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  1. GreatGreen

    Axe-Fx Firmware Version 21.00

    I've always wondered about this. In amps designed like these, is the word "Presence" a misnomer? Does anybody know if this control is still a kind of negative feedback control for the preamp or is "preamp presence" really just more like a High Treble or High Cut kind of control but simply called...
  2. GreatGreen

    Axe-Fx Firmware Version 21.00

    Can't tell which is which. Please go ahead and tell us which is the real amp and which is the model so I can say I knew that along and that they sound nothing alike. : D
  3. GreatGreen

    violin EQ

    If your low notes are loud and your high notes are quiet, I’d recommend putting a compressor at the beginning of the chain. Start subtle and slowly increase compression (while slowly boosting the compressor level to compensate) until you get an even output. I’d also recommend using one of the...
  4. GreatGreen

    Making coil splitting work

    One thing to note about the spin-a-split mod. I'd highly recommend the pot you use to be a no-load pot so when you turn it to 10, the pot is truly removed from the circuit and the guitar no longer sees the load of the pot. If you don't do that, the pot stays in the circuit and loads the...
  5. GreatGreen

    Making coil splitting work

    You know what... you guys were right. I was measuring and thinking in terms of the spin-a-split mod. Doh! Volume pots work differently than that. :) It's been a couple years since I dove down the rabbit hole of pickup and pot wiring. Might have to revisit it.
  6. GreatGreen

    Making coil splitting work

    Ok guys that's interesting, but it does make me curious about something. When I put my multimeter on a 500k pot and turn it down, the resistance does in fact lower over the sweep of the pot until it eventually hits 0. I can measure a 500k audio taper pot on 10, and when I turn it down to around...
  7. GreatGreen

    Making coil splitting work

    I chose to attach my neck pickup's spin-a-split pot to the inner slug coil, leaving the outer coil on when the slug is rolled off. This is because I prefer neck single coils to be as close to directly under the 24th fret / 2nd octave harmonic position as possible. This is where the outer coil is...
  8. GreatGreen

    Helix 3.5 New Cab Engine is Awesome! Fractal needs to catch up!

    For front panel editing, there's really no need for a fancy UI with a picture of a mic and speaker to get the same functionality of the Helix. What you'd need for the Axe-Fx would be a list of built-in search filters (mic, speaker model, number of speakers in the cab, cab brand, etc) to narrow...
  9. GreatGreen

    Axe-Fx Firmware Version 21.00 Public Beta #4 (Beta 4)

    Oh man, I hope you don't do that. "High Treble" alone is worth the page's existence. If you do decide to get rid of the Ideal page, please keep its parameters available elsewhere for users.
  10. GreatGreen

    WTF Brit Studio 20? How many people wanted a Marshall SV20H in the Wish List???

    Yep. A 1W amp that requires poweramp distortion is too loud for a bedroom. Arguably too loud for an apartment.
  11. GreatGreen

    Why are all the factory presets so bass heavy??

    What kind of speakers are they, OP? Also, if they're not powered, what kind of poweramp is driving them?
  12. GreatGreen

    Treble bleed mod

    The point of a treble bleed mod is to counteract the effect of the increased capacitance that comes with lowering a volume pot, which darkens the treble of a pickup faster than the bass. So, to simulate a treble bleed mod, all you have to do is put a volume block at the beginning of your chain...
  13. GreatGreen

    Default AMP/CAB settings muddy compared to Youtube Video?

    "I saw a guy on the internet try on this one pair of pants and they looked great on him. But then me and two of my friends tried on that EXACT pair of pants but they didn't fit at all and they looked HORRIBLE on us! What is wrong with the shop that makes these pants!" Nothing's wrong with the...
  14. GreatGreen

    Default AMP/CAB settings muddy compared to Youtube Video?

    It's still not a legit question though, not really. Not trying to be rude, but the question itself displays a lack of understanding about how guitar tone works in general. There's nothing wrong with that btw, don't feel bad, we all learn somewhere. :) Still though, people shouldn't think of any...
  15. GreatGreen

    5150 Rhythm Crunch Channel

    The OG 5150’s Crunch channel with a good boost is incredible. Arguably better than the Lead channel in some areas, even some high gain rhythm applications.
  16. GreatGreen

    Default AMP/CAB settings muddy compared to Youtube Video?

