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  1. Rhiza

    Alice In Chains - A Looking In View (Rythm Guitar Playthrough)

    Hi guys and gals, I did a playthrough of Alice in Chains' "A Looking in View" I really like this song and it's a very simple yet heavy song. I double tracked the rhythm guitar with the Axe-FX II (TS808, 5150 and Mesa 4x12) I tried my best to blend it in with the actual song. Went quite well I...
  2. Rhiza

    Breaking Benjamin - Diary of Jane Cover [5153 - Red Channel]

    Hi guys, long time no post. I've been extremely busy with studying. But I did this track a while ago and I think I forgot to share it. It's basically a cover I did of the song by Breaking Benjamin called Diary of Jane. I've always liked this track since first time I heard it, so it's an oldy but...
  3. Rhiza

    ideal sine sweep loudness when capturing IR's

    Hi guys, Long time no post. So here goes. I've been messing around with capturing cabinet IRs myself with my Mesa 2x12 rectifier cabinet and so far I've gotten great IRs! So I was wondering, is there a sweet spot on how loud the sine sweep should be? Most people just say, turn it up till it...
  4. Rhiza

    Music Video recorded live during a Solar Eclipse 2015

    Hi guys, A friend of mine just sent me a link to their new music video containing a instrumental version of a doom metal song called "Deyðir Varðar" I still have goosebumps while writing this. The video was shot during the Full solar eclipse in the Faroe Islands on a mountain. The amount of...
  5. Rhiza

    Airport security messed up my Axe-FX II !

    Hi guys, It's rare that I complain about airport security but this one has to be put down in writing. Long story short. Since I became a dad couple of months ago the Axe-FX II has been collecting dust and I decided to lend out my Axe-FX II to a band I'm good loyal friends with to make touring...
  6. Rhiza

    Bitwig, First impressions

    So, as of this writing Bitwig is version 1.0.5 I've been a happy Ableton Live user since version 8.0 and I haven't really found any DAW that makes me tick like Live does... Until now. When Bitwig was announced I was really excited, one year went by and BOOM! Here it is, bitwig version 1.0...
  7. Rhiza

    NGD - ESP Eclipse I CTM

    Hi guys, I work at a guitar store and we just recently got hold of a ESP Eclipse I was the one who picked which model, but I didn't have any intention of buying it. After it arrived I fired up a EVH 5150 and played the guitar for 5 minutes and I was sold! Wow what a guitar! I said to my boss...
  8. Rhiza

    Axe-FX II vs TSE & Poulin plugins

    Hi guys. Me and a friend met up the other day, installed Ableton on his computer and since he doesn't have an amp we decided to install free amp sim software from TSE and Poulin. We were pretty surprised it sounded this good considering it's actually free! So just for fun I decided to compare...
  9. Rhiza

    exported tonematch doesn't sound the same

    Hi guys, I did a tonematch of a isolated stem and I got something that sounded even better than the original! Anyway, I exported the tonematch to a user cab and I noticed that it doesn't sound the same, the high end is a little off. Exporting is as high resolution, 50% smoothing and using it...
  10. Rhiza

    Anyone noticed that fractal forum rocks?

    Hi guys, I haven't been online lately. I've been on other forums (not mentioning names) and it's been a dissapointing experience. Every time I go on another forum, I always think "I wish this forum was as good as the fractal forum" You guys are and this forum is very inspiring, funny, cool...
  11. Rhiza

    Just bought a house!

    Can't believe it's really happened. I'm turning 28 and me and my girlfriend decided to buy this house we saw for sale in her hometown. The price was so low that it was a complete steal. And of course, first things first, I immediately started setting up my "music room" and the girlfriend was...
  12. Rhiza


    Hej, en af mine venner fik sin guitar stjålet i dag i København. Det er en ibanez rg uv 777 Hvis der er nogen som ser en billigt til salg vil jeg gerne vide det. Al hjælp ville være dejligt!
  13. Rhiza

    Friend of mine just got his guitar stolen

    I was just about to go to sleep and decided to check my mails and facebook. I read his facebook update, he seemed to be in a bad mood so I decided to be a friend and ask him if everything was ok. He said that he sat outside with his guitar, went inside for couple of seconds, and when he came...
  14. Rhiza

    blew up my hard drive

    Just when I thought things couldn't go any worse, my hard drive just blew up today. Started giving my Windows 7 pc "0x000000f" errors and quickly found out that when I disconnected my third hard drive. It boots up fine. Too bad for me that 650 GB worth of music projects were stored in that hard...
  15. Rhiza

