestorm | NBC 7 San Diego This is a shot of my house. With fires all over San Diego I packed my essentials: papers & documents clothes skateboard AxeFXII MFC-101 Strat
  12. Home Skillet

    James Santiago IR's in UltraRes format?

    Will the James Santiago IR's be able to be converted to the UltraRes format? These are the only IR's I use for all of my presets at the moment. Would I be able to convert these with the new version of Cab-Lab?
  13. Home Skillet

    Stereo preset help

    Hey y'all, I want to try out a stereo patch mainly mixing together 2 amps with stereo reverb/delays. What's the best way to approach this? I basically want both amps blended together but utilize stereo delay. What I don't want is having 1 amp on the left and the other on the right channel. I...
  14. Home Skillet

    Stacking overdrives. What's your formula?

    I've recently been using 2 overdrives to get a mild crunch and heavy grit tone. For both blocks I use the modded T808 (TS9) with the clip types set to LV Tube & hard, and in parallel. It's been working pretty good for me but I'm sure there is more than one way to skin a cat. Just wondering...
  15. Home Skillet

    Sunday's worship set at the SD Rock Church

    This past weekend was my first time at our Point Loma campus at the Rock Church. We have about approximately 10,000+/- members. I played all five services at 8AM, 10AM, 12PM, 5PM, & 7PM, about 3000 people stream the services around the world. We get a lot of visibility so you can imagine how...
  16. Home Skillet

    OS X Driver (167) with fw 10.11 - drops USB audio

    Using Mac OS X 10.7.5. I haven't ran the AXEII via USB audio since 9.01 FW, it was working great then. After updating to 10.11 audio drops within 15-20sec of setting the Output to "AXE-FX II USB" in the System Preference's Sound menu. I have to power cycle the AXEII to get the audio to come...
  17. Home Skillet

    Who's gigging this weekend with V10?

    Who is gigging or playing live this weekend after upgrading to V10? I'm playing 5 sets this weekend and am trying to decide if I should do it or not. I won't have time to practice with the band, maybe a few minutes. I've been reading tempting reviews. 9.02 to be safe or go out with 10???
  18. Home Skillet

    Droff's "I surrender" tone

    Any idea how to get this tone?
  19. Home Skillet

    Problems with ducking settings in delay block 2290/mod

    I'm trying new settings as I have band practice tomorrow and just need some help. I'm trying to use the 2290/mod and sounds great except when I'm trying to set the ducking parameters. I hope I explain it right (lacking sleep) but I'm trying to get single note stuff to ring out but then when...
  20. Home Skillet

    Need help picking out a case/gig bag

    Here's what I have, Axe-FXII, HD500, and an ELX112P. I'm planning to get an MFC-101 later this year but for now I'm just using the HD500 for midi/expression pedal. I need to find a new case or gig bag that would allow me to transport my gear from my parking spot to band practice and worship...
  21. Home Skillet

    My first Axe II experience playing live...

    I received the II last Tuesday and I thought I had all the time in the world before using it live that coming Sunday (yesterday) for worship service. I was wrong, the week was filled with things to do and family from out of town to spend time with. Nothing wrong with that, I just thought I...
  22. Home Skillet

    2 effects with 1 switch possible?

    I'm still new to using MIDI and the Ultra. I'm using my HD500 to control the Ultra and am wondering if there's a way to switch on 2 effects with one switch. example, 2 delays, or 1 delay w/OD. Thanks!
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