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  1. pablito

    Moke´s Presets

    I don´t want to be unfair with other users like Fremen, Simeon, Yek, Mark Day, Rocco and others. But kudos to Moke. I bought a few of his presets and packs and they are fantastic. Keep on rocking Moke. Cheers and regards from Brasilia. And of course thanks to all at FAS. Five years with my...
  2. pablito

    Cheap solution for non full range speakers

    Hi Fractal friends. Being a musician in Brazil means to have a hard time getting gear for a reasonable price. I own a Mk II Axe Fx with a Matrix GT800 amp. I thought I would finally get the sounds I hear from other users, but M@ told me that my speakers were not full range. I have Celestion V30...
  3. pablito

    CROWN XLS series amps for the Axe FX

    Hi everybody. I cannot import a Matrix amp now, but a Crown XLS1500 showed up for purchase online in my country. Do you guys recommend these Crown amps (2U) for a FRFR situation? Thanks
  4. pablito

    Harmonizer in the Axe FX 2

    Hello Axe FX 2 lovers and users. I need some kind of assistance. I have not managed to get a good harmonizer effect on the Axe FX 2 for my rock solos. I am looking into buying an Eventide H9 or Pitchfactor. Any advise? What am I missing in the Axe FX2? I must admit that I am not good at...
  5. pablito

    Axe FX 2 with keyboards connectivity

    Dear Axe FX users and fans. Need not to say that I am in love with this unit. In search for new music knowledge, I have started a few months ago, piano lessons. I must say that music wise I have grown a little bit sine then. LOL I was wondering though if it is somehow possible to benefit...
  6. pablito

    Pedal issue for v10.10 [solved]

    Hello Has anyone experienced strange behavior with the expression pedal connected to the back of the Axe FX? After installing v10.10 last night, the wha changes do not obey to my pedal shift back and forth. On toe positions it changes settings alone. The bounces by itself. I will try installing...
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