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    FS Fractal Audio Loadbox LB2

    Hi ! I m selling my FAS Loadbox LB2. Like new ! Great loadbox for amp recording and great DI too. I m in Belgium but shipping (europe) is possible. Price = 280 euros
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    My first FullRes IR's

    Hi all, FullRes IR's are really a game changer to me. I have just started to make IR's with FullRes format in a very good recording studio. The acoustic there is really great, so that"s a big plus for roomy sounds. The first pack is a very good (and old) Mesa Boogie 412 OS ( I have dozen other...
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    Funky jam alone

    Hi all ! Due to lockdown I m jamming with myself ;) Axe FX3 is used for bass, guitars. Lead guitar is the JP2C Mesa Boogie with Xload (iR and effects are Axe FX too) Take care !
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    Axe-Fx III output phase

    Hi! On my Two Rock amps, the speaker polarity is reversed. So if I use a normal speaker cable, the sound is hollow and it lacks some punch and bass. The attack is weird too, it feels like "the sound stay in the speaker" I have Always had a weird feeling with my Axe FX III, the same feeling than...
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    Cab comparaison Torpedo/Cab pack 8

    Hi all! Here are 3 sound samples with a comparaison of the block "CAB". Little blind test with: - Axe FX 1959 SLP JUMP with cab pack 8 (SM57+R121 in stereo ultra res). - Axe FX 1959 SLP JUMP with CAB bypassed + WOS III from Two Notes with 4x12 Friedman G12M model (SM57+R121) - Bogner...
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    Dumble Preset with Landau Strat

    Hi! I'm coming back with an Axe FX2 XL! V15 is really alive sounding Here is a little vid in HD with my beloved Landau custom shop stratocaster! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nO90HV1M194&list=UU2yQhxxprXPv6Nsy5VwSKRA Enjoy
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    Ultra Res IR cab pack (Mesa, Bogner,Two Rock,Matrix,Marshall ...)

    Hi all! I'm planning to capture a bunch of IR's in a very great professional studio. All cabs will be in wav (I hope as long for Ultra Res of course). The studio is a really great place with a very good acoustic and of course high quality gear. Preamps: API, Neve 1073, Universal Audio...
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    Video HD Axe fx 2 with Petrucci Music Man JP12

    Hi! Here is a little vid with my Petrucci JP12 and Axe fx 2 of course. It shows the versatility of this wonderful guitar. No EQ or compression, effects... All effects are in the Axe FX2 Love the Axe fx 2!! Watch it in HD ;) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_DwSCOSO_fs
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    Plexi Jump 100W V12 with backing

    Hi! Some playing with V12 firmware. Plexi jump model 100W Axe FX 2 Plexi Jumpered 100W - YouTube
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    Axe FX 2 with Matrix NL 212 cab

    I have made some low volume recording with one Nl 212 and Matrix GT1000FX It sounds still like a new cab and need break in time but it will give you an idea. Just one mic in front of one speaker (M88 beyer) with different kind of amps. Triptik clean/modern, Diezel Vh4 channel 3 and 4, Dumble...
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    Bogner XTC 20th real VS Axe fx Model

    Hi! Here is a quick comparaison of the Red Channel Modern of the XTC 20th Bogner. Could you find the real one in this clip? XTC 20th Comparaison by Tonicstudio on SoundCloud - Hear the world The real Bogner is the line out in the Axe fx 2 rear input with a single preset with IR and...
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    My first "IR" Bogner and Two Rock various cabs.

    Hi Axe guys. i'm working on my own personal IR's last days. First release will be with mainly two mics: Royer R121 and Beyer M88 for this Bogner Greenbacks 4x12, Bogner Ubercab frontloaded (V30 first), Bogner 2x12 Goldfinger (Scumback M75 first), Bogner Oversized 2x12 (V30 first), Two Rock...
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    Bogner 4x12 Greenbacks IR preview

    Hi guys! I have recorded some stuff with my new Bogner 4x12 Greenbacks IR Tell me what do you think about it? It's a mix of two R121 Royer IR (one brighter and the other darker) with the Bogner Blue channel. I love making my IR because I found my tone easily. I'll share some IR soon! Thanks ;)
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    V11 Vibroverb and Friedman with my own IR!