    The Axe-Fx is a computer. It is no more or less “muddy” than the emulated amp model is dialed in to be. Hey guys, unrelated question. I recently bought a new TV and when I keep it on the 24/7 World War II channel, it doesn’t show any colors but brown and green. Is my TV defective?
  17. GreatGreen

    Power Amp - Tube or Solid State?

    I used to think this too, but the more testing I did, the more I learned and understood, and my thinking ended up changing pretty drastically. Power sections are extremely important and influential to the sound of a guitar. Tubes, transformers, damping, negative feedback… all of it matters and...
  18. GreatGreen

    Perspective - Fractal Audio user since 2008

    Some really good points in there. As for coming up with quick sounds on the fly, the best way to address this I’ve found is by building out a couple of good Template patches and using Axe-Edit to do the pre-work of saving all your favorite effects block channels into the saved effects library...
  19. GreatGreen

    Imput levels - Axe FX3, still confused.

    Instrument input 1: All this control really does is help you minimize the noise floor. For every 1 db you increase to this control, you increase the analog signal from the guitar going into the converters by 1 db… AND you decrease the guitar’s converted digital level by 1 db. On the opposite...
  20. GreatGreen

    In praise of the "FX" part of the Axe-FX

    Over the last year or two I've built up an all-analog setup with the constraint of being a what-you-see-is-what-you-get rig. Tube amp, real cab, and a pedal board. If a parameter was available for adjusting I wanted a dedicated knob for it. No menus allowed. It's been great fun and a great yin...
  21. GreatGreen

    Wish Delay - wish to allow for dialing Ducking Attenuation into negative values

    Very similar requests, yes. "Great minds" and all that. :)
  22. GreatGreen

    Wish Delay - wish to allow for dialing Ducking Attenuation into negative values

    I watched a Tim Pierce video the other day, and he mentioned that he liked his delays to sit nicely in the background, but to also have as inaudible of a trail as possible. This makes sense to me as I've always gone for setting up delays to be more about filling in the background between notes...
  23. GreatGreen

    New noise/buzz

    Oh for sure. I'm not saying that part is worthless, just that if you're making cables, you need to pay attention to that layer and take the time to peel it back.
  24. GreatGreen

    New noise/buzz

    Glad to hear it wasn't just me then, hah. :) Just to be transparent, I'm not knocking Mogami cables at all. Actually, I've used Mogami cable for about 20 years and absolutely love it. The black interior coating is just one of those gotcha's I recently learned about so I'm passing it on because...
  25. GreatGreen

    Another Axefx vs Amps thread

    ...but he did tell you how to close the gap. He advised you to: 1. Set the Speaker Compliance knob to 0. This should bring back the beefy low end you said is missing from the models. 2. Do a Tone Match to further negate any remaining differences in overall EQ Have you tried these things?
  26. GreatGreen

    New noise/buzz

    Glad the recommendation worked out! For what it’s worth, I have a few of these and mine do not reduce the volume at all, and I use them for both instrument and line level applications. However, what has reduced the volume for me in situations like this is an improperly made cable, specifically...
  27. GreatGreen

    Clean, Capable W/D/W + FoH Grid Routing Idea

    The FM9 has 3 stereo outputs so it should be able to accommodate the output routing. I'm not 100% sure about the CPU capabilities. If I had to guess I'd say the FM9 almost definitely has the CPU to handle a patch like the "compact" patch above, but not the "kitchen sink" one. The only other...
  28. GreatGreen

    Latency of amp modelers

    If you layer two identical sounds on top of each other, 1 ms apart, you cannot detect a delay so much as phase cancellation. If you took two sounds that don’t overlap in frequency, like for example a bass drum and a high hat, it is almost impossible to detect any difference under 10 ms. Even 10...
  29. GreatGreen

    New noise/buzz

    You could also use a small isolation transformer like this one: I use these and they do the job perfectly well and don't impact tone at all.
  30. GreatGreen


    The Seymour Duncan PowerStage 700 seemed like it had the perfect feature set, but in the weirdest possible physical format. -1.5U with rack ears that don’t cover the full 2U so you always have weird gaps -Inputs on the front so cable management is forced to be awful -power switch on the back...
  31. GreatGreen

    IV anywhere on the horizon?