    Vox Vulgaris - Rokatan (Medieval Metal cover)

    Hi guys, today it's going to be something different. I always liked folk/medieval styled metal, but rarely play it. My culturural background is filled with folk lore and folk music and we uphold cultural traditions as well. My brother showed me this song and I enjoyed it so much and saw a huge...
  16. Rhiza

    Icarus Lives drum track

    Hi guys, couple of months ago I started working on making a drum track using Superior Drummer 2.0. I never finished it eventhough I was almost done. Since I'm sick and staying home today I decided to finish it and upload it :) Take note that this is not 100 percent identical since I had to do it...
  17. Rhiza

    Javier from Animals as Leaders presets

    Just in! Javier Reyes from Animals as Leaders just uploaded his presets :) Axe Change -The Official Site for Fractal Audio Presets, Cabs and More
  18. Rhiza

    Had some djenty fun with Ableton Live 9

    Hi guys, Ableton Live 9 was released couple of days ago. I upgraded from 8 to 9 and decided to celebrate. Came up with a goofy riff, still think it sounds funny haha! Djent djent djent all the way baby haha!
  19. Rhiza

    Axe FX Danmark

    Hejsa, Jeg bor ikke i Danmark, men jeg er dansk statsborger. Jeg er opvokset i København og vil bare vide om hvor mange glade danske Axe FX brugere vi har på dette forum :)
  20. Rhiza

    Metallica - Nothing Else Majeur!!!

    This is just plain wrong hahahaha! :lol But really well done, I guess they used Melodyne DNA to do this one
  21. Rhiza

    Amazing bass!

    I know this is mostly a forum of Gears and guitars, but have you seen this bass? It sounds amaaaazing! Apparently, the new Periphery stuff will be tracked with this bass. I think I'm in love.... Slappin' da bass bigtime!
  22. Rhiza

    The Merry Christmas thread

    Lets all wish a Merry christmas and happe holidays to the fractal team :) Merry Christmas fractal, and I hope the new year brings you fortune and some nice ideas. You guys rock! :) -Spazi
  23. Rhiza

    Telecaster Baritone Build thread

    **This Thread will update as my project goes along!** Hi guys, I've always wanted a Telecaster, but since I can't find one that I like, I decided to build my own. This is an experiment as well as my first DIY project. All the parts will come from Allparts since my local dealer can get it for...
  24. Rhiza

    New stuff from Javier Reyes/Mestis

    I just bought the EP Basal Ganglia from Mestís. It's a side project of Javier reyes, who is also playing in Animals As Leaders. Anyone else checked it out? Sounds reaaaally damn good!
  25. Rhiza

    Ableton Live 9!

    Wow, about freaking time that Ableton pulled the finger out of the arse and updated Live to version 9 This is just leaked information, it's not on the website, yet! Some of the features are a Master bus compressor/limiter (Probably modeled after the SSL master bus compressor) but it's credited...
  26. Rhiza

    Noodling around on the Axe FX

    Hi guys, was noodling around on the Axe FX II the other day and came up with this riff. I'm using the 5153 and a Gibson Les Paul Goldtop with standard tuning. And it's of course, work in progress ;)
  27. Rhiza

    axe fx and linux

    Hi guys, I did some research on Axe FX and Linux support. As I have read on the wiki and on the forum, it's possible to use the Axe FX on Ubuntu or linux in general. My problem is that it's a bit out dated. and some of the links are dead :( Has anyone made the Axe FX 2 work with let's say...
  28. Rhiza

    Hamferð vinners of Wacken Metal Battle 2012

    Hi guys, I know this has been some weeks ago but couple of friends of mine in a doom metal band called Hamferð won the wacken metal battle 2012. Thus winning a world wide record deal with nuclear blast. This is a big deal for them and ensures them a world wide audience. I had the luxury of...
  29. Rhiza

    Gert & Harald - Vanja (Cover)

    Hi guys, long time no post. Me and a friend did a punk rock cover of a acoustic song that has grown very popular on the Faroe Islands. Don't ask my why people love it, it's just so bad that it's funny. Anyway, some friends of mine made a pop version and I decided to make a punk version. Do note...
  30. Rhiza

    A demo of a song I've been working on.