    Hi! I'm making some new IR that I'll share later. - Bogner Ubercab 4x12 frontloaded (V30/G75) - Two Rock 2x12 (TR65/WGS 65) - Bogner 4x12 Straight greenbacks (G12m25) - Bogner 2x12 OS (V30/G12H30) - Bogner Goldfinger 2x12 (Scumback M75/G12h) Mics: - Royer R121 - SM57 - M88 Beyer...
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    Plexi jump / triptik modern V11!

    V11 is amazing! Two short clips https://soundcloud.com/tonicstudio/v-11-jump-plexi https://soundcloud.com/tonicstudio/v-11triptik-modern
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    Diezel VH4 Tonematch

    Hi everybody! I made a tonematch from my VH4 Diezel channel 3. Suhr Modern and bogner 2x12 for real amp and same guitar with Ownhammer Mesa cab with tonematch of course. Where is the real amp in this sample? ;) VH4 tonematch mp3 by Tonicstudio on SoundCloud - Hear the world
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    Blues on V11 beta - Dirty Shirley

    Hi! Here a jam with a blues track. V11 is amazing, so dynamic! Dirty Shirley amp with Basketweave TV SM57+R121 from producer pack. V11blues mp3 by Tonicstudio on SoundCloud - Hear the world
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    V11 Beta 100 watts Plexi

    Hi! I have great time with V11 beta. I recorded a dynamic example with the Plexi 100 watts model. Simple patch with a TS808--amp-cab-reverb-delay IR is the Basketweave AX Royer R121 from the Producer pack! Enjoy! V11 Axe fx 2 Plexi 100 Watts by Tonicstudio on SoundCloud - Hear the world
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    Plexi 100 watts V10

    Hi! This my second V10 clip. Plexi 100 watts model in V10 Tubescreamer (at the end), delay, reverb, wah, looper that's it! Guitar is Tyler Burning water 2k Axe FX 2 V10 plexi 100 watts by Tonicstudio on SoundCloud - Hear the world
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    Bogner XTC RED channel V10

    Hi! Some playin' with the new firmware. Bogner XTC red channel factory preset with less gain and Petrucci IR. Gibson R7 with Voodoo 59 pickups and volume playing and a lot of reverb :)
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    Axe FX 2 with James Santiago IR's clean/crunch

    Hi! Here is a vid with some improvisation with these really cool James Santiago IR's! Fender Deluxe with BB preamp and Eternity Lovepedal and some Looper+effects. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RoFzRKB2NcE Watch in HD
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    Ownhammer new IR's test

    Hi! Here is a vidéo of the new starter bundle of Ownhammer ! Great IR for sure! Some speakers with two amps in the Axe FX 2. No post processing (just direct sound+some "room" sound of my Adam speakers). http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=mUyMxFiRJG4
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    HD vidéo of my new musical project

    First HD démo vidéo of my new band project (mash-up musical project). All guitars are Axe FX 2 ! Thanks for listening ;) EVE - Clint in a Glory Box - YouTube EVE OR A DIFFERENT WAY TO UNDERSTAND MUSIC - BELGIUM MASH-UP COVER BAND
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    AXE FX 2 V8 test

    Awesome new firmware! Friedman HBE model with no tweak ! So much more organic sounding Just a little test with a well known backing track ;) Download Test v8.wav - Kiwi6 Mp3 Upload
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    Playing with my new Axe FX 2

    Hi! First post here! I'm playing with my new Axe FX 2 since few days! Some improvisation with Cornford model (V7): Tyler Burning water 2k and Les Paul Goldtop R7 (at the end). No pedals, just different guitar volumes delay and reverb Really happy with it! Download Test axe fx 2...
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