    I've said this before (probably too many times) but for me, the only interface improvement I would realistically consider "game changing" and a sort of final piece of the puzzle, would be if Fractal released a separate unit that was a 1U row of knobs that rotated smoothly, without the "notched"...
  32. GreatGreen


    Here’s a thread I made not too long ago about WDW grid setup and routing: https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/clean-capable-w-d-w-foh-grid-routing-idea.183177/ There’s a couple of patch downloads too. Use output 2 for the dry cab and output 3 for the wet cabs. For your setup to work with...
  33. GreatGreen

    FAS amps

    A boosted FAS Modern III is my favorite modern high gain amp in the Axe-Fx. FAS amps are great. The more the merrier.
  34. GreatGreen

    Matrix GT1600FX

    You’d vaporize the cab before you found out.
  35. GreatGreen

    So, Elon did it!

    Just because these things are "tough to prove" during trail doesn't mean the arguments themselves are without merit. If I'm a journalist for a major newspaper and I write and publish an article that says "Donald Trump Absolutely Cheated On His Taxes And Here's Proof" and I make up a bunch of...
  36. GreatGreen

    So, Elon did it!

    Are we talking about the same god that forbids women from teaching anything to men and instead being quiet (1 Timothy 2:12), or a different one?
  37. GreatGreen

    So, Elon did it!

    The thing about free speech in America is that everybody wants to scream all day long about their ability to say whatever they want, but nobody seems to remember the built-in exceptions to free speech, like for example not "yelling 'fire' in a crowded theater." If your speech results in harm to...
  38. GreatGreen

    Fryette Deliverance question

    Does anybody know how the "Gain I" control works on a technical level with this amp? I've been reading the amp's manual, and while it's clear that the "Gain II" control simply increases preamp gain, the exact function of the "Gain I" control is a little more vague. The opposite ends of the knob...
  39. GreatGreen

    Selling on Auction Site

    You are not a bank. Any time anyone tries to buy ANYTHING from you, doesn't matter if it's a half eaten candy bar or a house, you take the payment upfront and in full, or no deal. How the buyer comes up with the money is their problem, not yours. Even if they genuinely mean well and 100% truly...
  40. GreatGreen

    Thinking of swapping my FM3 for an HX Stomp

    Seems to me that anybody who wants a to emulate a pure solid state amp in the Axe-Fx could do that by simply not using the Amp block. The perfect solid state amp is 100% transparent after all, so... just don't put the Amp block on the grid and you've got 100% transparency. Done. Aside from...
  41. GreatGreen

    Matrix GT1600FX

    I have a GT1000FX. It sounds fantastic and does exactly what it's supposed to do, which is simply to take whatever signal you put into it and make it louder without changing anything else about it. I can't imagine ever needing to push it anywhere close to its limit. The extra good news is that...
  42. GreatGreen

    Feature Request - Backup multiple presets

    Thanks, didn't know you could do that. Appreciate it!
  43. GreatGreen

    Feature Request - Backup multiple presets

    Currently, Fractal Bot allows users to individually back up one or multiple specific banks at a time, or one preset at a time. Would it be feasible to add a "Back up presets #[X] through #[Y]" option, where X and Y are numbers manually entered by the user?
  44. GreatGreen

    Axe FX3 Mkii additional gear?

    -rack power conditioner -rack poweramp -rack -studio monitors -4x12 cabs Already had some of this stuff but the Axe-Fx is definitely giving it more of a workout these days.
  45. GreatGreen

    Clean, Capable W/D/W + FoH Grid Routing Idea

    And if you're really hurting for horizontal block space, technically you don't even have to give up any blocks you'd otherwise be able to keep if you're ok with mixing every effect from its own individual block. Just route the effects like this: The connection highlighted in yellow is the...
  46. GreatGreen

    Clean, Capable W/D/W + FoH Grid Routing Idea

    Here's a more compact version of the same concept. Not everybody wants to deal with Kitchen Sink style patches. :D Patch Download: https://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=9584
  47. GreatGreen

    Clean, Capable W/D/W + FoH Grid Routing Idea

    Thanks! I'm not a teacher but I do sometimes write how-to docs for my job, and the more info I put in them, the less questions I have to spend time answering after it goes out, lol. So I figure it's just better to over-explain the first time around. Not that I mind here though, I'm happy to...
  48. GreatGreen

    Clean, Capable W/D/W + FoH Grid Routing Idea

    Edited preset to clean up Cab block. https://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=9581 All previous links edited to reflect this new preset.
  49. GreatGreen

    What are you listening to right now?

