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  1. nojyeloot

    Reset Whammy/Pitch Expression Pedal between scenes?

    Tried to google/search but don't seem to be asking the question correctly. Can someone chime in please? Got a preset with Pitch 2 set to Advanced Whammy and it's assigned to FC1 Pedal 3 with Auto Engage Fast Pos on the Control parameter. I want to be able to change to another scene and...
  2. nojyeloot

    Help with Latching Control Switch for Amp Boost Across Scenes

    Looking for some help here. I use Control Switch 1 for my amps' boost. Amps are set to scene ignore on all channels. I'd like to be able to stomp my amp boost at any time and keep its ON/OFF state across the scenes of my preset without it turning off when switching scenes. Perhaps I'm...
  3. nojyeloot

    Spillover Still Not Possible? Mega, Mltydly, Plexdly, Tentap.

    I know this has been addressed before (as I recall for the II) but is there any chance to get spillover for any of these blocks? In P&W, I mostly use these blocks for lush swells at the end of songs to wash out while I change to the next preset for the next song. I know features have been...
  4. nojyeloot

    Audio Dropout Between Scenes (Possible Bug?)

    Not sure what the problem here is, maybe one of you guy could please help me out? I'm noticing an audio dropout or level compressing when I switch from, for example, scene 6 to scene 5 while playing. Takes about 5 seconds to "normalize". Seems that scenes 3 & 5 look to be the culprit, but I...
  5. nojyeloot

    New Hope Deferred Single (Ex-The Famine & Ex-Embodyment members)

    My band did a cover of an old Living Sacrifice tune off of 1994's Inhabit. Used the AxeFX III for all DIs (scratch tracks) & for the solos. I know it's not everyone's cup of tea on this forum, and that's ok by me, but if you like old school death metal with a sweet production, go no further...
  6. nojyeloot

    Help Getting (Strymon) Mobius Destroyer Sound

    There's a specific sound I was looking to emulate in the video below. Could someone out there (who's smarter than me) help me get this Destroyer effect sound please? Sound like a stretched tape. Strymon Mobius - Destroyer
  7. nojyeloot

    PSA - David Hislop's AxeFX III/FM3/OMG9 Presets Are Here (Bethel)

  8. nojyeloot

    Wish Fender Prosonic Combo

    Preface: I'm 150% satisfied with everything in the AxeFX III if this never gets included. Wish: Would be nice to get this combo amp in the AxeFX III. Fender cleans with a (slight) Vox-ish breakup. Schematic: I'm no engineer, but found what look to be legitimate schematics here.
  9. nojyeloot

    Pop/Thump Switching Drive Channels - I'm probably doing it wrong

    Preface: Probably something I'm not doing correctly or could be doing better. I've attached the preset (unlinked globals). I've also checked cables (rules #1 & #2 ✔ ) Problem: Drive makes a loud pop/thump when switching engaged drive from channel D (Comp Dist HP) to channel A (FET Boost). On...
  10. nojyeloot

    Pls Check My Preset - Feels Like It's Mono, Not Stereo.

    Hey Guys, I'm not sure if this preset is outputting stereo (wide stereo, at least). I have also tried to place a 2290 (which defaults to mono btw) set it to ping pong and it still sounds like it's mono. Is there something I'm missing? I'm trying to get a wide sound with my two delays. Would...
  11. nojyeloot

    PRS Guys - Identifying Question

    Without getting any more pictures, is there any way to tell whether this is an SE or just a regular custom 24? These are all the pictures I've got.
  12. nojyeloot

    Can Someone Pls Help Me Emulate An LR Baggs Session Align Acoustic Pedal?

    Looking for some insight on this. I used this pedal and loved what it did to my acoustic with everything pretty much at noon except for Saturate @ 10o'clock. I'd like to know what I need in my signal chain to emulate this please. I'm assuming I'll need the following: Tube Pre, Multicomp...
  13. nojyeloot

    Bug? Rampant Axe-Edit Timeouts with 8b/q8/q8.01.

    Not sure if this is a bug so bear with me. Running Win10 Pro x64 on a beefy build less than a year old. Everything is up to date. Preface: I was on the waiting list in 2011 and I baby my AxeFX II mk I. Only on rare occassions would Axe Edit (AE) time out (but it did happen) during the last...
  14. nojyeloot

    Can A Bogner Ecstasy's Channels Be Controlled By MFC-101?

    Need some advice pls. Friend of mine uses his Ecstasy for his amp tones, a real cab & his AxeFX II for effect/etc. Currently he has to switch his amp channels with his Bogner footswitch, and control any other effects with his MFC (bit of tap dancing). Is it possible (without the Bogner...
  15. nojyeloot

    Charvel Cream Crackle: Help me identify please?