    A demo of the EP I've been working on. Hi guys, I rarely post any songs or clips on this forum, but I wanted to share this with you guys. This is only the tip of the iceberg of what I've been working on lately. I'm working on making a EP. Instead of trying to get band members and...
  31. Rhiza

    Just ordered these babies!

    https://bareknucklepickups.co.uk/main/pickups.php?cat=humbuckers&sub=contemporary&pickup=aftermath I am so stoked! I was fiddling around the Axe FX II for such a long time, never happy with my amp sounds and eq'ed the hell outa everything. In the end I found out that it's my pickups that...
  32. Rhiza

    Axe FX II works as a interface on my mac now?

    Hi guys, I just updated my Axe FX II to the newest firmware, after that I can use my Axe FX II as a interface. Before that I could only use Axe FX as a interface on my windows 7 setup and on 6.0 and before that I would get mac errors and such. Did I miss out on something?
  33. Rhiza

    Noodling around with Red Wirez

    Hi, just installed a couple of Red Wirez IR's on my Axe 2. Did some fooling around with a FAS 6160 and with a RW Mesa Rec with L47 cap edge 4" IR Using a Gibson Les paul Baritone tuned to Drop G#. Sounds pretty brootal eh? http://dl.dropbox.com/u/5576791/Baritone.wav
  34. Rhiza

    Dubstep project of mine :)

    Hi guys, besides rocking on the lovely axe fx 2, I also have a dubstep project on the side. We just finished a bootleg remix of Rihanna - You da one. So far I love it! and I hope you'll like it too :) Rihanna - You Da One (Mothmouth dubstep remix) - YouTube
  35. Rhiza

    djent preset so far

    Hi guys, I've been working on a djent preset for quite a while. Eventhough I don't feel this is totally finished yet, and I'm gonna change my pickups on the 8 string soon, I thought I should upload it anyway. the tone of the preset is inspired by Periphery and mostly Vildhjarta. Still don't...
  36. Rhiza

    Spazi's 5150 preset

    Hi guys, I absolutely love this preset I made the other day for the Reamping of "Rose of sharyn" I have added a little more presence to give the guitar more "air" sounded a bit too dark. But you can control how dark or how bright you want it to sound by adjusting presence :) here's a demo...
  37. Rhiza

    Djent preset work in progress

    Hi guys, I'm currently working on a preset perfect for the Djent loving Axe FX 2 users. I haven't been able to find a preset that really has that "djently" feeling to it. I'm a perfectionist so that means this will perhaps take a week. I have to take a listen to it every day with "fresh" ears...
  38. Rhiza

    Analog vs Digital recording test

    Hi guys, just for fun I decided to test the difference when recording an Axe FX directly into a RME fireface 400, the analog way and then the digital way. The results were... Interesting. the signal chain is: Axe FX II --> Analog 1 and 2 and SPDIF --> RME fireface 400 I used Mogami wires...
  39. Rhiza

    So far completely impressed!

    This review will be divided in four parts: 1. First impression 2. Price 3. Sounds, features and functionality 4. easy of use and practicality. 1: I remember the day when I got my axe fx II... "Wow!" was my first impression. Start was is very fast, and the blinking LED's made it more...
  40. Rhiza

    Power amp for doing impulse response files

    hi guys, I would love to try out the new IR capture feature. But as stated in the manual, you need a power amp. And to capture the speaker itself, I would need a very neutral sounding power amp right? If I use a tube power amp or the amp itself I would get coloration. Anyone who can point me in...
  41. Rhiza

    updating firmware

    Hi guys, My axe fx will be here any minute now, I've downloaded the latest firmware and Axe-edit. As I'm scanning through the website for news I see in big letters: "Warning: Do not update firmware using an RME FireFace 800 MIDI adapter. A known issue with this adapter may render your unit...
  42. Rhiza

    120-230V power conditoner

    Hi guys, I am looking for a power conditioner. I know of many horror stories of people frying up their equipment due to slacky/unstable voltage outputs. I have one problem though, I can only find power conditioners that are 120 OR 230. and it can't run on both voltages. Are there any power...
  43. Rhiza

    Just bought the Axe FX 2

    Hi guys, I'm so happy I can finally say this, but I just bought the Axe FX 2 through G66.eu If all goes well, it'll arrive in about a week. I'm so stoked, I've been wanting an Axe FX since the Axe FX standard. Still can't believe it's happening. I'm looking forward to be on the forums, sharing...
  44. Rhiza

    Disadvantages when buying from ebay

    Hi guys, I'm currently saving up to buy the axe fx 2. I noticed I can buy one from ebay, but I heard from a friend that there might be some disadvantages when buying from ebay. Can anyone confirm this?
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