    Same. It actually didn't grab me all that hard the first time I listened to it, but I find myself putting it on constantly lately. It's grown on me a lot over the past couple weeks.
  50. GreatGreen

    Fractal Audio AMP models: USA Clean / USA Lead / USA Rhythm (MESA/Boogie Mark IV)

    Hey, does anybody know if the Axe-Fx's Mark IV is a Revision A or B?
  51. GreatGreen

    Clean, Capable W/D/W + FoH Grid Routing Idea

    I checked the patch, found and fixed the problem, and replaced the link in the OP with a link to this new patch: https://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=9581 I must have uploaded the test patch and not the final one. To fix the 1st patch: Step 1: Go to the Feedback Return block...
  52. GreatGreen

    Gate Block - stop playing, gate closes, then re-opens on its own, then closes again after a second - with clip

    Here's another detail, not sure if it's relevant. I do have another cable from another source plugged into the rear Input 1. However, no signal was being sent to that input. Not sure if this is relevant since I thought the rear input is mechanically disabled when you plug into the front, but I'm...
  53. GreatGreen

    Gate Block - stop playing, gate closes, then re-opens on its own, then closes again after a second - with clip

    Actually about a week ago I sprayed some of Peavey's Funk Out in my guitar's pots. The volume knob had been scratchy lately but after I did that, 100% of the scratchiness disappeared. The clip was made last night and I can tell you there was no scratchiness in the pot at all when I made it...
  54. GreatGreen

    Gate Block - stop playing, gate closes, then re-opens on its own, then closes again after a second - with clip

    @FractalAudio Man that's so strange. I will say that as I fiddle with the Gate settings and keep playing around with it, sometimes the gate re-opens after I stop playing and sometimes it doesn't. I also have Axe Edit open and watching the block if that makes a difference. I haven't been able...
  55. GreatGreen

    Gate Block - stop playing, gate closes, then re-opens on its own, then closes again after a second - with clip

    I'm logged into AxeChange. There are no interface elements on the site in any of the links I click that allow me to upload a preset. I have already loaded one preset there today. Is there a limit of one preset per day?
  56. GreatGreen

    Gate Block - stop playing, gate closes, then re-opens on its own, then closes again after a second - with clip

    I've been trying to setup a Gate block after my amp block, but the Gate keeps behaving strangely. Doesn't matter if I'm using an Axe-Fx model or routing outside the Axe and using a real amp and reactive load. What happens: 1. Gate block placed after Amp block. Sidechain source set to Input 1...
  57. GreatGreen

    Just ordered a Mimiq Doubler

    Set the top Drive and Amp blocks for "Input: Left" Set the bottom Drive and Amp blocks for "Input: Right" Do not connect the "Output 4" and "Input 4" blocks on the grid. Doing that is like creating a parallel effects loop. It will give you phasing issues. Not good. This is the best way to...
  58. GreatGreen

    Clean, Capable W/D/W + FoH Grid Routing Idea

    Hey guys, I’ve found that with the Axe-Fx, the potential for setting up W/D/W patches is there, but setting up the grid to give you maximum flexibility can be tough to lay out. Lately I’ve been trying to really nail down how to setup the most flexible grid layout for W/D/W and after some trial...
  59. GreatGreen

    Axe FX too overkill for bedroom only playing?

    I'm struggling with what the OP means by the term "overkill." Too expensive? That’s a relative term. And it's portable enough that if you can buy it for any "big" reason like playing live or recording, then you can also carry it home because it's relatively small, after all. Too feature-rich...
  60. GreatGreen

    Axe-FX III fan noise advice

    I found the Noctua A8 ULN on Amazon. Is the low noise adapter a second purchase or does it come with the fan?
  61. GreatGreen

    Mouse Review

    Ah, right, I did forget that feature! I like light mice though, so I've never used any of the weights. I suppose that's why I forgot.
  62. GreatGreen

    Mouse Review

    I work in IT and I'm super particular about ergonimics and anything I directly interface with as well. Keyboards too. I bought a keyboard with cherry brown switches and o-rings around the inside of the key mounts to dampen the presses and it's been fantastic. I hate the "gaming" aesthetic and...
  63. GreatGreen

    Output Impedance is 600ohms?

    Woops, hah, must've misread things. Carry on! :)
  64. GreatGreen

    Output Impedance is 600ohms?

    I just use a Shure A85F Transformer with an SM57. Works great into the Axe's Input 2.
  65. GreatGreen

    Unity gain with 4 Cable Method?