    Having a booger of a time properly identifying this Charvel. Previous owner(s) did a hack job of repairing/modding it and want to get it back to a stock nut and OEM studs. I have TWO questions... more pix below. Thanks in advance guys: A). Does anyone know which locking nut is the proper...
  16. nojyeloot

    AxeFX II XL+ sightings... x10

    Just perusing Shawn Tubbs' instagram videos (monster player for Carrie Underwood). And came across this picture. (All rights go to Shawn Tubbs). Thought you guys would get a kick out of it. Also, looks like he's an adopter too. Check his page out, but be sure to buckle up first...
  17. nojyeloot

    Bug? Possible Reverse Delay Spillover Bug, or Possibly Me Being Naive

    I can't seem to get the reverse delay to spill over between scenes 2 and 3 on my preset. I use one delay block (X = Analog Mono & Y = reverse delay). I have no problem going from scenes with the analog mono delay to the reverse delay, but going the opposite direction causes the reverse delay...
  18. nojyeloot

    Bug? MFC 3.06 Scene Decr goes back to scene 1 [SOLVED]

    Just updated to 3.06 and checked my settings in my AxeFX II and my MFC making sure that there are no duplicate MIDI CC numbers being used. I have my Scene Decr MIDI CC set to 124 in the I/O control tab and I have MFC button #1 set to "Scene Decr". Everytime I press the button from any...
  19. nojyeloot

    "The State of Ebony" by Taylor Guitars

    This video is about a year and a half old, but I just came across it on youtube as a suggested video. If you've seen it and know about the current state, great. If you haven't seen it, it's a really interesting exposition on where we're at with ebony. I particularly like the story at the...
  20. nojyeloot

    Carr Factory Tour Video

    I instantly fell in love with the Carr Roamer model from fw12.03 (which we now know is the FAS Class-A), but I love newly revised Roamer model too. Since I'm about 75% unfamiliar with the amps that Cliff chooses to model at the time the firmware is released, I really enjoy learning about them...
  21. nojyeloot

    Bug? FW12.03 Tempo is audibly clicking (Not a bug)

    Hoping I'm just missing something that I've overlooked and I didn't find a bug. I've seen several older posts similarly explaining that they hear an audible clicking due to the tempo while not playing. I've tried unplugging my 7pin bestronics MIDI cable (not that I thought that'd really be...
  22. nojyeloot

    Walkthrough: Setting up AxeFX II and GCP step by step.

    There used to be a really good youtube video on this (how I learned initially), but the guy took it down. I've had several guys ask me how to set this up, step by step. So I decided to write up a step by step tutorial on how to set it up with 4 preset/bank with 8 IA buttons/MIDI CC. I know...
  23. nojyeloot

    12.03beta4 Boost Edit Modifier Bug (FIXED)

    12.03beta4 In this patch I have a Car Roamer and Citrus AC. I'm trying to change my "source" for the Boosts' modifiers from "External 3" (my mission SP-1) to "none". Every time I choose "none" for this modifier, for either of the amps, it won't stick and reverts back to "External 3"...
  24. nojyeloot

    Jackson Swirl Completed. Feast your eyes...

    About 9 months after I first took sandpaper to the body, it's finally finished. Learned a ton during this process (thread here). It's been mighty satisfying. Without further ado... Before After Before After As requested, here's a repost of the dip...
  25. nojyeloot

    Decapitated - The Negation Tone Match. Patch Inside.

    Here you guys go. Used a Charvel Predator (basswood) with a DiMarzio Tone Zone. Used the Recto Red Modern model *patch forthcoming* need to re-export with MIDI-ox Clip https://soundcloud.com/nojyeloot/decapitated-the-negation-tone
  26. nojyeloot

    NGD - Custom Tele Flame Maple Top

    A friend of mine from my church asked me if I'd test drive his latest build so he could hear it live (I play for my church's band), not to sell it to me. Of course, I said yes since it was a fine looking guitar... however, to my surprise, I instantly fell in love with it when I played it live...
  27. nojyeloot

    Silent Underground's Justice Jamez Rhythm patch is beyond cool...*listen*

    Downloaded Silent Underground's Justice Jamez Rhythm patch couple days ago, and just had time to mess with it last night. Good gracious, it's so close. I've wanted to play around with this tone since I was about 15. Got completely distracted last night and recalled my distant memory of all my...
  28. nojyeloot

    I Just Swirled My Jackson (Video Inside)

    Thought we could take a break from all the hustle and bustle with the latest FW and AE, and come together to enjoy something a little different. Did this a few weeks ago and just got around to editing the video. Guitar is a JDR-94 Concept.
  29. nojyeloot

    Possible to Daisy Chain or Extend MIDI Controllers for Extra CC?

