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  1. ghost219

    Wish Benson Monarch/Chimera amp+cab model

    I've been seeing videos and reading up on Benson amps and they seem like something worth looking in to. Different than Morgan amps as they seem to rely more on 6V6 power amps with solid-state rectifiers and being completely point-to-point wired. I heard a friend's Kemper profile of one and was...
  2. ghost219

    On the IR hunt

    Hey fellow AX-men/women I'm looking for a cab pack based on the Suhr Pete Thorn signature 2x12 cab. It's an oversized cab with G12H75 Creamback speakers. I did see one of the other cab packs that had a Suhr 2x12 but those were the G12-65's. I have his Div by 13 2x12 greenback IR that was on...
  3. ghost219

    Trying to convince indie kids AX8 doesn't sound like shit...

    I've been in the process of recording local bands (mostly younger indie bands) and most of them insist on using their combo amps but without the space to really crank them (I live in an apartment). Naturally, I offer using my AX8 for tracking guitars and bass. That's when they freak out and say...
  4. ghost219

    Feedbacker effect available?

    I'm trying to figure out how to achieve the effect in this song on the guitars. Modulated clean tone with verb that dies off and feeds back into itself like a delay looper Skip to 2:00 on the song to hear it. If anyone can figure this out, I'll buy you a beer...
  5. ghost219

    What case/gig bag do you use and why?

    I just got a PRS Starla and I'm in love. It came with a nice PRS gig bag but I'm looking into better protection with flying in mind. I'm looking at MONO and Reunion Blues for weight and protection and storage. Any ideas are welcome.
  6. ghost219

    Single Wah/Volume pedal capability missing?

    I'm trying to set up my Mission pedal to control a volume and wah block. Followed directions from Katsukurimedia.com's YouTube video and it's not working for me at all. Upon completion, I lose complete control of the volume. I see it visually tracking the movement but it doesn't do anything...
  7. ghost219

    Parallel blocks and their purpose

    I know this is such a newbie question but I'm honestly trying to figure out why you'd use parallel blocks as opposed to a straight line of blocks. Is it for actual parallel processing? Because a lot of these FX have a mix knob.
  8. ghost219

    FAS Shop promo codes?

    Mods, please delete this thread if it's inappropriate for this area. Does anyone know of any current promo codes for the shop? I'm looking into getting CabLab 3 complete. Thanks!
  9. ghost219

    IEM Systems-What do you use/recommend?

    Everyone talks about FRFR's and powered monitors but what about the guys that are IEM'd up? I haven't found an updated review site for IEM systems. I know about the Shure PSM series 300-900, Audio Technica M3, AKG IVM 4500, and the Sennheiser G3. They all offer unique features at differing...
  10. ghost219

    Acoustic Simulation IR's - Where may I find them?

    I've been looking for good acoustic guitar IR's to use with my electric guitar just for variety (and I just recently traded my acoustic for a MIJ Jaguar :D). I've seen a few posted after doing a google search but the ones that seemed best came up as dead links. Can anyone hook a fellow...
  11. ghost219

    AX8 w/ Mission EP-1 KP setup

    I feel dumb for not being able to set up the wah engage properly. For one, the toe switch doesn't feel like a latching switch. I thought I remembered reading quite a few people having this pedal specifically for the toe switch and being more readily available than ordering direct. What am I...
  12. ghost219

    Creative uses for expression pedal

    Curious to see/hear these. No plain wah or volume BUT a combination of either with something else besides just delay or reverb. Also, I'm fully utilizing this thread to "borrow" ideas for my 2nd incoming expression pedal :D ANDALE!
  13. ghost219

    L6 Firehawk 1500... Thoughts?

    A 6-speaker FRFR stage solution doesn't seem like a bad idea. A 1500 watt one seems way less bad. Aside from it being a little heavy, has anyone messed around with this thing yet?
  14. ghost219

    Custom Cabling-Where do you get yours from?

    I'm still in the process of building up my pedalboard but I'm being a little picky about the cables I use. I'm trying to keep everything within proper lengths to where they'll be easily tucked underneath my pedaltrain. I'm looking into MIDI (right angle or whatever), and TRS as I'm sticking with...
  15. ghost219

    Volume pedal before AX8 or as an expression with volume block?

    I've read some things on the fb group about using a volume block is better than using my EV-1 as a volume pedal before the input. Why is this exactly? It has a super smooth taper that's better than any other volume pedal I've used. My line of reasoning is to use it like I would a normal volume...
  16. ghost219

    FX loop too quiet

    I have 2 H9's running the in the FX loop and was wondering why it's so quiet? If i turn them up, I start clipping my H9's but the signal still isn't that strong. Any suggestions? Thanks
  17. ghost219

    Send MIDI Clock from AX8-IT JUST CAN'T

    The manual says the AX8 can send MIDI CC's out to other devices. I'm trying to figure out how to control tap tempo on my H9's from my AX8. All I'm seeing is MIDI PC's. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks! EDIT: Nvm. Finally found where none of the Fractal units are capable of sending MIDI...
  18. ghost219

    Protected power- What are you using?

    We like to use conditioned and isolated power supplies for our individual pedals but I'm not seeing much in regards to power conditioned for what's probably the heart of our rigs, the AX8. Some are using the courtesy AC plug from their Pedal Power. It's so convenient but it doesn't protect that...
  19. ghost219

    Pedalboard Wireless setup

    I know there's a thread for this in the Rigs thread BUT, I feel this applies more so in the AX8 group as we are completely floor-based. There's a lot of love for the Shure GLX-D16 units. Surely, there's more being used such as the Line 6 line, Audio Technica, or Sony or (your preference). Post...
  20. ghost219

    Forgive the NEWB question- regarding Cab Lab Lite and IR's

    just bought the 4x12 Cab Pack 14 and I can't load it onto Cab Lab Lite. Is this handicapped on purpose to make you get the full cab lab? I'm I'm missing something, please fill me in. Cheers, Robin
  21. ghost219

    Officially part of the Fractal family :D

    That's a Roadrunner soft pedalboard case. I'll use that for grab and go. I have a Pedaltrain Pro I'll likely trade in for a Novo 32 to add another exp. pedal, wireless, H9, and tuner. Baby steps.
  22. ghost219

    FOH and onstage traditional cab set up for AX8

    Has anyone done this yet? I'm interested in integrating an H9 with my incoming AX8 but it seems output 2 is the FX send. The Axe seems to have a separate fx loop as opposed to the AX8. Is that integration idea not possible if I use an H9 or does someone know of a clever work around? I'm not...
  23. ghost219

    NOOB Question: Installing 3rd party IR cabs

    From what I remember reading months ago, the AX8 supports 3rd party IR cabs. My question is how is this done exactly regarding imports? I wasn't sure if the process mirrors that of the Axe FX line. Cheers.
  24. ghost219

    Multi-out audio routing to FOH and power amp

    Hello all, First-time poster and long-time lurker. Like many, I'm VERY (read:EXTREMELY) excited about getting an AX8 for the same reasons many of you are. I'm currently using an Eleven Rack with a Voodoo Lab Ground Control Pro and a Line 6 M9, of which I'm planning to sell every last bit of...
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