    What amp are you using? Some amps that might seem to have master volumes don’t actually have true master volumes. Instead, the power section is always locked to 100% output, and the volume knobs are actually just preamp channel volumes placed before the effects loop in the circuit, that can be...
  66. GreatGreen

    Phasing issues using the "Enhancer" in Modern mode

    If the Enhancer block is on the grid before the Cab block, make sure the Cab block is running in Stereo and everything is panned correctly. If that's not done, everything before the Cab block gets collapsed to mono. I've made that mistake before and it drove me nuts until I found it. Another...
  67. GreatGreen

    Wish Suhr SL68 Please...

    Yep. And if anybody wants to get really particular about the SL68's master volume control, just set the amp model's built-in Master Volume control in the post phase inverter location and you can even 100% emulate the SL68's Master control on the back. That's all it is.
  68. GreatGreen

    Wish Two sets of Scenes - with suggestion for controlling them with single CC#

    So, in thinking about it, the whole idea is not very useful unless swapping one set of scenes can be done entirely independently of the other set of scenes. That CC info isn't really useful because all those given commands necessitate changing both sets of scenes, which defeats the purpose of...
  69. GreatGreen

    Scene Ignore feature - Discussion & How you use it

    Personally, I think of it as a way to get more granular sustained control of your gain levels. With your Scenes, you can control things like reverb, delay, modulation, and compression all with one button. Then with another set of buttons, you can use different combos of Amp and Drive channels to...
  70. GreatGreen

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 19.04

    Small detail but I like how the level meters in the zoomed-out Grid view have been changed to green!
  71. GreatGreen

    Wish Two sets of Scenes - with suggestion for controlling them with single CC#

    Yep, I saw where there was discussion about changing the current implementation on TGP. I get a lot of use and fun out of my Axe-Fx so I thought I'd do my part and contribute an idea in case it's helpful while the iron is hot on the subject. :)
  72. GreatGreen

    Wish Two sets of Scenes - with suggestion for controlling them with single CC#

    Thanks, I hear you! You're right, some people don't want to deal with complexity at all. That's why I think one of the best things about this idea is that it's totally ignorable if people don't want to mess with it. :)
  73. GreatGreen

    Wish Two sets of Scenes - with suggestion for controlling them with single CC#

    @unix-guy With the way I suggested the setup, you could still implement everything as suggested above, and you could also add: "CC #34 value 127 = Scene A8, Scene B1" ...to the end of the values, which would retain the "value 0 = Scene 1" and "value 127 = Scene 8" functionality for "simple"...
  74. GreatGreen

    Wish Two sets of Scenes - with suggestion for controlling them with single CC#

    There's an interesting discussion on TGP about users wanting to be able to detach user-selectable blocks from Scenes, so for example you could change all your effects but leave your Amp blocks unchanged. Well, for a while now, I've thought about the possibility of having two sets of Scenes per...
  75. GreatGreen

    What was your first Digital Modeler?

    I loved the idea of modeling (who wouldn't? lol) and the Line6 AX2 had more "advanced" parameters than any of Line6's other amps so surely I could get a TON of awesome tones out of this bad boy, right? Well, a buddy of mine and I were both seduced by the promise of "infinite amazing tones all...
  76. GreatGreen

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 19.02 Public Beta

    High Treble is one of the most useful controls in the Axe-Fx and is something I wish all real amps had. Please do not remove the Ideal controls.
  77. GreatGreen

    Disney is a bunch of greedy pr*cks

    I would happily buy all my media if the experience felt remotely fair or easy to use. I'm not going to buy a movie I've already bought and I'm sure as shit not going to sit through 15 minutes of unskippable trailers of years-old movies I don't care about so I can watch a movie I just paid for...
  78. GreatGreen

    Does the AXE FX III get along well with EMG Active Pickups?

    I mean, there's some truth to this, in the sense that however a pickup responds to analog gear is pretty much how it will respond to models in the Axe. In the same sense, if it sounds like crap in the Axe, it will probably sound like crap anywhere, so yeah. Shoot on site. :)
  79. GreatGreen

    Does the AXE FX III get along well with EMG Active Pickups?

    EMG's sound great with mine, yep.
  80. GreatGreen

    The CNFB Method

    Would it still be worth doing in case somebody else also figures it out / gets hold of it and patents it out from under you?
  81. GreatGreen

    Friedman BE/HBE Thump Values?

