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  1. Satch4u3

    Future for the FC12 & FC6

    Does any one expect that the FC controllers will be compatible with future Fractal release? Like an Axe Fx 4? I realize that we may or may not be close to the next generation. Maybe @FractalAudio @Admin M@ could chime in?
  2. Satch4u3

    Axe Fx 3 Rental

    I've had a local sound production company reach out to me to rent my Axe Fx 3 for a guitarist in a touring act. It's for one show. I have never done this sort of thing before. What do you guys think is a fair price to charge for the rental?
  3. Satch4u3

    U2 - "Pride (In the Name of Love)" Cover - Cygnus AC30 TB

    My band and I did this for some fun. All the guitars are Axe Fx 3, using Cygnus, AC 30 TB.
  4. Satch4u3

    Alternate DI Source with Axe-Fx 3

    Is there any difference in the DI signal if I used USB Input 3 in my DAW to record a DI track, instead of USB Input 5? The reason I am looking at doing it this way is so that I can put an Output 2 block off of Input 1 on the Axe's grid, with a Pitch block in between to record a Whammy effect to...
  5. Satch4u3

    Wish Controllers on Cab block

    Small wish; Would be cool to be able to add a controller (scene controller) to the cab block's low cut and high cut filter.
  6. Satch4u3

    "And Justice For All" Preset?

    Any leads on some current AJFA TM presets for the Axe Fx 3?
  7. Satch4u3

    Kemper With Axe-Fx 3 4CM SPDIF

    Hi everyone! I have a new Kemper rack heading my way and was wondering if running my Axe FX 3 in 4CM with it using SPDIF is possible. As in SPDIF out from the Axe to Kemper SPDIF in, Kemper SPDIF out Axe SPDIF in. I guess technically it’s 3CM counting the guitar cable, but you get where I am...
  8. Satch4u3

    BUG: Assigning a Modifier - IIC++

    When I attempt to assign a scene controller modifier to the USA IIC++ Overdrive control and change scenes, it's shutting off the audio and locking the meters on output 1. Instead of getting into, whats bound to be a confusing explanation on my end, load up the attached preset and do the...
  9. Satch4u3

    Routing Phantom Power

    Looking to route my mic line from a mixing console, through the III’s input 2 output 2 for effects and was wondering if the III can safely pass phantom power that's supplied from the mixing console.
  10. Satch4u3

    FC Switch Jacks

    I apologies if this is obvious, but I didn't find my answer in the manual. Does the switch jacks, using a TSR cable have the ability to switch channels on an actual amp if plugged in it's footswitch jack? I received my invite yesterday and the ability to be able to do this will make or break if...
  11. Satch4u3

    4CM - Humbuster Cable Noise

    I've recently been using the III in 4CM with my Friedman BE100 and it sounds great! To remedy the extra bit of noise I have made, using the diagram provided in the manual, a humbuster cable that goes from Output 3 to the input of my amp. And wadda ya know! it does work! With the cable...
  12. Satch4u3

    Blocks Swap

    With the ability to now save blocks in Axe Edit 3, I thought it would be cool to have a place to post your favorite block settings with your fellow Fracallites! Here are some of mine. Most of my time based effects are run in parallel and in stereo.
  13. Satch4u3

    BE-100 Model Cab Suggestions

    This has been my all time favourite for a long while. I own and actual BE100 and the Axe nails the tone. I typically load up some form of 3rd party IR to use with it but am looking to try something new. Possibly something stocking in the III. What are your favourite IRs to use with this model...
  14. Satch4u3

    Plex Delay Block Volume Drop

    Is it normal for the over all volume to drop in a patch when you insert a plex delay block, even when it's bypassed?
  15. Satch4u3

    Two Amp Blocks In a Patch

    I read somewhere with the Axe-Fx II, it was a situation where the amp blocks ran at half the resolution when using two amp blocks in a patch. Is that the case with the III? I could hear it slightly with the II and I THINK I hear it with the III. Or is it just my ears playing trick on me??
  16. Satch4u3

    Amp Selection

    I am not sure what causes it but at some point, not always, when I using the front panel, the amp model changes on it's own to something other than I have selected. When this happens I'll select the amp block and and press edit. When I try and change the amp model, the onscreen selection appears...
  17. Satch4u3

    Axe-Fx III and Boss ES8 Midi Control

    Has anyone managed to get scene selection working via Midi? I had it working fine on the II with CC34 and value 0, 1, 2, 3. I have CC34 assigned to Scene Select on the III under the Midi/Remote menu, but it doesn't seem to be responding. Programming is the same on my ES8 as it was when I was...
  18. Satch4u3

    Post Compression

    Anyone using the optical or other variant of compression after the cab block? If so, do you have any suggestions what might be best practice as far as settings go, when using it this way? Thanks!
  19. Satch4u3