    I've browsed through the AxeFX II Wiki's Controller/Modifiers section, and if the answer is there, I missed or didn't understand it :oops. I have a GCP and have it set up with the 4 presets & 8 CC settings for my AxeFX II. I'd like some expansion without jumping ship. So, is there a way to...
  30. nojyeloot

    1:06 KSE Cover with the Herbie Ch.3. Tone Match Surprise...

    Was listening to End of Heartache, and thought, "heck, it'd be fun to learn that." Played around with it using a tone match of Pantera's 101 Proof album's live tone (Herbie Ch.3) I made a few weeks ago and it fit in so well with EoH that I had to track it. I should probably do a Walk cover...
  31. nojyeloot

    AxeFX II Lights Stay On During Startup: POSSIBLE SOLUTION HERE

    It seems like a LOT of guys are having this related problem with the AxeFX II not starting up correctly. FYI: Last week I sent my AxeFX II back for repairs b/c on startup either all, or some of the lights would light up and the AxeFX would "freeze" up with various symptoms (static output...
  32. nojyeloot

    Anyone else having 6.00 "spillover" issues? BTW, I love 6.00!

    With 5.07 I set up my spill over settings following this Wicked Wiki's steps under "Across Different Presets" since I use multiple presets paying special attention to "You must use Delay 1 and Delay 1 vs. Delay 1 and Delay 2": Spillover of reverb/delay trails - Axe-Fx II Wiki I have two...
  33. nojyeloot

    Gojira "Wolf Down the Earth" Match EQ For AxeFX II. Patch Included!

    Who doesn't love Gojira? Gojira - (Wolf Down the Earth) Match EQ by NojyelooT on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free
  34. nojyeloot

    Pantera "Walk" Match EQ For AxeFX II. Patch Included!

    Dime's Display of Power (Walk) by NojyelooT on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free AlbertA's hallowed "Diwewalk 2" patch/IR only works for the Ultra, so I made one from scratch for my AxeFX II. It's not exact, but it's pretty close. Thanks for the inspiration, AlbertA!
  35. nojyeloot

    Pagan's Mind: Through Osiris' Eyes Patch/IR. Match EQ.

    This is for the AxeFX II (5.01). This is my very first attempt at Match EQing. I think I got it pretty dang close. Enjoy fellas...;) It's Osiris' Guys by NojyelooT on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free :D Next on the horizon: Týr (Ragnarok) Soreption After the...
  36. nojyeloot

    Use Ernie Ball Jr Volume as Expression Pedal in AxeFX II

    I have: AxeFX II Ground Control Pro [GCP] Ernie Ball Jr 250k Volume Pedal (6180) for Passive Instruments [VP] Saw this video of Mark Day's rig (1:45): I want to configure my Volume Pedal to be a Global Volume Pedal, but as an expression pedal like Mark Day has (so I only have to run ONE...
  37. nojyeloot

    AxeFX II & Ground Control Pro. Instant Access buttons (XMIT W/PRSET) light problem!

    Hey guys, I have watched MANY a youtube video (the most useful one: GCP and AXE-FX Basic Setup - YouTube), and read MANY forum Q&A's, and still haven't found "quite" what I need to know. Here's what I got: WHAT I'VE DONE/CONFIGURED: AxeFX II & Ground Control Pro (GCP). My GCP is set up as...
  38. nojyeloot

    AxeFX II MARK DAY patch test (Bark at the Moon content)

    Learned a couple riffs from it last night. Love this song. Slapped some drums on it for fun, no bass yet. Tracked it late. Really just wanted to see how this patch sounded recorded. AxeFX II (HBE) - MARK DAY'S PATCH S2.0 Sonar 8.5 Producer Ozone 3 Bark at the Moon by NojyelooT on...
  39. nojyeloot

    AxeFX II Latency in Sonar 8.5 Producer. Help please.

    System Specs: AxeFX II (latest USB driver) ASIO selected. Sonar 8.5 Producer Windows 7 Ultimate x64 KRK Rokit 5" AMD Phenom 8650 Triple-Core 2.3Ghz 6GB+ DDR2 RAM Previously, I had a POD X3 with Sonar 8.5 Producer and had no noticeable lag. I've had it this way for years. Got my AxeFX II and...
  40. nojyeloot

    Anyone have a Pagans Mind/Jorn Viggo Lofstad patch they conjured up?

    The title pretty much says it. I know Jorn plays a 5150 (I, II, or III?) and his Peavey cab loaded with 25w Celestion Greenbacks (last I heard/read). Didn't know what else is in his signal chain though. Has anyone played around and made a patch for the Ultra or II? I'd be much obliged if...
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