    I've also heard of Peavey doing this with Depth controls. It's awful and it's for this reason alone I wouldn't lose a wink of sleep if they went out of business. Sleazy business practices like patenting incredibly fundamental amp circuit elements, that had been done before, do nothing but hold...
  82. GreatGreen

    The CNFB Method

    Wow, can't wait to check this out, seems awesome! 👍
  83. GreatGreen

    Old Grumpy Ultrafart Emerges From Grave

    And if you save over that template preset... who cares, it's a template. The whole reason it's there is to be messed with. If you save over your favorite patch when you're using it as a template... uh oh, you've lost your favorite patch.
  84. GreatGreen

    Old Grumpy Ultrafart Emerges From Grave

    It's this. Just making a new baseline patch from scratch and naming it "Template" or taking an already-made patch and saving another instance of it named "Template" or whatever is all there is to it. Whether you make a dedicated template patch or use one of your favorites as a starting point...
  85. GreatGreen

    Old Grumpy Ultrafart Emerges From Grave

    The best thing anybody making their own patches can do is MAKE A TEMPLATE PATCH FIRST. This can't be overstated enough. Put all the block you'll want on the grid in the order and routes you'll want, save it, then when you want to make a new patch, just copy and past that template patch first...
  86. GreatGreen

    Adobe Sucks

    If you're just using Adobe Acrobat for viewing PDF's, it's awful. Slow bloatware. I swapped to Sumatra a couple years back and have loved it ever since. It opens PDF's as fast as notepad opens TXT files. It's amazing. It can't edit PDF's or anything, but as a viewer, you can't beat it.
  87. GreatGreen

    Speaker Impedance Curve - how to use when doing a Tone Match?

    Tone Matching is nothing more than a high resolution EQ applied after an Axe-Fx amp model. The idea is that you setup an Axe-Fx amp model as close as possible to your real amp, then the Tone Matching process listens to your real amp and the model and applies an EQ to eliminate the EQ differences...
  88. GreatGreen

    Almost One Year In

    The Axe-Fx (and these forums) has taught me more about guitar amps, cabs, and effects than any single other source by at least an order of magnitude. Do you have a question about almost literally anything guitar gear related? Just lab it out in the Axe-Fx and learn the answer for yourself...
  89. GreatGreen

    Matrix GT800FX or GT1000FX to power a Friedman Cabinet

    I have two XLR cables going from the Axe-Fx III's Output 2 jacks (set to -10db) to a Matrix GT1000FX. I play this rig at the house a lot and it's super easy to keep the volume anywhere between whisper quiet to "normal TV volume" using only the Axe-Fx's output knobs, even with the Matrix's...
  90. GreatGreen

    What if?! Two Axe FX 3's - one for left and one for right monitor

    Sure, why go with one when you can get two for twice the price!
  91. GreatGreen

    Grrrrrrrr Microsoft!!!!

    Something else that could be worth considering, if you can virtualize your primary workstations, you can automate periodic snapshotting (including RAM) in your hypervisor, so if you do find that something has happened, you can simply revert to the latest known good snapshot and continue on from...
  92. GreatGreen

    Grrrrrrrr Microsoft!!!!

    It might cost some money upfront, but if you can put your computer on a domain (which is probably a good idea for a company anyway), you should be able to control things like this completely through Group Policy and update management software like WSUS or similar. Eh, it's been at least a...
  93. GreatGreen

    Axe-Fx III Cab Block as general purpose mic pre?

    Cool, has anybody tried these? Do they work?
  94. GreatGreen

    Axe-Fx Firmware Release Version 18.00

    It's not exactly that simple. If it was, it wouldn't be a compressor, it would be a volume block. A compressor reduces gain that exceeds a certain threshold by a certain amount per db above that threshold. With an ideal studio compressor, for example, it should be possible to make the...
  95. GreatGreen

    Power amp with real cab garbage sound

    Mesa 2x12 recto cabs are notorious for this, I think it's due to the brighter 16 ohm V30's Mesa uses for that cab, where their 4x12 cabs use 8 ohm V30's. I bought a Mesa 2x12 horizontal cab a few years back and it was so bright and had so little low end that I thought it was broken. A few years...
  96. GreatGreen

    Axe-Fx III Cab Block as general purpose mic pre?

    Actually I'm specifically thinking of the Cab block's mic preamp emulation where you can choose between preamps like Tube, Bipolar, FET, Vintage, Modern, etc.
  97. GreatGreen

    Axe-Fx III Cab Block as general purpose mic pre?

    I checked the manual but wasn't able to find a solid answer. Can I use the Axe-Fx III's Cab block with a flat IR to emulate a general purpose mic preamp? In other words, can I simply connect something like an SM57 straight to Input 2, then route the Input 2 block on the grid to the Cab block...
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