    Anyone here planning on keeping their current AXE FX and combining the two in your rig? If so, how do you plan on using both? Might be (no... it is) complete overkill, but I plan on utilizing both for gigging, some how. Maybe connecting one to the other by SPDIF. As to how I would use it and...
  20. Satch4u3

    Implemented ABCDE Knob Programming

    It would be awesome to have the ability to program what parameters these knob control, while at say, the home screen. For example parameters like bass, mid, treble, presence, gain or master.
  21. Satch4u3

    4 Cable Method w/ Loadbox

    Hi guys. I have an XL+ incoming that I am planning on running in 4CM with a Friedman BE100. I have been reading up on everything I can in regards to connections and optimal signal levels and such, but I can't seem to find any one using it in the way that I plan on using it. My current setup is...
  22. Satch4u3

    fw 7.0 Essential Low Gain Tones

    Just wondering what amp cab combos you guys would recommend for a great low gain tone. Ala Eagles, Lynard Skynard etc... I feel I have my hard rock tones dialed in but I am not there yet with the low gain stuff. I was inspired to create this thread because of the Essential Hard Rock thread...
  23. Satch4u3

    JS410 - Satriani

    I owned and used this amp for a couple years with a load box and IRs. Just wanted to say, it is spot on!
  24. Satch4u3

    AX8 Recording

    Was dialing in some tones this evening and was, for some reason inspired to record a little bit of Rock You Like a Hurricane. It's not perfect but I thought the AX8 sounded really good! https://1drv.ms/u/s!As9PTqDn_Bkek3geutjr59aSIHuq
  25. Satch4u3

    Bug? Patch Change Volume Issue

    Sorry if this is posted somewhere else, On my clean preset(1) I have a Preset 2 assigned to one of the foot swtiches that changes to my dirty preset(2). The same for my dirty preset where I have Preset 1 assigned to a foot swtich. When I go from preset 1 to preset 2, I sometimes get a huge...
  26. Satch4u3

    First Week With The AX8

    I'd just like to give a big hats off the Fractal team. This unit is stellar! I was using an Axe FX II a couple years back and gigging with it a couple times a week. While I was satisfied with the unit, I always felt it was lacking something. So I decided to go back to an analog amp with a load...
  27. Satch4u3

    5F8 Tweed - The Eagles - Take It Easy

    Very surprised with this amp! We recorded our set last night and this was the first time we played this one live. So there are a few awkward moments. But I thought that amp model sounded great and thought I would share. Since owning the AxFX2 I have used only a Virbro for cleans and the HBE for...
  28. Satch4u3

    FX LOOP Block

    I am currently experimenting with adding a Strymon Timeline, H9 and Strymon BlueSky in stereo in the FX Loop of the Axe Fx 2. From what I have read so far you should adjust input 2 in the I/O menu to just tickle the clip lights on Input 2 and turn Output 2 all the way up for unity volume. My...
  29. Satch4u3

    AXE FX 2 Marshall Plexi vs UAD MArshall Plexi??

    Anyone ever do a comparison of these two?
  30. Satch4u3

    Using Only Effects

    I have been using the Axe FX 2 straight to FOH for a few years now at countless gigs and it has served me well. So easy to setup and get great tones. I have recently decided to start using my Axe Fx 2 through the FX Loop of my JVM410HJS/Torpedo Live. As far as your presets go, is there any...
  31. Satch4u3

    Live Setup Qustion

    Let me first start by describing my live setup. At the moment, I am running a JVM410HJS into a Two Notes Torpedo Live. From the Line out of the Torpedo (SPDIF) into the SPDIF In on the Axe Fx 2 MkII. Simply using delays, reverbs, pitch and other time based effects. What my question is, is there...
  32. Satch4u3

    Amp Matching Help

    I have owned the Axe Fx 2 for around 2 years now and this is my first attempt at amp matching. I have Marshall JVM410HJS into a TwoNotes Torpedo Live that I am trying to match and I seem to be having some issues. I think I may know where the problem is maybe you guys can confirm or deny. Here's...
  33. Satch4u3

    Expression Pedal Issue

    Does anyone here use a Liquid Foot + of any kind? I just got a LF+ JR+ and am trying to set up the expression pedals using two Ernie Ball Jrs 250k. Everything is responding but when I view the expression curve movement it is moving very slow. For example when I control the wah it doesn't "wah...
  34. Satch4u3

    AxeFXII MKII vs XL Patches

    Is there anyway of viewing the settings of the XL patches that won't load on the MKII? I assume they won't load due to the fact that they are using a couple expanded features unavailable on the MKII. Specifically looking for settings on Mark Day's latest patch. Axe-Change - Download Preset -...
  35. Satch4u3

