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    Audient ASP800 with the Axe- Fx III

    Hi all, Sorry if this has been gone over before, I tried searching but couldn't come up with anything re: this exact scenario. This may be more of a general question on linking devices with digital connections, but would it work to connect a preamp like the Audient ASP800 with the AFIII via...
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    FS Axe Fx II w/MFC-101

    Hi All, https://reverb.com/item/13317257-fractal-audio-axe-fx-ii-with-mfc-101-black I have for sale an Axe FX II with MFC-101 in Excellent condition save for some rack rash around the mounting holes of the Axe Fx and a few scuffs on the MFC. Still works perfectly. Plastic still on the screen...
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    "Live EDM" tone?

    Hey all, I've had my AF2 for a couple years now and I'm pretty good at getting the "traditional" guitar tones I want, but this one has me baffled to the point where I don't even know where to begin... any thoughts? I figure a lot of axe owners could have fun with this one.
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