    Direct FOH - Delay Block Question

    I am finding that when I dial in my lead patches at home on headphones, specifically the delay block, the delay is not as apparent when I am playing direct FOH. It's like it gets lost. I have to compensate it by dialing in much more mix. Just wondering if there is any reason for this.
  36. Satch4u3

    Strat Patches

    Anyone have any good Strat patches they would care to share? Just picked up my first brand new American Standard Strat a couple days ago and am having some issues dialing in a good one to use over FOH for gigging. I have searched around on Axe-Change and have found some good others not so good...
  37. Satch4u3

    HIRes IRs in a Stereo Cab

    Is it possible or suppose to be possible to run two HiRes IRs in stereo? When I attempt this it locks up my unit and I have to restart it.
  38. Satch4u3

    FW 13. 01 and Gigging

    I have a gig tonight and really want to try these new HI/Ultra Res IRs out over FOH. I know it may be a gamble but those of you who have had some extensive play time with the new FW...You think it's stable enough.
  39. Satch4u3

    Banjo Patch

    Does anyone have a banjo patch of some sort? Or maybe some tips on how to achieve the sound. I have tried searching around but no luck. :(
  40. Satch4u3

    Dr Z

    Anyone have experience with Dr Z amps
  41. Satch4u3

    Learning New Songs

    I am finding it a little hard to get inspired to learn new songs lately. What are you guys working on? Hoping to get some inspiration with some song suggestions here. Help a fella out. :) Any style at all. Fell free to post videos as well.
  42. Satch4u3

    Matrix Power Amps

    Just looking for some expereinces with ordering one of these from Canada. How much to the door? Did you order direct or is there some other place closer to purchase?
  43. Satch4u3

    Different IRsfor Different Outputs

    Excuse me if this has been covered before, but I could not seem to find a thread on this. Is it possible to setup a patch that uses two different IRs on outputs 1 and 2? I am looking to use a different IR that goes to FOH than what goes to my onstage monitor (Line6 Stage Source L2T). Some...
  44. Satch4u3

    Global Blocks X/Y States

    These things are real time savers for sure. Are X/Y states suppose to update across global blocks as well? I have 5 patches that use the same Amp and Cab. When I change the X/Y state of the cab on my main patch and save it to say Y, it doesn't reflect that state across my other patches. The cab...
  45. Satch4u3

    Lonestar FW11.02

    Installed FW11.02 and thought the TX STAR LEAD was pretty damn close. I used Andy's settings in his popular Mesa rig demo with a tad more highs and little less bass as I found it a little flubby with my guitar. Jem7VWH. Although I find Andy's tone to be borderline flubby but it sings! Check it...
  46. Satch4u3

    Loading IRs While AE Is Opened

    Sorry if this has been covered already. I have loaded up FW11 and AE3 it all sounds great. When I have AE opened and load in new IRs using Fractal-Bot, they do not show up in the list of cabs in AE until I shut down AE and reopen it. It's probably not a bug but is there a way to refresh AE...
  47. Satch4u3

    Output 2 Issues

    Hi guys, At sound check this morning I was getting some series static out of Output 2 in my stage monitor. Crazy noise! Output 1 is fine. So here is how I have it connected and set. As you probably guess Output 1 is to FOH and Output 2 is direct to my onstage monitor. A JBLPXM12M. I...
  48. Satch4u3

    Live All Purpose Patch

    Hey guys - I just got my Axe fx 2 a week ago today and I have been working on this all purpose patch for live rhythm and lead playing with my trio. Just looking for some constructive criticism and an idea that I am on the right track. Any advice you guys have would be greatly appreciated. It...
  49. Satch4u3

    Whammy Preset Help

    Hi guys - I have a preset with an 1 Oct Below setup using the CL Whammy. When I toe down it shoots the pitch down as expected but when I try and bring it back up, it goes back upto pitch very slow. I have other presets that are setup the exact same way but they are working fine. I have compared...
  50. Satch4u3

    Yup! Another GCP Scene Selection Questions

    Hi guys, I hate top beating a dead horse here as I have read a lot of threads on this but I still cannot get this to work. I have all the settings on the Axe 2 setup as stated in these threads. Ignore Redundant PC and Mapping Mode set to custom. I am just testing with random preset number...
  51. Satch4u3

    Axe-FX 2 Ordered! Couple of Questions

    Ordered the Axe-FX2 a couple days ago and it should be here on Monday! Talk about fast shipping! To say that I am excited to get this unit is an understatement! I have been reading loads of material on the unit but have a few questions. This unit will be replacing my Mark V rig. Head and...
  52. Satch4u3

    Purchasing an Axe FX 2 in Canada

    Hi guys/gals, Can someone tell me, if you don't mind, what it cost to purchase a new axe fx 2 from the fractal website by the time it ended up on your doorstep in Canada? I am seriously considering buying one but I am wondering if it is more cost efficient to buy direct from Fractal or from...
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